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Dolphins hurt after losing man you don't know

I remember enjoying the food and festive atmosphere at one of the Dolphins annual banquets a few years ago and complimenting a team official for the event.

"It didn't look like it was going to be much of an event last night," the official told me. "But Bryan Wiedmeier jumped in and started helping arrange tables and setting things up. Can you imagine any other NFL executive working like that with his hands? He even ordered pizza for everyone because the guys working late had missed dinner and were hungry."

The Miami Dolphins were lessened on Monday when the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of Wiedmeier as their executive vice president for business administration. In that capacity, Wiedmeier will run the business side of that organization as he did with the Dolphins for much of his 29 seasons with the team.

You probably don't know about Wiedmeier because he was by no means the face of the franchise. He was a behind-the-scenes guy who toiled on things such as salary caps, and player contracts, and day-to-day operations of the team and practice facility.

But he was so much more than that.

Wiedmeier saw the need and helped establish the team's Community Relations department.

He saw the possibilities and helped establish the Miami Dolphins Foundation. The Miami Dolphins Foundation has made meaningful contributions to the South Florida community but it has also been active in helping former Dolphins players that needed help.

When Doug Betters became paralyzed after a ski accident, the Foundation came to his aid financially and in other ways. When Randy Wheeler, a practice squad player on the 1997 team, was paralyzed in an auto accident, the Foundation came to his aid, even purchasing him a van.

When Mark Duper and other former players teetered on becoming indigent, the Foundation propped them up. And this was done in keeping with Wiedmeier's personality -- quietly, out of the limelight.

Wiedmeier was Don Shula's capologist. He hired Matt Thomas, who is Bill Parcells' capologist. Wiedmeier was former club president Eddie Jones' right-hand-man. And when Jones retired, Wiedmeier was Wayne Huizenga's right-hand-man.

Yes, Wiedmeier was involved in those coaching searches that turned up Nick Saban and Cam Cameron -- nobody's perfect. But in November and early December of 2007, Wiedmeier was also part of the full franchise study ordered by Huizenga.

That study eventually led to the Parcells hiring.

Weidmeier was not loved by all his employees. But he was respected by most of them. He was big on structure. Big on purpose. Big on organization.

"Plan your work," he would tell staffers, "and work your plan."

He wasn't kidding. The guy had a five-year plan, an annual plan, a monthly plan.

"He put organization into chaos," one current staffer told me today.

Bryan Wiedmeier was a traditionalist. He was there when the Dolphins were a Super Bowl team. He worked for the team during Air Marino.

And so in 1997 when there was an internal debate about changing the Dolphins logo to some radicalized permutation not the least bit connected with the franchise's roots, Wiedmeier championed updating the logo, but never, ever discarding it.

He helped organize the Don Shula farewell celebration in 1996. He helped organize the Dan Marino farewell party at Dolphins Stadium in 2000. He helped organize the Don Shula birthday celebration earlier this month.

You probably never heard of Bryan Wiedmeier and that's the way he would want it.

But now that he belongs to the Cleveland Browns, that organization is improved. And the Dolphins are lessened. 


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Pasqualoni was nothign special....what has he done?

The hit on pat white was NOT dirty outside the pocket and not sliding he is considered a regular player meaning all goes

According to the Boston Golbe Adalius Thomas is not expected to be back with the Patriots. Not saying he is worth, but just putting it out their for debate.

Would he be worth getting?

In April NJ.............

HELMET TO HELMET...Steelers are a dirty team and it was an illegal hit. Defenders are not supposed to lead with the helmet and he did...

I personally believe we are one explosive player away on offense. Whether that be a WR, a TE, or you guys may call me crazy, a RB. RB I think an intriguing option might be Jahvid Best outta Cal. I think if we can get a guy who works well in space, that adds that past missing dimension to our offense. Our defense is what I am concerned with. As Henne gets an entire offseason to take all the reps as the #1, he will get better. How many times did our defense give our offense a short field with a big turnover? How many times did we have a great punt return to give us great field position. NEVER. Those are small things that go a long way into helping our offense even more. Get playmakers on defense, and I think a lot changes. Eliminate the bonehead play calls in offense, add an explosive player, andthe offense is good. IMHO this offseason should be about defense.

Yes, agreed we should be talking about the D coach being fired Mando. I appreciate what this guy did behind the curtins if you will. Sounds like a great guy. Now what about our D coordinator. Any ideas about who the tuna and Sparano might bring on-board?

Dennis Thurman, secondary coach from the Jets or Mike Pagano, Assist DC in Baltimore would be my 2 choices but we all know whats going to happen, AL Groh tomorrow at 12:00 noon presser

But the again NJ, You control the weather my friend....I found it humourous that my pops in Miami said there was a strange thing on his windsheild that turned out to be frost.../ I laughed at this.....lol,lol,lmfao........

Armando won't post anything until he hears something concrete about potential replacements. This is the difference between him and the hackers out there.

LOL @ menace. April sounds right. LOL @ your pops. He must of got frightened. I heard it snowed in the tampa area or northern florida, They must of run to the hills in fear.

I was in the keys on Saturday, 41 degrees with 35 mph winds.....WTF!!!!

Armando, who will be your new source?

My Pops thought it was a good Idea to pour some water on his windshield seeing that he saw one of the neighbors do it, unfortunately he poured HOT water on it and it cracked his windshield, This too i Laughed at forgetting he's never seen anything lower then 38 degrees....OLD PEOPLE ARE CLUELESS... ESSPICALLY CUBAN OLD PEOPLE IN COLD WEATHER.........

God Bless them all...... There more funnier then chimps in a "Class" CLASS..........

LMAO @ CUBAN and NOT you Pops. POOR GUY . Pobrecito. LOL !

True story Nj, I laughed when he told me this, but the truth be told it will cost him 250 to 400 dollars......

If Ron Rivera is available, he should be considered. He did a nice job for the Bears a few years back, as defensive coordinator. He then took a job as linebacker coach(inexplicably) with the Chargers. I lost track of him after that.

The money part isn't funny.

Forget Rivera, my bad. He's the Chargers current D-Coordinator.

ya but the browns don't have bill parcells end of story!

mando who becomes next dolphins dc in house choice bowles or outside choices in crennel or groh???????

Menace , i hope you send him some money to help him out.

The Dolphins top candidate for Defensive Coordinator is Al Groh...forget Crennel, he is heading to Kansas City..Groh has been a Parcells guy FOREVER...He more then likely will be the man

NJ, by the way, you will hit 40 a couple times in March

Cuban and NJ,

2 fun facts:

1. Snow Flurries were reported in palm beach, broward, and dade counties on saturday night.

2. Florida is considered a "free windshield replacement state", meaning that anyone with car insurance can have their windshield replace for free. In these states your insurance company is required by law to repair or replace your windshield with no deductible charged.

Either the Cuban is lying, his dad is getting ripped off, or his dad driving illegal with no insurance...

I wonder which one is it?

Hire a homeless person to be DC.

There you go menace. tell your dad .

Bowles should get the job , but crennel and groh are both parcell guys so you never know

Calm down Mando!!!


calm down!!!


Your on about the bet who goes first: Berry or Mays? Watch, and NO if Berry was available Parcells is not going to take him, of course neither of us know who he will actually take. But my hunch is that its gonna be a ILB or OLB and the best available fitting his criteria. And I'm still thinking ILB because this is a OLB draft heavy year.
Again Mays played hurt all year: But the reason I beleive they take him first, teams will be enamored with his size, speed and strength. Now Berry has great instincts but not nearly as big and fast. We shall see makes all the more interesting come draft day.

Any talks or rumors of Zach Thomas coaching linebackers next season?

Ok , dolphins4life. This is the easist bet i 've EVER had. Berry is going before mays and so MIGHT earl thomas . I love it. You're west coast bias has blinded the facts and your judgement. LOL :)

Cool NJPHIN Im in!

If I recall correctly this is also a loss of one Armondo's "confidential sources".

I see less scoops in the future.

Unless Bryan Wiedermeir can catch touchdown passes,cover a tight end,or play nose tackle, I have three words for you Armando. I DON'T CARE.

Drbullis - Not bad idea. I wonder how well he can coach. Some players that were great do not make goo coaches. That would be neat to see Thomas and Taylor on the same sidelines at the same time again (if we keeo JT)!!

Speaking of west coast bias that all there is in the east and mid west, or shall I say a bias against the west.

Also the San Diego Chargers are gonna beat the Jets at home. They have a better offense and a good defense. I know nobody likes Norv Turner I sure as hell dont but hes a decent coach with a very, very good QB that has a big heart, in Rivers and a good running game.
Merriman has progressed this year and is getting better. He not at the level he was two years ago but he getting better. My money will be on the chargers. Whent to Tahoe this weekend and broke even: What saved me was the over on the cards v packers! Had the under on the Pats v Ravens, parlayed to the Bengals and the under lost! Ironicaly it as I had the over in the Cards game it was a defensive play by Karlos Dansby that won the game for the cards. LOL.

Sorry typos:
But Im out have a busy week

chargers cowboys superbowl

The latest Earl Thomas goes is to the Pittsburgh Steelers first pick. A safety combo of Polamalu and Thomas just isn't fair.

And NJ, Pierre-Paul is a top talent. Sure the stats aren't there but the talent sure is. Someone running a 3-4 will be all over this guy.

As long as we get one of D. Morgan, pierre-paul or Greg Hardy of Ole Miss (2nd round) I will be happy. Those are my 3 favourite OLB/DE tweeners. But this draft is loaded with those types anyway. You can get one in the third round that is just as skilled as one in the first.

Who is this guy betting that Mays goes before Berry? Huh? Berry will be a top 5 pick. The only team that would make Mays a top 10 pick is the Raiders. If it wasn't for the Raiders, Mays would be a borderline first rounder.

Mando classy article!

When do we start firing players (Gibril)?

LOL @ mark . A sucker bet isn't it ? Berry will be top 5 and Thomas Top 15. Mays will be lucky to get drafted in the 20's.

I love to watch Al Davis draft.

We can finally start winning, that guy was just bad luck and when he started adding numbers well he just couldn't. So he called you Mando.. lol
I wish him luck in Cleveland. (I think I would retire first and I live in Canada)

Its like watching a monkey drive a car while wearing a gold chain and sunglasses... you never know whats coming next, but its always hilarious!

PFT Reporting that Bill Sheridan will take job as Dolphins Linebackers coach

What kind of hard core Phins fan doesnt know who Wiedmeier is? You spend all day long commenting on Phins blogs, you should know who the hell is helping run the team...

Armando, liked your article rating the dolphin players on the news section. Though I don't agree with everything, I felt the top 10 were pretty good. Surprised where you put Chad Pennington, seems like you've soured on him. About 1 month ago you wrote an excellent article contrasting Pennington in 2008 vs Henne 2009. Why the change of heart, don't get me wrong. I think Henne's a good qb, but lacks the leadership skills that Chad P had! Has Henne won the starting qb job? You seem to think so, but Sparano seems to think otherwise! Any other thoughts on this issue and your comparison of both qb's?

Touching. I heard he had to go because he hired Eugene Parker as his agent.

WOW!!!! Now maybe we will stop winning Playoff games and Super Bowls....Oh wait...that happend in 1973.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out Bryan.

Carlito, My Father Has insurance, And I suggested he contact his insurance company, he says " It's my stupidity, why bring the insurance company into this, That's whats wrong with this country, all you stupid kids want everything fixed for free when it's your fault" again that's my Pops, he's stubborn as they come...I still laughed all morning though.....

Is Cuban menace part of the Miami Herald staff?

Lamont, I'am a free lance journalist..By the way loved you in Sanford and son...

LMFAO, Sanford and Son, now that sh'ts funny!!!

Bryan has always been a putz... He made more screw ups in decisions than he made good choices... His personality was horrible and I met him personally... Going to Cleveland Ohio instead of Miami explains the fact that this guy was a flake... Collecting a check while hiding for 20 plus years with us

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