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Dolphins hurt after losing man you don't know

I remember enjoying the food and festive atmosphere at one of the Dolphins annual banquets a few years ago and complimenting a team official for the event.

"It didn't look like it was going to be much of an event last night," the official told me. "But Bryan Wiedmeier jumped in and started helping arrange tables and setting things up. Can you imagine any other NFL executive working like that with his hands? He even ordered pizza for everyone because the guys working late had missed dinner and were hungry."

The Miami Dolphins were lessened on Monday when the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of Wiedmeier as their executive vice president for business administration. In that capacity, Wiedmeier will run the business side of that organization as he did with the Dolphins for much of his 29 seasons with the team.

You probably don't know about Wiedmeier because he was by no means the face of the franchise. He was a behind-the-scenes guy who toiled on things such as salary caps, and player contracts, and day-to-day operations of the team and practice facility.

But he was so much more than that.

Wiedmeier saw the need and helped establish the team's Community Relations department.

He saw the possibilities and helped establish the Miami Dolphins Foundation. The Miami Dolphins Foundation has made meaningful contributions to the South Florida community but it has also been active in helping former Dolphins players that needed help.

When Doug Betters became paralyzed after a ski accident, the Foundation came to his aid financially and in other ways. When Randy Wheeler, a practice squad player on the 1997 team, was paralyzed in an auto accident, the Foundation came to his aid, even purchasing him a van.

When Mark Duper and other former players teetered on becoming indigent, the Foundation propped them up. And this was done in keeping with Wiedmeier's personality -- quietly, out of the limelight.

Wiedmeier was Don Shula's capologist. He hired Matt Thomas, who is Bill Parcells' capologist. Wiedmeier was former club president Eddie Jones' right-hand-man. And when Jones retired, Wiedmeier was Wayne Huizenga's right-hand-man.

Yes, Wiedmeier was involved in those coaching searches that turned up Nick Saban and Cam Cameron -- nobody's perfect. But in November and early December of 2007, Wiedmeier was also part of the full franchise study ordered by Huizenga.

That study eventually led to the Parcells hiring.

Weidmeier was not loved by all his employees. But he was respected by most of them. He was big on structure. Big on purpose. Big on organization.

"Plan your work," he would tell staffers, "and work your plan."

He wasn't kidding. The guy had a five-year plan, an annual plan, a monthly plan.

"He put organization into chaos," one current staffer told me today.

Bryan Wiedmeier was a traditionalist. He was there when the Dolphins were a Super Bowl team. He worked for the team during Air Marino.

And so in 1997 when there was an internal debate about changing the Dolphins logo to some radicalized permutation not the least bit connected with the franchise's roots, Wiedmeier championed updating the logo, but never, ever discarding it.

He helped organize the Don Shula farewell celebration in 1996. He helped organize the Dan Marino farewell party at Dolphins Stadium in 2000. He helped organize the Don Shula birthday celebration earlier this month.

You probably never heard of Bryan Wiedmeier and that's the way he would want it.

But now that he belongs to the Cleveland Browns, that organization is improved. And the Dolphins are lessened. 


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We will miss him...

Terrence Cody.

Mando, got to tell you, when you put your mind to it, you can write your a ss off, my brother.

Great stuff.

I got no problem with Weidermeier being part of the braintrust that hired Saban. Saban was the hottest coach in college at the time and was a guy at least five other NFL teams tried to hire.

That was the hire everyone believed was correct.

I remember those annual banquets the Dolphins used to have. It was an annual great kickoff to the season.

Leave it to a social dolt like Parcells to cancel them.

Good article, but no real current dirt we can talk about...

What's up with D-cooridantor and/or free agents we may or may not go after?

What is the dealine that a CBA has to be agreed upon?

Mando - are you going to write on letting Paul go?

Doomed. We are doomed. A Darkness descends upon Dolphin Nation.

Nice guy, have read/heard of him before and alot of the times from you.

Give a scoop with the Pasq. firing.

Thank you mando for gracing us once again, how was your stay in Massachusetts any way, and what about Logan airport? AKA home of Terrorists airlines???

Well written... well done... Agreed... we'll miss him. Now, can we focus on the likely free agent pick up the Dolphins are going to or should go after? The piece on Wilfork was great... let's get some momentum behind it. He would be a huge help for the Phins Def. and hurt the enemy in many ways. Let's make this a national story and in some way pressure the team to make a move or at least look into it. One thing I didn't like about our strategy in the free agency picks last year is that we waited too long on some good players. Don't get me wrong, I don't suggest we jump on big names as soon as the season is over like the Redskins, but I do think we need to be a little more aggressive given our needs.

Go Phins...

Good read. What do you think about Paul, Mando?

Rex Ryan tripped over his fat belly and sprained his MCL at practice today!!!

Derrel Revis laghed when it happen so he punched Revis and broke his jaw...


Any chance that Miami could look at moving Vontae to free safety with Will Allen coming back? It would make sence to put Bell at SS, with Allen, Davis and Smith back there and would be a quick cheap fix. Vontae hits like a FS anyway.

That is very interesting KS. I have been thinking about the the past few days. What are the Phins going to do when Allen comes back. Have either Allen, Davis or Smith played any of the safety positions before and would they be able to be moved to that position? If so, that would help us concentrate on other areas at our top picks in draft!

Any thoughts anyone?

He sure will be missed...I hope he helps turn the franchise around, their fans deserve it. I'll be there when we play the Browns, hope to see good fan support from all of us Fin Fans!

You spent a lot of extra time in New England, I hope you did your part in trying to get Wilfork back in Florida.

Zack, I think you hit the nail on the head, Keep in mind that the fish lost there starting QB, NT,RB,And safety this year, and not to mention the hardest schedule of the year don't look for free agents,the team is getting closer to where they want to be my friend, don't expect any "STUPID" Washington moves this off season.....

Nice article, but .......
... why did he leave? Could the Dolphins not make him a deal that would keep him with the team after all these seasons? Do they have someone they want in that position over Bryan?
Leaving an up and coming team in S. Florida for what they have in Cleveland seems to beg a lot of questions.

Allen will play nickel. Dolphins will draft a free safety (I prefer the Davis kid from Georgia in round 3-4) and Sharper IS a free agent. Imagine having Sharper to train some youngsters while beefing up the D.

Really nicely written blog, Mando. Wiedmeier sounds like a great guy and a potent business force but, I am unsure why you haven't written about Pasqualoni. Did I miss an article? I would think a change at the DC position would warrant a blog more than losing a business-side guy - no matter his history or effectiveness.

Mr. Bill, He's from Ohio, maybe he wanted to"GO HOME"...........

I've definitely heard of him before. Why did he make what seems like a lateral move?

Yitz, See the above post.......

Why no take on Coach P?

Let's Go Chargers!!!! I'm so sick of the arrogant jets. I hope SD rips them a new one. Fat boy Rex already scheduled a vicory parade in NY????. Lmfao What a idiot.

Indiana fan,

Would love to see them at least look at that to save a draft pick. Many great corners turned into good safeties (Rod Woodson comes to mind). Vonate is a ball-hawk who loves to hit so it would seem natural, but Smith is 6'2 that may be worth looking at and Allen I'm sure is slowing down if he would hit to play FS.

Phinatic, Sorry to tell you but Norve(Choke)Turner is not going to be the answer this weekend, Guy sucks as a head coach, look for one more week of JETS, JETS, JETS advancement my friend.....

"organization into chaos"? you sure you got the quote right? that's not a complement

If they had to move one or the other, Davis or Smith, which one would everyone think would be a better move?

Cuban - You are nuts. Chargers will win!!

Maybe (hypothetical) Parcells will be our defensive coord. this season. Just saying he is the best around and hes already here. Why not, he knows what he wants. But seriously could see sean smith @ FS. He did not do alot at CB and with Will Allen coming back i think smith would be a better fit at free saftey than Davis. I think Davis will mature just fine at CB. Smith just has great size and speed for a FS or even a SS.

Good article Mando. We rarely see or hear of the people behind the scenes. Wish the guy well at his new post.

I have said it to this day, and still believe it. Had we signed Brees instead of trading for Culpepper, Saban is probably still the coach. I know he likes the college game, but he knew he really was screwed with damaged goods with Culpepper. Remember, prior to his last season, Saban had never had a losing season. He didn't respond well obviously. So the Saban hire doesn't bother me.


Indy, Ive been called allot of things E:g, Crazy ,Stupid,Dolt,Half-breed,loser,impersonator,Genius,Enlightened, brillant,the next Nostradamus, the "INLIGHTED ONE"The next coming of the lord, The next VP of the United States, But NUTS is the first time for me....Thank you for contributing to the Cubans Mantra....

My choice for D coordinator is Dennis Thurman. He is the Jets secondary coach and was Ryan's Assist. DC in Baltimore for several years. He understands the complexities of the 3-4 scheme and how to attack any offense. He would bring new blood and a very aggressive D to Miami!


I remember when we interviewed Mike Tomlin after Saban left, hearing someone from the Dolphins organization say that Tomlin was "too hip hoppy" Do you or any of you guys remember exactly who said that. Still funny to me to this day, especially considering the failure Cam Cameron was, and how successful Mike Tomlin has been. Well aside from the unleashing hell comment and then losing to the Raiders. Too funny.

Once again Josh, get off the Marshall crap. He is an overrated problematic cry baby punk!!

no problem Cuban...haha

I'm sure I am nuts for somethings I say as well, so it's all good!!

Maybe Bryan Wiedmeier will let Cribbs be traded to us Miami Dolphins for say like a 5th or 6th round pick. Partick Turner and a 7th rounder would be nice also. Other than that, NOT WORTH IT!!

Mr bill- he left bc he was demoted

Mike Tomlin got a great team inherited to him. Somehow he coaches the team to a SuperBowl, then not even the playoffs the year after?? WTF?? Is Tomlin really that good?

Like the Mighty Squirrel (Ands my girlfriend)Once said "The more nuts, The better(Especially during the winter season) LOL.....

Maybe Armando hasn't heard about Paul P getting fired yet

if your girlfriends is saying that, wouldn't he beneficial for her to not have more nuts and to only have 2....YOURS!! Or does she like to "get around" a lot??

Well under your analysis, is our head coach really that good? We didn't win a playoff game, and then went 7-9. Why do people always not want to give credit to a coach? Hell, last year Tony was a genius, this year half of you think he is a moron. I think both Tony and Mike are two of the better coaches in the league. And both are still learning on the job. The Steelers really missed Polamalu. It's ok for us to make excuses about injuries for us not being successful, and Pittsburgh can not? At least be consistent in your arguments guys.

Indy, Great Question....

Wow he was in charge of the Shula and marino farewell parties? Maybe he can organize his own farewell party. Don't let the door hit you in the @ss, bozo.

Everyone keeps saying good blog and it was nice and sentimental but where is the one we as fans actually care about such as the firing of Paul Pasqualoni?

i think we need to lure marino out of retirement be are qb again and make a trade for andy reid to be are fullback

Andy, Paul was Fired... Are you surprised??????

Bootang25 - I am not intending to not give credit to Tomlin, but it's just another way to give the Steelers crap. I met a Steelers fan this past Fall and this past weekend I saw him for the first time since they beat us week 17 and he kind of pissed me off...

Sounds like a big loss on the administrative ends of things.

Now ... who is going to be the next DC? How much of our struggles were due to the DC and how much was it due to lousy players?

Come on! I'm all into catering and what not but lets talk some football!

Just say no to:

1) B Marshall
2) B Edwards
3) T Owens
4) All diva receivers

We need help on D big time. The O was good enough to win a lot of games this year. We will get a playmaker when the time is right and there aren't a half dozen holes to fill on the other side of the ball.

Ok I know where you are coming from. My brother is a Steelers fan, all you have to is remind your friend that Henne was tearing them up, and Thigpen did a pretty good job, imagine if Henne played the whole game. I agree Tomlin inherited a good team. But, I don't think there are 5 coaches I'd take before him. Just a shame we signed Cam Cameron. Like I said, our coach and Tomlin both are very good, and really good with the players. I think us and Pittsburgh could very well meet more than a few times in the playoffs in coming years. Should be fun to see if that were to happen.

Bootang - AGREED! The guy was bragging cause he beat us while we had to use our 3rd Qb in the game and used an illegal helmet to helmet (dirty players)! Also, Ricky was banged up a little. I am actually glad we lost since we would not of made the playoffs with a victory. If we would of won it would of cost us 6-8 draft positions.

Hey MENACE , What's your prediction on when we are going to hit the 40's around here?

Global warming my azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

Who will be missed more, Wiedermeir or Pasqualoni?

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