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Dolphins hurt after losing man you don't know

I remember enjoying the food and festive atmosphere at one of the Dolphins annual banquets a few years ago and complimenting a team official for the event.

"It didn't look like it was going to be much of an event last night," the official told me. "But Bryan Wiedmeier jumped in and started helping arrange tables and setting things up. Can you imagine any other NFL executive working like that with his hands? He even ordered pizza for everyone because the guys working late had missed dinner and were hungry."

The Miami Dolphins were lessened on Monday when the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of Wiedmeier as their executive vice president for business administration. In that capacity, Wiedmeier will run the business side of that organization as he did with the Dolphins for much of his 29 seasons with the team.

You probably don't know about Wiedmeier because he was by no means the face of the franchise. He was a behind-the-scenes guy who toiled on things such as salary caps, and player contracts, and day-to-day operations of the team and practice facility.

But he was so much more than that.

Wiedmeier saw the need and helped establish the team's Community Relations department.

He saw the possibilities and helped establish the Miami Dolphins Foundation. The Miami Dolphins Foundation has made meaningful contributions to the South Florida community but it has also been active in helping former Dolphins players that needed help.

When Doug Betters became paralyzed after a ski accident, the Foundation came to his aid financially and in other ways. When Randy Wheeler, a practice squad player on the 1997 team, was paralyzed in an auto accident, the Foundation came to his aid, even purchasing him a van.

When Mark Duper and other former players teetered on becoming indigent, the Foundation propped them up. And this was done in keeping with Wiedmeier's personality -- quietly, out of the limelight.

Wiedmeier was Don Shula's capologist. He hired Matt Thomas, who is Bill Parcells' capologist. Wiedmeier was former club president Eddie Jones' right-hand-man. And when Jones retired, Wiedmeier was Wayne Huizenga's right-hand-man.

Yes, Wiedmeier was involved in those coaching searches that turned up Nick Saban and Cam Cameron -- nobody's perfect. But in November and early December of 2007, Wiedmeier was also part of the full franchise study ordered by Huizenga.

That study eventually led to the Parcells hiring.

Weidmeier was not loved by all his employees. But he was respected by most of them. He was big on structure. Big on purpose. Big on organization.

"Plan your work," he would tell staffers, "and work your plan."

He wasn't kidding. The guy had a five-year plan, an annual plan, a monthly plan.

"He put organization into chaos," one current staffer told me today.

Bryan Wiedmeier was a traditionalist. He was there when the Dolphins were a Super Bowl team. He worked for the team during Air Marino.

And so in 1997 when there was an internal debate about changing the Dolphins logo to some radicalized permutation not the least bit connected with the franchise's roots, Wiedmeier championed updating the logo, but never, ever discarding it.

He helped organize the Don Shula farewell celebration in 1996. He helped organize the Dan Marino farewell party at Dolphins Stadium in 2000. He helped organize the Don Shula birthday celebration earlier this month.

You probably never heard of Bryan Wiedmeier and that's the way he would want it.

But now that he belongs to the Cleveland Browns, that organization is improved. And the Dolphins are lessened. 


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"Armando won't post anything until he hears something concrete about potential replacements. This is the difference between him and the hackers out there". Bwahahahahahahahaahhaha. Yeah, he's better than other writers because he ignores breaking news and won't report it until he has the full story. LMAO. Apparantly you're a newcomer to "About Miami Dolphins In Depth" and have missed the hundreds of speculative pieces written by the author. The term is hacks unless armando broke into the computer piracy business.

Sheridan in a lb coach... Crennel is going to kc...fewell to bears...groh to tech.. D cord options getting thing

Please no questions for the great Armando Salguero. He is very busy finding concrete evidence about who will replace Paul Pasquoloni. While you wait for his return please amuse yourselves by talking about the REALLY big news, the resignation of Bryan Weidmeier. The Dolphins will never be able to replace his knack for throwing pizza parties. It truly is a sad day.

How does mando post a loss of a front office guy, and make no damn mention of the def coordinator being fired?

Mark in Toronto

This guy is Dolphins4life, and I know your from north of the boarder but I'm sure you have read some of my posts. Any way as I was telling NJPHINfan, that the reason I think Mays will go first is that, aside from seeing him play 3 times last year(his best year) and 2 times this year, which he played hurt all year, is that teams will absolutely drool!, over this guy at the combine. And his body of work especially last year, which team evaluate just about every snap of a given player they might draft, will look good. But just wait till the combine when they have those measurables of speed, strength etc...thats why I believe he will go before Berry. I'm not saying one is better than the other, what I'm saying is based on the measurables and body of work that I would give the nod to Mays going before Berry. That said I still would pick a middle line backer first because aside from McClain, a slight drop off to Spikes from florida then a bigger drop after that imo.
But as far as saftey and olb this draft is loaded with both. So there is good value to be had like a Larry Asante from Nebreaska or a Kurt Coleman from Ohio in round 3 or later. Like wise for OLB: Like George Slevie or his stablemate Jasen Pierre -paul. I personally like Greg Hardy as the best of the bunch. Love Hardy actually and if McClain isnt available, and Hardy is at 12 I think Parcells and co will take him, being as there is a bit of a drop off from there(ILB). My hopes is we get one of the two. and if its Hardy, I would love the Phins to sign karlos dansby. So anyway off the point but thats how I see some of the action on draft day going down. On to the combine next month on Feb 21st!

OK im out but subject to checking back in when I get off of work which is never cause thats the way it goes when you run a bizness. lol

Brian WEEDameyer ordering a bunch of pizzas. Sounds suspicious.

Florida Gators FS Major Wright has just declared for the draft... this guy is a beast 6'0, 205 lbs, a ballhawk, and from south florida (went to st. thomas aquinas).... the best part is he will probably be available in the 2nd round

They have better Pizza place's in cleveland, Its a well known fact......

Reports say Sheridan is coming to Miami as the new DC...not really good news after his horrid 2009 season with the Giants

Carlito, If he's a ball hawk does that make his father a chicken hawk????

Sheridan is coming to be the LB coach

Groh is not going to Tech, he will jump to work with Parcells again, he coming here

Thank you Carlito.
Now I feel much better.

Carlito, 6 feet, looks like a lot of receivers in the 6ft 4 inch range will be drooling at the prospect of him covering them.... and most receivers now are over 6-2 and taller... lmfao.....

Carlito, WQAM reporting just what u said...Sheridan hired as our LB coach

WOW Herald Editor, I heard Armando is stuffing your mom with a Cuban Sandwich...I think my sources are correct


He is bigger than Eric Berry and Earl Thomas

Sheridan in as LB coach... Groh will not come to Miami... Miami will end up with Zimmer or Jerry grey

Thats why you can get them in the second round....Dont waste your 1st round on him....

The best part is Major wright should be available in the 4rth round. :)


Even better if he lasts till the fourth, but with solid combine results I think he will go second or third... he would be a absolute steal in the 4th

Zimmer just signed an extension with Cincy Gman

Gmann, I live down in Miami, all the sports people are saying Groh, I don't know why u say no, but I say ur 100% wrong

Thank you NJ, By the way will you seeking compensation from Mando for using your patented "BAAAWHAAAAAHAAAAHAAA"????


Did you just imply you could get Berry or Thomas in the 2nd round??? (6:02)

There I nothing on the herald or sentinal that says anything other than groh as a strong possability..Think what u want I don't care... I hope I am 100 percent wrong.. He will be at tech

Troy polamalu and Bob sanders are 5-10 205-207 pounds. almost the same size as berry and thomas. What does size have to do with it ?.

Groh is the last strong option available.. If he goes to tech we might b waiting awhile for a strong replacement because the other options are limited

Menace , i can't take credit for Bwahahahahaha. I heard it before but you're right i have been using it alot o here, i should get something. Fried platanos ?

Uh, if ur using the Herald or the Sentinel as ur only sources I would expand ur world out to other sources...the Sentinel LOL

Don't sell short Todd Bowles... The secondary sucked only because our linebackers are a joke.. Look at the ravens against Brady.. Safeties had a field day because they sat back in coverage and had confidence in there linebackers making plays and open field tackles... Our safties aren't the problem.. Look at footage of plays where they show overhead footage.. Linebackers constantly getting toasted and out of position for the phins... Safties start creeping to help with tackes which is when big plays happen in the secondary that is blamed on the safties


Cuban was saying that 6'0 was small for a safety, was providing examples that it wasn't... thats what size has to do with it (thats what she said)

Breaking news from the Sentinel, Jan 12th 2010..Chad Pennington injured, may be out for year

LOL Sun-Sentinel, The Heralds red headed little sister, and the Herald is......... Well we know what they are..

Carlito , you said major wright was bigger than Berry and thomas. That's why i said what does size have to do with it.

My Girl friend says size doesnt matter, not sure why she keeps saying that though....


Yeah, when I was saying that, I was comparing Wright's size, who cuban said was small to Berry and Thomas.

I think this has gone back and fourth enough ;)

Size doesn't matter means: don't worry baby, I love ur fat wallet no matter what

LOL @ bobby12

LOL Bobby....



Aloco has been eating fermented meatballs guys....



AHHHHH no Aloco, look at my name, It might give you a clue on where I'am from.....

Eating fermented meatballs AND dreaming of his teenage crush, Eva Gabor, she was a couple years younger then ALoco


How would u know ALoco??? Last time you were down here Florida didn't have A/C yet LOL.

Aloco, are you going someplace with this or are you just running laps here????

I now dyingbreed is Haitian and likes Monkey meatballs.

The reason I don't pick on u ALoco is I always respect my elders, in your case it's like talking to my grandfather...

Cuban, dementia setting in, give him an hour or so, he will get there

Aloco, When well you be releasing your cook book?? and will it have those monkey meatballs in it???Also tried your patented fermented meatballs and came down with a bad case of mudd-butt.....

Just read that our GM luuuvvvs Ted Ginn. Time to start building up the trade bait boys. Maybe a late second for ginn?

In What way????not for his on field play that's for sure.....Thats why Ted(The other Way)Ginn now has a new nick-name(Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Read his first one, he was credited in Julia Childs first cookbook published in 1961...Meatballs (fermented):

Cuban, I hate to say this to u but my gut says Ginn stays, I can't give u one logical reason why either

the g.m loves him is one.....

Ireland "i like ted. everyone in the world is saying bench him but we dont win that jets game if we bench him". - sounds like hes building him up to ship him out.

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