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Guest blogger scouts the Senior Bowl

I did not attend the Senior Bowl this year despite the fact the Dolphins are coaching the South team because, well, the game is in Mobile, Alabama and I've been there and done that. Given the choice of being in Miami or Mobile in January my choice is an easy one.

But that doesn't mean you won't get the insight from the event you have come to expect on this blog -- which I suppose is the reason you are here. So I today introduce you to Chris Cordero.

Cordero, 27, is from Miami and is working to break into professional scouting. He trained under Marc Trestman, Russ Lande, John Wooten and Aaron Schatz. He's attended the Indy Combine the past two years and expects to do so again this year. This is his first Senior Bowl. What you are about to read are not complete Cordero scouting reports. He sent me one and my eyes were bleeding by the time I finished reading it, it was so detailed. The quick takes below are strictly reader-friendly versions of his expertise. Any NFL team interested in talking to Chris should e-mail me and I'll discretely hook you up with this up-and-comer.

For the next few days Cordero will scout the players at the Senior Bowl at positions of interest to the Dolphins. Cordero starts with a look at wide receivers and tight ends because he knows I really want the Dolphins to actually be able to pass the ball in 2010.


The Dolphins are loaded with small, possession receivers. The type of receiver the Dolphins need are generally not found at the Senior Bowl - as they are usually underclassmen (i.e.. Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, and Demaryious Thomas). Two of the top senior prospects, LSU's Brandon LaFell and Texas's Jordan Shipley are not participating in the game either.
Here are my rankings for the Senior Bowl receivers:
1. Andre Roberts - 5-11, 194lbs - The Citadel.
Career numbers: 286 receptions, 3,743 yards, 36 touchdowns
-Catches EVERYTHING thrown in his direction (even from Tim Tebow).
-Quick feet and hands allow him to get separation.
-Has very good speed and got work as a returner.
-Runs great routes and put some nice double moves on possible first-round CB Patrick Robinson.
-Fearless over the middle, got laid out by Taylor Mays and got right back up.
-Undersized; although has a solid build for his size and decent strength.
-Can get jammed at the line - Javier Arenas jammed him a few times.
Overall Analysis:
Someone is going to get great value in the 3rd or 4th round with this guy - if he runs well at the combine - he could be a second rounder. Sadly, he is not 2 inches taller or he would be a first round lock. Dolphins have similar receivers on the roster already; but he could be really good. Showed he could play with top competition here at the Senior Bowl practices.
2. Taylor Price - 6-0, 198lbs - Ohio.
Career numbers: 149 receptions, 2,019 yards, 14 touchdowns.
-Has good measurables (height, weight) very "put together" and appears to have good speed.
-Runs decent routes and is quick in and out of breaks.
-Good body control - made a beautiful adjustment in the air for a catch on a bad throw by Tony Pike against hard hitting LSU S Harry Coleman.
-Goes up for the ball and catches it at it's highest point.
-Can get open deep and creates separation from the DB  with his strength; ran by Saints 1st Round Pick Malcolm Jenkins in college.
-Hands are a little inconsistent as he will make the highlight catch but drop the easy one.
-Rounds off routes sometimes; which allows DBs to break on the ball.
Overall Analysis:
The buzz was that he was moving up draft boards and is at worst a fourth round pick - but could fit into the third. Rookie receivers don't always make an impact right away but this guy could be an exception - much like this year's rookie crop; including the Dolphins own Brian Hartline.
3. Mardy Gilyard - 6-0 179lbs - Cincinnati.
Career numbers: 204 receptions, 3,003 yards, 25 touchdowns.
-Smooth and runs good routes.
-Quick feet allow him to get off the line and beat the jam.
-Gets good separation from defenders using his quickness.
-Faster than most; but also very quick,
-Could be a great returner (and won't always run out of bounds...).
-Very light and has ankle injury history.
-Inconsistent catching the ball; will drop the easy one and needs to concentrate more.
-Needs to develop strength in order to go over the middle and go up for the ball in traffic.
Overall Analysis:
Most have him pegged as a second rounder; I see his value in the third. If he can add some bulk and strength and keep his quickness, he could develop into a very good NFL receiver as long as his focus is there.
HONORABLE MENTION: Two players who aren't really wide receivers but practiced there really stood out. Dorin Dickerson out of Pittsburgh was one of the most impressive players on either team. Has great speed, leaping ability and caught just about everything thrown his way. His strength allowed him to shield defenders from the ball and make the tough catch. A smart offensive coordinator will find a way to use him (he played mostly Tight End and Fullback at Pittsburgh) and he might even be drafted as a WR by draft day. Dexter McCluster out of Mississippi was also very impressive - even running the Wildcat under the Dolphins staff. He was the most explosive, quick, fast player on either team. Think of Darren Sproles but a better receiver and tough between the tackles. His 165-pound size is his only drawback. Riley Cooper and Shay Hodge (who didn't practice and was limping Thursday) were the only other receivers who relatively stood out. Donald Jones from Youngstown State, who I only saw practice Thursday was pretty impressive but that was only in helmets and shoulder pads.
Granted this is not one of the Dolphins greatest needs but if WR is a "must have" this could fall under the "need" umbrella. Anthony Fasano struggled much of the year after two fumbles in the opener. Despite picking it up a little late, there is no guarantee he will revert to his 2008 form. The top senior tight end, Jermaine Gresham of Oklahoma, did not participate as he is still rehabbing right knee surgery; and top junior Aaron Hernandez from Florida is not eligible.
1. Ed Dickson - 6-4, 244lbs - Oregon
Career numbers: 124 receptions, 1,557 yards, 12 touchdowns
-Big target with the ability to separate from defenders; would have had three TDs during one of the practices.
-Good hands and catches most everything thrown to him away from his body - even in traffic; strong hands.
-Good athlete with good speed and decent leaping ability.
-Shows good blocking technique and tries in this area.
-Undersized with a lack of bulk; which hurts him as a blocker.
-Could use work on route running.
Overall Analysis:
Would be a good value in the fourth round - but will probably go in the third. Is essentially a pumped up wide receiver (similar to Kory Sperry) but is a good overall prospect.
2. Anthony McCoy - 6-5, 249lbs - Southern Cal
Career numbers: 46 receptions, 731 yards, 3 touchdowns
-Looks the part with long arms and a solid build.
-Good speed to stretch the middle of the field.
-Looked good as a blocker at the practices; has very good strength; and put Eric Norwood on the ground once.
-Can make the highlight reel catch with his size, leaping ability, and strength and will fight for ball in traffic.
-Drops some easy passes.
-Very inconsistent in college; labeled an underachiever and didn't have great production (although that might be due to supporting cast).
Overall Analysis:
Will probably come off the board in the second round - too high for the Dolphins to take him there. Looks like he will be a better pro than college player as he has all the tools to succeed and was very eager to learn from coach George DeLeone.
3. Jimmy Graham - 6-6, 259lbs - Miami
Career numbers: 17 receptions, 213 yards, 5 touchdowns
-Great athlete as evidenced by career playing hoops - tremendous leaping ability and good speed.
-Uses body well and would be a beast in the red zone.
-Can split the seam and is fluid in his routes for someone with so little experience.
-Can make the difficult catch.
-Has good natural strength and long arms.
-Wants to learn and seeks out coaching.
-Inconsistent; will lose concentration and drop some easy passes (Virginia Tech game this past year and in the practices).
-His size can be a detriment in the run-blocking game as smaller defenders can use leverage and push him back.
-Still needs work on his routes.
Overall Analysis:
If he would have played football instead of basketball; or even if he would have had one more year of college football - would have been a first round lock. Someone will take a flyer on him in the 3rd round - call me a homer but I hope it's the Dolphins - due to his upside, and his potential is almost limitless if he wants it bad enough (he turned down a six figure basketball contract; so he must want it).
HONORABLE MENTION: The other tight ends at the practices were also pretty good. Mike Hoomanawanui (say that 3 times fast) out of Illinois has good hands and is a strong blocker, but lacks speed and athleticism. Garrett Graham out of Wisconsin, who owned the University of Miami in the Champs Sports Bowl, is slightly undersized but has great hands and a feel for finding seams in the zone and getting open. Colin Peek from Alabama got sick - but looks the part and catches and blocks well.
Tomorrow: NT and FS.


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Rob, you really think the Fins would sign both Dansby and Hampton? You know how much $$ that would cost? I think we'll be lucky if we end up just getting 1 of them...

stop the madness,

I wasn't answering or commenting on anything you had to say when you jumped in my shyt. When you ask someone on the blog a question or answer someone directly you put their name down. I.E. this post to you.

Since you got all high and mighty with your wrong blog post I had to answer you and did so by name.

Trust me that mcg and Brooklyn Dolphin Fan found my answer.

Why you have to act all crazed about my post that wasn't even to you and stupidly couldn't find is beyond me? To have to put popcorn trails on every post I make for you to understand it or know how to find it?

Wuuusah, wuuuusah.

cause I know it will come up.

Hampton is in talks with the steelers as we speak.

Is pat white still alive after the hit he took against the steelers?

Thanks for doing the work posting things Indiana Dolfan.

I have no probs agreeing with anyone I feel shares a similar belief about draft strats or players.

I also have no problems knowing I am not going to convert the masses on the McClain bandwagon. It's their right to like and desire to have as a Fin anyone they want.

The true proof will be in the pudding as when the real bright lights come on and they actually play in the NFL. That's when I think all these discussion will take shape. I also rarely ever hear anyone saying "sorry...I really like that guy and he ended up being a turd."

PS Wasn't that the Fins that chose a thin, shorter, running style QB with an early round 2 pick last year?? Parcells was GM then right bobbyd12? How predictable is Parcells again?

Rob - Nice discalimer!! haha!

You are awful offensive minded with that #12 pick...

It will be interesting to see which side of the ball they go after this year. If it is offense I agree with what you say, but what if it is defense? What is your opinion on that notion?

I hope the fins draft Spiller just to piss of NJPhinFan.

carlito from golfito:

I was being lazy...and chose a joke instead of Google.


I'll add it on my list of places to hang out.

Joey, I got married in Costa Rica last year... Beautiful place... Especially the Pacific side... The Osa Peninsula... Just amazing. Manuel Antonio, where I got married, is just awesome. What a beautiful country.

Joey from Jersey...

Points very well taken bud. Hanging with some killer Fins fans, shootin the breeze about our passion which is the Miami Dolphins....why it's practically a beer commercial right there. lol

I hear ya on the big imposing Def. I hate to cringe when they are on the field as well. As always the counter to that view is the offense becomes more like Indy's and N.O. and just goes ahead and hangs 7 on ya so the def only has to have so many stops.

The reason I don't go Def in my scenario is I had a proven NT and LB added via FA which helps the Def more imho. Plus i totally agree 100% on Cushing. Heck, the Fins could have taken any of the 3 USC LBs and hd things work out ok. Def Rokk of the year is no joke. I feel Vontae will end up a good choice as well and only needs PT to grow into the role more. He already is getting some accolades for his play. It will end up being a better value pick as we needed DB's badly.

The Def failure's many time were from blown coverages and suspect takling and angles by the Safeties. YB was even getting in on the act early in the season. I hope and pray they can get better play out of Wilson or he will be gone.

Cheers Joey, Make it a great day yourself bro!

Gotta bail for now... later peeps

Joey from Jerz,

No sweat,, Go Phins.

#1 Dolphan in Monteal,

Did you stay at Lapa Rios on the Osa Peninsula? Golfito is right across the bay from Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park, and Pueto Jimenez

Bunglito - Lol, too much.

Indiana Dolfan - actually I am trying to be "best player" minded. The players I feel deserve that #12 pick due to talent and their college careers just happen to be on the offensive side.

Plus I gave both my top FA's to the DEF for instant help.

Wilfork is saying he wouldn't mind playing in Miami or Tampa at this point.

Mr. Bunglito - Good stuff!! Or draft any RB or WR (preferrably a RBfor good measure) would prove him wrong and then he would have to admit he was wrong at something since he thinks he knows everything!!

Do you guys think Kurt Warner retiring makes the Cardinals more or less likely to deal Boldin, regardless of whether or not the Dolphins would pursue him?

Do you think his price will drop from the second rounder they were asking last year?

Good point Rob...It shall be wuite interesting to see what our Brain trust does here in a few months

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal:

Many have said the same thing I look forward to getting there!

It was the Aguila de Osa Inn... We got there by boat... Beautiful place Carlito...

Parcells went away from his draft philosophy one time when he took pat white. How did that work out rob in oc ??? I bet he doesn't try that again.

offensive picks sound so appealing because they are more exciting to watch. i think it has to be defense in this draft. I think Henne and our decent wide recievers will get the job done. If we can run the ball as well as we did last year with a more mature passing offense we will see the defensive picks be so big for us.

I am always...yea the Pat White pick was a Parcells pick, for some reason Parcells really liked the kid and felt he was a quality pick, what his thoughts behind that pick was it's hard to understand but what's done is done...I think because our defense needs such an upgrade AND bringing Nolan in as DC and knowing his phiosophy on agressive defense I believe u will see the vast majority of our draft picks on defense...but I guess we will all have to wait and see

Indiana is such a simpleton . He thinks everything is funny.

The Pat White pick in round#2 last year is, to this day, a complete mystery to me. I didn't understand the pick then, I don't understand the pick now. Talk about a wasted second round pick. Turner in the 3rd didn't turn out to be much better either. This is a big year for Parcells and co. No playoffs again next year will mean failure, just like Nick Saban and others.


Pat White is going to be just fine...

Its TED GINN Who's going to need THERAPY after witnessing a hit like that!

You guys are pretty stupid . You would rather draft spiller . who plays a position that's not a crying need , rather than get help for a lousy defense just to piss off NJ. What a bunch of bozo's.

beerndrums - Is this new news from what has been said already? If so, can you post source?

good stuff joey. as a west virginia fan and a miami dolphin fan needless to say i was very excited when pat was the pick last year. i agree with most others that up to this point it was most likely not the best pick in the second round. i watched him for four years at wv and the kid is good and will eventually find his place on the team to contribute but defintly not a second rounder.

stop the madness - When did I say everything was funny?

We never said we definately wanted spiller over someone. We are just putting different ideas on the table. We may not need the defensive help if they get a big time FA or 2. That goes for the same on the offensive side of the ball.

It is all about just talking about ideas and discussing them. Quit taking things so personal buddy...

Our brain trust may think RB could be a crying need. If they think Ricky has only one year left and want Brown out, it very well could be a need that they want to address. We don't know for sure, so were just giving some possibilities that could happen...

This team needs playmakers on the defensive side of the ball and needs them fast. Man did they get smoked last year. Big plays after big plays. What a nightmare...

actually, spiller would provide the offense with the explosive player that it has lacked for quite some time. He could line up at WR at times in addition to being a change of pace RB. He would provide a special teams upgrade as well. Less risk there than taking a WR early, which has a much higher risk of being a bust, and a rookie WR would likely take longer to make an impact.

Good stuff bobbyd12. I do hope we go heavy on D this draft. We still need some help on offense but IMO it wasn't our offense that kept us out of the playoffs this year.

WVFINSFAN- I agree with you on focusing on the defense this off season. The Miami offense was ranked 17th in total yards this season, thats with our mediocre receivers and a first year starting QB. The offense needs a 3rd or 4th rounder WR/TE to complete the package. By the way, "completing the package" doesn't mean the offense will be elite by any means, but it will do enough to outscore most opponents. That's why the defense needs to be the main focus this offseason. Go hard after FA and focus at LB/FS in the draft.

Oh and for the people who have no insight to share and no opinions to make, please leave the BLOG!!!

Our running game is un-stoppable. We do NOT need a wide receiver. We need our fat coach to call all running plays. No more Ricky throwing interceptions or Ginn dropping balls. Run run run, Rex Ryan looks like a genius because he knows his QB sucks, so he just ran the ball into the playoffs. Our fat coach doesn't get it. EVERY SINGLE bad play on offense this year was an interception. If we ran on those plays instead...guess what?

defense defense defense.... offense is sure fun to watch play and we have a tendency to want those exciting guys we see on saturdays to be on our teams come sundays. a good defense will give our offense the chance to run more variety of plays and start with good field position.

If Arizona is willing to receive a 4th rounder for Boldin, the Dolphins should pull the trigger. He's still playing at a pretty high level and he will make all of our young WRs better. He will bring some good experience in a very young offense. Another nice weapon added for Henne. Miami should also re-sign Ronnie Brown. When healthy, he's by far Miami's best player.

enrigue 1085 , who exactly died and made you boss ?? if you don't like it you should leave this blog. bozo.

i like defense in the draft but if we can get some quality help at a good price for offense we shouldnt overlook that.

in free agency i meant to add.

if we ran on all those plays how many times would ricky fumble in a game ?

Fire Fatso Sparano -

Sparano fat really? We don't need a WR you say...REALLY?? You are nuts. We need a #1 WR! You think the coach can catch for Ted Ginn, NO! If we don't need a WR who is our #1. It is kind of hard to run, run, run when 8-9 are in the box and we got injuries to the position! The jets also played MUCH BETTER defense than us. It wasn't just there defense that got them into the playoffs...it was the Colts giving them the game and they played good defense!!

We all saw what the Jets did versus Indy's starters. Not quite the same ending...

I don't think you need a dominant defense but you need a defense that creates turnovers. The +/- turnovers is very underrated. Look at the Dolphins in 2008/09. They were an NFL best +13. They won their division and went in the playoffs. This year, they were awful, turning the ball over and over. That resulted in a 7-9 record and no playoffs. Look at the Saints. They don't have a dominant defense by any stretch of the imagination, but they create turnovers. They did that all year long. That's how they beat the Vikings. I think that's what's going to make the difference in the Super Bowl. Probably lots of scoring, but whoever wins the turnover battle will probably win. That's why I like the Saints. They've been doing it all year long.

Bozo??? Come on man, who even uses that word now a days? Only an attention seeking idiot like yourself....if you really consider yourself a Dolfan, I suggest you start acting like one. This isn't a blog for rap wars, this is all about football, and if that makes me the boss then that means there is a room full of bosses in here; you not being one of them of course.

a combination of both is what is needed. we need to win turnover battle along with being somewhat dominant. some teams i.e. (COLTS/Manning/) do not turn the ball over enough to make it become a difference in the game. That is when you must have the right players in place on defense that will withstand the length of the game and give your offense a chance to win in at the end. SOLID DEFENSE will turn into winning the turnover battle

WV, I agree with you. But the Saints defense doesn't scare anyone. I'd have to check the stats, but I'm pretty sure they're ranked 19th in total defense or something like that. But you're right, you need a combination of both. It's just funny in Miami's case, it was pretty much the same players as the year before, minus our 2 rookie corners and JT. One year they force turnovers in every game and the next year they do the opposite. Funny how the game of football is sometimes.

Anyway, I'm out. Have a good one verybody!

KEEP RONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we don't resign this guy we will have made the biggest mistake since hiring Sham Shameron!!! Mark myvwords! Ronnie in my opinion is one of the top 5 gifted athletes playing pro ball today!

Fire Fat Sporano,

You sound pretty ridicoulus. Our QB is quality. Yes growing pains come with 1st year starters. Henne will come into his own and NEWS FLASH…No running teams who play GREAT defense are in the superbowl this year. Its all about scoring points and then having DEs who can get after the QB after you have a lead…this trend was started by the RAMS and has been duplicated ever since. Ask the GIANTS how life is without Plaxico Burris. The last complete/balanced team to win a SB was one of those NE teams. And back then nobody knew who Tom Brady was, other than some guy who took over for an injured Drew Bledsoe, The league is built for offense to move the ball with big chunks yardage. Not grind out 2.5 yards and a cloud of dust.

don't know how some of you guys do it. Watch a couple of college games and then you are experts. Some college player has a couple of great games against weak opponents and he is the second coming. A couple of years ago, there were fans that were thinking Gholston. I still haven't even heard of him playing for the jests in a game. He was a top 10 pick.

Leave it to the coaching staff to select.

Posted by: klndry | January 29, 2010 at 07:08 AM

Kilndry I agree with you 100%. NJ is a bozo!!

Fire fat sparano- you are wrong.

Akarojo - AGREED!!!


I woudn't call Ronnie Brown a top 5 running back in the AFC let alone in the NFL. His stats don't measure up to any of the elite running backs. In fact it is his lack of production and the lack of the coaching staffs confidence in him and Ricky is the reason why we run the WILD CAT. He can't line up behind the QB 25 times a game and consistently rush for 100 yards. He great for the dolphins. He has my undying gratitude for what he doe, and what he means to this team. But i think he is or should be a #2 back. He has been kept under 60 yrds rushing more times than i care to think about

By the way , i'd also like to admit i'm a bozo and a jacka$$ .

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal. Post 2:56pm They definitely could. They would have to let Porter go and trim any one or more of Jason Allen, Gibril Wilson, Ted Ginn, Akin Adele and any others that production does not meet $$. I don't believe they will fire sale all these guys but that's how they would go about creating room. Also, it looks like, there will be no CBA so salary caps will be non existant if that's the case. If we end up getting one of those two then so be it. 1 experienced guy to give the Def a boost is better than none.

I appreciate the question and you keep bringing up your ideas as well.


Carlito from Golfito,

Very thought provoking question... does Kurt Warners retirement add or subtract value from Anquan Bolden?

Most people did not want the Fins to use a high pick on a WR last year becasue they didn't have a powerful armed QB. I see that logic and it works for me. If 2008-2009 Chad Pennigton doesn't have a cannon arm then why load up with Ginn type burners in the 2009 draft? (Altough Henning needs to send Ginn deep and try the go routes more often...period. I want more free field position as Ginn runs by some secondary people and they P. I. him)

Using this logic, I would say AZ coach Wisenhut cutting his teeth for so long in PiTT would try to emphasize the run more. They have Beannie Wells emerging at RB and Hightower is solid so I predict they will shoot for more balance in 2010. That would drive the need to have yet another decently paid, quality WR on the AZ roster down imho. Until Matt Lineart proves otherwise, he is definitely no Kurt Warner. I say they run more and probably draft another QB in this draft to groom in case Lineart can't deliver the goods.

Maybe a 3rd or better yet a 4rth gets AB from AZ? I would do it if the Fins were allowed to stay on the clock and they didnt like who they had to pick from in that round. Why not get a proven commodity. Bolden has been injured some but I also know he took that shot under the chin from the Jets safety and then got his work done with no novacaine. He then preceeded to play with a wired jaw way before they thought he could. He is a tough dude for sure. Maybe he can brush some tough guy mojo on Ginns wheaties?

Damn! Sorry Carlito, my fingers are like Joey Porter, I try to wave them off the keyboard but they just ignore me and keep typing. lol.

"Why Jeffrey Ireland...Madcap!" "Looks like somebody just walked all over your grave." Movie quotes from what movie? * I switched the name of course.

From your post 3:33pm

My post regarding drafting Pat White was relating to how poker faced Parcell's can be. The Pat White pick was a curveball and most admit it was very unorthodox for BP. I can't and will not pass jugement on a player in year 1 but PW's start was not good. When I see Jets WR/Wildcat QB Brad Smith make that nice throw downfield for a TD I believe that is what BP envisions for PW.

Most WV students/fans close to that college program would say they thought he would do much better in the passing dept based on his work in college. I can tell already by the way he was running vs Pitt that his no Ginn in the toughness dept.

If PW does end up missing you can bet it won't break him of drafting ANY guy he deems worthy of that particular round. Talent evaluation is not for the meek of heart and EVERYONE misses. Ozzie Newsome, Bill Polian, Rick Spielman...they all miss. It's just how often that you have to be concerned about.

Let's see how this draft plays out... thanks for the jab Jeff.

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