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Free agents on display during live blog today

NEW ORLEANS -- One reason I love covering the NFL playoffs is this is where the best teams are, thus this is where the best players are.

I'm covering the Saints and the Cardinals today and some of the players I'll be watching are the ones that could be available to the Dolphins in the coming offseason via either free agency or trade.

This list of the top free agents shows today's game includes several free agents that will be restricted (assuming no collective bargaining agreement is reached). But there will be one guy -- Arizona inside linebacker Karlos Dansby that is completely unrestricted. He is the 11th rated free agent on the Scout.com list but you'll also note he is the No. 2 unrestricted free agent (players with six or more years of experience) behind only Julius Peppers of Carolina.

Another player I will try to catch up with after today's game is Arizona WR Anquan Boldin. He isn't playing today because he's injured. But he's here and on my radar. I want to ask him if he will renew his request to be traded after this season. I want to ask him his thoughts of playing for the Dolphins. As I have reported to you in the past, the Dolphins have much respect for Boldin and would consider adding him in trade if the price is right.

We'll see what happens. 

Hopefully we'll see what happens together as I am conducting a live blog during the game. So join me here and we'll discuss the game with the community of thousands of Dolfans that regularly visit this blog.

Remember, the live blog begins at 4:30 p.m. ET. Follow me on twitter.


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Maimi pass offense is nowhere near as sophisticated as arizona's and bolin wouldn't have the #'s in miam as he would in arizona . J Taylor a 3rd round pick he going to hall . WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!

NJ PHIN FAN, I said it was stupid to say all of Green Bay's scoring was Antrell's fault. I never called you stupid. You have some serious sensitivity issues. I'm not here to insult anybody. We're just expressing different opinions, which is the whole idea of having this blog. Relax dude.

montreal . agreed on comparing boldin and a rookie in hartline being unfair..

Great, let's get Jimmy Johnson to start making Miami's selections again so we can find another HOF 3rd rounder.

Cacajoe , you're the first one to complain about brown and crowder alway being hurt and missing games . What are you going to do when boldin is out half the time ????

Mando, that's a good point, but let's also factor he had Fitzgerald lined up opposite him...you place him on our team, and those stats probably drop. In addition, he had three games where he broke 100 yds with 8 receptions in each...guess who they were against...the Rams twice and Seattle...joke. I think our division is a tad more difficult than the NFC west.

My bottomline is I would take Boldin for a 4th rounder but that's it. I would then cross my fingers that he didn't get hurt. If he gets hurt, like he seems to do more often than not in the past couple of years, we would be back to square one with our wr situation. Who would be our number 1 because you can't waste a high pick on a receiver after you've aquired Boldin. You would have to cut Ginn AND Turner and then hopefully not watch as they became stars on another team while Boldin gets slower and less relevant with each passing season.

Mike , Thanks and excellent point on fitz. Weeeeeeeeeee !!!

"Great, let's get Jimmy Johnson to start making Miami's selections again so we can find another HOF 3rd rounder".
Seems like an unfair statement considering the new guys have only had two drafts and that makes their oldest drafted players only sophmores. Are you saying that none of the players Miami has picked have the potential for greatness?

I don't believe in saying a player is productive because of another player being on the team. Why not say Fitzgerald has been productive because of Boldin?? It works both ways.

Boldin also made the pro bowl before Fitzgerald got there... just sayin...


So by that reasoning , fitz is productive because of the good seasons doucet and breaston are having or is it the other way around ??? LOL !!


I'm rooting for the Cards, how about everyone else?

I don't like how cocky the Saints got this season thinking that they were destined or deserved to be undefeated.... and then they looked like the Aints for 3 weeks!

Larry Fitzgerald came into the league in 2004.

In 2003, Anquan Boldin had 1,377 receiving yards.

Any questions?

Bottom line is Boldin would be an upgrade over all the WRs we have now. That's not to say any of our current WRs won't have great careers, but by adding Boldin it will just make them better. I think we need to take some pressure off of Ted Ginn's back. I think Ginn has a hard time dealing with being the #1 WR. Get a playmaker like Boldin to ease some of that pressure off Ginn and his numbers might double. Worth a try.

Mando , i have to hit the weights now , so i can be back for the games. You can take over now . LOL ! :) As arnold once said . 1 i'll be back "

Boldin is the big physical possession receiver with lots of YAC that the Dolphins are missing in their roster...

If the Dolphins could get him for a fourth and a player I hope they would not hesitate

NJ PHIN FAN, Fitzgerald was having great seasons way before Doucet and Breaston came into the league. Not a very strong post once again.


What is the best way to cure the feeling of your arms and legs feel like jelly after work out?

So it's not ok to go back to jimmy johnson to talk about great 3rd round picks but it's ok to to go all the way back to 2003 to talk about boldin in the pro bowl without fitz. LOL !! Hypocritical ? I think sooo !! I'm out til later.

I still believe in Ted Ginn and Devone Bess. I think Brian Hartline showed he's got a lot of upside. Now if we can find a WR who's been productive ever since he came into the league to add to this mix, it's a no brainer to do it.

I agree a 3rd or 4th for Boldin would be a great deal for the Phins. I think last offseason the Cards were looking for nothing lower than a 2nd if not more. The question is, will a 3rd or 4th do it?
A slightly different question for you. I was listening to an interview here in New England of Jonathan Kraft and one thing he said that I believe he was sincere was that they (Patsies Org) really felt they could win the SB even though they completely retooled the defense. Now I know as a Phins fan I was skeptical of the Patsies because of the defense and felt like they probably felt like "hey we'll just get by this year." Getting to my question, do you believe the Phins Org feels and thinks this way as well? Even though they were going really young in the secondary?

Who is Ted Ginn?

Montreal , are you really kidding me or what ?. You just proved by point on Fitzgerald being the one that makes WR's look Great. You said maybe boldin was the one that made fitz look good on your post at 3:15. Once gain you've proven you don't know what your talking about. Please get a clue and thanks for stopping by. :)

Montreal, we're not saying Boldin wouldn't be an upgrade...he would...my argument was that Boldin's numbers this year are the result of having Fitzgerald lined up opposite him and playing in a weak division. Who do you think teams are doubling...Fitz or an injured Boldin? Who do you think would get doubled with Boldin on our offense? He wouldn't have the same numbers with us, period. The guy is getting old and is injury-prone...all I'm saying is that I wouldn't give up a 3rd or 4th with this year's draft class...that's all...to me, it's not worth it. A conditional pick in 2011 based on playing time, yes.

Come on Mando that was hilarious! I was just joking because of your love for Boldin. I've read some of the worst things in this blog and that's the post you delete. C'mon man! Don't you have any guy friends? This is how we bust on eachother! Lighten up Francis.

NJFINFAN, the name is cocoajoe as in Cocoa Beach Florida. Never said anything about Crowder's injury. I have criticized his ability or rather inability. And the failure of Parcells evaluation leading to a new contract.

Brown? He's the one who can't stay on the field. He's had some serious injuries as opposed to Boldin.

One other thing, you can find me at the Beach Shack or Coconuts at cocktail hour. Come by and we'll discuss my screen name in depth.

Boldin's stats have been very good his entire career. That was the point. We're talking about a player that we might trade for and his productivity thus far in his career. So of course we'll look at his numbers. Is Jimmy Johnson coming back to Miami?? Who cares what he did? Again, not a very strong post...

Carlito , did you just start working out ? If you did that's what making your arms and legs feel like jelly and the pain you might be having . Time is the only cure my good friend. after awhile of working out the pain and jelly feeling will go away. Eat good and get plenty of rest to recuperate.

Mike in Houston, how can you be so sure Boldin wouldn't be productive in Miami? How do you know these things? NFL GM's, who have a lot more info on players than all of us combined on this blog, are never 100% sure when they make a move. So to say there's no way Boldin will be productive in Miami is not true. You don't know until you try. If it doesn't work out at least you tried. Better than not making any moves at all. After 2008 a lot of people thought Miami should upgrade their WR position. They did not. Look where they ranked in passing yards this year. I think it's safe to say they need to upgrade.

Wow Montreal...players are paid based on previous performances...that's why they play their butts off in a contract year...because they're trying to say, "this is what I can do for you in the FUTURE, so pay me accordingly." When you trade for someone, you have to ask yourself, "will the production I get from this guy in the FUTURE be worth what this potential draft pick can give me?" That's why people reason busts in specific rounds as their reason to give up the pick for the player. What you have to consider is that this year's draft is very deep...that means players taken in the 4th round in other years may be 3rd or even 2nd round picks...you have to remember that. That means if we give up a 4th this year, we're really giving up 3rd or 2nd round talent.

LOL At cacajoe, You're threatning me ? LMFAO !! I'll guarantee i rip you in half and that 's not cyber tough guy talk like you. That's what i do for a living. Come up to jersey. :)

Any update on the DC? Seems like we just might be waiting on someone from the playoff teams. Dallas defensive coach? Jets defensive coach? Baltimore defensive coach? Seems worth waiting for to me to see if we can get someone from one of those teams now that the other options besides Bowles are unavailable.

I didn't say he wouldn't be productive...read my post...I said he would be an upgrade, but argued he wouldn't have been as productive with us as he was with the Cards.

I'm a very sensitive guy seanr.

You made me blush. LOL.

Oops, I meant players taken in the 4th round THIS year...

NJ, you still here. Go lift, man.

...may be 3rd or 2nd rounders in other years...sorry

Chris, I put up a ton of names in the previous blog. Most of them in the playoffs.

NJ PHIN FAN, Boldin has been productive his entire career. That's a FACT, not an opinion. Most of everything you post is an opinion, which everybody has. It doesn't matter who plays on the team, if a player puts up great numbers year after year, that means he's doing something right, regardless what you think. You can say I don't know what I'm talking about, but when I read what you post, it makes me feel a lot better. I never claimed I had all the answers, you seem to think you could be an NFL GM or something. I don't know if one of the gym's dumbells hit you on the head too hard or what, but you've got issues my man...

Hey Armando and everybody,
I want your opinion on this....watch this Mic'd Up video on Bill Bellechek vs. Dolphins. Fast forward to the 4:15 mark and watch his interaction with Jason Taylor.
Call me crazy, but is this not a prelude to Jason going to the patriots this year.



Armando, off topic but I got an email from Phins inviting season ticket holders to Stadium next week for a MAJOR stadium announcement, u have any idea what it about???

Mike, the real question is: Can I find someone in the 4th round who could give me the kind of productivity Boldin would give me in 2010? That's what it really comes down to. You can say probably, which is ok, we can't agree on everything. But assuming you think you can, how do you upgrade the WR position? You can't really say it doesn't need upgrading. So how do you do it? Very hard to find a productive WR without paying a pretty hefty price...

You rip guys in half for a living? That pretty scary LMAO.

No Vic Fangio Armando?

bobbyd12, as you know they're trying to find traction for putting a roof on the stadium. So I imagine it has something to do with that.

I think we can all agree that Boldin can still be productive in the NFL but it's whether he can stay healthy. Do i think Parcells will contact Arizona about a possible trade...Absolutely. Would he be an upgrade...hell yeah but not sure if the Cardinals would let Boldin go for anything less than a 3rd rounder. Maybe Parcells should offer Ginn and a 3rd.

Montreal...now there's the big question. I don't believe we could get someone in the 4th this year that will give immediate productivity, but my belief is that we are at least a year away from being Super Bowl contenders...I don't honestly believe that's a realistic view for next year. I believe anything's possible, but I just don't see it...the 2011 season at the earliest. If we needed only a couple of more pieces to complete the puzzle, and WR was one of those pieces for a 2010 Super Bowl, I'd pull the trigger on Boldin, but we have many holes. Our draft picks (and FA pick-ups) this year and for the last two will and need to lead the way...we have too many needs to fill and the through the draft is the best way to fill them. Look at the other teams...nobody wants to give up picks this year...this is a big draft year...I'm stoked!

Chuck Pagano?

Why Fangio, Chris?

He has no history or connection to Parcells or Sparano whatever ... What do you see?

What a terrible free agent class.

Wayne, glad you are here. I guarantee the Dolphins beat Buffalo ... next year.

Anyway, the free agent class will be terrible, indeed, but the Dolphins are preparing for a string of older players that probably didn't perform up to snuff on other teams and are being dumped to get rid of toxic contracts.

You'll see a slew of those coming available throughout the league.

Salguero anyword on the future Defensice Coordinator? Also I hear alot of boldin talk, but how about Antonio Bryant who will be a free agent.

Do you see Miami taking a look at Casey Hampton.

Mando, why do you think it's so prevalent in the NLF to go after only coaches who have been friends/associates? It happens in the "private sector" but not nearly as much.

It just seems they limit choices and pass up what could be good for them and the team.

he's 51 not too old and he's been in charge before from the northeast and Baltimore linebackers have been pretty good as for pagano he coached at the U before I like both those options

Good call, Mando on the list of UFA's that will come along once teams can bad salaries. I think Parcells will do well with other "team's trash".

Also, how team's navigate the RFA market will be very interesting.

I agree to a large degree on the stupidity of the network hiring BS.

Take for instance Bobby April. Never worked for Parcells or Sparano, but EVERYONE knows he's an awesome special teams coach.

Why not try to hire that guy and upgrade?

Mando it is not Bonamago's fault Ginn is either looking for the sidelines or slipping on the field

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