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Guest blogger scouts the Senior Bowl

I did not attend the Senior Bowl this year despite the fact the Dolphins are coaching the South team because, well, the game is in Mobile, Alabama and I've been there and done that. Given the choice of being in Miami or Mobile in January my choice is an easy one.

But that doesn't mean you won't get the insight from the event you have come to expect on this blog -- which I suppose is the reason you are here. So I today introduce you to Chris Cordero.

Cordero, 27, is from Miami and is working to break into professional scouting. He trained under Marc Trestman, Russ Lande, John Wooten and Aaron Schatz. He's attended the Indy Combine the past two years and expects to do so again this year. This is his first Senior Bowl. What you are about to read are not complete Cordero scouting reports. He sent me one and my eyes were bleeding by the time I finished reading it, it was so detailed. The quick takes below are strictly reader-friendly versions of his expertise. Any NFL team interested in talking to Chris should e-mail me and I'll discretely hook you up with this up-and-comer.

For the next few days Cordero will scout the players at the Senior Bowl at positions of interest to the Dolphins. Cordero starts with a look at wide receivers and tight ends because he knows I really want the Dolphins to actually be able to pass the ball in 2010.


The Dolphins are loaded with small, possession receivers. The type of receiver the Dolphins need are generally not found at the Senior Bowl - as they are usually underclassmen (i.e.. Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, and Demaryious Thomas). Two of the top senior prospects, LSU's Brandon LaFell and Texas's Jordan Shipley are not participating in the game either.
Here are my rankings for the Senior Bowl receivers:
1. Andre Roberts - 5-11, 194lbs - The Citadel.
Career numbers: 286 receptions, 3,743 yards, 36 touchdowns
-Catches EVERYTHING thrown in his direction (even from Tim Tebow).
-Quick feet and hands allow him to get separation.
-Has very good speed and got work as a returner.
-Runs great routes and put some nice double moves on possible first-round CB Patrick Robinson.
-Fearless over the middle, got laid out by Taylor Mays and got right back up.
-Undersized; although has a solid build for his size and decent strength.
-Can get jammed at the line - Javier Arenas jammed him a few times.
Overall Analysis:
Someone is going to get great value in the 3rd or 4th round with this guy - if he runs well at the combine - he could be a second rounder. Sadly, he is not 2 inches taller or he would be a first round lock. Dolphins have similar receivers on the roster already; but he could be really good. Showed he could play with top competition here at the Senior Bowl practices.
2. Taylor Price - 6-0, 198lbs - Ohio.
Career numbers: 149 receptions, 2,019 yards, 14 touchdowns.
-Has good measurables (height, weight) very "put together" and appears to have good speed.
-Runs decent routes and is quick in and out of breaks.
-Good body control - made a beautiful adjustment in the air for a catch on a bad throw by Tony Pike against hard hitting LSU S Harry Coleman.
-Goes up for the ball and catches it at it's highest point.
-Can get open deep and creates separation from the DB  with his strength; ran by Saints 1st Round Pick Malcolm Jenkins in college.
-Hands are a little inconsistent as he will make the highlight catch but drop the easy one.
-Rounds off routes sometimes; which allows DBs to break on the ball.
Overall Analysis:
The buzz was that he was moving up draft boards and is at worst a fourth round pick - but could fit into the third. Rookie receivers don't always make an impact right away but this guy could be an exception - much like this year's rookie crop; including the Dolphins own Brian Hartline.
3. Mardy Gilyard - 6-0 179lbs - Cincinnati.
Career numbers: 204 receptions, 3,003 yards, 25 touchdowns.
-Smooth and runs good routes.
-Quick feet allow him to get off the line and beat the jam.
-Gets good separation from defenders using his quickness.
-Faster than most; but also very quick,
-Could be a great returner (and won't always run out of bounds...).
-Very light and has ankle injury history.
-Inconsistent catching the ball; will drop the easy one and needs to concentrate more.
-Needs to develop strength in order to go over the middle and go up for the ball in traffic.
Overall Analysis:
Most have him pegged as a second rounder; I see his value in the third. If he can add some bulk and strength and keep his quickness, he could develop into a very good NFL receiver as long as his focus is there.
HONORABLE MENTION: Two players who aren't really wide receivers but practiced there really stood out. Dorin Dickerson out of Pittsburgh was one of the most impressive players on either team. Has great speed, leaping ability and caught just about everything thrown his way. His strength allowed him to shield defenders from the ball and make the tough catch. A smart offensive coordinator will find a way to use him (he played mostly Tight End and Fullback at Pittsburgh) and he might even be drafted as a WR by draft day. Dexter McCluster out of Mississippi was also very impressive - even running the Wildcat under the Dolphins staff. He was the most explosive, quick, fast player on either team. Think of Darren Sproles but a better receiver and tough between the tackles. His 165-pound size is his only drawback. Riley Cooper and Shay Hodge (who didn't practice and was limping Thursday) were the only other receivers who relatively stood out. Donald Jones from Youngstown State, who I only saw practice Thursday was pretty impressive but that was only in helmets and shoulder pads.
Granted this is not one of the Dolphins greatest needs but if WR is a "must have" this could fall under the "need" umbrella. Anthony Fasano struggled much of the year after two fumbles in the opener. Despite picking it up a little late, there is no guarantee he will revert to his 2008 form. The top senior tight end, Jermaine Gresham of Oklahoma, did not participate as he is still rehabbing right knee surgery; and top junior Aaron Hernandez from Florida is not eligible.
1. Ed Dickson - 6-4, 244lbs - Oregon
Career numbers: 124 receptions, 1,557 yards, 12 touchdowns
-Big target with the ability to separate from defenders; would have had three TDs during one of the practices.
-Good hands and catches most everything thrown to him away from his body - even in traffic; strong hands.
-Good athlete with good speed and decent leaping ability.
-Shows good blocking technique and tries in this area.
-Undersized with a lack of bulk; which hurts him as a blocker.
-Could use work on route running.
Overall Analysis:
Would be a good value in the fourth round - but will probably go in the third. Is essentially a pumped up wide receiver (similar to Kory Sperry) but is a good overall prospect.
2. Anthony McCoy - 6-5, 249lbs - Southern Cal
Career numbers: 46 receptions, 731 yards, 3 touchdowns
-Looks the part with long arms and a solid build.
-Good speed to stretch the middle of the field.
-Looked good as a blocker at the practices; has very good strength; and put Eric Norwood on the ground once.
-Can make the highlight reel catch with his size, leaping ability, and strength and will fight for ball in traffic.
-Drops some easy passes.
-Very inconsistent in college; labeled an underachiever and didn't have great production (although that might be due to supporting cast).
Overall Analysis:
Will probably come off the board in the second round - too high for the Dolphins to take him there. Looks like he will be a better pro than college player as he has all the tools to succeed and was very eager to learn from coach George DeLeone.
3. Jimmy Graham - 6-6, 259lbs - Miami
Career numbers: 17 receptions, 213 yards, 5 touchdowns
-Great athlete as evidenced by career playing hoops - tremendous leaping ability and good speed.
-Uses body well and would be a beast in the red zone.
-Can split the seam and is fluid in his routes for someone with so little experience.
-Can make the difficult catch.
-Has good natural strength and long arms.
-Wants to learn and seeks out coaching.
-Inconsistent; will lose concentration and drop some easy passes (Virginia Tech game this past year and in the practices).
-His size can be a detriment in the run-blocking game as smaller defenders can use leverage and push him back.
-Still needs work on his routes.
Overall Analysis:
If he would have played football instead of basketball; or even if he would have had one more year of college football - would have been a first round lock. Someone will take a flyer on him in the 3rd round - call me a homer but I hope it's the Dolphins - due to his upside, and his potential is almost limitless if he wants it bad enough (he turned down a six figure basketball contract; so he must want it).
HONORABLE MENTION: The other tight ends at the practices were also pretty good. Mike Hoomanawanui (say that 3 times fast) out of Illinois has good hands and is a strong blocker, but lacks speed and athleticism. Garrett Graham out of Wisconsin, who owned the University of Miami in the Champs Sports Bowl, is slightly undersized but has great hands and a feel for finding seams in the zone and getting open. Colin Peek from Alabama got sick - but looks the part and catches and blocks well.
Tomorrow: NT and FS.


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NJ, I agree that Spiller probably won't be the pick and your story for the most part is true about Stephen Jackson/Julius Jones is true for the most part but leaves out the most important lesson on how shrewd Parcells was on that day.

Yes, the Cowboys had a huge hole at RB and Jackson who was the consensus #1 RB was slipping and appearing to fall into their laps. However, instead of jumping all over Jackson with the 22nd pick overall (not 17th), the Cowboys announced a trade with Buffalo for that pick.

You see Buffalo had their sights set on a young QB named JP Losman and gave up the next years first round pick plus additional picks in order to switch positions with Dallas.

Dallas went on to solve their RB dilemna by selecting Julius Jones in the 2nd round that year and Marion Barber in the 4th the next year.

The first round pick the following year that Dallas got from Buffalo - Demarcus Ware!!!

I posted this story here months ago.

LOL @ Mark. The point was about the tuna and rb's in the draft. Did it really matter where that pick was ( 17 0r 22 ) and who buffalo wanted or who dallas picked the next year or where barber was picked ( 3rd 0r 4rth ). GEEZ !! The tuna doesn't like picking rb's in the first round. That's it.

I think it does matter. I did it for the following reasons.

It shows the overall drasfting philosophy Parcells has. It stretches out beyond just RBs. I mean there is a reason Parcells coined the term "satellite players". He puts a premium on the line of scrimmage players.

Drafting Barber in the 4th further highlights where Parcells has plucked RBs in the draft. Parcells had a hole on the roster and filled it well without using a high pick.

Fleecing the Buffalo Bills in a trade makes me smile and I had to re-live it in the blog.

And finally, I just wanted to get a rise out of you, hahaa!!!

And oh yeah, I thought Parcells not only filling out the most glaring hole on his roster and adding a perennial pro bowl player in Ware in addition was borderline genius.

LOL , so after all the BS , it finally comes down to you do agreeing on the tuna not drafting a rb at 12 or in the 1st round ??? :)

NJ - So Parcells doesn't like RB's in the 1st round you say. Have you talked to him about this? He also does not like WR's either supposedly, SO who does Parcells really like?

I think he likes the BEST value and in the given year Dallas traded with Buffalo, Parcells thought he would get more value in making the trade versus drafting a player with that pick.

I just don't think we can say what he likes or dislikes, because he is very unpredictable. I do think he will get the best value, like I said earlier, and if that means getting a RB or WR or LB or FS or SS or NT or trading with the first pick that is what he is going to do...

Debate qustions: What are Parcells true thoughts about Ronnie Brown? If we knew that we would really know how much of a need our RB position would be...

Child please !! I don't have to speak to pracells. All you have to to is look at his draft history and tendancies. The man has drafted 6 lb's in the ist round, He has drafted 1 wr and i'm trying to remember rb he drafted in the 1st. LOL ! Nice try !!!

Don't think BP would confuse Ronnie Brown with Curtis Martin any time soon.

Who he picked in the 3rd rd from Pitt.

We have a #1 receiver in Hartline. However he is not fully developed.
Of all the receivers at the Senior bowl, I did not see a game breaker. They are all projects. If we want a true #1 we need to get Dez Bryant or Marshall.

Jimmy Graham is the only intriguing big play TE. The guy's wingspan and hands are the biggest at the Senior bowl.

NJ - I am not disagreeing with you by no means, but just trying to look at the other side of things and see if the grass is in fact dreen on the other side. It would not surprise me no matter what Parcells would do. Hell after the Pat White pick I would not be surprised if he ended up going after a QB with the #12 pick (kidding)

Also, who you calling a child fool... lol

PAZ - Do you not like Oklahoma's TE?

I pity the fool , fool !! :)

PAZ - Do you not like Oklahoma's TE?

Posted by: Indiana Dolfan | January 29, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Great Choice.

Mark in Toronto

Well said, and I agree with the point of clarification. Also Parcells boarderline genius-well more like genius when it comes to talent evaluation in the draft. And I hope we add defense in the first two rounds before we even think of taking a wr or te. Good point

Parcells will work his magic again this time he will be working with a loaded draft and may try to trade down to add more ammo, I think we are missing a fifth round pick (Thigpen from KC) so we have a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 3 in the 6th and 2 in the 7th total of 9. We need more picks in rounds 3 thru 5, so it will be interesting to see what Parcells does. Hummm?

OK checking later GoDolphins!

LMFAO !!!!! @ DOLPHINS4LIFE. Grow up !!!

I pity the fool , fool !! :)

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 29, 2010 at 12:46 PM

Good one, but you are the fool my friend!! You do know I am giving ya crap right?

LMFAO !!!!! @ DOLPHINS4LIFE. Grow up !!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 29, 2010 at 01:10 PM

Confused on why you think he needs to grow up? What did he say wrong inyour eyes since you are "always right"?

Indiana , i don't thik it's any of your concern. He knows why. I'm not going to get into it.

You don't like the Sheets. Interesting.

And you think Hilliard is worth the keep? Will he be a great replacement for either Ronnie or Ricky down the road?

Your CJ theory is definitely making a stronger theory with the release of Sheets (who i thought might have been a great 3rd down back).

typo : Think . Gotta run

It is strickly forbidden to disagree with NJ PHIN FAN.. Don't you guys know that?? And Armando, don't feel bad if you don't know as much as NJ PHIN FAN... The fact of the matter is, nobody here does... And if you argue with him about that, he'll thank you for stopping by... Talk about acting like a child... Gee...

No, I do not think Hilliard is a starter, but defiantely think he can be a solid back up for sure. I really liked the way he ran backing up Ricky the end of the year! It's not like I don't like Sheets, but I just don't know much about him nor seen him play much. If he is so great why wasn't he starting on a different team?

Even if we don't pick up Sheets or any other RB in the draft 1-2 (probably only 1) of our current RB's will be gone this coming season. We have Ronnie, Ricky, Patrick, Lex and Kory. We will not be keeping 5 on our roster.

NJ PHIN FAN - None of my concern huh? Don't have to be a prick about it...just a simple question. Don't post things you can't back up or explain!! LMAO

Old Warrrior - I hear ya on your comments. You are right on.

Brooklyn Dolphin Fan - I'm with you on the CJ Spiller side. He will be a chain moving, position flexible guy that HUGELY benefit any team he goes to. Converesely, I really think McClain is overrated. Maybe not to a joke bust Gholston point but, in a sense he will be a much more average guy. Like I think Crowder or less type pick. People (not necessarily you) think he is Pat Willis incarnate and he ain't. If one can watch the the aforementioned 7:33 youtube vid of McClain and can say he will be a world beater All Pro @#12 then they look at players much differently than I. Not much pop at all for his size, drags ball carriers down instead of striking them, seems indecisive till late in plays, had a really great team funneling him tackles. He has his size and speed and can learn which may save him... I'm with Parcells "If they don't bite as puppies...they ain't gonna bite."

mcg - You are right on. Mays is a big body guy that will deliver a pop if / when he gets there. Today's NFL, the S needs to cover too many fleet footed guys. I think it would be comical watching Mays trying to defend DeSean Jackson. I think even stretching back to the Louis Oliver days I have always relished having a good, big safety. Oliver was a pretty good but even he had his size expose him sometimes. Atwater was pretty tough. All time Fav was Ronnie Lott. He had insane timing and would launch his body with all he had. Ah, I digress.

#1 dolphan fan in montreal sounds like a whiney jealous baby. Did NJ correct you on something or did he slap you down. You sound pretty sad and pathetic . Looks like your acting like a baby. Gee...

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal - GREAT ONE!!

It makes you wonder why he isn't a reporter for Miami if he is stating he "knows" so much!

Also NJ, you mentioned yesterday Nolan was yelling at LB's that it made you want to go hit someone. I recorded the practice and watched it last night. The practices were actually lame IMO. They didn't really show that much and most of it was showing the 3 announcers talking...so your analysis you were given the past few days was kind of lame now that I look bcak on it! You were pretty much just repeating exactly what they were saying on TV, so it wasn't really "your" analysis...

Indiana , if you want gossip go watch a soap opera.

stop the madness is back and so is his hatred.....uh oh my feelings are so hurt, well no not really!!

Gossip huh? Gossip about what?

Rob in oc must think he's on another blog instead of this one. There's no brooklyn dolphin fan or mcg on here. Dude who are you talking to ???

Dude , you don't know crap about football , stop pretending you do.

Rob in Oc must think he's on a different blog while posting on this ome. There's no Brooklyn dolphin fan or Mcg on here. Dude who are you talking to ???

I happen to agree that Parcells has a pretty clear track record in how he drafts. I don't see a RB or WR in the first round but I have to ask if he will impose his will in this draft. He has been grooming Ireland and Sparano to work independently from him, right? I mean all the speculation is how much longer he will stay. So it isn't a stretch to think he might be a little more sit back and let the proteges work with him giving input rather than it being the Parcells show. If it isn't the Parcells show then it might shake up the way a lot of us think this draft goes down.

I still wonder about the Pat White pick last year and if it was really a Parcells pick. I read the stories about him and Belicheat going gaga over the guy but that pick still seemed a little out of character to me.

Anyway, just food for thought.

Concerned about you... Just the name you chose speaks volumes about you... Stop skipping high school and get back to class...

Indiana stick to soap opera's and gossip. You know jack crap about football.

Indiana Dolphin 11:20 comments agree, bigitme!


NT Casey Hampton Big, Experienced, much cheaper than Wilfork. Pats won't let Wilfork haunt them on our team... come on.

LB Carlos Dansby Position flexibility playing both inside and outside LB. Has playoff experience and still has a lot of time left on his tires. Would probably be at least as good as Crowder and more likely better.

CJ Spiller has the "position flexibility" Sporano wants. RB, WR, PR, KR. I think he would instanly upgrade all 4 positions.

I think you will see some Wildcat plays out of McCluster at the Senior Bowl this weekend. Why not use this game to drag your signature play to what is essentially these young players job interview? I think it's AWESOME they get to coach the Senior Bowl squad. I feel based on his body of work in college and how well he is showing in practices, McCluster won't be there @ #43 in the second round. If the Trifecta identify that they want McCluster instead of Spiller then I think they need to trade back and get an earlier 2nd round pick or even very late 1st.

Becuase McCluster is so small @ 165lbs he will not and cannot block...period. (He was tossed aside like Connan O'Brien vs a LB in the practice drills at the Senior Bowl yesterday). I see him as a step or two down from Spiller.

I would not mind them trading back a few spots and tabbing monster of a player in G Mike Iupati from Idaho. According to Mayock he has been a standout all week at the Senior practices and could probably play all 5 positions on the line. That is a huge endorsement.

stop the madness - How do you say I don't know jack crap about football? Also, what gossip are you talking about.

All I have been doing on here is talk about football, so not sure what your deal is and the reasoning for your hatred...??

I've read alot hatred and attacks in some of your posts gossip boy.

I am always...The biggest reason Parcells is in Miami is his ability to evaluate talent...he didn't travel with the team and was at the Stadium a very limited amount of time till now...I really believe this is HIS draft and he won't be taking a back seat to anyone

stop the madness or should I say wrong blog,

Click your mouse to the 1st page of this VERY SAME BLOG and scroll down to 9:52 mcg post and 9:58 Brooklyn Dolphin Fan post.

Then take a few more doses of your meds and go back to sleep. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

That being said, forget CJ Spiller, forget Dez Bryant... Parcells is not going to draft either one FACT the guy just isn't going to spend a first round draft pick in a RB or WR, to argue about makes no sense...Phins will get a defensive player with that pick, because that is where our biggest needs exist or he will trade down, either way that's Parcells history...

Lastly, Parcells has had a successful carreer and built real good teams with his philosophy, why would anyone believe he would go for a "Suprise" when it's against everything in his past record doesn't make sense

stop the madness , way to go man .

Rob in oc , cut and paste the post your referring to , so we know what the crap your talking about bozo. Now go get your milk bottle . It's nappy time.

Well said bobbyd12, well said.

yo, i just got back in town, coming from out of s.carolina i heard on the radio that former dolphins conerback eric green is being sued for raping a transgender man. i almost wrecked out from laughter. are you kidding me!

stop the madness - You must of not seen the posts about me talking about just joking with people as well huh? Get your panties out of bunch and relax. It's all in good fun. If you take what people say on a blog personal, you have more issues than just 1...!!!!!

What have I gossiped about again? You still have not answered...

It was really just a bit of speculation and everything you say makes perfect sense bobbyd12. I also fully understand it’s the consensus but just to continue this line of thought for a moment more, do you think the Pat White pick was really a Parcells choice? And whether it was or not wasn’t it really outside his philosophy? Why pick a 2nd round project in year 2 of rebuilding? There were a number of good players we could have picked up with that pick.

Stop the madness - Why don't you do the looking and research first before you attack others for thinking they are on the wrong blog...??

mays is overrated he can hit but he can not cover anyone we already have that in wilson.

Posted by: mcg | January 29, 2010 at 09:52 AM

My perfect offseason would be the Dolphins getting Vince Wilfork and
then CJ Spiller in the draft. He will be a third down back and take Ricky's
place upon retirement. Will make Henne better by converting a third
and six like it's inches. Will deliver a home run now and then as well
as punt returns. Some say we can't afford the luxury of taking him
that's why getting Wilfork is so important. Otherwise it's McClain or
Williams but they will probably be off the board.

Posted by: Brooklyn Dolphin Fan | January 29, 2010 at 09:58 AM

I'd love to have Wilfork as well, but will the Patriots just let him go?? Doubtful... But if they do, sure, get him...

Rob in OC - You sure you want to agree with me? According to stop the madness I don't know crap about football haha!!

Good points you mentioned on page 2 of THIS blog posted at 2:10

Indiana , why do you need to know the reason why one poster has it out for another poster when it's none of your business gossip boy. Is it because you have no life ???? Is your social life crap ??? Bozo .

Also, just to continue, his other job was to install an effective organizational structure. Part of that structure includes the GM who obviously is very instrumental in making personnel decisions. I guess I'm not sold on Ireland and wonder about his influence in this process.

Choice #1 draft scenario...

After aquiring FA's NT Hampton and LB Dansby to help the Def a bunch, the Fins are set to take the best football player...

Rats! Eric Berry went 3rd pick over all.

If RB do everything CJ Spiller falls to them he is my next best choice @#12.

If Spiller is gone WR Dez Bryant would be next. With Bryant in the fold we wouldn't need to chase diva's like Marshall or T.O. types.

If they are both gone I try to trade back just a few spots to pick up an extra 3rd rd pick. I would take G Mike Iupati.

If no one wants to trade back I would take Mike Iupati @ #12. There is already some thinking that he can even play T or C in the NFL. This would give us stability to our O line for a long time. He will be a really great player.

If by chance all these players are gone I would move back into the 25-31 range and take ILB Brandon Spikes. he may not go until the 2nd round but, like any player you like, it only takes one other team to like him and he gets drafted by them right ahead of you. I like Spikes at ILB more than McClain so I don't mind targeting him. The value is getting to pick up more draft choices by falling back so far.

I have ALREADY helped my Def the most by getting proven free agents as opposed to guessing on whether a rookie can play.

> for the flak as well as those that like the master plan. =)

*Disclaimer: I'm not a draft expert or inflexible tyrant that thinks everyone has to share my opinion or they sux. It's only galvanized in my head. I'm just an insane talent thirsty, playmaker eyeballin' non recent Super Bowl crazed Fins fan like most of y'all.


The Steelers are trying to re-sign Hampton. Sources also say Hampton would prefer staying in Pittsburgh... The Steelers have made it clear they won't franchise Hampton, so they'll either re-sign him or he'll be a free agent.

Rob in OC (from previous Blog)

I know who Ryan Leaf is...and am well aware of the 'Crap Shoot' you speak of.
But I think we can agree that the majority of First-rounders that get chosen do reasonably well.

Its ALSO true that Scouts (who've managed to stay employed, -- and most have been around for decades) are RIGHT more often then wrong.

BUT...none of THAT matters because, as you've correctly pointed out,
None of US have Office Space in Davie.

Let me start by saying that I appreciate your passionate "Spirit".
It shows how much you like the Dolphins...and that's Very Cool.

But what drives MY opinion is a strong desire to see a BIG, IMPOSING, and TALENTED Defense.
I just think Football should be played that way.
...and watching the 'Phins' get S H R E A D E D, (on that side of the ball) in 09', wasn't fun.
I'm sick of having to worry that The Defense might randomly impersonate the Detroit Lions when the game matters most.

Thats the perspective from where I'm coming from...

Honestly, Brian Cushing's USC Youtube (from last year) looks a lot better than McClain's current. (Cushing is my kind of Linebacker.)

But Dansby and McClain would be a significant upgrade from Crowder, Ayodele, and Torbor. And the best part is....that they'll increase Nolan's capability to Unleash HELL!

I think it would be tough to consider the Offense 'anemic.'
My guess is that the regime will find a way to bring in the kind of receiver who can free-up the smurfs and improve the passing game.


Keep your Spine...Disagreements only add to the fun.

Have a Great Day!

stop the madness - It was pure curiosity! He thought a post was humerous, so I wanted a good laugh as well and wanted to know what was funny. I like jokes, so what is wrong with that and how is that gossip again? I have a life considering I am alive to post on this blog, so obviously I am still alive. Of course I have a social life. What's the point in living if you are not social. You only live once, so you should live it to the fullest and have fun...

What's your issue btw? I never did anything wrong to you...

How soon we give up the McClain chatter for the Vince Wilfork home coming!

How about Andre Rolle and Dansby in an uncapped season?

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