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Free agents on display during live blog today

NEW ORLEANS -- One reason I love covering the NFL playoffs is this is where the best teams are, thus this is where the best players are.

I'm covering the Saints and the Cardinals today and some of the players I'll be watching are the ones that could be available to the Dolphins in the coming offseason via either free agency or trade.

This list of the top free agents shows today's game includes several free agents that will be restricted (assuming no collective bargaining agreement is reached). But there will be one guy -- Arizona inside linebacker Karlos Dansby that is completely unrestricted. He is the 11th rated free agent on the Scout.com list but you'll also note he is the No. 2 unrestricted free agent (players with six or more years of experience) behind only Julius Peppers of Carolina.

Another player I will try to catch up with after today's game is Arizona WR Anquan Boldin. He isn't playing today because he's injured. But he's here and on my radar. I want to ask him if he will renew his request to be traded after this season. I want to ask him his thoughts of playing for the Dolphins. As I have reported to you in the past, the Dolphins have much respect for Boldin and would consider adding him in trade if the price is right.

We'll see what happens. 

Hopefully we'll see what happens together as I am conducting a live blog during the game. So join me here and we'll discuss the game with the community of thousands of Dolfans that regularly visit this blog.

Remember, the live blog begins at 4:30 p.m. ET. Follow me on twitter.


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beemdrums, I hate brett favre. I live in Northern NJ and couldnt stand last year with all the stupid Jet fans calling him 'Jet' Favre. Hes such a diva.

I know what your going through.

Pat white will be good when Reverse liposuction is developed

What's disturbing about Pat White is, we're stuck with him for X amount of years. I mean, what team would want him?

I like devry henderson after that

There isn't a WR on the fins roster who could of made that catch.

God, I long to cover an offense like this in Miami.


Who would you rather have the Dolphins trade for (think about what it would cost) Boldin, Devery Henderson, or Robert Meachem?

We all hope you get your chance Mando.

The Saints have a lot of weapons.It must be nice to be in that situation.

Zach, unfortunately, the younger, faster two of those you mentioned -- Henderson and Meachem -- are not going to be on the trade block.

i wonder if this will get as out of control as the GB ARI game last week.

yea i kinda figured, just wishfull thinking

The only thing the Saints are missing is the "wild cat".

They are so different in that dome.

Who won that game in 99?

Lol 41-7 was that score at the half. God what a dreadful day.

the wildcat?

Why would the Saint run any offensive play where Drew Brees is not the QB?

the wildcat is what you do when your QB is mediocre.

WHOA Warner got CLEANED!!! OUCH!

Hahahaha I love how they just showed that stat most points scored in a half Dolphins and Jaguars 99 Divisional round.

Im not even sure if we scored any of those 48 points in the first half most it would be is 7.

Kurt won't finish this game.I like him but he's gonna get slaughtered out there.

or when you dont have any playmaking WR's and two all-pro RB's

I feel for Warner.

You watch: After this turnover, the Saints will do what great offenses do.

They will go straight to the end zone.


... And the Leinart (sp?) era begins.... (again)

I was being sarcastic about the cat .

I'm loving these playoffs. No elevated blood pressure, no screaming and scaring girlfriends. Best of all, I wake up tomorrow like nothing's wrong.

that was such a cheap shot...

LOL @ Joe.

Sorry, beer. Didn't realize.


I was thinking the same thing

My girlfriend hides in the bedroom and comes out once in a while to ask me who I'm screaming at and why.

the one thing about New Orleans is they sometimes get too cute.

I think Chad Henne could be really good if he had the same weapons Warner and Brees do

Zach, Do they ask 32 year old running backs who havent thrown a pass in ten years to throw the ball?

i didnt say we had all-pro RB's who could throw (although ronnie isnt bad at it)

This game is OVER!!!

Hey Po, I noticed you didn't have much to say about the DC drama. Were you out of town?

Brees read that play like a book!

Hahahaha no it wasnt a shot at you. I just think Dan Henning gets too cute sometimes.

hahahaha Leinart is going to come in

They could make it first and goal from the 40 and the Saints would still get a TD.

No, just a wait and see thing.

completely agree AK

well, at least some Dolphin's bad records are being broken by 'zona..

wow the announcers are just taking shots at our 99 appearance...but we deserved it

Hahaha here we go getting trashed again for our '99 defense.

Want someone young and aggressive.

By young I mean under 60, lol.

This should be entertaing now that Matt is behind center.

am I the only one who notices that the Saint Defenders fly to the ball...i didnt see any of that from the Dolphins this season

That's the thing with GFs....they think they're doing something wrong. You have to talk to them every so often. It seems to calm them.


Whats the word on Warner???


Kind of worries me that there are no Up and comers in a Rush to take the Position Though.

Agreed Zach... This defense is attacking.

We played too conservative on defense hence the change in DC.

Im hoping we become blitz happy with our future DC.

wow im impressed with Leinart

Warner will try to come back in the second half, but it does not look good.

I guess Carpenter isn't as bad as some kickers that play in Arizona.

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