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Dolphins to interview Steelers assistant for DC

The Dolphins have requested and received permission to interview Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler for a defensive assistant job, most likely the defensive coordinator job, according to a club source.

The interview, first reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was expected to take place before the end of this weekend, the source told The Herald.

Butler, 53, has ties to coach Tony Sparano. Both worked under head coach Chris Palmer in Cleveland in 1999-2000. While Sparano went to the Washington Redskins in 2001, Butler remained with the Browns through 2002 before joining the Steelers in 2003.

Butler is considered a possible heir to the Pittsburgh defensive coordinator job if and when Dick LeBeau decides to retire. His work under LeBeau suggests he is familiar and comfortable with the 3-4 defense but also an attacking style of that defense that includes a vast array of zone and other type of blitzes.

Under LeBeau, Pittsburgh has at times been referred to as Blitzburgh.

With Butler as their coach, Pittsburgh linebackers have feasted on great seasons. James Farrior, LaMarr Woodley, James Harrison, Joey Porter and Clark Haggans all had varying degrees of success under Butler.

Harrison in particular stands out. He was the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year and has been named to he Pro Bowl three times.  


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Stating the obvious but I’m not too bright.

Can’t keep up with all the aliases on this blog.

That’s why I respect/like NJ….

He insults your football intelligence strait up…

No aliases!

We could use more like him round here.

Thanks for stoppin By....

Add jackelope to the list.

Now we're talking...would serve to pump up Porter as well. I was at Syracuse when Pasqualoni coached, always felt we were built for entertainment...not winning it all. A problem Miami has had as well. I like seeing this gritty decision making.

Cuban and Po . I Swear i was about to post today on how it's been pretty civil around here ever since Dying buffoon aka Heil Hitler left this blog.


NJ, LMAO, Thanks for your input, it is appreciated.


Don’t always have the time to do the research; Thanks for puttin me on the scent.

Po , My pleasure . Anytime and i'm glad i can help.


I checked out a little haitian boy one time. But he was too skinny and nappy for my taste.

Any notice about Sheridan?

Bill Sheridan is our linebacker coach but we are waiting untill we hire out d cordinator to make it official


Sorry about that Cuban, there is no justice, the one place in the world that has enough on its plate...

You finally hear a little good news about Ben Stiller using his celebrity to raise funds for education in Haiti and this happens.

Some times you wonder...

little haiti in miami praying for for all of you cuban and nj phin .

Aloco, how's that meat ball cook book coming along???

it's coming but how is your family in HAITI ?

Great, Grandpa AL-loco has been dug up, dusted off, diapered, fed and is on air talking about Haiti and meatballs...

Something strange going on in Pittsburgh? Tomlin fired two, one retired, one resigned to take a job in Washington. Now he gives Butler permission to interview here? If Butler is hired here that would leave five vacancies. That's quite a few people to replace.

How does everone think a lb coach like butler would improve our secondary?
Is he up to it? That'd be my only worry.
Kinda like the look of this thing though!


I think tomlin wants to actually bring his own guys in but doesn't want to fire anybody because if it fails it's going to all fall on him

god bless the good people of haiti and all of their relatives abroad who are worry for their family

Trev,with best eyes in the free agency, is not good time for a rocky FS

Some of the comments in this blog remind me of something the Tuna said to me a couple of weeks ago when I spoke to him. He said, "I make $2 million a year and I play golf 5 times a week for free. When I want the input of warehouseman, janitors, the inebriated and the homeless I'll read Armando's blog".

I was shocked. I replied, "Who are you calling warehousemen and janitors?"

The nerve of that guy.

Doing great AL-loco, got ur metamucil in ya and ready to rock n roll tonite???


I'll drink ta that!

Anyone gota blanket?


Trev, Bowles is secondary coach. I see why you're asking the question. For now Bowles is getting a hall pass. He was working with two rookie corners and a safety that seemed to be in a system unfamiliar to him. Plus he's part of that ol' boys club. I don't think Wilson will be back, and the two corners should be improved next season. Davis seemed to be improving faster than Smith. I have a feeling both linebacker coaches leaving wasn't an accident. More like they could sense it was in everyones best interest. Plus I'm thinking Sparano wants a new defensive philosophy. Pittsburgh has a good one and Sparano seems to know and like this guy.

Turkey meatballs on whole wheat, heiniken Light

elchano. No doubt we need to upgrade in the fs department. I just worry that guys can get to wraped up in one phase of the game and then another part suffers. Look at Sheridan in NY.


Homeless? Hell, he gives money and the time of day to them. I'm selling my house!

Some of the comments in this blog remind me of something the Tuna said to me a couple of weeks ago when I spoke to him. He said, "I make $2 million a year and I play golf 5 times a week for free. When I want the input of warehouseman, janitors, the inebriated and the homeless I'll read Armando's blog".

I was shocked. I replied, "Who are you calling warehousemen and janitors?"

The nerve of that guy.

The first time it was grin funny, now its just old and embarrasing.

Heinekin Light???

If you're a man then drink like a man.

As was stated in the post Sheridan was the GIANTS defensive coordinator. The GIANTS gave up 40 plus points 5 or 6 times this season with a cast of talent that was better than ours. Do you really think he will do better here. He was one and done in NY as a coordinator. Maybe with a scaled back responsibilities he will be better


Sheridan was def. coord. for one year and failed. Before that he was a linebacker coach. Hopefully he'll be more comfortable and productive in his old position.

no one change in the secondary coaching staff? or we will wait until the new DC to see something

"penis out of my mouth..." Now were quoting MARTIN....How 90's of you...I gues when we get to the year 2020 you will have worked your way up to Dave Chappelle

Like I've been saying.... get younger coaches who are more aggressive!

Bowles isn't going quite yet. That will be interesting to see though. If Butler takes the job and wants Bowles out, we'll see who is really running the team. Butler would be a Sparano hire. Bowles is a Parcells "suggestion" to Sparano.

Price check on Tampons. Price check on Tampons.

Where the hell is that PriceMaster? He doesn't make $6.25 an hour to blog all day!!

Not sure I like the Sheridan hire but i do know that Parcells has left Dallas loaded with talent and they will be in a position to win for years to come so....in the TUNA i trust

I see Mando has a new post up at the top of the blog.


If they're going to hire a new defensive assistant, there's three good choices.
1) Zach Thomas
2) Zach Thomas
3) Zach Thomas

Zach Thomas was always a coach on the field. No one studied the game films more than Zach and no one played harder than Zach. He will do the same as a coach.
If the Dolphins don't hire him, another team will.

Sounds like it would be a golden opportunity to grab a guy that has been living and breathing LB coaching in a 3-4 style attack defense.

He would probably make the an outstanding choice. Alas, if what Angry Fin says is true and he thinks he will be the DC after Dick Lebeau moves on in Pitt, he will probably stay put.

just hire the guy already!

I like this choice better the Groh

P.s. Ginn does suck. gamers do not duck out of bounds every play

A great defense and a great offense, at the same time, would be nice for a change. It seems like we've had either/or since as far back as I can remember. But it sounds like the front office has their S#IT together on their approach to upgrading the defensive coaching staff, that's a good sign. And with a smart draft, we could be on our way to building something great for years to come

Jim Bates is the answer

Butler is familiar and comfortable with the 3-4 defense and brings an attacking style of that defense that includes a vast array of zone and other type of blitzes. This is what the Dolphins lack under Pacq.

Whether he wants to come to South Fla. is the question. He turned down 'Zona twice.

Whereas Groh will probably bring a more tradition type of defense. Correct 'mando? I don't know enough about him other than he was a former Jets coach.

Thank You! I said on yesterday's blog Mando that we should get a DC that has an aggressive style defense philosophy a la Rex Ryan, Dick LeBeau. I PRAY we get Butler, that would be terrific!!!

take him over groh

We need more defense. If the LB from Alabama is still around, that should be our pick. Rd. 2, if Williams from Tn (nose tackle) is still there. Then depth.... our safeties other then Bell are terrible.

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