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Free agents on display during live blog today

NEW ORLEANS -- One reason I love covering the NFL playoffs is this is where the best teams are, thus this is where the best players are.

I'm covering the Saints and the Cardinals today and some of the players I'll be watching are the ones that could be available to the Dolphins in the coming offseason via either free agency or trade.

This list of the top free agents shows today's game includes several free agents that will be restricted (assuming no collective bargaining agreement is reached). But there will be one guy -- Arizona inside linebacker Karlos Dansby that is completely unrestricted. He is the 11th rated free agent on the Scout.com list but you'll also note he is the No. 2 unrestricted free agent (players with six or more years of experience) behind only Julius Peppers of Carolina.

Another player I will try to catch up with after today's game is Arizona WR Anquan Boldin. He isn't playing today because he's injured. But he's here and on my radar. I want to ask him if he will renew his request to be traded after this season. I want to ask him his thoughts of playing for the Dolphins. As I have reported to you in the past, the Dolphins have much respect for Boldin and would consider adding him in trade if the price is right.

We'll see what happens. 

Hopefully we'll see what happens together as I am conducting a live blog during the game. So join me here and we'll discuss the game with the community of thousands of Dolfans that regularly visit this blog.

Remember, the live blog begins at 4:30 p.m. ET. Follow me on twitter.


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I never read your blog....I go straight to the comments.Just kidding.

Watson, Fasano, Haynos is alot better than Faano, Haynos, Sperry & Nalbone.

Armando do you agree that Akin Ayodele & Gibril Wilson will be released. With guys like Ginn & Porter being dangled.

Ha. I know that's partially true, beerndrums.

If any coach can make Gibril Wilson play good football, that person should be president of the world.

Right Carlito...

Kim Superstar with a TD

This is looking like NO blowout. Bush is on FIRE.

What a run by Bush....I hate that guy though.

I think Wilson will be gone by the time the 2010 season begins.

Lane Kiffin will end up hating Reggie Bush too.

He does have quite the bush in the press box.

FinFan13, I don't see much beneft to no cap. Yeah, you can dump players but you have to replace them somehow. With the 6 year rule, the choices are limited bigtime. But I guess that's why they pay these guys the big $

From you lips to Gods ears Mando.

I think a crash test dummy in a louis oliver jersey would be better than gibril wilson

I hope so Mando. What a BAD signing. Hill was so solid last year and was glue to that unit and they totally disrespected him.


Alot are saying Bowles as DC, but I have heard Bowles prefers to coach the secondary and does not want to be a defensive coordinator.

The Saints are getting a little too agressive after the whistle.

But this draft is one of the deepest I have ever seen. Tons of talent in the second and third rounds. So this makes the uncapped year acceptable. If McClain isn't there at 12, we need to try and trade down and get multiple round 2-3 picks. We will be able to fill the spots, no problem.

Man, what's that big red mark on Warner's forward?

Louis Oliver, that was a great S. I love that guy.

Henne needs to learn how to throw the ball away like Brees just did.

I'm predicting a Ravens upset today,if anybody gives a care.

Loved Oliver at Florida too.

I miss Louis Oliver

What is this....a freaking punt?What a bunch of losers.


When you see Boldin, can you tell him that the AZ coach says he is a a wimp and can't play that good anyway.... and that Wisenhunt said they don't need him


Yeah FinFan, but no slip ups this time. No more Pat Whites.

Arizona needs to start attacking Brees some more. They havent brought more than 4 guys once.

Funny Carlito!

You said it Joe!

Sharper is almost like Jibril Wilson

Sharper is just ALWAYS around the ball.

and further to Carlito's post, make sure he is told that Wisenhunt said that without Fitz, like say in Miami, he couldn't put up better numbers that Turner..

The Sharper pic reminded me of the pic he had on Ginn when he really didnt score a TD

not really a pic

Good one carlito. Might want to mention unlimited stone crabs and dancing girls.

Free wine or sangria at Beefsteak Charlies....you remember that Mando?

bill parcells for dc!!!!!!! i'm for real on this mando what do you think?

For us to trade down, again, there has to be a player there that some other team covets. Trading down is not as easy as it sounds.

Are you guys aware the Saints signed Sharper for the vet minimum this year while Miami paid $5.5 million guaranteed to Wilson?

That boggles my mind.


Yeah, maybe you could show him a picture of the Beach with lots of pretty ladies... much better than sand and rocks in AZ

Someone is signing Sharper. I hope Miami gives him a glance, a wink something,

Im gonna say something I hate this whole Idea of not signing vets. I would love for Miami to pick up Sharper & Hampton, but I know it might not happen cause they are season vets.

but parcells is very fond of leslie frazier of the vikes also pees bowles in the running??!!!!but i dont want bowles.!


Don't get me started on Stone Crabs!!!!

I was trying to forget it, Armando, but thanks for bringing it up.

while you are at it, I have a wound in my side if you had any salt handy.. ;)

One of the most disturbing things Ive heard Mando

Whats your opinion of Clemens? Do you think he is the starter next year? or Do you think we make a move for a fS in free agency?

We have a ballgame again.

Didn't think Arizona's offense was simply going to lay down, did you?

Good drive there.

Can we give P white back?????

Doucet is making Boldin expendable for Arizona I see them putting Boldin on the trade block, but I hope Miami just does not settle in signing one WR because one guy cannot do it all. Especially when a player like Bryant is out there. If they sign Bryant and get Boldin then I know they mean business if not it is just the same of the old crap.

forgive me LipsinToronto. My bad.

I also won't say anyting relative to Drew Brees and Daunte Culpepper.

Are you guys aware the Saints signed Sharper for the vet minimum this year while Miami paid $5.5 million guaranteed to Wilson?

That boggles my mind.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 16, 2010 at 05:29 PM

No more than the wilford and E Green signings, or the P White pick. For all the good moves the Tri has made, they have really made some BAD ones too.

hahaha Armando, I guess if I was being literal instead of figurative, the Brees/Culpepper adventure is the most appropriate salt in wound reminder.

Hey Armando,

you may have already answered this cuz i didnt read all the comments but who on earth are we going to hire as our DC???

I want the Saints to win because I do not want the Vikes to get home field.I live in Mn,and all I hear about is Brett Favre,and I'm so sick of that guy.My girlfriend and I usually don't watch football together.

why dont the Dolphins try to Trade for someone like Devery Henderson or Meachem???

Am not fond of the Pat White pick, but he put up some great numbers in college.. he is young and small.. who knows what he might be able to do in the next couple of years with more time learning the game and maybe putting on some weight..

but ya, they were definately reaching for the stars thinking he was a 2nd round pick.

nice pickup through the traffic by dansby on that one..

I love how the playoffs remind us why the teams with byes earned those byes.

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