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Guest blogger scouts the Senior Bowl

I did not attend the Senior Bowl this year despite the fact the Dolphins are coaching the South team because, well, the game is in Mobile, Alabama and I've been there and done that. Given the choice of being in Miami or Mobile in January my choice is an easy one.

But that doesn't mean you won't get the insight from the event you have come to expect on this blog -- which I suppose is the reason you are here. So I today introduce you to Chris Cordero.

Cordero, 27, is from Miami and is working to break into professional scouting. He trained under Marc Trestman, Russ Lande, John Wooten and Aaron Schatz. He's attended the Indy Combine the past two years and expects to do so again this year. This is his first Senior Bowl. What you are about to read are not complete Cordero scouting reports. He sent me one and my eyes were bleeding by the time I finished reading it, it was so detailed. The quick takes below are strictly reader-friendly versions of his expertise. Any NFL team interested in talking to Chris should e-mail me and I'll discretely hook you up with this up-and-comer.

For the next few days Cordero will scout the players at the Senior Bowl at positions of interest to the Dolphins. Cordero starts with a look at wide receivers and tight ends because he knows I really want the Dolphins to actually be able to pass the ball in 2010.


The Dolphins are loaded with small, possession receivers. The type of receiver the Dolphins need are generally not found at the Senior Bowl - as they are usually underclassmen (i.e.. Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, and Demaryious Thomas). Two of the top senior prospects, LSU's Brandon LaFell and Texas's Jordan Shipley are not participating in the game either.
Here are my rankings for the Senior Bowl receivers:
1. Andre Roberts - 5-11, 194lbs - The Citadel.
Career numbers: 286 receptions, 3,743 yards, 36 touchdowns
-Catches EVERYTHING thrown in his direction (even from Tim Tebow).
-Quick feet and hands allow him to get separation.
-Has very good speed and got work as a returner.
-Runs great routes and put some nice double moves on possible first-round CB Patrick Robinson.
-Fearless over the middle, got laid out by Taylor Mays and got right back up.
-Undersized; although has a solid build for his size and decent strength.
-Can get jammed at the line - Javier Arenas jammed him a few times.
Overall Analysis:
Someone is going to get great value in the 3rd or 4th round with this guy - if he runs well at the combine - he could be a second rounder. Sadly, he is not 2 inches taller or he would be a first round lock. Dolphins have similar receivers on the roster already; but he could be really good. Showed he could play with top competition here at the Senior Bowl practices.
2. Taylor Price - 6-0, 198lbs - Ohio.
Career numbers: 149 receptions, 2,019 yards, 14 touchdowns.
-Has good measurables (height, weight) very "put together" and appears to have good speed.
-Runs decent routes and is quick in and out of breaks.
-Good body control - made a beautiful adjustment in the air for a catch on a bad throw by Tony Pike against hard hitting LSU S Harry Coleman.
-Goes up for the ball and catches it at it's highest point.
-Can get open deep and creates separation from the DB  with his strength; ran by Saints 1st Round Pick Malcolm Jenkins in college.
-Hands are a little inconsistent as he will make the highlight catch but drop the easy one.
-Rounds off routes sometimes; which allows DBs to break on the ball.
Overall Analysis:
The buzz was that he was moving up draft boards and is at worst a fourth round pick - but could fit into the third. Rookie receivers don't always make an impact right away but this guy could be an exception - much like this year's rookie crop; including the Dolphins own Brian Hartline.
3. Mardy Gilyard - 6-0 179lbs - Cincinnati.
Career numbers: 204 receptions, 3,003 yards, 25 touchdowns.
-Smooth and runs good routes.
-Quick feet allow him to get off the line and beat the jam.
-Gets good separation from defenders using his quickness.
-Faster than most; but also very quick,
-Could be a great returner (and won't always run out of bounds...).
-Very light and has ankle injury history.
-Inconsistent catching the ball; will drop the easy one and needs to concentrate more.
-Needs to develop strength in order to go over the middle and go up for the ball in traffic.
Overall Analysis:
Most have him pegged as a second rounder; I see his value in the third. If he can add some bulk and strength and keep his quickness, he could develop into a very good NFL receiver as long as his focus is there.
HONORABLE MENTION: Two players who aren't really wide receivers but practiced there really stood out. Dorin Dickerson out of Pittsburgh was one of the most impressive players on either team. Has great speed, leaping ability and caught just about everything thrown his way. His strength allowed him to shield defenders from the ball and make the tough catch. A smart offensive coordinator will find a way to use him (he played mostly Tight End and Fullback at Pittsburgh) and he might even be drafted as a WR by draft day. Dexter McCluster out of Mississippi was also very impressive - even running the Wildcat under the Dolphins staff. He was the most explosive, quick, fast player on either team. Think of Darren Sproles but a better receiver and tough between the tackles. His 165-pound size is his only drawback. Riley Cooper and Shay Hodge (who didn't practice and was limping Thursday) were the only other receivers who relatively stood out. Donald Jones from Youngstown State, who I only saw practice Thursday was pretty impressive but that was only in helmets and shoulder pads.
Granted this is not one of the Dolphins greatest needs but if WR is a "must have" this could fall under the "need" umbrella. Anthony Fasano struggled much of the year after two fumbles in the opener. Despite picking it up a little late, there is no guarantee he will revert to his 2008 form. The top senior tight end, Jermaine Gresham of Oklahoma, did not participate as he is still rehabbing right knee surgery; and top junior Aaron Hernandez from Florida is not eligible.
1. Ed Dickson - 6-4, 244lbs - Oregon
Career numbers: 124 receptions, 1,557 yards, 12 touchdowns
-Big target with the ability to separate from defenders; would have had three TDs during one of the practices.
-Good hands and catches most everything thrown to him away from his body - even in traffic; strong hands.
-Good athlete with good speed and decent leaping ability.
-Shows good blocking technique and tries in this area.
-Undersized with a lack of bulk; which hurts him as a blocker.
-Could use work on route running.
Overall Analysis:
Would be a good value in the fourth round - but will probably go in the third. Is essentially a pumped up wide receiver (similar to Kory Sperry) but is a good overall prospect.
2. Anthony McCoy - 6-5, 249lbs - Southern Cal
Career numbers: 46 receptions, 731 yards, 3 touchdowns
-Looks the part with long arms and a solid build.
-Good speed to stretch the middle of the field.
-Looked good as a blocker at the practices; has very good strength; and put Eric Norwood on the ground once.
-Can make the highlight reel catch with his size, leaping ability, and strength and will fight for ball in traffic.
-Drops some easy passes.
-Very inconsistent in college; labeled an underachiever and didn't have great production (although that might be due to supporting cast).
Overall Analysis:
Will probably come off the board in the second round - too high for the Dolphins to take him there. Looks like he will be a better pro than college player as he has all the tools to succeed and was very eager to learn from coach George DeLeone.
3. Jimmy Graham - 6-6, 259lbs - Miami
Career numbers: 17 receptions, 213 yards, 5 touchdowns
-Great athlete as evidenced by career playing hoops - tremendous leaping ability and good speed.
-Uses body well and would be a beast in the red zone.
-Can split the seam and is fluid in his routes for someone with so little experience.
-Can make the difficult catch.
-Has good natural strength and long arms.
-Wants to learn and seeks out coaching.
-Inconsistent; will lose concentration and drop some easy passes (Virginia Tech game this past year and in the practices).
-His size can be a detriment in the run-blocking game as smaller defenders can use leverage and push him back.
-Still needs work on his routes.
Overall Analysis:
If he would have played football instead of basketball; or even if he would have had one more year of college football - would have been a first round lock. Someone will take a flyer on him in the 3rd round - call me a homer but I hope it's the Dolphins - due to his upside, and his potential is almost limitless if he wants it bad enough (he turned down a six figure basketball contract; so he must want it).
HONORABLE MENTION: The other tight ends at the practices were also pretty good. Mike Hoomanawanui (say that 3 times fast) out of Illinois has good hands and is a strong blocker, but lacks speed and athleticism. Garrett Graham out of Wisconsin, who owned the University of Miami in the Champs Sports Bowl, is slightly undersized but has great hands and a feel for finding seams in the zone and getting open. Colin Peek from Alabama got sick - but looks the part and catches and blocks well.
Tomorrow: NT and FS.


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Very interesting stuff. Thanks for the info from the Senior Bowl

The fins need a hands down do it all REC and TE. This is the year to grab at least one through FA or draft. I believe Henne is the man to lead us to the promise land , but even Peyton had Wayne and Harrison . I say trade for cribbs and try him as rec. He can't be worse than that idiot loser moron clutz ginn. Worse mistake in the NFL ever. Even worse than leaf. That's right I said that.

Mccluster in the 2-3rd and Ed dickson in 3-4 if he's availible sounds good

Good job Cordero;
The two player at wide reciever that impressed me when I saw Senior bowl practice was Taylor Price and Dorin Dickerson I liked them both. Mardy Gilyard looked good but, I just dont care for his small frame.
And your right about McCoy he had a great supporting cast, and made a some key first down catches at SC' but would have better value in rounds 3 not 2. He does have all the tools to be a good one, blocking receiving and is coachable. We shall see...thanks for the updates good work.

The only guys i would consider for miami from the above list would be TE's Ed dickson and jimmy graham around the 3rd round area. All the above wr's are smallish and Mardy Gilyard was unimpressive this week lacking concentration and dropping at least 3 balls on tuesday. Dexter McCluster would've been a great addition because of his all-pupose abilities but he's moved up the the 2nd round area which is to high for miami and it's other pressing needs. Same goes for anthony mccoy who will go in the 2nd. Like mentioned above most of the bigger wr's are juniors or didn't participate at the senior bowl.


Good to see you have a real scout at the senior bowl laying down the 411. Now Armando you got your WR/Te fetish out of the way. I can't wait for NT/Dt and S. In particular I want to hear his take on Penn States Jared Odrick who has looked good in practice in the run and the pass, uses his arms well and got to the qb with ease at times. Granted it was practice.

I'm looking Forward on chad's take on S Taylor mays who was unimpressive and needs work on his backpedal , pass coverage and for hom play the ball more instead of going for the big hit . That's why his INT's were so low. I'd also like his take on NT prospect Cam thomas of North Carolina who i raved about earlier. He's a beast who miami can should grab in the 3-4rth round area.

They were saying it all week long on the NFL network that Gilyard is a game time guy not a practice guy, but he has a small frame I just dont care for, we have Ginn and the Trifecta tends not to like these small frame players.

Saw everything that Mays did this week and he even said it himself that he needs to work on his coverage abilities rather than going for the big hit. He was akward out on the island but he wont be out on the island when he plays Saftey.

Chris' take?

I'm telling you the money round for the Dolphins is gonna be the third and fourth rounds I'm thinking TE's and Line backers.

All right fin fans till we meet again good night and keep the faith.

GoDolphins Go!

NJ Phin Fan - I haven't been able to watch any of the practices/drills thus far at the SR Bowl. I'm recording them all and will watch some for myself this weekend.

I greatly appreciate your updates here and at the SS; so thank you for your efforts! One of the players that I've been interested in watching is Brandon LaFell. Have you seen him in practices/drills ? If so, How'd he look?

sorry Lafell not in Sr. bowl.

I hope the Dolphins don't get sucked in by any of these guys. Like you said, the Dolphins are loaded with smart, tough, smaller slot receivers. The Hartline pick last year surprised me because his skill set was so close to Camarillo and Bess.

Congratz to your guest blogger Mando...he's livin the dream I see. Nice.

Jimmy Graham definitely looks like he's got game. I would want him more in the 4rth or 5th rd but he may be gone before that. He has an extensive basketball background but is really trying hard to get football / blocker mentality.

I used to be a huge Taylor Mays fan (size, speed, strength, drool) but feel he is just too stiff to be very effective at S. Maybe he could go to a team that mostly had him down as a box safety. Some say that they would try to move him to LB but, I don't think he wants to go there. I have him off my list. I wanted S Donte Whitner a couple years ago but Buffalo snags him at #8 and we end up with S Jason Allen. (Sa-wing and a miss! Thanks Nick S)

McCluster is absolutely tearing things up. He is making people review his body of work for sure. He is soooo small (165lbs) and got rag dolled on a pass block drill vs a LB. He plays mighty in space and can catch as displayed by a nifty double move. He can create a lot of pressure with match up issues in space vs a Def. He is a notch or two below CJ Spiller in my book due to size alone. Spiller goes about 195lbs and also is fast as a whippet.


I agree those 3 WR's seem similar at 1st blush but Hartline has so much more rac ability than Bess or Camarillo. Would be awesome to get a #1 type beast.

If the Fins pick up a WR I hope its a true speed merchant w/hands or a big body guy total package type. If RB Spiller is gone I like WR Dez Bryant but, I dont think BP can bring himself to pick a WR that high.

Fetish? Did someone say wr fetish? Seriously? We have the worst, WORST core in the league. Do we need a nt and lb? Yes, but as bad as we do wide receivers and free safety (and even te)? No. I want us to get dez Bryant, then steal Taylor mays as he will fall, or jermaine Grisham because he will fall too, my main point is steal players and u make the playoffs, like te titans stealing lendale, like the bengals stealing mauluga, etc. Playmakers!

Playmakers people. That is our new mantra, and the biggest thing we lack. PLAYMAKERS (b. Marshall, ochocinco, boldin, cribbs).

Gilyard would be a solid pick if they could get him in the third round... He carried that cincy team this past season

I don't know how some of you guys do it. Watch a couple of college games and then you are experts. Some college player has a couple of great games against weak opponents and he is the second coming. A couple of years ago, there were fans that were thinking Gholston. I still haven't even heard of him playing for the jests in a game. He was a top 10 pick.

Leave it to the coaching staff to select.

Bryant would be a nice haul. I don't think the Dolphins will go receiver. I like Mays. A Te would be worth a pick in the 2nd or 3rd.

Good write up Chris

Please all bow down to GOD (NJ). He has to throw in his cents into all. The cult of NJ

no info on jacoby ford looks to me like he had some good practices.

Joey in Jersey (previous blog),

Golfito has nothing to do with golf... sheesh...

I don't think any of these guys at WR will make it to the fins....

JImmy Graham would be a good pick up

If CJ Spiller is on the board when Miami's pick comes up and they pass on him....they will live to regret it for years.

Spiller is a gamebreaker and a one man momentum swinger. He's scary good.


When you draft CJ Spiller, do you draft his whole Spiller family?

If so, no thanks...

I'm back! Great write up and analysis of the players mentioned!!

For those of you (stop the madness) who may not like me, I sould sure hope you don't take things to heart. Loosen up a little bit and take a joke here and there!

Mays would be a stud if mcclain is gone

mays is overrated he can hit but he can not cover anyone we already have that in wilson.

My perfect offseason would be the Dolphins getting Vince Wilfork and
then CJ Spiller in the draft. He will be a third down back and take Ricky's
place upon retirement. Will make Henne better by converting a third
and six like it's inches. Will deliver a home run now and then as well
as punt returns. Some say we can't afford the luxury of taking him
that's why getting Wilfork is so important. Otherwise it's McClain or
Williams but they will probably be off the board.

Chris thanks for the run down! I am looking forward day 2! Go Dolphins

I think CJ spiller has the game changing skills like Chris Johnson. He seems to have that poise to break a 50, 60, 70 or 80 yarder at any point in time. He also could be used in the slot and would be great on WR screens. Him and Ronnie on the field at the same time would be SUHWEET! He could be a good replacement to Patrick Cobbs. I like Cobbs and all, but Spiller would be a huge upgrade and after Ricky retires we would have Ronnie and CJ as our 2 headed monster. Would CJ make it into the 2nd round? I don't think so, but it sure would be nice if he did. We could get a stud defender with 1st round pick and stud offensive guy with 2nd round pick. If he makes it into the 2nd round I would even consider trading up to the first pick in the 2nd round to get him depending on how much that would cost...


Mays would be great if mcclain is gone. He could add to are young secoundary he is a big hitter and take Dexter are Benn with are 2nd as long as we could get Dansby,Demarco Ryans and Wilfork I know big wish list but could improve are D instantly

Nice work Chris. Seems like you have done your homework on these guys and hopefully the Fins can be in a position come draft day to make a move and make this team better. Keep it up!

I love the "and won't run out of bounds" addage!!

This is marino the real why are my post showing up under Indiana dolfan I'm live in ill but what's up with it if sumone could help that would be great I read this everyday but never posted

Chris great work, keep it up looking forward to the next batch of observations... Would love to see the full detailed report for a little extended reading! How about a PDF to download Armando?

Could sumone tell me why my post cobe up under sumone elses nameand there's under mine please help

Are lol what's that???


You our right Taylor Mays are the best player that are in the draft. Are team our crazy for not pick him are someone like him. I hope are first pick McClain.

Great article

@ Indiana Dolfan,

I agree with you about Spiller. He does remind me of Ray Rice or Chris Johnson even. That might be worth the pick and then possible trade of one our RBs???? What say you?

Workhorse , Thank you for the kind words and i'll keep them comimg. Brandan Lafell didn't participate in the senior bowl but he is very good wr whom miami should consider in the 2nd round if he's still there.

I meant to say chris not chad last night. I was thinking Chad cordero. :)

If we were going to talk mid round game breakers, we should have talked Jacoby Ford. People will be talking a lot more when he does a 4.3 in the 40.

Interesting that Cordero had a glowing report on Dorin Dickerson. He's one guy that really let me down this week.

I also like Mardy Gilyard more for what he did during the year vs what he's done this week. He was phenomenal. But given his size would take him higher than a 4th pick.

And people Brian Hartline is not the same as all our other wide receivers, he's 6'2 200+ and has room to fill out further. Don't forget that he is still only 22 or so. He will be at least 210 lbs as his body matures. He's not huge, but not a smurf receiver by any means.

@ Mark in Toronto -- And Brian Hartline seems a pretty strong 200 as well.

Looks like Antonio Bryant WR from Tampa Bay will be hitting the market....possible fit???

Excellent job Cordero. Even Mando's friends are better than us.


I like you Idiania Dolfan. The fact you're a Dolphins fan in Colts country makes you OK in my book.

Mando, do you really have NFL people reading your blog that they might email you about Chris? That would be quite impressive.

Anyway, both of you keep up the great work. Dolphins please draft GRAHAM!

TheJoey - No, I do not think we need to trade ANY of our RB's. Who you going to trade? Ricky for one year? No way, he would just retire. Ronnie? No way, because then you are stuck with just Spiller after next season. Why not have Ronnie, Ricky and CJ this year. Work CJ in as a slot receiver, RB sometimes, Wildcat swingman and returner. Get him use to the NFL speed. Then, next season it will be Ronnie and CJ (if Ricky retires like he says). Many teams have dual running backs and I think it is MUCH needed these days for success. All the good teams have it and both SuperBowl teams prove that. Saints have Thomas, Bush and Bell. Colts have Addai, Brown and even Simpson.

We could use Spiller like the Saints use Reggie Bush --> WR, RB, return man

Only use this as an example if we fill our void at LB, NT through free agency. I'm not sure what parcells and Co. are going to do....this is just thoughts and ideas of what they could do.

Willi Chirino - Thanks buddy! I have lived in Indiana my whole life, but only have been in Indianapolis for about 2 years now. I actually grew up closer to Cincy than Indy, so I get to hear family and friends run their mouth from both Colts and Bungals fans. The good part about the Bungals is they got beat by the Wets twice and we beat the Wets twice, so they cannot say anything!!!

Marino guy - I have not seen any of your posts with my name attached to them. Every post I read of yours has your name on the post, so I am not sure what you are implying...

@ Indiana Dolfan, We have:

Ronnie Brown
Ricky Williams
Patrick Cobbs
Lex Hilliard (could replace Ricky this year IMHO)
Kory Sheets (who I think will suprise us)

Add CJ to the mix. Could we not look at moving P-Cobb, Lex, or Sheets!?

Kindry. this is a blog. This blog was about the draft. We give our opinions to the topic on hand in this blog. If you don't like it , then don't freaking read it. Got That ??? You just contributed NOTHING !! . Thanks for stopping by :)

Miami won't be drafting a rb at 12 or in the 1st round , you can bet on it. Why ???? because the tuna just doens't do it. Example , Dallas had a hude hole at RB a few years back. Dallas was picking 17th and Stephen Jackson was sitting there at 17. The tuna traded that pick for extra picks and picked up julius jones in the 2nd. He also drafted barber in the 3rd in a draft. Get the idea of miami picking spiller at 12 out of your heads. It ain't happening. This is the last time i'm saying this. I think :)

huge hole.

TheJoey -

I actually forgot about Hilliard. Not 100% about his special teams contributions and Sheets couldn't even get in games when Ronnie went down, so not sure what to think about him. Granted we didn't have him that long either. Special team contributions is what will keep Cobbs, Hilliard and Sheets on the team. With who we have now, not adding anyone via draft or FA we will have to drop or trade someone. ONly reason we got Sheets is because injuries to Cobbs and Brown, so it will be interesting. I'm an IU gread, so Sheets can be released in my opinion...not a fan of Purdue guys to a certain extent. Brees I do like though, because he does have good character and I want to see the Colts lose. I don;t want to hear friends and family boasting about another SB win that was played in Miami!!

NJ PHIN FAN - I do not disagree with you, but Spiller wouldn't be drafted just for RB IMO. Also, I only give the possibility of drafting him if other stars are gone (McClain, Mays, Berry...)

kindry - I totally agree with NJ. This is a blog designed for us fans to discuss different topics in regards to our team. We are not trying to be coaches or GM's, but rather we are being fans discussing what we as individuals would like or dislike for our team. If you don't like it, don't come to the blog and DEFINATELY don't post!!

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