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Al Groh interviews for Dolphins DC job

It wasn't a suprise and it had to happen eventually. Wednesday was the day former Virginia coach Al Groh interviewed for the vacant Dolphins defensive coordinator job, a league source confirmed this evening. My club source isn't calling back after business hours, so you only get one source on this.

The news was reported first by ESPN.com.

Groh, 65, is a two-time Atlantic Coast Conference coach of the year.

He was fired after last season but has over a decade of coaching experience with Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells.

I would not presume to tell you Groh is the leading candidate because of his experience and history with the Big Tuna. But I think it is a fair assumption that Groh will have a job with the Dolphins if he wants one.

Even if the Dolphins are blown away by Keith Butler, the current Pittsburgh linebacker coach who is interviewing as early as Thursday, it is possible the team will still offer Groh a LB coaching job. Bill Sheridan, hired Tuesday, will coach one set of linebackers.

Groh could coach the other set if Butler is chosen. If Groh is the DC pick, it is unlikely the team will hire Butler because he'd be making only a lateral move from the LB coaching job in Pittsburgh. Groh could also be hired as the DC and to coach linebackers, saving owner Stephen Ross some money.

Groh also has talked to Georgia Tech about becoming the defensive coordinator there.


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I think Porter is gone, Taylor stays!

Jason Taylor, Cam Wake, Charlie Anderson, Quentin Moses... Who plays strong side?

Groh? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!! This is typical Dolphins front office move. Bring in a good Ole boy to run your defence. Butler is the better candidate

Carlito - we have a whole offseason with FA and draft,so who knows. I think JP and JT will both be on the team, but if I had to guess one of them to be gone it will be JP. I definately don't see both of them gone


At least one of them will be gone... there are too many players at one position... Jason Taylor is mad because he is not being used as a pass rusher, Joey Porter is over paid, underperforming, over the hill, Cameron Wake is a young guy that is developing and needs more playing time, Charlie Anderson also showed some great play in limited time this year and even if its not in the first round, you can bet they will add another young pass rusher in this draft

what happened today? no news??Armando wake up


So your saying Patrick Turner is the reason why Mark Snachez whent number five overall in last years draft? LMAO
Aside from the great defensive player who got drafted earl save for Kaluka Maiava, who whent in the fourth round. Damian Williams led the team in yards that year and had 9 TD, Ronald Johnson 8 tds. Not to mention the running backs.

Bottom line Turner was not ready and needed more time. The wr spot is not just line up and run down the field at least not in this offense. Turner had trouble getting off the blocks in practice, what do you think top corners will do when they line up during the season. To say that wr turn bad when they get to Miami because of Parcells is down right recockulous!

Indian dolfan
Don't be surprised if Parcells drafts two OLB/DE early and set the stage for a great defense next year: IMO the two that I think Parcells would draft if available are 1) Greg Hardy and 2) Correy Wootton both fit the Parcells mold of big strong and fast players that are pretty much unblockable. All to often we saw the Dolphins Pass rush generate little to no pressure at the QB.
Porter and Taylor both might be gone. There are short coming for each one of those players and Anderson, Moses and Wake each have one decernable skill or another but not the total package. Hardy and Wootton are pretty much unblockable. I especially like Hardy from Ole'miss, and is very much like DeMarcus Ware from Dallas but a litte bigger and better against the run. Bit of a stretch he will be there at 12 when the Dolphins pick but if he is I would bet even money odds Parcells takes him even if McClain is available. Hardy is gonna be a monster. Now there are alot of other good OLB to be had later too but none as good as Hardy, but Parcells is looking at getting the Dolphins bookend monsters/OLB!
Hopefull, i think Parcells will draft a ILb along with a free agent signing like Karlos Dansby if hes not slaped the franie tag a third year in a row. Boy that would be awesome. Hardy, Dansby, maybe Crwoder, or rookie, and say Taylor, or Q-Mo, or a rookie's Selvie or his mate Pierre-Paul or fill in draft pick if you will. Thats a team that will be awesome for years to come, well save for jason taylor he might not even be back next year, hate to say it but sometimes you hedge your bets on youth then older players on the down side of their career's.
Now it will be interesting to see who and whay Parcells and co. come up with as a solution to the NT position later in the draft, or free agency.

Sorry typos: who and what

I'm out checking in later when Armando has some info from the interview's for DC.

Dolphins4life - I believe Parcells is looking for the next clone of DeMarcus Ware. Parcells is the one who drafted him in Dallas and is what he will be looking for in this years draft, especially with that #12 pick

Dolphins4life, It will be a strech if hardy is availible at 12 ? Are you kidding me ? Hardy is a late 1st round pick with a big injury history. He's been hurt every year. LOL !!!

Miami might be able to get Hardy in the 2nd round.

Why didn't we go after Perry Fewell as DC? He would have loved to go up against his old team twice a year. Plus, it gave us the advantage since he knows that team.

Another missed opportunity by Tuna and Co.

I think we'd have one hell of a D with Brian Cox on board as the DC he'd probably come cheap too. He's either in Jail somewhere or homeless in east St Louis. Look him up, He the MAN!

LOL @ Buff,wingnut......

Bring back Brian Cox just so we can watch em fight the Opposing team.

My best Bian cox moment was when Uwe Von shamann missed a game tying F.G with 30 seconds to go it was vs. eather the pats or the bills up there and there was a picture in the Herald the next day with Brian clinching the Von Shamanns Neck-pad with a I'am going to kill you look on his face and Von Shamann looking terrified and the head line over the picture was "Brian cox consoles Uwe"

I just remember him wanting to fight anyone and everyone on the other team, like that in a LB I OR O...

Lol Menace, nice description. I can actually picture the look you just described lol

He(Cox) Wanted to kill him, it was hilarious....

Lol he had crazy eyes. We haven't had anyone like that in a while. Jason Taylor is intense, and loved how he dissed the jets logo or slapped the ball away from the other team, but he is too pretty to be a thug.

Belicheck still trying to be like Tuna and fired his DC

Sorry guys it was Pete Stoyanovich, I'am trying to track down the photo....

Cant find it, Does anyone know how to find it???


Yahh he missed what three games last year and what two the year before Big Injury history huh? lol
2nd round? I doubt that. But whatever, we shall see, here is the thing Hardy and Wootton who tore his acl two years ago are probably the two best among a huge class of OLB/DE. Hughes from TCU is a little short height wise so who do you think Parcells would take? I say the former. But if Hardy does slip to the second thats great so long as Miami gets him.
But there are many teams that are in the market for a 3-4olb: Especially New England's Belichick, who's gonna play a chess game with Parcells and the Dolphins. Then you have Pioli from KC in need of a OLB and alot of other teams. So the chess game is on.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ BrokeMaster trying to come up with $179.00 over 6 months...and recently you did a whole post about somebody else's presumed financial status. How embarassing for you...and how poetic.

Posted by: Kris | January 14, 2010 at 12:29 PM

I was just referring to if they are both here, cause
"NFL package from Directtv so cheap even a caveman can afford it...."

Wonder what has Armando so tied up?
Maybe his wife lol or a good scoop?
OK then checking in later to see whats up.


We are putting an A.P.B on an Armando Salguero,
He is charged with failure to post a new blog on January 14th 2010, if you see this individual please report him to the nearest authorities.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Word around the campfire is he gone deep cover. Possibly in disguise and wearing a wire.

There's no news. What do you want armando to blog ? What time he went to the bathrom and if he did #1 or # 2. Jeez !!! :)

When you do find that S.O.B. Tell him he's got back child support to pay me for the last F*cken 10 Years!


You sound like you know something! Come clean; don’t force me to subpoena you!


Po Po , Keith butler will interview by this weekend and miami isn't playing sunday. how's that ???

The septic tank guy ? Dying breed is that you ?

My Friends,

I have very disturbing news for you today, my sources tell me that Armando Salguero has ties to the communist party and has not posted a new blog because he is presently attending a communist party meeting as we speak.

I intend to have him arrested and interrogated for crimes against the USA and Phinfans!

I will keep you informed of our progress, God Bless America & the Miami Dolphins!


You gotta be kidding me!

It takes imagination for this kind of bullsh*t!

Good Enough.

Mr McCarthy. I doubt armando is a communist having escaped a communist regime in cuba. You should instead focus on your president Barack Nobama. Thanks , a concerned citizen.

Oh? never mind, I need a drink....

Dolphins Withdrawl

He is a commie Joe.

Why else would he not post?

After I’m back from getting freaky in San Francisco I’m going to Make it all better Joe…

No history majors I guess.

Miss Ya Mando!

Carlito Is right.

I'm Jonesing.

I like the idea a getting them both Armando.....didnt thing about that scenario, which I feel would help the D the most. Groh at LB coach and Butler at DC, just in case the new guy cant handle game planning we have Groh to fall back on.

Great,another old fart to fall asleep up in the press box, can't wait.

Are the Patriots still a dynasty?

Who Cares ?

Football fans, Take a look at Vince Oghobaase DT from Duke and Joe Pawelek MLB from Baylor. Two 3rd or 4th round studs that would be great for this team. If you know about them, what's your opinion?

Can't we get Kiffin? lol

my eyes always been on them .

Normally, I just pout for a few weeks after the Dolphins finish the season.. but now am used to multiple updates a day... while there is nothing much to report, I find myself wanting Armando to write a blog about anything.. maybe a story about his first few years covering the Dolphins.. ANYTHING..

I was busy writing my Sunday column today and getting ready to go to New Orleans. Plus no news going on.

But new blog is written and scheduled to post just after midnight.

Night all.

New Orleans? I would be bummed not going to San Diego

Joe Pawalek and Vince Oghobasse are SUDS ? Oghobaase is 6-6 305 DT in the 4-3 who can probably play DE in the 3-4. He's not a NT ( to Tall ). No need for him at miami with the 3-4 ends already on the team. Pawalek is a late round pick , 5-6 the round. i wouldn't really call them STUDS. LOL . :)

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