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Free agents on display during live blog today

NEW ORLEANS -- One reason I love covering the NFL playoffs is this is where the best teams are, thus this is where the best players are.

I'm covering the Saints and the Cardinals today and some of the players I'll be watching are the ones that could be available to the Dolphins in the coming offseason via either free agency or trade.

This list of the top free agents shows today's game includes several free agents that will be restricted (assuming no collective bargaining agreement is reached). But there will be one guy -- Arizona inside linebacker Karlos Dansby that is completely unrestricted. He is the 11th rated free agent on the Scout.com list but you'll also note he is the No. 2 unrestricted free agent (players with six or more years of experience) behind only Julius Peppers of Carolina.

Another player I will try to catch up with after today's game is Arizona WR Anquan Boldin. He isn't playing today because he's injured. But he's here and on my radar. I want to ask him if he will renew his request to be traded after this season. I want to ask him his thoughts of playing for the Dolphins. As I have reported to you in the past, the Dolphins have much respect for Boldin and would consider adding him in trade if the price is right.

We'll see what happens. 

Hopefully we'll see what happens together as I am conducting a live blog during the game. So join me here and we'll discuss the game with the community of thousands of Dolfans that regularly visit this blog.

Remember, the live blog begins at 4:30 p.m. ET. Follow me on twitter.


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Okay scholar GM, We're going to trade the following players Wilson,Ginn,R,Brown,Crowder,Porter,and trade down in the 1st rd to acquire more picks. We wil be looking to sign FA Wilfork and B.Marshall and look to draft the following players an interior player, CJ.Spiller for our rt game and 3rd dwn back. Plus he is scary in the wildcat. Select J.Graham as a TE and stock pile the defense with interior players and LBS with the rest of the picks. We Have some players who must step up now!

Sorry, we need difference makers this years in the draft. Players that can push the players alreday on the roster and fill the needs we have been missing to give our offense a new look. That would be get CJ. Spiller for our predictible offense and get J.Graham to learn the TE position. The offense need one or two HR players on the squad and these two players would be great to spread the offense out. I am really looking forward to this addition.

LOL @ Klynn, what an idiot !!!!

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The Jets 14 game season is what go them into the playoffs. Because of their last two games, the opponent didn't need those games. As to where the Dolphins last 3 games mattered to both teams to make the playoffs and all the teams actually competed. Jets get a free ticket to the playoffs. If only the Dolphins had played the Colts in the last two weeks of the season, then we would of got a free one game win to make the playoffs. It is what it is tho, but there is one thing Jets and Fin fans can agree togther on, and it's the fact that Rex Ryan is fat.

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