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Free agents on display during live blog today

NEW ORLEANS -- One reason I love covering the NFL playoffs is this is where the best teams are, thus this is where the best players are.

I'm covering the Saints and the Cardinals today and some of the players I'll be watching are the ones that could be available to the Dolphins in the coming offseason via either free agency or trade.

This list of the top free agents shows today's game includes several free agents that will be restricted (assuming no collective bargaining agreement is reached). But there will be one guy -- Arizona inside linebacker Karlos Dansby that is completely unrestricted. He is the 11th rated free agent on the Scout.com list but you'll also note he is the No. 2 unrestricted free agent (players with six or more years of experience) behind only Julius Peppers of Carolina.

Another player I will try to catch up with after today's game is Arizona WR Anquan Boldin. He isn't playing today because he's injured. But he's here and on my radar. I want to ask him if he will renew his request to be traded after this season. I want to ask him his thoughts of playing for the Dolphins. As I have reported to you in the past, the Dolphins have much respect for Boldin and would consider adding him in trade if the price is right.

We'll see what happens. 

Hopefully we'll see what happens together as I am conducting a live blog during the game. So join me here and we'll discuss the game with the community of thousands of Dolfans that regularly visit this blog.

Remember, the live blog begins at 4:30 p.m. ET. Follow me on twitter.


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Oh boy, a wr that's always injured can join the OL that are always injured. Try reading the PFW, it says AZ people say Dansby didn't make any plays all year until last week.

Larry Kehres and/or Vince Kehres
Look them up - defensive coordinators/staff additions

There is no reason for Boldin to play. They already have his replacement why take an unnecessary hit when you are leaving anyway.

No way they overprice him this year they will be trying to free up space for there own needs.

Also with Hartline, Camarillo and Bess if you add Boldin you are talking a very dangerous group.

Hell if you line up Boldin on one side and Ginn on the other Ginn would be wide open. Or Bess would be in the slot.

Boldin!!?a fin!!!!??? H&ll yeah!

Mando , No way on Anquan Boldin. You don't trade draft picks and give a ton of momey to a 30 year old , injury prone , banged up WR. Karlos Dansby on the other is what miami needs at stong side OLB. Dansby could very well be on miami's rader and Could be had at the right price. He'd be a start in improving this very mediocre Defense. This however won't prevent miami from still drafting another Pass rushing olb to go along with drafting ilb help.


Though I for the most part agree with you on Boldin, but if the price is right, the fins have to make that move....

For all those freaking out about Dolphins not having a DC, calm down... the post season is not even over yet, maybe the Dolphins future DC is still coaching... take a chill pill

I heard the same about Dansby and while I love Boldin, he never plays. What are our chances of landing one of the top 3 WR's? I like Austin but Marshall might be the best in the league and Jackson keeps getting better. Lets pay a great ILB and slide Chaning on the side to stop the run. The holes on this team can be filled in the draft and a few good FA's. Most notably ILB FS and NT. Cut Porter to pay a #1 WR.

boldin could have 5 good years in him and for all the money and picks weve wasted i for one would give this a shot. Some of you will never be happy

what about rex ryans brother he is in oakland right?



Dansby would play the middle - where he plays with Arizona; but he can definitely rush the passer and would probably play outside if we draft Rolando mcclain. Dansby - mcclain - crowder - wake looks good to me with Jason Taylor as well would be one of the best lb corps in the league

Carlito , Just curious , what would be the right price for you ?

Wide Receiver to watch in draft - 4th or 5th round
Naaman Roosevelt

Boldin has 5 good years ? Really ? He can't even get on the field now. Thanks for stopping by.

Boldin for a 3rd or 4th and I'm sold

Karlos Dansby would play ILB for the Dolphins which is the postion he plays now. But either way inside or out, he would be a great addition to the Dolphins one player I do hope they sign to shore up the middle. But he would make a good strong side OLB. If McClain and he would pair up in the middle and add another OLB that can bring the heat...would love that as I love a great Defense and its time we get one. We have the corners(young but very good) and DE's now its time for Parcells to add more pieces to the puzzle.

Me likee Dansby.

Make it so, Tuna!

I would'nt be suprised if Parcells drafts as many as 3 linebackers and doubles up on the out side, and if we can get Dansby...da da da da daaaa' I'm loving it!

Spencer and Ware from Dallas are paying huge dividens now and are leaders of that D much like Harrison and Woodley from the Steelers. That D was mainly built by...u guessed it Parcells, and they are the hot team now and has the Dallas faithful thinking SB.

Dolphinslife , Dansby would make for a good olb ? Dansby started his career playing the OLB position and was pretty damn good at it. if we would get Mcclain you'd pair him up with dansby at ILB ? what about crowder ? He's going nowwhere with the contract he just got. How about crowder and mcclain on the inside with dansby and taylor/wake on the outside. Miami would still draft another young OLB.

I agree with NJ Phin Fan...this year's draft is considered by most to be the deepest draft in years...we should not be trading away any of our first four rounders away (I believe we don't have a 5th this year) for a receiver who's probably already seen his most productive years.

To those of you saying Dansby isn't worth the money because he doesn't have a lot of sacks, you are just sooo wrong.

First, he's an inside linebacker and had 113 tackles this year. He plays for the Dolphins, and Yeremiah Bell won't be leading the team in tackles anymore.

Secondly, the Cardinals have made him their franchise player two consecutive years. They've been the Super Bowl and are still in the playoffs today. I would say they know what they're doing.

All right have a great weekend my fellow Dolphins faithful got to run up the hill to Tahoe and be back tonight. Huge storm coming in on Sunday morning gonna drop a tons of snow. Catch up with yall tomorrow!

Oh and Armando, please stop with your Anquan Boldin fetish, last thing we need is a over-aged over paid player play half a season at that and we give up one or two draft picks and set the Dolphins back another year or two. lol

Any truth to the rumor that Derrick Dooley has turned down an offer to become the Fins' DC?


Yes I agree he would make a good strong OLB but we also need to shore up the ILB spot and having him and Mccalin(Hypothetical) I wouldnt hesitate sitting Crowder! Abso;lutely!
But I still beleive Parcells has his eyes on a OLB in the draft first before ILB. As I have said before. Im out later

What a better way to continue the rebuild of a young team than to add a 30 year old receiver who is injured every year and has a history of problems with his coach and management. Considering this will be his last big contract he will want a huge paycheck so that would be another smart reason to add him. We could overpay and then watch him sit out half of the games with a leg injury. Oh what a grand idea this is.

dansby i want him!

And to those saying no way should the Dolphins give up a pick for Boldin, I would give up a fourth for him in a heartbeat.


Boldin is now a luxury in Arizona. Doucet has emerged so they're comfortbable they can fill the need. Secondly, his worth is diminished because he is older and has been injured.

Finally, a fourth is a fair asking price for a WR with questions -- i.e Randy Moss a couple of years ago.

Why should the Dolphins do it? Well, to everyone put exceedingly high value on the draft picks, remember that last year they used a third round pick on Patrick Turner . They used a fourth-round pick on Shawn Murphy. How did those valuable draft picks turn out?


Cards will tag Dansby. I mean if you were them would you let him go? I think not.

The only way I would even consider adding Boldin via trade, is to make it a conditional 2011 draft pick(s) (no higher than a 3rd) based on the percentage of plays he's involved in. I'm guessing Arizona knowing his injury-prone history and factoring age, there is no way they go for this...

Cards have tagged Dansby twice already and I think there is an agreement that they wouldn't do it again.

Kind of like Julius Peppers in Carolina.

Armando, the Dolphins should sign Vince Wilfork and re-sign Jason Ferguson. Wilfork would obviously get more playing time and Ferguson would be a great back up. At this point in Ferguson's career, with all the wear and tear his body has been taking, this would be a very good idea. I don't know if I would sign Dansby, he'll probably turn out to be the most expensive free agent on the market, and the Dolphins usually don't go for these guys. I'd prefer drafting McClain. The other player they should sign is a Cardinal, but not Dansky. Antrel Rolle. Let him compete with Clemons next training camp. Move Wilson to SS and let him and Bell compete to start. Why should Bell be given the job? He led the team in tackles, but that's very misleading of the kind of season he had. He has a very hard time covering TE's. What do you think?

You would sit Crowder ? Really ?? . LOL !! Also where miami picks at 12 they aren't that many good olb's. There are good ones that could be had later. Why would you have mcclain - dansby at ilb and sitting crowder while having some rookie playing olb ( that's 2 rookies starting ) , when you can have crowder - mcclain with dansby at SOLB. It doesn't make any sense. Glad you're not the coach and gm of the miami dolphins. :)

Seanr, by your logic the Dolphins should not consider re-siging 36-year-old nose tackle Jason Ferguson because he doesn't fit the mold for a young team.

And of course, that would also mean they won't re-sign Jason Taylor because he's about to turn 35.

Mando , a 4rth rounder would be fine for boldin. Anthing else , i would say no thanks and thanks for stopping by. :)

Mando is right, Dansby has bee franchiced twice already and they have an agreement that he can't get franchised again

I live in Phoenix now so have listened to the local Cardinals stations for several years. They do grumble about Dansby's lack of production at times but generally respect him for his ability to make big plays in big games and he's a good locker room guy. I think they'd love to keep him but aren't sure they can afford him.

As for Boldin it's split between people who want to give him the contract he really wants and those who have seen Arizona win big games without him and would just as soon move on and get what they can in a trade. The concensus is they will try and trade him in the off season if the price is right. And I've heard 1st or 2nd rounders is what that would entale. Doubt he'll hold out because he's been just as upset about his contract for the past two years and hasn't held out. He wants a Fitzgerald type contract or something in that ballpark. I think he still has one year on his current contract but is a "restricted free agent". Not sure how that all works but maybe someone can educate me.

Maimi used a 3rd on langford and a 4rth on hartline. how did that work out ? Think !!!!

"Secondly, his worth is diminished because he is older and has been injured".
"Remember that last year they used a third round pick on Patrick Turner . They used a fourth-round pick on Shawn Murphy. How did those valuable draft picks turn out"?

I thought and came up with the fact that who cares what draft pick you lose. These are the true concerns>> High salary for an older player whos best years are behind him AND has a problem staying on the field.

Armando...I realize that it's a guessing game with the draft, but you also have to consider the other side of the coin...Brian Hartline was a 4th, Zach Thomas was a 5th, Soliai was a 4th, and Langford was a 3rd. I know I'm cherry-picking and there are more misses than hits, but the hits exist. I'm not willing to give up a possible hit on an receiver in his 30s who is injury-prone...sorry.

Antell looked good against GB , didn't he ? LMFAO !! He garbage !! Miami isn't throwing more money on another S who can't cover for shyt.

Boldin is not in his 30s. He will turn 30 in October.

antrell rolle

My point was by the time he's with us he will be.

I'll call your bluff, NJ.

The langford pick turned out to be mediocre. The next big play langford makes will be the first big play he makes.

And if you think Brian Hartline will ever have multiple 1,200 yards seasons like Boldin has, then I also have a bridge to the Everglades I'd like to sell you.

Exactly the opposite Mando. Knowing we already have aging players on the team my logic is one of wanting the team to get younger while understanding they may have no choice but to sign the players you mentioned. But they do have a choice in not signing Boldin as there will be players in the draft and free agency with better upside. There is no more upside to Boldin and haven't we signed enough players already who have injury problems? Crowder,Smiley,Grove, etc.

Boldin I bet is playing for next year already. Doubt he will risk further injury that will last into camp or early next year. I would take a motivated chip on his shoulder Boldin for as high as a 3rd and even a 2011 2nd if he meet certain playing time or/and perfomance levels. Dansby is a no brainer my only question answered by those who know hm would be, if he would have the V.Carey problem of slacking after a fat contract.

"And if you think Brian Hartline will ever have multiple 1,200 yards seasons like Boldin has, then I also have a bridge to the Everglades I'd like to sell you". So you want to sign a receiver because of what he did in the past and will probably never duplicate again? Why are you so high on taking this risk? Didn't we do this with another Cardinal receiver and how did that work out for us?

Mando, Boldin may have done that while with the Cards, but do you really think he'll produce like that again in his career? You seem to argue that it's worth giving up picks for that type of performance...he ain't going to do that again...that's why we feel he's not worth it.

NJ PHIN FAN, so it was Antrell's fault for what happened? That's pretty stupid. I guess Darrelle Revis must suck cause he got smoked by Ted Ginn JR, who everybody wants out of Miami. That's pretty logical... Wasn't GB's defense ranked 4th in the NFL or something? So now I guess it means all those players suck. Give me a break. It was one game. All in all Rolle had a very good season, he'll be more productive than Wilson will ever be. You can bet the farm on that.

Armando . i'll call your bluff and raise you one. Hartline is rated 15 th on your list of miami's best this year. " miami's most explosive wr, shows potential to be good maybe even GREAT ". Langford 19th on your list " rarely makes mistakes , takes up alot of space which is a good thing " . Now they suck ? LOL !! By the way jason taylor was a 3rd round pick. Thanks foe stopping by "?

seanr, what other Cardinals receiver are you talking about?

I would give a 4th for Boldin... How many people said the same thing about Moss?? By adding Boldin, Ginn, Camarillo, Bess and Hartline all become better... It's a no brainer. But I don't see the Cards taking a 4th for him. I think they'll want at the very least a 3rd... But who knows...

By rhe way mando . i bet you hartline get multiple 1000 yard seasons before he's done. I also have the brooklyn bridge to sell you along with boldin.

To those people who keep blathering about Boldin's injuries, can't get on the field his age etc. should try out this new thing called the internet. It's really cool, try it, you'll really learn a lot of stuff.

NJ, I see you and raise you again:

If I was doing the list and Boldin was on the Dolphins, he'd be ranked ahead of both Hartline and Lanford and perhaps only behind Jake Long at No. 2.

Boldin was injured all year long. It was a terrible time for him.

And he caught 84 passes for 1,024 yards which would have led the Dolphins hands down.


Drawing a blank, the steroid guy who blew his knee out in the first game. Wasn't he a Cardinal?

Hey montreal , what's with the insults stupid ? I'm not only talking about rolle's game against GB. That was just a microcsm of his play all this year. He can't cover for shyt !!! miami won't throw money at another safety like that . You can bet that farm on that !!

It's not fair to compare Hartline and Boldin. One is just coming into the league and the other one has been in it for a while. The point is Hartline and all the other WRs would become better with Boldin on board. He's got more experience than all of them, could be a great teacher and opposing defenses would have to focus on him, which means less pressure on a young guy like Ginn or Bess. It's a no brainer, really. If that's really the asking price, go for it.

Sorry I meant David Boston but he was from the Chargers. My bad.

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