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Dolphins hurt after losing man you don't know

I remember enjoying the food and festive atmosphere at one of the Dolphins annual banquets a few years ago and complimenting a team official for the event.

"It didn't look like it was going to be much of an event last night," the official told me. "But Bryan Wiedmeier jumped in and started helping arrange tables and setting things up. Can you imagine any other NFL executive working like that with his hands? He even ordered pizza for everyone because the guys working late had missed dinner and were hungry."

The Miami Dolphins were lessened on Monday when the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of Wiedmeier as their executive vice president for business administration. In that capacity, Wiedmeier will run the business side of that organization as he did with the Dolphins for much of his 29 seasons with the team.

You probably don't know about Wiedmeier because he was by no means the face of the franchise. He was a behind-the-scenes guy who toiled on things such as salary caps, and player contracts, and day-to-day operations of the team and practice facility.

But he was so much more than that.

Wiedmeier saw the need and helped establish the team's Community Relations department.

He saw the possibilities and helped establish the Miami Dolphins Foundation. The Miami Dolphins Foundation has made meaningful contributions to the South Florida community but it has also been active in helping former Dolphins players that needed help.

When Doug Betters became paralyzed after a ski accident, the Foundation came to his aid financially and in other ways. When Randy Wheeler, a practice squad player on the 1997 team, was paralyzed in an auto accident, the Foundation came to his aid, even purchasing him a van.

When Mark Duper and other former players teetered on becoming indigent, the Foundation propped them up. And this was done in keeping with Wiedmeier's personality -- quietly, out of the limelight.

Wiedmeier was Don Shula's capologist. He hired Matt Thomas, who is Bill Parcells' capologist. Wiedmeier was former club president Eddie Jones' right-hand-man. And when Jones retired, Wiedmeier was Wayne Huizenga's right-hand-man.

Yes, Wiedmeier was involved in those coaching searches that turned up Nick Saban and Cam Cameron -- nobody's perfect. But in November and early December of 2007, Wiedmeier was also part of the full franchise study ordered by Huizenga.

That study eventually led to the Parcells hiring.

Weidmeier was not loved by all his employees. But he was respected by most of them. He was big on structure. Big on purpose. Big on organization.

"Plan your work," he would tell staffers, "and work your plan."

He wasn't kidding. The guy had a five-year plan, an annual plan, a monthly plan.

"He put organization into chaos," one current staffer told me today.

Bryan Wiedmeier was a traditionalist. He was there when the Dolphins were a Super Bowl team. He worked for the team during Air Marino.

And so in 1997 when there was an internal debate about changing the Dolphins logo to some radicalized permutation not the least bit connected with the franchise's roots, Wiedmeier championed updating the logo, but never, ever discarding it.

He helped organize the Don Shula farewell celebration in 1996. He helped organize the Dan Marino farewell party at Dolphins Stadium in 2000. He helped organize the Don Shula birthday celebration earlier this month.

You probably never heard of Bryan Wiedmeier and that's the way he would want it.

But now that he belongs to the Cleveland Browns, that organization is improved. And the Dolphins are lessened. 


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Parcells believes he can win with any receiver, not important position to him...people on this blog gonna go insane but I don't believe there will be any WR s drafted, free agency, not one of the names people want and definitly no trades for WR...my opinion

Wow he was a factor in 1 game out of 48....I think there gonna have to give up a trade pick for someone to take this coward and his contract....

If I'm not mistaken, Aloco is from Haiti, he is just trying to make sure other Haitians know and are ok... no big deal

You know, none of us know anything when it comes to Patrick Turner except they claimed he wasn't ready to play...if Parcells and Co feel this kid will win a spot next year, don't be suprised if basically the same receivers go to camp with a few more to provide competition, like the kid they signed from the CFL

Carlito, I know for a fact ur wrong about ALoco being from Haiti, Haiti wasn't even a country when ALoco was born so stop making up stories

Mando, why aren't you talking about Pasqualoni getting the ax? A few days ago you said the coordinators were safe. What happened?

Bobby, I think I must have missed something... why is Aloco so old?

thats one way to get noble peace prize global warming my a

They will go defense first round... Hormel meatballs give me the mud butt something fierce!!!

carlito and bobby from HAITI .

I met Bryan Wiedmeier many times + he was always a gentleman + classy.

Are they ever going to restart Dolphins banquets?

We will definately miss Brian in ways no one will know until we do miss him.

Aloco, I am from Golfito and Florida thank you.

Whats up? What do you think about Pasqualoni being fired and the pizza party planner leaving?

Carlito, we were talking about beautiful ladies and he came up with something like Mae West or someone who was hot 5 decades ago...showed his age, REAL OLD


Don't get me wrong Carlito, I think it's great the kids taught Grandpa how to use the computer...

Okay guys so I have question and I know I'll probly get chewed out but the dolphins need playmakers anywhere but I was reading an article saying the jets Leon Washington is ahead of scheduel and is expecting to be playing by opening day but what if the jets don't want him ? They have brad smith and Shonn green has step uped so do the dolphins even ask for the price ?

Maybe Aloco has been listening to Nathaniel Dodsworth too much, this is the guy that really like the old ladies like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn

Jncrdn, Ricky, Ronnie, Lex Hiilard, Polite...Leon Washington coming off an injury is not in the playbook

Carlito, nice theory but I don't buy it..

Meatballs- equals bubble guts which equals Al Groh blowing it up in a phins locker at halftime after the phins are ip 3-0 on jets next year at half because Henning forgot where he left his playbook

Mando... we really need a new topic

Carlito, what is ur opinion on the improvements they unveiled on the stadium the other day??? I like the closer to the field less slope on the seats, I'm not sure about that roof though...sorta ugly

I do not like the new roof thing, I'm sure they can find a more efficient and less ugly way to give some shade to the crowd... It seems like that they just kind of threw this thing half ass together for a presentation with nothing concrete or actual plans behind it...

I do like the idea of moving seating closer to the field, I do not like how they had new, smaller scoreboards/screens in the corners in that picture...

Really? You think that no one's heard of him? Armando, give us a little credit. Sheesh. I'm very disappointed that he's leaving.

Trade ginn for marshall and a third rd pick.

I meant ginn and our 3rd for marshall

Carlito, agree with u...they say it will be made of hurricane proof material but I can't imagine how when the wind gets underneath it how it won't rip off...We will have a hurricane proof roof intact lying on US1...

Thank u BigWilly...Bill Parcells will not be trading draft picks for a WR, never has in his whole career and will not be taking on a problem child such as Marshall...we have too many defensive holes to fill and besides, we have tried that quick fix with Cameron, Saban, Wandstat etc and that's the reason we are in the mess we are in, so u can pretty much forget that idea, especially if u knew anything about Bill Parcells

Too bad it wasn't like a Christmas exchange, and it was our turn to pluck a player right from someone else's locker room.

If we could take 1 player from any team, who would you take?

Bobbyd12 ronnie can't stay healthy rocky retires after this season and lex will never have the ability to do what Leon Washington does

Ricky *

I would pluck Greg Jennings from green bay

Lips great question dude, I would take Terrell Suggs from Baltimore in a heartbeat/

Lane kiffin leaves Tennessee after one year to coach USC... thats so dirty... almost worse than Saban

chris johnson on ed reed

Jncrdn, the man a a serious leg injury...why would u take a chance on a running back coming off that kind of injury??? U say "Lex Hilliard can never do what Leon Washington does"...1. Unless ur psychic, u don't know what Lex Hilliard's career will be like. 2. With the type of injury Washington had , he may never be able to do what he did in the past either...

After seeing Tenn play this year he may have done them a favor

mando, whats your take on coach p being let go? we need a new article.

Kiffin is a joke and his dad is severly tarnishing his reputation... I would rather have Tennessee.. Also tenessee has a far and I mean far better recruiting class an upside over the next few years

I think I would take Andre Johnson from Houston, since my make believe Christmas gift stealing methodology is the only way we get him!

Although, part of me would want to take the best player from NE or NYJ... just to double up the impact..

I would like to take Mark Sanchez. And then make him the 3rd qb and field goal holder.

To those doubting Hilliard's talent I quote Willy Wonka when I say,"never ever doubt what no one's sure about". Give the man a little respect. I would say that he's hungry for recognition and of course salary increases. Personally, I like what I have seen out of Lex.

I do know who he is and even what he looks like. He has been a long time face in dolphin nation. He appears to have done a good job and devoted a large part of his life to making the dolphins better. Gotta love that. Good article send off Mando.

We gave up welker for a 2nd, Raiders gave up Moss for a 4th. Why not Marshall for a 3rd and Ginn. I mean we picked Pat Turner 3rd last draft and before that we wasted millions on Ernest Wilford. Elite WRs in their primes are usually problems off the field for awhile. Thats the price you pay.

Bigwilly, because our defense is higher priority then our offense, and with limited draft picks, we need to fix the bigger problem first...Gibril Wilson is probaly a bust. Our linebackers are totally ineffective and Fergunson is 35 and injured..so we desperatly need a NT, ILB, OLB, safety and DT would be nice...If u watched the games u would notice how bad our defense was, not to mention Porter and Taylor being old and ineffective...to trade draft picks for a receiver, and a problem one at that makes zero sense...To add from my previous post, Parcells doesn't trade draft picks for WR s and doesn't tolerate bad attitudes or problems, Matt Roth ringing any bells for you??? Hopefully we can get a stud linebacker, McClain though doubtful or Brandon Spikes with our number 12 and a NT with that 3rd rounder, which is a pressing need in the 3-4...When they canned the Defensive coordinator the other day that should have been a signal that defense will be a priority un the 2010 draft...Marshall, Dez Bryant or anyother WR does no good if we can't stop the other team every time they touch the ball...and lastly, NO one knows how they feel about Patrick Turner yet, the kid is big and maybe with some offseason work and training camp they may think WR position is ok, no one knows but the Dolphins..that's why ur idea is not practical nor a smart football move...

Mando, why are you avoiding talking about our def cordinator being let go? You said a few days ago he was staying. What's going on? Who are the favorites to take over?

Yeah, the Wiedmeier name has been the most constant thing in the organization for a long time. Owners change. Coaches change. Players chage; but he always stayed. Too bad he left.

19sucks, there are plenty of other sources out there that are talking about the Defensive Coordinator position, including people on this blog...Armando is a sports writer and fan, yes he has access but like he said the other day, he emailed Sprano and asked him that very question and never got an answer back, he assumed DC was staying but was wrong...Sprano said it best, we were mediocre and mediocre is not good enough...so heads rolled..Al Groh has been mentioned as the top candidate as has Romeo Crennel...I'm sure we will know pretty quick and IMO it will be Groh, but just like Armando, all we can do is speculate

I think that Lex can be a Ryan Grant type of RB, with better hands, and a better blocker. Give the guy a chance. Henne sure seemed to look his way quite a bit the last couple of games.He is a hard nosed Parcells guy, and will leave everything on the field.

where is mando?

Been wondering the same thing.

Romeo Crennel's agent is reporting that Kansas City has not offered him anything

Great article Armando !!

He's been with the team for 29 years? How many championships have the Dolphins won in that time? Thats what I thought. Keep making changes until we get it right. I don't care how important or unimportant the position is - keep changing until they get it right - I'm in my 40's and haven't seen a Super Bowl win since I was 8 and haven't seen a Super Bowl that included the Dolphins since I was 20. Keep making changes until they get it right.

I mentioned maybe moving Davis to FS earlier... but analysts seem to like his potential at CB. I think he'd be an awesome FS.

Will allen gets paid far too much to be a nickel corner. Nate Jones did a good job in the nickel. I would trade the allens (will & jason) for a pick or 2 if we're going to keep Vontae at CB.

Hey Jimbo,

It's very easy to say keep making changes when you don't know what you're talking about. If there were more Bryan Wiedmeier's in the organization, there would be more championships. The business office is not what was wrong with the on-field product. It was the player personnel decisions that Bryan had nothing to do with. Armando referenced the Saban and Cameron selections, but Saban is who everyone in the NFL wanted at the time.

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