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Sparano: Dolphins undecided about Porter

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano this evening was finally asked directly -- it took a Miami Herald reporter to do it -- about his meeting with linebacker Joey Porter immediately following the end of the season.

And out of that line of questioning we know this: The Dolphins have not made a decision whether to bring Porter back for 2010.

Asked by The Herald's Joseph Goodman if the club has made a decision, Sparano answered: "That has not been decided yet and ... uh ... that's it."

Well, that's interesting.

You see, Porter is signed through the 2011 season. Since Sparano is saying no decision has been made about the coming season, he is admitting there is an internal discussion either going on or about to take place about a signed player's future.

That debate will be complete by the first week of March when the Dolphins must either pay Porter a $1 million roster bonus or cut him loose. The only wiggle room on this is if the Dolphins request and Porter agrees to take a pay cut from his current deal.

If he agrees to a pay cut, the Dolphins may decide to keep Porter because he is, on average, a walking 6-10 sacks a year. That has value. And the 7-9 Dolphins are in no position to simply jettison valuable players.

It is unknown whether Porter might accept a pay cut particularly in light of my report Tuesday about his post-season meeting with Sparano in which he expressed how displeased he was with several aspects of the 2009 season -- including his playing time, his suspension for one game against Tampa Bay, and where he was sometimes asked to play.

Goodman, in Mobile covering the Senior Bowl for The Herald, also asked Sparano about that meeting.

"Any conversation that I had with Joey Porter after the season stays between me and Joey Porter," the coach said. "All my business with my players stays in-house."

Um, too late coach.

A league source tells me Porter's agent, Jeff Sperbeck, and the Dolphins have not (as of this writing) met in Mobile as I reported they'd try to do. I have confirmed the sides spoke over the phone.

Further discussions will be necessary as the March deadline for paying Porter his roster bonus looms. Further significant discussions will be necessary if the Dolphins decide they wish to keep Porter, but only at a much lower salary.

Many of you (and some less experienced football reporters in the media) have jumped to the conclusion that Porter is gone. As I wrote the past two days and am repeating here, that is not necessarily true.

Porter has talked about being somewhere else in 2010 on a radio show in his hometown of Bakersfield, California. He has expressed his displeasure to his coach about 2009. And the Dolphins also have concerns about the player going forward.

But I have presented to you a possible and, indeed, likely scenario of what is about to play out. Ultimately, a player's ability to stay on a team is measured by his contribution weighed against his cost -- in salary, headaches caused, and other things.

Porter isn't likely to stick at the $3.6 million he's scheduled to cost in 2010 and the $4.5 million he's scheduled for in 2011. But at a lower, discounted price? Well, you heard Sparano ...

No decision has been made.


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Vince Wilfork recently went on the record saying he will be very angry if he gets tagged.


This is no surprise and won't alter the Pats plans but at the very least will cause some ill will.

"Ultimately, a player's ability to stay on a team is measured by his contribution weighed against his cost -- in salary, headaches caused, and other things."
Wow, Mr. Obvious, maybe that's why everyone changed the subject on you.

J. Porter.....does anyone remember the notion of not keeping a player that is a "progress stopper?" Joey does nothing to help stop the run, doesn't contribute in pass defense, doesn't play special teams and only gets a sack every other game or so, or moreso only when he is motivated. Last year (2008) was great and thanks for that, but it looks to me that the Steelers had a good reason to let him go, so should the Dolphins.


who in the right mind thinks Peezy the Clown is going to take a pay cut to stay in a place he's not happy. this clown was bench for a week because of his attitude..he had issues w/coming off the field both this year and '08. and people his play is decling, nows the time to get rid of him. hang out as long as you can up until that March 1st deadline, if you cant trade him, cut him!

just read the Wilfork article(fingers crossed that we have a shot at him).
anyone know if NE does hits him w/the franchise tag this year, and its a one year deal can they hit him w/the tag again the following year? i mean there might be a work stoppage that year anyways

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What is there to be undecided about. I see no reason to bring back Porter. If we want a pass rusher Wake does a better job than Porter getting pressure on the QB. There is also Quentin Moses and Charlie Anderson who have both showed potential in their limited playing time. This would also allow us to re-sign JT and keep him on the field more than last year and I think JT is a better, more complete player than Porter. I really see no upside to keeping Porter.

Oooooohhhhh more juicy gossip for the Miami Tabloid. What did the coach say, what did Joey say, what did Ireland say, it's all so intriguing! I can't wait to see how the latest round in the on going saga that is the Heralds he said/she said style of reporting turns out!

Most of us expect to see a lot of new faces on defense, LBs among them. So, it comes down to who stays and who goes.

Even though Porter's production has gone down, the bigger problem is his attitude. He's not happy about his playing time and he's made it an issue. An issue IMO that's not going to go away.

Add C Wake who Sparano himself said he wanted to play more, JT who I think stays and some rookies. Porter's mouth has made him the odd man out.

someone is stupid enough to pay porter what he wants. I bet the raiders will. He won't take a pay cut. He'll just sign with another team

1.There is no archive or transcript of what JP SUPPOSEDLY said about the team.
2.The guy who conducted the interview, "Romeo", can not be reached for a comment and doesn't seem to want to talk about it.
3. Porter is said to be privately denying making any such comments.

Also read that Porter was held out of the TB game because he was seen hanging out at a club late that Friday night after complaining all week about a hamstring injury that was to painful to allow him to practice.

1. Where are these SUPPOSED denials from Porter. 2. No one who is claiming he didn't say what was reported has quoted him. Where are the quotes or the archives of his denial?
3. The radio show host obviously isn't returning calls because he doesn't want to get his boy Joey in trouble.

joey porter needs to shut up and put up he sucked this year

Trade Porter to the Patriots for Wilfork. Problem solved.

Mark in Toronto,

I may never change your mind but I can try to throw enough logic in to cause you to ponder a bit. lol.

I agree we need help on defensive side of the ball. To say that we need it MORE than Off in a symbiotic Off/Def relationship is that being fair?

Some facts about DEF,

Points Allowed Per Game 2009:
Jets 14.8 1st best
Indy 19.2 7th
Houston 20.8 16th
N.O. 21.3 19th
Miami 24.4 25th

2009 Sacks:
Miami 44 3rd tied with SF, Phili
N.O. 35 tied 13th with SD, Bears
Indy 34 tied 16th with Cinn
Jets 32 tied 18th with 5 teams
Houston 30 25th

2009 Ints:
N.O. 26 3rd
Jets 17 13th tied Denver
Indy 16 15th
Miami 15 16th tied KC, Jags, Atl
Houston 14 20th tied Chargers

My point is that the Def may not be as far behind as you think. These are key defensive stats and the Fins are close in most categories. Miami has way more sacks then all of those teams.

Would you agree that the NFL rules favor the offense with ticky tack fouls, Pass Interference absolutely changing games, NO contact after 5 yards, not to mention the rules for QB hits?

Miami lost on defense by giving up too many big plays. Opposing teams got easy scores based on broken coverages, rookie mistakes, and some crazy PI / penalty calls. A new Def Coordinator, a bit more luck with the PI calls and the rookies getting better should "organically" fix some of the woes.

Did the Jets that have the #1 Def (that is supposed to win Championships) just get blown up by Indy? Minn was 6th and N.O. was 25th in overall Def... Saints advance.

Im just sayin... balls in your court bud.

Porter is gone. I can't imagine them keeping him around if he can't play within the rotation the coaches choose.

* To all Rolando McClain fans, can you please go to Utube and type in that name and watch the entire 7:33 min vid of his, ahem, highlights?

After watching it can you honestly say that, besides being big, that his is some incredible dominator on Def? There are so many mop up tackles, missed tackles, no explosion or hitting through ball carriers, tackles very upright many times, will grab and sling or hang on till they are on the ground. When I see it I wonder how is rated so highly??

cam thomas looks very imperssive to me , any thoughts ?

this nj guy is a sick man .

Trade Porter while he has value.

lets keep it simple!!! if he is mad about his play time and expressed he wants to go somehwere else ...

the only way he stays here is if he thinks no one else will pay him the same

and i think other teams just might take him

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