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A rift between the Dolphins and Porter is mutual

Immediately following the 2009 regular-season, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter met with coach Tony Sparano and the two discussed the player's season as well as his future with the team.

It was a frank discussion because, as one source close to Porter said, "Joey's no shrinking violet. He says what's on his mind."

No lie. Porter told Sparano he wasn't happy. He said he was not happy with his number of snaps, which were at times limited during the season. He said he wasn't happy about being suspended for the Nov. 15 Tampa Bay game. He said he believed he was playing out of position at times during the season.

Porter, who feeds on emotion and fancies himself a team leader, apparently believed he was limited in his ability to do what he does best because he often found himself on the sideline rather than in the game.

In short, Porter made it clear that he wasn't happy much of 2009.

It was a private meeting, but the extent of Porter's simmering private unhappiness recently boiled over publicly.

Last week, appearing on Romeo in the Morning on Hot 94.1 in Bakersfield, California, Porter's home town, the enigmatic linebacker told the show host that he didn't want to return to the Dolphins in 2010. He repeated the complaints he made to Sparano -- that he wasn't happy with his role, that he wasn't happy about being benched.

And then, according to two listeners who heard the interview and e-mailed me to report what was said, Porter and Romeo discussed what teams Porter would be happy playing for going forward. Porter discussed wanting to play for a team closer to home. The two joked about Porter not going to the Raiders because Romeo is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. (The Chiefs and Raiders are traditional rivals.)

I reached out to Romeo to get a copy of the show, but he said he couldn't help because he does not archive his show. That's the reason I cannot directly quote what Porter said on the air.

The point is this: We knew the Dolphins weren't thrilled with Porter at times during the season. Obviously he was benched for disciplinary reasons. Team sources also spread the word that Porter might not play at all the remainder of the season following that suspension. That obviously didn't happen, but it seemed to be something that was discussed.

And the fact that Porter was injured much of the season and didn't produce at the level he did in 2008 seemed to raise eyebrows on the team that perhaps he was starting to decline. That all led to the possibility that Porter might not return for 2010.

But now we know the feelings seem mutual.

No, Porter has not offically asked to be traded. No, the rift is not irreparable.

But there are major issues.

Jeff Sperbeck, Porter's California-based agent, is expected to try and meet with the Dolphins in Mobile, Ala., this week. Sperbeck declined to speak to The Herald on this topic. But he is expected to seek clarity about the issues Porter had with the team and those the team had with Porter while he and the Miami staff are at the Senior Bowl conducting business.

The meeting could give both sides a clear indication if the Porter-Dolphins union is headed for a divorce or not. If that divorce is to happen, it will most likely come before March 1 when the Dolphins owe Porter a $1 million roster bonus. Later this offseason, they will owe Porter another $200,000 for a workout bonus.

Porter has $2.4 million guaranteed coming this year from the Dolphins regardless of what happens. Of course, that is a blip on the radar in a year there is likely to be no salary cap. Cutting or trading Porter would have no cap ramifications for the Dolphins if there is no collective bargaining agreement and thus no cap.

The purpose of this post is strictly informational. This is not opinion. I'll give you my opinion on all this plus my analysis of what might happen in my post tomorrow.

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Sayonara Porter.

Hello Cam Wake, JT, Mclain and Clam Chowder as LBs


Porter is gone. Just cut him cause he has no trade value. Lets just hope he doesn't end up playing for the jets or the pats. Send him to oakland.

bye bye porter

We hate you Salgu, Sal, Mando.

WE NEED TO CUT PORTER TO MAKE ROOM FOR OUR BOY BRANDON MARSHALL.... Big mouth would be mad and maybe hurt our new # 1 WR after he said he danced in the club with no shirt on.. LMFAO

OMG, that is some solid Watergatelike reporting. Why wouldn't Spermbeck talk to you, Mando? What's he got to hide?

It's not like the Dolphins get mad when their private business gets aired in the media or nothing like that. LOL.

He's old - doesn't make any plays - good bye. We need some young dynamic linebackers. Linebackers are the corner stone of your team when you run a 3-4 defense. Some teams have better linebackers on the bench than the Dolphins have on the field. We need to draft a couple and what is Parcells story with free agency? Spend some money and sign some playmakers for this defense.

Thanks for your contribution in 2008. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I hope we can get something decent for porter in a trade. Maybe a WR or a nice draft pick. Sadly I think teams will wait for Porter to be cut.

Get what you can out of him, if that something is actually nothing then the hell with it; at least we get a free roster spot.

I read about this late last night - early this morning in the Sun sentinal. Ethan sckolnick first broke the story. Porter has to go.

Send him to the Raiders. Al Davis will probably give up a 1st or 2nd pick for him and give Joey a $20 million signing bonus for extending his deal. Win - win for Joey and the Phins.

Cut him already and be done with it. He's a me-me-me type of player. Always will be that way. Show him the door and tell him not to let it hit him in the rear on the way out. He's washed up anyway.

Here's the thing Mando, I agree, Porter should go. But, hearing it from you gives me pause.

"The purpose of this post is strictly informational. This is not opinion. I'll give you my opinion on all this plus my analysis of what might happen in my post tomorrow."

Don't bother, we all KNOW what your opinion of Joey Porter is. You are extremely biased on this issue, because you've stated you don't like Joey Porter (in so many words). And you killed yourself (on this topic, at least with me) when you got upset that Porter used a war analogy to playing football. And you thought that was disrespectful or whatever because you said war is war and this was just football. Which is all good, but war analogies are used EVERYWHERE (in business, in politics, in athletics, in modeling, etc.). So for you to have used that as a reason to further your dislike of Joey to me was a little bit over the top (I think you were just hating at that point).

So, as a dedicated reader of this blog, and someone who thinks you do a great job reporting on the Dolphins, I think you should just stay away from this subject because of your bias.

With that said, it doesn't matter, because I think Joey sealed the deal on him ever returning to the Dolphins when he got suspended for that game (and how he handled it afterwards). This management team doesn't like hotheads or people who don't put the team first, and so it's pretty much a done deal that Joey will be relieved of his duties to the Miami Dolphins.

sparano should have traded him last year after what some thought was a good season. the man doesnt practice then wants to start on sunday. he can poison a team much like T.O. i hope he leaves soon so sparano can take back control of the team. one bad apple can spoil a whole bushel! he's toxic; a legend in his own mind. he caused alot of the trouble with the media, then blamed the media.


BTW, Mando's post has lots/Tons of new info, so kudos & Big Ups to him.........

but just so we're all up to date, Ethan at the other place also reports that Porter 'mutineed' (engaged in mutinous behavior) by refusing to come off field when Sparano would try to sub Cam Wake or whoever, and that players on team have confirmed this treasonous behavior occured.

Buh-bye, Peezy.

NJ I hate debating you because you seem like a good guy, but you sometimes post comments that are just flat-out wrong.

The S-S story said nothing about any meeting between Porter and Sparano. It said nothing about Porter telling a radio show host he wanted out of Miami. It said nothing about Porter's agent meeting with the Dolphins.

And it said Porter would stay on the field whne the coaches wanted him on the sideline. Do you really believe Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano would let that happen game after game? Really?

Porter has NO trade value....and he's gotta be cut by/on March 1 if Fins are to avoid some big bonuses; they ain't paying those bonuses just in the hope of getting a trade.

I didn't buy that whole Porter refused to come off the field B.S. I don't think the Dolphins would put up with that and if they did it raises questions about whether Parcells and Sparano have any control.

I think we all know they ARE IN CONTROL.

This is a much more believable report with better facts. And why would Porter be upset about having to come off the field if he was waving players off and staying on the field?

Props, Mando.

FLPD , that Statement is flat out wrong and FALSE . Go read david hyde and sckolnicks blogs that were out this morning, NICE TRY !!! Don't make accusations at me if you don't no what your talking about , just like the other day. God bless.

DC Dolphan, you don't speak for us. You definitely don't speak for me.

I want Mando's opinion on this issue. I want his analysis. It's the reason I come to this blog.


That's the whole point, y'all. If the story is true....and Ethan sez it's been confirmed by more than one source, than it's a pretty sad commentary on what our guys put up with during the season.

I HOPE it's not true, but I cannot discount it out of hand just because we think our Front Office are tough-guys.

Who knows what nonsense went on???

I just heard Antrel Rolle tell Gambo and Ash (Phoenix sports talk) that if they can't get a deal done or he's cut prior to his March 1st bonus that he'd like to play for Miami. Sounds ridiculous that they'd cut him but the Cardinals can't afford to keep all their players is the concensus. He didn't specifically name any other teams. Let's see, Rolle or Wilson? Hmm.

Also FLPD , go read omar kelly's blog that came out at 12:35 pm on this very subject and Sckolnicks report. it is now 5:00 pm. thanks for stopping by :)

The last time I looked, DC Dolfan, Mando was a columnist - not a beat reporter - he is SUPPOSED to be biased and have opinions - Porter is a jerk and he is a bad football player at this stage of his life, bottomline. Good-bye Joey.

Porter should be on the way out even if he had a great season. He's a declining asset. We need more youth injected into this defense. No room for 2 32+ year old linebackers. It's young man's game. Joey, thanks for the contribution (he was very good for 2 of his 3 years here) but it's time to go. Maybe get one more payday from a team looking for a stopgap 3-4 OLB but it's not a good fit here anymore.

NJ, surprises me that you're so high on Dexter McCluster of Miss considering he's only 165 lbs soaking wet. I saw him play lots of times and he was only recently switched to RB because Coach Nutt was concerned he'd get killed back there. However he did say his biggest regret of the season was not moving him to RB earlier. I just get the feeling he's one play away from a ruptured spleen.

No way we should spend a 2nd on him. We already have Pat White and Tedd Ginn in the lightweight division. A 4th or later fine but there are way too many good defensive prospects that play positions of need for the team to spend one of the 3 top picks on him.

And yes, I've seen him play lots - at least 4 times this year. I know exactly what he is.

Dave Hyde? I read his bleary-eyed blog and it was from some british guy on draft prospects you oaf.

Dude, you don't know what you are talking about. I'm out.

And may God bless you ... with a brain.

On more thing, we NEED an emotional leader like Porter on this team. I'm not saying we need Joey, but we need someone like him (like a Ray Lewis). A hype man. I mean, Sparano had to tell his team (Ricky Williams and others) to get a little amped when they made a good play to hype up the other players and get people's adrenaline running. Sure, it's great to have players like Jake Long and Justin Smiley who are good guys, work hard and keep their heads down. BUT we also need some guys who talk sh*t and back it up (at least Channing Crowder talks the talk). It revs everyone up, gets people ready to play. So I think someone will have to step into the role of Mouth of the Team if Joey leaves.

Ethan Sckolnick's blog was at 12:01 am jan 25th. last night -early this morning. it was all mentioned on there . You owe me an apology.

Don’t bother trying to argue with NJ Phin Fan. He is a good guy with a tremendous amount of football knowledge but he argues like a teenager. He is NEVER wrong. Has anybody on this blog or the SS blog ever once heard him admit to being wrong? Ever?

Cannot believe the Dolphins let Porter stay on the field whenever he wanted. Didn't believe it when I read it, and don't believe it now after reading this.

If Porter was staying on the field because he told teammates to stay out, why would he be unhappy he was coming out of games?

This makes much more sense.

How can't the Cards afford to keep all their players? They had the most cap space at the end of last year and didn't extend Boldin or Dansby. I'm not discounting the claim, I just don't understand.

If I had to pick one player from the Cards D i would take it would be Darnell Dockett but he's not going anywhere, so I'd take Dansby next and he will be available. I would settle for Rolle. An experienced but in his physical prime FS with CB skills. Sounds about the right fit for this defense. Still think Kerry Rhodes would be good too.

@ DC Dolfan - the operative phrase of your last post is "back it up" - the Dolphins have no one right now who can "back it up" - I love sh*t talkers too but the backing it up is the problem for the Dolphins. Draft the nastiest bad ass linebacker in the draft and please, please, please spend some money in free agency. I'm not saying we have to break the bank for an overpaid underachiever like Washington does every year but how about some good solid players that can help the Dolphins win.

Emotion w/o talent = bullcrap.

Bluster w/o on-field production = more bullcrap.

Both of the above = JPeezy.

Ya gotta 'walk the walk,' not just 'talk the talk.'

NJ actually ur wrong. FLPD is right. But who the fck cares anyway? Does it really matter?

DC Dolfan, you answered your own question. Channing can be the mouthpiece for the defense. It's his time now too. If he won't be a defensive leader in the next 2 or 3 years, he will never be one.

The blog was titled " time to cut ties with porter " . it was at 12:01 am last night. check it out .

Don't argue with NJPHINFART, dudes. The guy is a moron who spends his life trolling blogs and acts like he knows everything and is wrong about 75 percent of the time.

He was rooting for the Jets on the live blog on Sunday during the game. Can you imagine that?

LMAO @ FLPD. you remind me of the tin man. No brain and then runs away when he's wrong. Typical !!!

Matty your name suits you . go to bed , it's past your bedtime.

You're right FLPD and the other dude is wrong. Let it go because I don't think he gets it. I rarely blog on here but read everything I can. Today I got two things to say.

1. Joey Porter has played his final game for the Dolphins.

2. Thanks for all the great reporting you do, Armando.

Sparano said today that hiring an outside linebackers coach was not a pressing issue and that Nolan would coach them if they didn't hire someone allthough that would be unlikely. So now Im confused because Armando said hiring an outside linebackers coach "is seriously unquestionably important". Parcells and Sparano don't seem to think it's a pressing issue and have multiple years of football experience between them and Armando thinks it is important and has multiple years of experience writing stories about player rifts and fat draftees. I'm at a loss because the statement was not made to sound like an opinion but sounded like a fact. What do we do now, who should we believe?

Wow! Matt is right. U are a moron. Anyway got better $h!t to do.

Oh and thanks Mando and adios Peezy.

Fact are fact, it was reported at 12:01 am last night for Everybody to see on the SS. I Like mando and this blog but the armando kiss - assers are out in full force . :)

NJ I didn't run away, I just got bored by you. You are a contrarian person. You say things that are wrong or you just make up crap to start a debate.

I knew a guy like that in the service years ago. He got court martialed, and then raped in prison last I heard.

Matty Idiot - good name, cause you sound like an idiot. I never said I DID speak for you. I speak for myself, and have a right to respond any way I want. So, if you want me to STFU, I suggest you come here and make me (or believe me playboy, I'd love nothing more than to come to you and see you ball up like the little girl you are).

Jimbo, you're right that Mando has a right (and obligation) to voice his opinion, this is a blog. My point is, in my opinion, he has proved that his bias has blinded his analysis on this subject because he dislikes Porter so much (and proved it time and time again when blogging about Joey). So my point is, take what Mando is saying with a grain of salt. But with that said, I agree with him (and pretty much everyone else on here) that Joey has outlived his use to this team. I think he's not the player he was 2 years ago, and the Dolphins can find someone better, younger, and a better team player than him.

Porter needed to be cut last season. He opened his big mouth before every game and talked a load of trash and never backed it up. He made the organization and himself look bad. He is way past his prime and at best they could get a 6th or 7th round pick out of him. It's hard to shop an underachieving, past him prime, injury prone diva.

porter is a T.O. who unfortunately has a following amongst the players. coaches made a choice to treat him special. this really hurts their credibility when players are treated differently. we let the real team player walk (matt roth);he was never allowed to explain because of team rules forbidding him to talk. the fans really wanted to know why he was cut!

Go read the blog . " Porter has to go " by scholnick at 12:01 am, You're a cop , investigate. Stop with the childish insults or are you just another fat lazy officer who can't wait to hit the donut shop/

Thanks for telling me about the S-S blog NJPHINFAN. I looked at it. You are wrong, buddy.

Hate to tell you.

Also don't see how this issue gets resolved. This thing sounds like a divorce in the works. I should know. I had three of them.

Raped in prison NJ. Raped in prison. Remember those words when you're grabbing your ankles.

LMAO @ FLPD. you remind me of the tin man. No brain and then runs away when he's wrong. Typical !!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

NJ you are wrong man. The scarecrow has no brain and the Lion is the coward that runs away. LOL

Jimbo, I agree 100% with what you said. I disagree with Mark in Toronto that Crowder is the guy. I just don't think he'll ever be a top dawg in this league. He gets hurt too much. He's ok, maybe a little above average, but definitely not a superstar (and I don't think he'll ever be). I think we need a guy who makes the other team stay awake thinking about him (a guy teams are scared to face). So basically the exact OPPOSITE of Matty Idiot!

Oh well.

Iowa fin , what are you talking about. read " time to cut ties with porter " blog and omar's blog at 12:35 " why did the miami defense regress :. you can't read???

Ace, he's both.

I agree Porter has to go. Bye Bye Peezy


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