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Al Groh interviews for Dolphins DC job

It wasn't a suprise and it had to happen eventually. Wednesday was the day former Virginia coach Al Groh interviewed for the vacant Dolphins defensive coordinator job, a league source confirmed this evening. My club source isn't calling back after business hours, so you only get one source on this.

The news was reported first by ESPN.com.

Groh, 65, is a two-time Atlantic Coast Conference coach of the year.

He was fired after last season but has over a decade of coaching experience with Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells.

I would not presume to tell you Groh is the leading candidate because of his experience and history with the Big Tuna. But I think it is a fair assumption that Groh will have a job with the Dolphins if he wants one.

Even if the Dolphins are blown away by Keith Butler, the current Pittsburgh linebacker coach who is interviewing as early as Thursday, it is possible the team will still offer Groh a LB coaching job. Bill Sheridan, hired Tuesday, will coach one set of linebackers.

Groh could coach the other set if Butler is chosen. If Groh is the DC pick, it is unlikely the team will hire Butler because he'd be making only a lateral move from the LB coaching job in Pittsburgh. Groh could also be hired as the DC and to coach linebackers, saving owner Stephen Ross some money.

Groh also has talked to Georgia Tech about becoming the defensive coordinator there.


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Al Groh was a failure as the Jets headcoach and teetered between mediocre and failure as head coach at UVA.

He'd be perfect!

Two very good candidates for the DC job. This is as good a news as you can get in January for a team that is not in the playoffs.

No losers allowed in this orginization, not Romeo, and hopefully not Groh. Bring in guys who know what winning feels like, who hate losing and losers. Bring in Butler. PITT is know for DEFENSE!

We'll have to have him deloused first if he coached the Jets.

Butler would be a better choice but Groh will get the job because he is a Tuna homey.


At least Miami leads the league in nepotism.

We'll have to have him deloused first if he coached the Jets.

CHECK!!! Elf

But hopefully we won't have too

Would Groh really take a LB coaching job when there is a DC position at G-tech waiting for him?

Hey Armando,

Who would YOU like to see as the DC ?

Please don't say Bowles .....

Groh has leg up on the job huh? Sooooooooo, are we to understand this, as saying Parcells hires Sparanos' coaches? Who's in charge? This has now become very interesting. I'd like to see Butler get the job, for more than one reason. Youth, new philosophy, creativity, aggressiveness. And to find out who is the head coach. I'd be o.k. with Groh as a linebacker coach, but this team needs the things i just mentioned. I'd hope this is more of a c.y.a. option.

I prefer Butler, hoping for the attacking style 3-4 and his LB developement...as far a a "teacher" of young players...they don't get much better than Groh, he's just not a HC i would want. Groh might stay on longer as DC as Butler will get HC offers in a couple years. And I honestly like Bowles. I will be fine with any of the 3. But my pref. is Butler, Groh, and Bowles...for those knocking Bowles...he's a future HC in the making, it's been said my many

The Dolphins decision makers really need to go out of Parcells' circle of old friends to fill their positions. The NFL has changed since Parcells last won a Super Bowl. They need some fresh blood who gets today's NFL. Stop with the Matlock crowd interviews and hire a younger DC.

i honestly think that this is a Sparano decision and who HE likes the best and not Parcells. Parcells may have input but is our HC who will deal with the coaches daily...which is why I still like them in this order, Bulter, Groh, and Bowles

Butler would be a good choice he will bring something different to the table.

Hire the young coach from Pittsburgh. It's exactly what this team needs!

I like Al Groh.

I still say Groh will be the pick...even Sprano is the head coach, the final yea or nay is Parcells...Groh was quoted as saying if he had his choice, he would rather be a DC in the NFL then college...and some people need to get over the fact he wasn't good as a head coach and Sheridan was a bad DC...fact is Sheridan is a good LB s coach and Groh is a very good DC...some people are better at certain things and weaker at others in almost every job. I trust whoever is the pick will be the right choice

It is interesting tho to think of Groh as a possible LB coach with Sheridan. Both are truly great LB coaches. I think it might depend on if Groh is thinking in the future about being a HC on the college or pro level again. He's getting 4.75 mil NOT to coach at UV for the next 3-4 yrs, so money isn't an issue in the least. It would be one hell of a def staff to have DC Bultler, DL-Rogers, LB-Sheridan and Groh and DB Bowles....i doubt that happens but wow. Also, with Sheridan or Groh as DC, I don't know if they'll hire a 2nd LB coach. I know they did the last 2 yrs but there were health issues involved with Reid during that time. I guess we'll see. I figure it's gets done by late Friday if not sooner

to EDIT...I mentioned "Sheridan or Groh as DC" I meant Butler or Groh....sorry

If Sparano is going to cook the meal, at least he should be able to choose the ingredients.....

Keith butler.

Kowproblem, I still believe it was a done deal before Pas. was fired...one thing that Parcells is not is unprepared..the ESPN reporter today said that Al Groh stopped talking to the media three days ago and joked it sounded like he was already working for Parcells

I'm just gonna let the football people pick the DC because I just don't know who would be better.

I can't get this song by the Doors out of my head.

Bobbyd....i hear yeah...i also noticed that Groh stopped answering all calls from media as of yesterday. I believe it was the day before that he made the mention that he hadn't talked to Parcell's specifically yet...yet...about a job. And you may just be right. I had talked yesterday morning actually about Butler working with Sparano in Cleveland on another board and was happy to see his name finally mentioned by the media and the team. Perhaps that's why i'm leaning towards Butler...hoping to be correct. However, you are likely correct

I thing the most telling thing was that Coach Paul a GT didn't mention him today at his press conference. I think our fins are the reason why...in whatever capacity

This will be an interesting test to see if the Good Ole Boy network is alive and well. I hope they take Bulter instead of the the Good Ole Boy for the DC. Although I like the thought of Groh being a LB coach I doubt that happens - sounds like a long shot. My guess is they take Groh but boy would the Miami D be fun if they do pick Bulter the Bitzburgh Boy instead of Groh the Good Ole Boy.

No thanks we need a young DC not another old fringe retirement coordinator(Henning...)Butler would be my choice.

I'd really like to see them give Butler a whirl.....if they're gonna stick with a 3-4, which they are, I sure do like the way LeBeau runs a 3-4. Just ask Hogan or Klink.

Groh has the smell of old dude familiarity about him; we and Tuna & Co. need some (relative) youth & a fresh perspective & some aggressive schemes.......assuming Butler even wants to leave defense-heaven (Pittsburgh).

I'm warning you for the last time f@ggot!

Butler DID turn down 2 other DC jobs the past couple years because he's supposed to be the DC in waiting of "even" older man LeBeau...but it doesn't look like Dick is slowing down any time soon...not bad for what, 72? That's an active Dick

Now you got my attention.

That's it mufu@ker now you gonna get got.

Just calm down Yo. It's a large world. There I changed it you happy?


I say we bring in someone NEW and fresh.. Butler is my choice because the guy would want to prove himself to the Steelers by developing a better aggresive defense with MIami..

Let me repeat that.
If he's taking the job with the Phins to prove something to the Steelers then he needs to have his a $$ kicked.

Butler is a Sparano guy

Groh is a Parcells guy

If Butler is taking a job here to prove something to the Steelers then he will not succeed.

why not......a chip on the shoulder is often a helluva motivator.

Let's see...one's a Sparano Guy and One's a Parcells guy.

Well Parcells last won a SB 20 years ago with the Giants.
And Sparano's never won anything except maybe an eating contest.
I'm excited beyond words for next season already.

Pricemaster, here's an idea, watch tennis instead and you won't have to worry about it...simple solution

Well Sparano did launch the gayest offense the NFL has ever known. He deserves credit for that.

Now that's a good f@ggot Big Awhole, you know your place.

Why get all worked up?? Nothing they do will make u happy, it's obvious from all ur negative blogs...let the fans who believe in Parcells and Co enjoy watching the game...I mean really, sometimes ur worse then a little bi'ch with all ur crying in here...u ain't part of the management or coaching staff so if ur so unhappy go elsewhere instead of spreading ur misery on this blog...

I'll even give you ur two bucks back that it cost to download the app....

When I want to watch tennis I'll watch fu@king tennis.
I pay a lot of money to watch the Dolphins on Directv.
And I want to see them play like men...and win...but mostly play like men.
And I shouldn't even have to say that.
But 18 games of wildcat made all of us look like h0m0's.
Including you.

Wahhhhhhhhh, I paid money for Directv....wahhhhhhhhh they ran the wildcat, even though the Jets and everyother team are running it now.....wahhhhhhhhh Parcells won't take my advice, like I said, a little bi'ch that crys when she don't get her way...

$179.00 for the DirecTv NFL package....Christ, musta broke ur budget, less Pabst Blue Ribbon and Camels for ya

No time for ur horses'it tonite...write a letter to Dear Abby, maybe she will care u paid a whopping $179.00 for DirecTv, what a sad life

Change ur name to Broke-Miser$179.00...u gotta be kidding me

Just wondering if the Dolphins hire Crennel do you think they will release a trifecta of bras modeled after Sparano, Parcels, and Crennel's breasts?

Just one question boobyd12: Did you have to study puctuation when you prepared for the GED?

And with Rex Ryan,s pants, they have enough material to make all three coaches 3 piece suits.

lol BURN!!!!

Long shot: Butler as DC, Groh as Asst. HC.

You guys are all so dumb do any if you even know how old butler is ?
53 not exactly a fresh face line everyone says

Just like a Jets fan. Head coach has whale like blubber for insulation so can wear sweaters in freezing weather, but they come here and insult Miami coaches about their weight.

If Miami sucks so bad, then how could the mighty jets lose to them?twice?

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