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Sparano: Dolphins undecided about Porter

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano this evening was finally asked directly -- it took a Miami Herald reporter to do it -- about his meeting with linebacker Joey Porter immediately following the end of the season.

And out of that line of questioning we know this: The Dolphins have not made a decision whether to bring Porter back for 2010.

Asked by The Herald's Joseph Goodman if the club has made a decision, Sparano answered: "That has not been decided yet and ... uh ... that's it."

Well, that's interesting.

You see, Porter is signed through the 2011 season. Since Sparano is saying no decision has been made about the coming season, he is admitting there is an internal discussion either going on or about to take place about a signed player's future.

That debate will be complete by the first week of March when the Dolphins must either pay Porter a $1 million roster bonus or cut him loose. The only wiggle room on this is if the Dolphins request and Porter agrees to take a pay cut from his current deal.

If he agrees to a pay cut, the Dolphins may decide to keep Porter because he is, on average, a walking 6-10 sacks a year. That has value. And the 7-9 Dolphins are in no position to simply jettison valuable players.

It is unknown whether Porter might accept a pay cut particularly in light of my report Tuesday about his post-season meeting with Sparano in which he expressed how displeased he was with several aspects of the 2009 season -- including his playing time, his suspension for one game against Tampa Bay, and where he was sometimes asked to play.

Goodman, in Mobile covering the Senior Bowl for The Herald, also asked Sparano about that meeting.

"Any conversation that I had with Joey Porter after the season stays between me and Joey Porter," the coach said. "All my business with my players stays in-house."

Um, too late coach.

A league source tells me Porter's agent, Jeff Sperbeck, and the Dolphins have not (as of this writing) met in Mobile as I reported they'd try to do. I have confirmed the sides spoke over the phone.

Further discussions will be necessary as the March deadline for paying Porter his roster bonus looms. Further significant discussions will be necessary if the Dolphins decide they wish to keep Porter, but only at a much lower salary.

Many of you (and some less experienced football reporters in the media) have jumped to the conclusion that Porter is gone. As I wrote the past two days and am repeating here, that is not necessarily true.

Porter has talked about being somewhere else in 2010 on a radio show in his hometown of Bakersfield, California. He has expressed his displeasure to his coach about 2009. And the Dolphins also have concerns about the player going forward.

But I have presented to you a possible and, indeed, likely scenario of what is about to play out. Ultimately, a player's ability to stay on a team is measured by his contribution weighed against his cost -- in salary, headaches caused, and other things.

Porter isn't likely to stick at the $3.6 million he's scheduled to cost in 2010 and the $4.5 million he's scheduled for in 2011. But at a lower, discounted price? Well, you heard Sparano ...

No decision has been made.


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I think it has more to do with who we are able to get in FA and the Draft.....this will determine if Porter stays....His money is not an issue IMO. If we get the guys this FO is targeting then kiss his butt goodbye

Think John is right,comes down to need and Roster space.

One of us now on base percents. Sort of.

Porter is not going to agree to a pay cut with a team that has been decreasing his playing time...especially if a non-Cap season is looming.
Someone out there will pay JP his going rate.

I wouldn't keep him even for one dollar because he is a declining player and doesn't adhere to the team concept. Sure he is popular with his older teammates but I'm sure Wake alone can produce those 6-10 sacks. Not to mention the beve of edge rushers available in this draft.

Later J peezy!

It's quite possible Porters' playing time has been reduced because of his lingering knee problems. As for the no decision being made yet on his future with the team, I have a feeling Nolan will have a part in that decision, along with the salary considerations. Porter is refusing to admit his body is giving out. I'm guessing he's gone.

agree with Mark in Toronto,

Peezy is on the decline. Knee problems come into play. I guess what ever happens is fine with me.

I am tired of talking about Joey Porter

Carlito how are ya?


Rob in OC, I've already gone on record many times at who I like at #12. I am not always at my computer so excuse the delay. In order, they are:

1. Derrick Morgan, DE/OLB, GT
2. Rolando McClain, MLB, Ala
3. Earl Thomas, S, Tex
4. Trade down to pick Dan Williams and pick up an extra 2nd rd pick.
5. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, USF

You will notice that I didn't include any offensive players. The reason is simple, towards the end of the year (as Chad Henne matured), this offense was scoring with anyone and that was without Ronnie Brown. The offense will get an organic boost simply by Chad's continuing maturation, the maturation of Bess and Hartline, and the return of Ronnie Brown who is at his physical peak. The defense by comparison either has cubs or players that are way too long in the tooth and need to be replaced urgently.

It's difficult to project who will/won't be out there with 2nd picks and beyond but there are a lot of players I like. Among them, but not exclusive are:

OLBs: Brandon Graham, Eric Norwood, Jerry Hughes, Ricky Sapp, Sean Witherspoon (who can also play MLB by judging his skill set and size)

FS: Nate Allen, Major Wright, Morgan Burnett

NT: Torrell Troup, Cam Thomas

MLB: Brandon Spikes, Micah Johnson (no earlier than a 4th or 5th)

TE: Jermaine Gresham, ROb Gronkowski, Aaron hernandez, Anthony McCoy, Ed Dickson, Jimmy Graham,

WR: Golden Tate (maybe there but doubtful), Brandon LaFell, Damian Williams, Demariyus Thomas, Arrelious Benn, Mardy Gilyard (late pick), Jacoby Ford

I do love Karlos Dansby as a UFA target and I think he should be priority #1 in free agency.

Let me know if you have any further questions

Guys, sorry about the length of the post, but I got the impression that Rob thought my impressions were important - to him at least.

why do ppl think derrick morgan would transfer into a good olb in the nfl when he only played de

Priority free agent will be Wilfork, if he indeed is allowed to walk. I don't see Bellicek giving up the money to keep him. Anyone know what it would cost to put a franchise tag on Wilfork? I'm curious. I know it's a different position, but Peppers got 16 million last year.

Happy to hear from ya Mark.

What could possibly be take so long to fire the Gerbil? Has Nolan punched him in the stomach or kicked him in the kidneys yet?

At the end of the day,it's not about the money,it's whether or not Porter can be productive on the field and if he actually wants to play for this team. He's already said he does'nt want to play for the Dolphins anymore so there's no chance he takes a pay cut.

Because there's no salary cap,the money he's getting (if he stays) is somewhat irrelevant.

If he changes his mind and wants to return,i say resign him. He may be alittle past his best but who else takes his spot if we lose him?

Please dont give me a list of draft prospects cus thats more needs on this team...

Yo PO . what Up ???

Why would Joey's agent approach the FO about Porter?? makes no sense. Porter is due $$$, so the most prudent thing is not to talk.


Didn't see Senior Bowl practice today... Whats the buzz? Did you see Nolan out there at all?

Carlito , i gave senior bowl updates on the previous blog. Anything you want to know ?? They didn't show to much nolan but they had sparano miked up peeping the player up and reminding wr's to catch with their hands and not their bodies. They showed the DL coach really getting into it with DL . He psyched me up . Your boy from the U jimmy graham looked real good again , cathing a beautiful TD catch. Dan williams was good vs the run on 9 on 7 's. Taylor mays has struggled , looks real stiff. Mccluster remains solid. This guard mark Iupati from idaho is a freaking rock . You can't move . could go top 25. Brandon Graham olb reminds me of lamar woodley. He's a keeper. Cam thomas of north carolina is a nt miami could take in the middle rounds . Very Strong and Doesn't stop.

move him.

hello again fin fans ,did you figure out any thing good about porter ?

What up NJ....

Know yuts been have a good time over there.

Havin a good time da.

Po , got your post on the previous blog and i'm glad to give you info on the senior bowl. Tommorrow will be the last day before the game on saturday. Did you see the beat down on the other blog ??? :)

You know me by now....

Lay low, hit a Jet hard every chance I get and stay out ya’ll’s way. But, I did see you all having the normal amount of fun.

You know me by now....

Lay low, hit a Jet hard every chance I get and stay out ya’ll’s way. But, I did see you all having the normal amount of fun.

Nj what beat down???


Bullets already whizzing by.

FYI , this past draft produced 6 1st rounders from the state of NEW JERSEY that included BJ raji , Brian cushing , kenny britt . eugene monroe , knowshon moreno and malcolm jenkins, Shon greene from the jets is also from jeresey. To sit here and tell somebody they have a greater appreciation of good football talent is complete nonsense and idiotic. LMFAO !! Then to completment somebody on graham when i already talked about graham on a earlier post just shows how envious and jealous you are of me. I get you don't like me but to talk BS just shows your true colors. Pretty sad if you ask me. :)

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 27, 2010 at 06:11 PM

OOOOh this is it. Stop the madness is boiling at this point....or should I say FLPD. bwaahahhahahahahaha

Bullets ??? More like blanks.

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NJ you are the man of steel

Yeah Ace , No comeback on that one. Typical But FLPD is well known for his Hit and Run posts.

I hate cops.

cut him tony!

Go Griz, way to go Dan Carpenter

Sorry, Mando, still think Porter goes. Only a matter of time.

NJPHINFAG: Whatever you said? It's wrong.

FLPD ( F@g-Little-Pr*ck-Douche) OK , Right LMAO !!. Now wipe the jelly off your face , you've embarrassed yourself enough on here already . Thanks for stopping by and have a good night :)

NJ dont you worry ego boy. I am going to fix YOU!!!!!!

Mark in Toronto,

Thanks for the more complete breakdown of your draft desires. I appreciate your great response to my question. I am not sure you owed anyone an apology for your post. It was well laid out and easy to understand. Most blog readers / posters know they don't have to read any post they dont like for reasons of length, boredom or simply not making sense.

That said, I do see a theme running through your draft post. You think that the Fins score enough points so they don't need to help the offense in any way. It will be organically better from players and coaches growing in the systems plus becoming more experienced. I 100% agree that with ANY rookie or player you like to see improvement for at least 2-3 years as they learn their craft / system.

You listed these players you would pick that may be there @ #12:

1. Derrick Morgan, DE/OLB, GT
2. Rolando McClain, MLB, Ala
3. Earl Thomas, S, Tex
4. Trade down to pick Dan Williams and pick up an extra 2nd rd pick.
5. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, USF

So I am clear, you are saying that all 5 of these players will have a better career for their respective teams (one of which would be with the Fins) than CJ Spiller would have as a Dolphin? WOW! That is a bold statement Mark. Time will tell if you are right but, my money is on Spiller to have the most impact on the NFL. You know that the draft is a player lotto in the sense that finding talented players is a crapshoot...in any round.

Do you agree the better an offense is the more it helps out it's def? (Moving the chains, 1st downs helps a def rest, building a lead can allow for more options to defend etc)

We are just throwing out ideas. Both of us know full well that Spiller could be Blair Thomas as much as Chris Johnson and Derrick Morgan can be the next Vernon Gholston (Lol, Jets 2 x whammy) vs Jason Taylor.

Damn! This short post thing I promised Carlito ain't goin so well. lol.


Year in and year out, overall do you think Florida has out produced more NFL talent than New Jersey, or has NJ out produced Florida year in and year out?


Unless Peezy signs for a buck and a quarter I would draw the line there and never bring him back. I truely beleive even if this story never broke out that he was a gonner...now I would bet your house on it. lol

Must make room for the new comers and Wake, Anderson and Moses, but I think they should bring back Taylor for one more year.

I strongly believe they should trade J.Porter,A.Ayodele,G.Wilson,G.Camarillo,7TH RND PK.
For a 2nd and 5th round picks in the draft.
Sign Jason Taylor back for 1 more year.

Sign in Free agency with all the extra money from dumping those players.
V.Wilfork or C.Hampton for NT.
E.Dumervil OLB
A.Rolle FS
B.Marshall or V.Jackson WR

1ST.RND. 12THPK- Rolando McClain ILB
2ND.RND. 43RDPK- Sergio Kindle or Ricky Sapp OLB
2ND RND. ?PK FROM TRADE- Eric Norwood or Jerry Hughes OLB'S
3RD.RND ?PK- Terrence Cody NT
4TH.RND ?PK- Denario Alexander WR
5TH.RND ?PK- Dennis Pitta TE
5TH.RND ?PK- FROM TRADE- Myron Rolle S
6TH.RND ?PK- Jarvis James RB

Mark in Toronto

Didn't Derick Morgan get locked down in the FedEx Orange Bowl? I saw him come on toward the end of the season, especially the last few games. The three sack effort against Clemson was very good. But then he whent up against a good line in Iowa and was almost non existent in that bowl game. Todd Mcshay said he can play in 4-3 or 3-4 but I saw that bowl game and he had trouble running down the backs and qb. I know you have been high on him for a while but if McClain or him where available at 12 I would pick McClain hands down. I know you have takled about Peirre-Paul and I think he will be one of the best in the game in a few more years. He has played what one season? How can a guy come in and have such a impact that scouts are talking about him in the late first early second round? It's crazy but this guy has a HUGE upside.
But what I like is that he is very hungry and needed the money to support his mother and family, so he is very motivated. I'm not sure that Parcells would like this guy due to the lack of games he's played and that he is so raw. But if he takes a player like this he can learn from Jason Taylor and get better and better, but the fact is he is raw but very hungry and will play with a purpose. Very interesting.

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So for those of you with a sex life...what up with those models?

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All right good night dolphins nation!
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And Lord bless the less fortunate in this world and help heal Haiti from their terrible, sudden, and widespread disaster.

Anyone that pulls for Dale Jarrett is

Just ask your boss. Say, "Am I a bonesmoker?"

Ain't nobody giving the Phins a 2nd rounder for any of these guys J.Porter,A.Ayodele,G.Wilson,G.Camarillo sorry.

Are all of you going to be logging in on your ipads soon?

honestly I believe they don't want to admit it but from what we've seen Wake is ready to start over him anyways

tomlin was a smart man in getting rid of porter when he took over the steelers. porter is not a team first guy. its all about him. he starts the shit;then blames the media!

I don't see Porter being the type of guy who can be brought back at a lesser role or a reduced rate. Either absolutely nothing happens or Porter is cut, there is no middle ground here.

I would love to see him traded for a draft pick, any draft pick just to get some value out of him. The problem is, once he is on the trading block other teams will know he is not coming back and will wait for him to get cut.

Another thing on Vince Wilfork, NE has a history of getting value for their players as the begin to go over the peak. What I see happening here is, NE will do a sign and trade with Wilfork. They do not like to deal within the division so most likely we will see Wilfork signed and then traded outside the division for a 1st round draft pick.

What's going on with the iPhone app?

it unreal how when nj gets into it with posters,all kinds of new funny little names start popping up. since i've been here he's the only one who uses " bwaahahhahahahahaha",but now there's a new name verification dept using it to! GO FIGURE!! he just opens up new screen and basically talks to himself and keep shyt going. or he says i forgot to log in my name when he has already been log in. I see str8 thru u nj. get your own blog and take the 6 ppl who hang on to your every word with you. im gonna sit back and watch the responds. which one im i dying breed,cuban menace,flpd,or home superbowl 2010. make up your mind!are you paranoid??

Rob in OC, I hear the point you are making regarding offense making your defense better, however, the Dolphins were one of the best teams this year in time of possession and third down conversions and making "statement drives" but how many times did the opposing offense just respond by taking the ball down the field in a few minutes and erasing all the good work the defense did? It wasn't just the Saints and Colts that did it too. I remember the Bills, Titans, and Jags doing it too.

My priority list isn't a knock against Spiller or Bryant but I think the defense really needs this draft particularly at the LB and NT position. After this year, you can start adding the playmakers and flashy players. I don't think the foundation is finished yet.

That being said there are several wide receivers available that I like and can be added after the third round. Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson (5'8 185) for example may or may not be available after the 3rd round but that little guy is as explosive as anybody.


I guess I just have a personal man-crush on Derrick Morgan's skill set after watching him several times this year alone. I think he's the closest thing to a pre-injury Shawne Merriman in this draft. I know he didn't have the best bowl game stat wise but he was in the backfield several times in that game - not like he was invisible and consider he was working against Bryan Bulaga who will be a 1st rd pick himself this year. He started the year with poor conditioning but that got better as the year went on. I do realize that McClain might be the wiser pick for the team considering this draft is bereft of MLB talent after him and it's quite the opposite for the OLB position so it wouldn't break my heart completely to see McClain picked over Morgan if it came down to it.

Regarding Jason Pierre-Paul, he is a late comer to football period. Only 2 years of high school ball and one year of FBS experience after being a JCC transfer but his skill set is off the charts. I think he's worth consideration not necessarily for what he has done but for what he can do. He is more of a projection - ideally suited to be a #2 pick but his athleticism is so great that most talent evaluators realize that he won't be there in the 2nd round. That alone speaks volumes.

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