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Al Groh interviews for Dolphins DC job

It wasn't a suprise and it had to happen eventually. Wednesday was the day former Virginia coach Al Groh interviewed for the vacant Dolphins defensive coordinator job, a league source confirmed this evening. My club source isn't calling back after business hours, so you only get one source on this.

The news was reported first by ESPN.com.

Groh, 65, is a two-time Atlantic Coast Conference coach of the year.

He was fired after last season but has over a decade of coaching experience with Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells.

I would not presume to tell you Groh is the leading candidate because of his experience and history with the Big Tuna. But I think it is a fair assumption that Groh will have a job with the Dolphins if he wants one.

Even if the Dolphins are blown away by Keith Butler, the current Pittsburgh linebacker coach who is interviewing as early as Thursday, it is possible the team will still offer Groh a LB coaching job. Bill Sheridan, hired Tuesday, will coach one set of linebackers.

Groh could coach the other set if Butler is chosen. If Groh is the DC pick, it is unlikely the team will hire Butler because he'd be making only a lateral move from the LB coaching job in Pittsburgh. Groh could also be hired as the DC and to coach linebackers, saving owner Stephen Ross some money.

Groh also has talked to Georgia Tech about becoming the defensive coordinator there.


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Mando, sporano gonna find ur 'club source rat' and make him sleep with the fishes.

" Puctuation " ? and your talking about bobbyd12 and his G.E.D. ? LOL !!

Stephen Ross spends 156 MILLION DOLLARS on the offensive line and not one word from him except he wants to make the fan experience for Miami fans the best ever...one dope spends $179.00 on a DirecTv package and everyone has to listen to his whiny crying everyday on this blog

Its ok little fish fans. All you guys need is a safety, NT, some ILBs, a pass rusher and you will be set on D. I'm sure the trifecta will be able to find some studs in the draft like Pat White. Then there is always free agency where some real gems like Gibril Wilson and Wilford are waiting.\


Bobbyd12 , the direct tv nfl sunday ticket costs $ 300.00. not exacty chump change.

Here's some basic English for you Pricemaster....pick the proper vowel: F'CK YO'RSELF

Has Ross paid for the Fish Coaching to have their breast augmentation yet?

If the steelers were going to give Butler their DC job after LeBeau, one of the greatest DC EVER, retires than sign me up. Tell Groh to coach the LBs I'm sure he wouldn't mind teaching Wake how to stop the run and Crowder how to make more than one play every 3 years

Hire one of these two guys!!!

Solution: Jim Leavitt. Ted Ginn drops a pass, he gets choked.

Or, Mike Leach: Gibril misses a tackle, has to sit in the shed.

Last time I did Sunday Ticket the renewal was $179.00...the DirecTv website says renewals last year were $269.00 ....no, it's not chump change for most but if it makes someone that aggravated that they have to get on this blog and spew a bunch of whiny crying bul'sh't everytime they post then MAYBE just MAYBE they need to rethink their priorities...I spend a lot more on season tix and going to the games as does Carlito, and neither of us cries like this little girl does day after day....

Finsfan , nice copy job from poster ffr on the SS.

And Tortured/Dying/Heil/Herald blows...all the same guy...the coward from Daytona Beach who hides behind his names and couldn't man up when confronted...

i just told you the price $ 290 plus $10 HD . How much are the season tickets ? I hear ya about the crying.

Seasons are $790.00 plus the parking pass....little over a $1000.00 for the pair...reasonable except for the two preseasons u HAVE to buy...give them to Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity..at least some kid who never sees a game gets the opportunity...

I definitly had some fun out there this year...saw some really great teams and met some good people, that's what it's about anyway

some of you are def boozing as you post

Not that far off for what i pay for the sunday ticket. i'm sure there are also cheaper tickets . To bad i don't live in south miami. i would get season tickets by the 50yd line. I go to 1 game a year among the sewage jets fans.

Hire one of these two guys!!!

Solution: Jim Leavitt. Ted Ginn drops a pass, he gets choked.

Or, Mike Leach: Gibril misses a tackle, has to sit in the shed.

Posted by: Finsfan187 | January 13, 2010 at 11:18 PM

SMH you can get sued for that.

that's right heat . I got your back even though i thought it was ffr,

Yea, actually great stadium..in and out easy access...it's never taken me more then 30 mins to get out of there even during sellouts...I remember going to Yankee Stadium and waiting for two hours to get out of the parking lot...different type of fan down here though, definitly not rabid, diehard maniacs like some other cities I been too...

that's right heat . I got your back even though i thought it was ffr,

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 13, 2010 at 11:57 PM

lol it was ffr

Isn't it time we injected some fresh DNA into this organization? All this family and friends stuff hasn't produce much fruit.

Might need an outsider to shake things up a bit. Someone who isn't afraid of Parcells. If not, then we are doomed to mediocrity.

Too many yes men in the organization folks. They say yes to mediocrity and no to doing what ever it takes.

Bobby12 . I've been to joe robbie several times , just was curious how much the season tickets compared to sunday ticket. :)

Well i think we can all agree, that regardless they cant be any worse than Pasqualoni!!! lol.

It's obvious to everyone on this blog, day after day, that you're poor.
We've known that about you from day 1 but never judged you for it.
You have a GED and you're a laborer, perhaps you belong to a union, God bless you.
My problem is not with you. Nor is it with $179 or $350 or $350,000.
My problem is with the fraud being prepetrated on Phins fans from this so called Trifucta.
Wilford is 29. He averaged 15 yards/rec for 5 years in the NFL before he came to the Phins. Then all of a sudden he can't catch anymore? Come on - you believe that? Then we draft Patrick Turner. Tuener was so productive at USC that he made Sanchez into the numer 5 pick overall. Now Turner can't catch also? You believe that? 2 big accomplished recveivers and neither can catch after they get here? If that's true then shouldn't the Trifucta be fired for that?
And Wilford will only be 30 next year, so if he puts up 1000+ receiving yards and Turner does the same then along with Henne we had a deep vertical passing game the whole time didn't we?
That's the fraud I'm angry about.

We already let go of one senior citizen, and now we're going to hire another one? This will be another mistake by this organization. We need a younger, sharper mind on on this coaching staff. I'm starting to question Tuna's decision making. He is by the way, a senior citizen himself.

PriceMaster has a point

Yo Pricemaster, you know that the Dolphins didn't invent the wildcat right ? The single wing's been around since like the 50s dude. Learn some football.

**** Anyone have the 12/28/08 Fins game against the Jests? for the division? Thx

Groh stunk as the Jets' coach and was eh, at Virginia. Can we get some YOUNG blood in here please!

How about the DB coach ? Is he stayin?

It's cheaper than that NJ, if you had Sunday Ticket for a few years you get the old price. Also, you can haggle and get the HD free. I did, I only paid $249.

**** Anyone have the 12/28/08 Fins game against the Jests? for the division? Thx

you all can't even answer a question, know it all jackasses.Go to facebook and talk to each other.

Did I miss happy hour?Lot of anger among the Dolphin fans,I've noticed,but that's a good thing right ?

This crap about Parcells being behind the times, etc., is starting to piss me off. How do you like the Cowboys? If that fool, Jerry Jones, had not, as usual, inserted his stupidity (see T.O., et. al.), they would have been this good three years ago. This year's Cowboy team is now Parcells' team. How do you like it? Behind the times? It's Hyde's little mantra; don't buy into it.

What about Bill Arnsparger for defensive coordinator? Or is he dead? Oh my God, is he dead? Nobody told me!!

AS a UVA fan, Groh wasn't a great coach for the simple fact he wasn't very good at recruiting. He is an excellent DC. Take time to look up LB's that played at Virginia. It used to be called linebacker U. That's the school you went to if you were a LB. Just to name one- James Farrior, also Clint Sintim at the Giants is going to be a star.

Nathaniel,Maybe we can dig up Weeb Eubanks too>>>

Should have known Butler was to good to be true. Why fire Pasqualoni to get someone even worse?

Hope Sparano realizes Butler will be an asset he needs and not let Parcells ram Groh down his throat.

Sparano, grow a pair and don't let this happen.

Pricemaster, u believe in black helicopters too??? First off, I've always put what I do and pretty much who I am out on this blog...I don't hide nor do I care what you think u know...2nd, no "fraud" has been perpertrated by Bill Parcells...years of bad decision making by prior GM s and coaches has caused this team to decline to what it is...Parcells has bought a winning team attitude everywhere he's been... He's the best at what he does...the only fraud is fake, bandwagon jumping fans such as urself who seek instant gratification and want it NOW....well I'm sorry but I prefer to have a winning team year in and year out, not a one time Superbowl win and another 30 years in the bottom...

Cocoajoe, just curious, why Butler over Groh?? I know Butler did an oustanding job at Pitt and I would be happy with that pick...but Groh is a good teacher of young college type kids, and our defense is gonna get much younger with this draft, while Butler has had the good fortunes to be working with veterans for awhile

Butler: younger; learned from Dick LeBeau, the Master of the aggressive 3-4; fresh perspective of someone a bit outside of the Old Cronies of Tuna (they're fine, but gotta have a little balance & new point of view).

just because Al Groh gets interviewed first doesn't mean he gets the job. Butler will be interviewing later this week, possibly today, so please, un-wad your panties, stop crying and wait for something to happen

I'll be happy with either one, both got pros and cons

Groh runs a scheme similar to coach P... Butler would demand a more agressice style with more blitz packages... I think they are both an upgrade but I would go with butler if I had a choice... I think his scheme would be good and would make the defense a little more aggresive... This season we watched to many qb's pick us apart because our lack of pressure

turne was under achieving at USC. So I can see him not doing well now. And wilford went to Jax and he still sucked.

Bring Zorn in to coach QB's and promote David Lee (?sp) to OC. Butler over Groh-old for DC.

U know, some people think you are drafted and need to come in and produce immediatly but very few do...No one knows but the coaches what's up with Patrick, but the guy obviously has the tools to be a good receiver so we wait and see...Wilford blows and was a mistake

Maybe Jake Scott or Dick Anderson could coach the DB's.....can't do worse than what we saw this past year.

bobbyd12, position coaches, for example OLB coach, teach. DCs formulate the game plan, call plays and adjust at halftime.

Just wanted to add that a good DC has his guys ready to play. They review film and know the opponents weakness and strengths and has his players ready. Something that Pasqualoni miserably failed at.

Ok cocoajoe, that's a football answer, I appreciate it...people just saying because he s younger or is not a Parcells guy is not a reasonable arguement...like I said, I would be happy with either one but I guess it's wait n see now

Pasqualoni's defense was nothing to be happy about last year...TE s running up and down the field, scoring everytime they touch the ball...

Since both Joey and Jason are still a Miami Dolphin, I wonder what Joey thinks about getting his former LB coach? I just want someone that can coach JT and JP to play great together on the same team, because it hasn't happened yet in 2 tries...WTF?

Indiana, Taylor is not signed and I think Porter will be gone, I don't think either one will be here next year honestly

bobbyd12, Parcells is not alone hiring his friends....lot of HCs do it. You can't blame them in a way, there are some advantages. My problem is when they are blinded by friendship, it hurts the team. My view is, just like picking players, you get the best available.

No arguement Cocoajoe on getting the best available...we all want the same thing... A winning football team year after year

poppy12 ....you right poppy12 .

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ BrokeMaster trying to come up with $179.00 over 6 months...and recently you did a whole post about somebody else's presumed financial status. How embarassing for you...and how poetic.

I was just referring to if they are both here, cause currently they are. I know Taylor is not signed for next year, but as the current team status as of today, they are on our team...it's more hypothetically thinking

one or both would be gone...

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