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Don Shula: Jets' tarp accusations are nonsense

INDIANAPOLIS -- As today is the AFC championship game and the New York Jets are playing, there has been a ton of pre-game hype about this game. Part of that hype has included the Jets playoff history (which is short) and particularly their performance in championship games.

A couple of those championship games have connections to Miami. The Jets one and only Super Bowl title came in Super Bowl III against the Baltimore Colts. The Colts were coached by Don Shula, who went on to coach the Dolphins and is the winningest coach of all time.

Another game Jets fans and media speak much about is the 1983 AFC title game. Dolphins 14, Jets zippo. In typical New York fashion, this loss has been rationalized and blamed on, of all people, Shula. I'm not making this stuff up.

Google "Jets and tarp and Shula" and you'll get a ton of articles, including this one this week in the Newark Star-Ledger, in which an otherwise respected journalist claims Shula ordered the grounds crew at the Orange Bowl not to place the tarp on the field on a day it was raining in Miami in order to give the Dolphins an advantage.

Aside from how stupid that sounds based on the fact it means it was raining on ground the Dolphins as well as the Jets were using, I actually decided to do what journalists used to do, and go to a source on the topic to find out the truth.

"Tha'ts an insult to my intelligence," Shula told me moments ago when I asked if he ordered the tarp in the Orange Bowl not to be used on the field. "If there was ever a coach that wanted to play a game on a fast track, I was that guy. I've heard of the Jets accusing us of not putting the tarp on the field or some nonsense like that but it's ridiculous.

"I did a radio show where they asked me about that and one of the hosts was obviously a Jets fan and he said I did that. I told him, 'You've got to be stupid to think I would something like that.' I like playing a game in the best possible conditions. It's the truer test for both teams."

Well, that settles that. Shula isn't re-writing history here. He's got no agenda because his reputation has already been written, both good and bad.

And he recognizes that on the bad side of the ledger is that fateful Super Bowl III that, as he says, "was the Joe Namath guarantee game."

That was New York's one and only NFL championship. And it set the stage for Shula coming to Miami.

"That game had a big impact on my career because after we lost, my relationship with the owner was never the same," Shula said. "Carroll Rosenbloom was the owner than and he'd get on the phone and take a lot of heat from his New York buddies for losing the game and then he'd get on the phone and pass the heat on to me.

"I lasted another year in Baltimore after that, but it was never the same between us. It's the main reason I ended up in Miami."

Shula said he'll be watching the both title games today, including the AFC game between the Jets and Colts.

"What the Jets have done is pretty amazing with a rookie quarterback and to come the way they've come," Shula said. "Mike Westhoff is a is friend of mine and I'm happy for him. And I'm happy for Brian Schottenheimer because he's Marty's son and Marty Schottenheimer is a close friend of mine."

So Shula likes some of the folks on the Jets.

But ...

"They're going against one of the best guys to play the game and there's not a lot they can do about that," Shula said. "I would never pick against Peyton Manning. It's unbelievable what he does. Whatever the situation is in the game, you never feel like you're safe if Manning is the other quarterback. He's one of the best of all time and when he's done he'll probably have all the records.

"You can't pick against him."

And Shula doesn't. He's picking the Colts.

[BLOG NOTE: Yup, we'll have a live blog in the comments section during the AFC title game. Go there, discuss the action with fellow Dolfans and others, and enjoy a big afternoon of football.]


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I'll see them at Sun Life Pro Player Park.

Gotta admit they had a nice run to end their season, but THANK YOU LORD I won't have to listen to a Jets suckfest for 2 wks, or have the entire cast of Jersey Shore invading Dade & Broward.

NJ--you may actually have it better there...down here Sid Rosenberg & the like wil still be riding us all week with how much better they think Jets are despite loss.


I can finally breathe after 4 bizarre weeks.

pick 6! no mercy! cobra kai!

Birth 73. don't worry about me . i'm a big boy and can handle myself. I'll be wearing my dolphins gear tommorrow.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 24, 2010 at 06:03 PM

dats wuts up!! GIVE EM HELL!!!

Guys , i will be picking the winning lottery numbers tonight after my predicted scoreof indy 31-17.

that beer must taste good too knowing the YETS wont be in the superbowl

Had A.J.Feelme made both fieldgoals it would be 23-30 with the chance of jets taking it to OT. I bet the jets fans/coaches blame/cut Feelme this offseason.

NFL qbs don't cry. Only tebow cries.. Haha

Had a slice of pizza left... and my 5lb Chihuahua found it and ate it - now she is asleep looking like she just had thanksgiving dinner and has never been more satisfied.. kinda how I look and feel, but not because of Turkey.. but because of football!

It's been a blast boys

Go start the plane! Go start the plane!

correction *Jay Feelme not A.J

Maybe the Mayan calender is right after all... dec.21 2012 after all, alright guys a extension on our survival....

There is a GOD!

NFL qbs don't cry. Only tebow cries.. Haha

Posted by: Richard3000 | January 24, 2010 at 06:07 PM
TEBOW GAY and if he's not then he's next in line!!!

And LIFE is GREAT!!!!!!

Does this mean the Rex Ryan schedule-thru-to-the-parade is no longer operative?



J-e-t-s....jets-jets-jets!!! Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye!!!!!!


Colts love Miami.. All 4 SB's they been in have been in Miami lol.

Mark....even your idiocy cannot "harsh my buzz"

The Jets ain't playing either, mi amigo.

Enjoy that sorry meal rex

Mark your a shmuck buddy

Sorry NJ but…..

Tortured Dolphin you P U S S Y, Thanks for stopping By! :)

Who is MARK and where did she come from all of a sudden? Is she a jets fan? We are happy everytime the wets lose. Like today hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Don't go away mad Mark, just go away.

Mark= That P U S S Y Tortured Dolphin.

Rex Ryan will still be in a parade next Thanksgiving they will attach 12 ropes to him and use him as a new character balloon.

Hasta La Vista sanchez

Spit shine esiason is awfully quiet.. Wonder if he gonna say jets are right where they wanna be!!! Bum


Jets lose AFC game by 13..NY Knicks lose by 50 yes FIFTY!! Lots of Prozac in NY sports fans tonite!!!

No jets in davie!!!! Thanks peyton!!!!

Now I can just enjoy the superbowl not really caring who wins. Sure would like to see the two number ones there though.

That subway commercial should have Rex Ryan not mike phelps

Am SO glad the Jets lost.. I am travelling to Ottawa to go to a Superbowl party at my buddy's house.... but I am not sure I would have wanted to pay for a train ride and all that to see the Jets play - UGH.

Anyhow - COLTS vs Saints or COLTS vs Vikings both sound like good games to me..

I hope this game coming up is as exciting as I am anticipating it will be...

LMFAO @ PO. that's ok PO. Tortured , po's right . THANKS FOR STOPPING BY !!!

Looks like we don't have to get the Locker Ready For Sancheeze after all.

If NO wins tonite will there be ANY running plays in the Superbowl???

I'm about to do a Michael Phelps and hit this.....,

Heard Rex Ryan so upset his water just broke gave birth to Sanchez baby in the locker room.

Lmfao H8dpats

The dolphins can only learn that a high powered passing attack will beat a good defense any day of the week sorry mando.


Didn't know they could get pregnant orally though.

Jets Jets Jets

Suck Suck Suck


Mark that line doesn't work anymore your team is on vacation now too. The only difference we got a better draft pick.

Heard Rex Ryan so upset his water just broke gave birth to Sanchez baby in the locker room.

Posted by: H8dpats
Was it a boy. girl, or a manatee?????


How big a P U S S Y is Tortured Dolphin.

Sure you would Know....

Was it a boy. girl, or a manatee?????

Posted by: cuban menace | January 24, 2010 at 06:21 PM

cuban you stupid!!! funny shyt

The Jets went on Vacation
During the Game

Maybe now phins coaching staff will try and get some recievers after seeing what manning can do with ok recievers. Or maybe they will get a QB that is just good not awful like Henne.


I can't get over what a B I T C H Tortured Dolphin is....

How bout You.

Mark and Jet are the same douchebag.

Mark maybe u should try and start a Jets app so u can stop living life through the eyes of the dolphins loser

damn living in south fla. you see haitian flags all the time but now they are global!! funny how life plays out!!


hahahahahahaha! I just finished watching the Colts win the AFC Championship game! YAY!! Screw the Jets and their grammatically challenged fans! hahahahahahaha! Oh, and hahahahahahahahaha! Did I mention? hahahahahahaha! No ticker tape parade for the fat man! hahahahahahaha! I leave you with this.... hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Guys, This next game(Vikes/saints) Could last for 4 hours or more with the passing that will be going on there, Does everyone have enough beer/whiskey/Champagne(Not that there's anything wrong with that)??????


Where is that Lil B I T C H Tortured Dolphin.

What a world class P U S S Y!

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