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Dolphins to interview Steelers assistant for DC

The Dolphins have requested and received permission to interview Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler for a defensive assistant job, most likely the defensive coordinator job, according to a club source.

The interview, first reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was expected to take place before the end of this weekend, the source told The Herald.

Butler, 53, has ties to coach Tony Sparano. Both worked under head coach Chris Palmer in Cleveland in 1999-2000. While Sparano went to the Washington Redskins in 2001, Butler remained with the Browns through 2002 before joining the Steelers in 2003.

Butler is considered a possible heir to the Pittsburgh defensive coordinator job if and when Dick LeBeau decides to retire. His work under LeBeau suggests he is familiar and comfortable with the 3-4 defense but also an attacking style of that defense that includes a vast array of zone and other type of blitzes.

Under LeBeau, Pittsburgh has at times been referred to as Blitzburgh.

With Butler as their coach, Pittsburgh linebackers have feasted on great seasons. James Farrior, LaMarr Woodley, James Harrison, Joey Porter and Clark Haggans all had varying degrees of success under Butler.

Harrison in particular stands out. He was the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year and has been named to he Pro Bowl three times.  


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Would be a great hire!

First! - never been able to do that, so I just had to do so...sorry!

Sweet new article. That was pretty dang fast just got finished reading the last two.

I like Pitt's style of defense and I think the blitzing would be a good fit with our personel. I could see Wake becoming another Harrison in that style of D.

Isn't there a golden rule of never going into business with your friends and family? So far we are in bed with Ginn's family and all of Sparano's friends. We need someone on the outside. Someone that will challenge the other coaches.

good new blood al groh is old blood. We need new i hope it happens

I like the fact he has been a linebackers coach for the past 7 years in a 3-4 defense and the LB position is one of our NEEDS, whether it is drafting a stud or grooming our current ones to be better or BOTH!! :)

But but but I thought Miami was always last and chasing people, how could this be ? Oh, because your last post was beyond rediculous, the media has no clue what Miami's plans are and thus they lash out with anger.

Dang, we'll get caught up here in an hour or two.

That's what I'm talking about. Attack, attack, attack, attack!

Mel - Great post!

Sounds good to me. The Steelers have been tremendous the last few fears defensively so hopefully he'll be hired

Years (typo)

Mel - It was not anger from Armando. His job is to write blogs, which is his opinion and that is what he does. What points he made was true in the last blog...

Why did they have to request to speak with him? The Steeler's season has been over for a week now.

Lets all bitch about the OPINIONS and the FREE Dolphins info we get... Stay off this blog if it sucks so much. Man some of you need to get off the Tit and join us in the real world... Its tough out here but you can join

Mel, two things:

1. The Dolphins asked for permission to talk to Butler AFTER they asked about Crennel and learned for certain he was going elsewhere. So Crennel was a priority they were late to, ok?

2. It's ridiculous for everyone or redonculous only if you're Stuart Scott. But never rediculous.

Thanks for reading.

The Dolphins asked permission as a courtesy. It's the way they do business.

Sounds like a good choice to me.The Steelers have been pretty solid on defense for quite a while.

Gotta go, wife's calling me to have some wine, if you know what I mean ... Yup, I'm whipped.

That's rediculous I tell ya.

Armando, thanks for the answer even though I forgot to change this ridiculous screen name. lol

MONTE KIFFIN would be a great DC if he didn't decide to follow his son to USC. He might want to stay in Florida and I doubt he'll come back to Tampa.

The Bucs won their SB using his Tampa 2 defense. Maybe the Trifecta should try calling him.

Tomlin (one SB, won) and other head coaches (e.g., Lovie Smith, one SB-lost)are part of the Kiffin tree.

Mando made some valid points on last blog, but I just refuse to believe the trifecta woke up one day and said, "maybe we should fire PP and we'll see who we can get." These guys are good and they ALWAYS have a plan!!

Mando , stole my post about Keith Butler from the previous blog !!! LOL !!

Besides, I believe you always talk to different people to see if there's a better option, but Crennel was talked to in order to satisfy Rooney Rule.. I'm sure Tuna's son-in-law told him Crennel was taking the job.. If he was Fins only option, PP would still be here..


You had me sold at "attacking style of 3-4..." and sealed the deal with "vast array of blitzes..."

sounds exciting...

Pffft. And you guys are bitchin bout Romeo.

NJ PHIN FAN You are Mando how can you steal from your self.............LMAF

Hey what do you guys think of Jim Mora JR. He was a great DC in San Fransisco.

Not sure how Kevin Butler would do as the Fins DC but I like the fact that he comes from the Steelers. The Al Groh things scars me because he hasn't been in the NFL in several years. I'm sure there are a lot of things that have developed offensively that he wouldn't be use to because he hasn't experienced it on the college level.

Sounds like good news. Just the fact that he's been with the same team for 6 years means he must be doing something right.

This guy sounds like a quality candidate......so far, this would be my clubhouse leader.

A LB coach to be DC and DC to be LB coach??

OMG, does this mean coach paul will now return to Syracuse-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I wish these guys would go with a younger guy a defensive coordinator. They seem to only interview geriatric people. Doesn't Parcells know any talented guys under the age of 50?

Jets blitz 85% of time on third down First in league...Steelers 55% of time second in league...in order to run that type of defense u need players that can shut down the others team #1 wide receiver, like Revis from the Jets...I would love to see that type of defense in Miami BUT until we fix this Linebacker/safety problem we have, it will be hard to duplicate that...this is why this draft is so CRITICAL to get those type of players...and like other readers I certaintly don't believe they let Pasgiloni go without a safety net

Armando said, "So Crennel was a priority". That's your opinion or at the least an educated guess. That is not fact as no one has told you Crennel was a "priority". Also they were still evaluating Pasquoloni and obviously weren't as far a long in the process as KC was seeing how their seasons ended at different times considering the playoff scenarios. So even if your opinion is a fact and Crennel was their "priority" it doesn't speak poorly of the trifecta that they took longer to talk to him than K.C. did.

NOW we're cooking with Gas!! I like the Steelers asst coach thing.......young, aggressive, a new perspective, young, etc. MAKE IT SO, TUNA!

You had me sold at "attacking style of 3-4..." and sealed the deal with "vast array of blitzes..."

Same here brother!

Bobby12 Makes a good point about Revis and our issues @ 5:26 though.

NJ (said w/ a :>)

Imagine how Quentin Moses could blossom under Steeler style coaching!

It's not a "good point" when someone states the obvious. No crap we need to get better linebackers and a FS to run a better defense. Jeez I hope Parcells is reading this so he knows wht to do in the offseason.

Don't know much about Butler but no doubt Pittsburgh's defense has annually been better than ours so it can't be all bad. Maybe it would forge a connection with one or two of their current and/or upcoming free agents coming to Miami. Again, most anyone on thier defense would be an upgrade.

Thats not nice, Heraldwritersblow.

LOL @ Alex. I'm not Mando.

Facts are the facts, Heraldwritersblow.

But i'll be sure to check with you next time I feel some one speaks of "the obvious".

Sorry bout that.

LOL @ THE SEER. EXCELLENT POINT ON MOSES. It worked on players like clark haggens and A free agent they picked up of the streets . I think his name was Harrison or something :)

Love it bring him down to miami please....And to the ginn haters shut up...He is not the reason we lost all those games...He's a gamer if you use him right...Get a number one receiver in here please, and you will see ginn develope into a Deshawn Jackson.

Oh yeah,


You might want to check with Heraldwritersblow, before you state "the obvious".

Butler having been under Lebeau's 3-4 tutelage for several years and producing a very productive LB corps, screams of CORRECT DC hire in Miami!
It also smacks of being more a Sparano pick than that of a Parcells pick.
Maybe big Tony is finally growing up in Tuna's eyes.

Glad Crennel wasn't hired, he is past his prime. I like the younger hungrier Butler much more over Romeo & Groh(n) old :)

ComeOn Trifecta, pull the trigger on Butler this Fri!

Heraldwriterblows, your a worthless piece of sh't who has added nothing to this blog from day one, Oh Sorry, I stated the obvious again!!

LMFAO @ b12

Nice catch on my typo, lucky I don't get paid for this like you. Ofcourse the Herald must wonder why they pay you for such drivel. Anyone who can read, has for over 1 week known Romeo was going to the chiefs. So your lie about the Dolphins being late and wanting him is just that, a lie ! Try getting another source other then Drew Rosenhaus. Also can you please explain why every other news outlet always has Dolphins news way before you do ?

Really, Mel, everybody on this blog knows Mando is the sh it on getting the latest news first. You got no shot with that stuff, hater.


Mel, you got to be kidding right?

I mean, Mando's not perfect. But dude's the best at what he does.

Heraldwritersblow spends his entire loser day on this blog thinking nobody knows who he is. We all know who he is, don't we?



Butler turned down wisenhunt from Arizona twice already. He wants to stay in Blitzburgh!!

I was arrested in 2004 after police discovered child porn on my computer at work. The Herald wrote the story first.

That's when I changed my name to theheraldblowsandyoureallidiots.

PO,Dying breed, Heil hitler, Tortured dolphan, You pick the name....

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