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A rift between the Dolphins and Porter is mutual

Immediately following the 2009 regular-season, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter met with coach Tony Sparano and the two discussed the player's season as well as his future with the team.

It was a frank discussion because, as one source close to Porter said, "Joey's no shrinking violet. He says what's on his mind."

No lie. Porter told Sparano he wasn't happy. He said he was not happy with his number of snaps, which were at times limited during the season. He said he wasn't happy about being suspended for the Nov. 15 Tampa Bay game. He said he believed he was playing out of position at times during the season.

Porter, who feeds on emotion and fancies himself a team leader, apparently believed he was limited in his ability to do what he does best because he often found himself on the sideline rather than in the game.

In short, Porter made it clear that he wasn't happy much of 2009.

It was a private meeting, but the extent of Porter's simmering private unhappiness recently boiled over publicly.

Last week, appearing on Romeo in the Morning on Hot 94.1 in Bakersfield, California, Porter's home town, the enigmatic linebacker told the show host that he didn't want to return to the Dolphins in 2010. He repeated the complaints he made to Sparano -- that he wasn't happy with his role, that he wasn't happy about being benched.

And then, according to two listeners who heard the interview and e-mailed me to report what was said, Porter and Romeo discussed what teams Porter would be happy playing for going forward. Porter discussed wanting to play for a team closer to home. The two joked about Porter not going to the Raiders because Romeo is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. (The Chiefs and Raiders are traditional rivals.)

I reached out to Romeo to get a copy of the show, but he said he couldn't help because he does not archive his show. That's the reason I cannot directly quote what Porter said on the air.

The point is this: We knew the Dolphins weren't thrilled with Porter at times during the season. Obviously he was benched for disciplinary reasons. Team sources also spread the word that Porter might not play at all the remainder of the season following that suspension. That obviously didn't happen, but it seemed to be something that was discussed.

And the fact that Porter was injured much of the season and didn't produce at the level he did in 2008 seemed to raise eyebrows on the team that perhaps he was starting to decline. That all led to the possibility that Porter might not return for 2010.

But now we know the feelings seem mutual.

No, Porter has not offically asked to be traded. No, the rift is not irreparable.

But there are major issues.

Jeff Sperbeck, Porter's California-based agent, is expected to try and meet with the Dolphins in Mobile, Ala., this week. Sperbeck declined to speak to The Herald on this topic. But he is expected to seek clarity about the issues Porter had with the team and those the team had with Porter while he and the Miami staff are at the Senior Bowl conducting business.

The meeting could give both sides a clear indication if the Porter-Dolphins union is headed for a divorce or not. If that divorce is to happen, it will most likely come before March 1 when the Dolphins owe Porter a $1 million roster bonus. Later this offseason, they will owe Porter another $200,000 for a workout bonus.

Porter has $2.4 million guaranteed coming this year from the Dolphins regardless of what happens. Of course, that is a blip on the radar in a year there is likely to be no salary cap. Cutting or trading Porter would have no cap ramifications for the Dolphins if there is no collective bargaining agreement and thus no cap.

The purpose of this post is strictly informational. This is not opinion. I'll give you my opinion on all this plus my analysis of what might happen in my post tomorrow.

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DC, I've stepped on turds like you while I was clearing out the streets of Kabul in 2003.

You don't know me. Seriously.

Great insight. Porter is gone. I can see him go to the Broncos.

Anyways, we need to move on, we need young talent to come in.

The article/blog also stated that's the reason pitt got rid of porter. It wasn't the health issues or the fact he lost it as a football Player.


Dolphin Fans, fighting over this topic is pretty pointless, IMO!

ESPN is reporting rumors that the Patriots are interested in Anquan Boldin. So Brady would not ONLY have Wes Welker AND Randy Moss to throw to, BUT ALSO BOLDIN!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? And we're arguing over Joey, I'm 50 yrs. old, Porter. PLEASE! WE NEED BRANDON MARSHALL! Or Boldin. Or a superstar WR. We'll never have a defense good enough to stop all those threats, so we better find a way to put up crazy points or else we'll never win the AFC East again (if this actually transpires). THAT'S what Mando should be talking about!

Very interesting stuff, as always Armando.

There's a big difference between the Bidwells and say Dan Snyder. They may have the money but their history isn't necessarily to spend the money. I've heard Rod Graves (GM) say more than once on the radio that they'd love to keep everyone this offseason but doubt they can. And now that they're a "big time team" the players expect to be paid as such. Bad for Arizona, good for Miami? We'll see.


Who would make a better linebacker?


B)Tin Man

C) Lion

Guys.....Please remember one thing:

Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man That he didn't, didn't already have

And Cause never was the reason for the evening Or the tropic of Sir Galahad.

So please believe in me

When I say I'm spinning round, round, round, round

DC Dolfan, you should start a Dolphins blog so you can write what interests you and then some know-nothing troll can come on your blog and tell you what you should write -- kinda of what you do on here with Mando. It would be very ironic.

It's been nice knowing u J-Peezy, don't let the door hit u on your way out!

"some know-nothing troll can come on your blog " Posted by: The Knight who says Nuts!

Why must you insult NJ like that?

Idiot (that's you Matty), trust and believe your military service (while honorable), if you were in the military in Kabul, doesn't faze me in the slightest. I come from a long line of grunts, and don't bend or break for nobody. So your threats amount to sweet nothings in my ear guy. I eat punks like you for breakfast, before my morning fishing trip. So save it for someone who you can intimidate.

It is physically impossible for NJ to admit he is wrong. He is the ultimate 15 year old boy. Knows everything and can’t be told anything he doesn’t already know. Right now he is assiduously studying the article in question to pull anything he can out of it to prove his point. When he realizes he can’t he will shift the argument in some way to not be wrong and insult everybody who tries to say otherwise and finish with clever comments like “thanks for reading” “god bless” and “period” but will usually put a smiley face on the end so he can claim he is not a jerk.

NJ I hate debating you because you seem like a good guy, but you sometimes post comments that are just flat-out wrong.



That's right just keep hiding under other screen names like a chicken shyt. :)



I don't take crap from anybody not named Lawrence Taylor.

Porter not coming off the field when I wanted him to? Who said that?


Cya JP. He watched too many people run by him this year. Cya Crowder. Man that guy is just not Zack even if he is bigger. I don't know what anyone sees in him. He is the guy in the bar that starts a fight and turtles when the smackin starts.

Your report is on ESPN Mando. Good job.

LOL @ pants on the ground. I know . The mando kiss ups are going to crucify me .


No I am not the integrity guy....just the devil

Knight, Mando can blog about whatever he wants to (and does). Just like I can give my opinion to his blog in anyway I see fit (that's actually why he blogs and doesn't just write a column in the paper, he WANTS responses, positive and negative). Why don't you see my above post, about Anquan Boldin, and you'll see why this Joey Porter issue does absolutely NOTHING to make the team better (especially since it was a done deal since mid-season). You may be happy sitting on the sidelines during the playoffs year after year, but I actually want my team to make the playoffs one year, maybe even play in a conference championship, or, god willing, play in a Super Bowl, wouldn't that be something new for a change?

It was also reported that taylor and porter didn't get along towards the end of the year as porter refused to come out during 3rd downs. Players including wake were supposed to come in on some 3rd down situtations and porter would refuse to come out and wave them off. the player coudn't come in for fear of getting a 12 players on the filed penalty.

NJ is God and knows everything. God is never wrong. right NJ!!!!!!!!!!

I love it when Dolphins fans argue about a loser who had zero tackles zero sacks against the Patriots after talking crap about Tom Brady for a week.

YEEEEEESSSS , gopats is here.

Dying Breed put NJ in his place, point for breed. hahahahahahhaa

It is physically impossible for NJ to admit he is wrong. He is the ultimate 15 year old boy. Knows everything and can’t be told anything he doesn’t already know. Right now he is assiduously studying the article in question to pull anything he can out of it to prove his point. When he realizes he can’t he will shift the argument in some way to not be wrong and insult everybody who tries to say otherwise and finish with clever comments like “thanks for reading” “god bless” and “period” but will usually put a smiley face on the end so he can claim he is not a jerk.

Posted by: I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!! | January 26, 2010 at 05:46 PM

I liked it soo much I cut and pasted it again

Hey NJ,

This always right guy sounds a lot like dying breed.

I like how dying breed posing as guava and is patting himself on the back and then talking to himself. It's quite amusing isn't it ?? Poor guy. I ilked it so much i saved it on my favorites. it's better than comedy central

I am here. But I think you wrong NJPhinFan. I was looking at the blogs and this one is totally different better informaton.

AFTER many thoughts i must say nj is a very importent guy for this blog for he's the integrity guy .

LOL @ gopats / aloco / cuban menace .


I am not Cuban Menace. Sorry.

Well, "Peezy"...

Don't let the door hit you in the azzz on the way out...

i told you nj!! you have to let well enough alone!! what you say aint the law on this blog!! it seems as though every time mando or the other newspapers say something you saw the story first. you the only person here with a full time job who knows everything sports,politics, and life in general before it hit the streets. im amazed!! the only person i know like this was fake! FORREST GUMP!! you need to be flexible sometimes and just know when to shut the hell up!! i suggest a stiff drink and blow some smoke.your act is wearing thin with many and most see right through you, seriously what do you gain from saying u saw the story last nite. with all the undrcover research you do, you should've reported that last nite. IM SURE YOU WAS LOG IN

Birth73. and who made you the law of the blog ??? Pot meet kettle . You're post is a walking contradiction. It just a freaking blog. i'm having some fun. Thanks for stopping by with your thoughts . :)


Sorry guys. Not Dying Breed. I’m just one reader who rarely posts and gets tired of your act NJ. As I said before, you have a lot of football knowledge and I value your posts that are just that but your self-aggrandizement and incessant narcissism gets old. Is there any article you haven't read first? How successful, smart and amazing looking are you Phin Fan? As if we haven’t heard it 1,000 times. How about another thinly veiled reference to your supposed mob ties Phin Fan. You are probably a terrific actor and a champion swimmer and have a huge wang. Right?

Instead of being a d*ckhole who has to always be right and show how successful and great you supposedly are why don’t you just admit when you are wrong and impart the football knowledge you DO have. Thanks for stopping by and god bless :)

Sun Sentinel articles about Porter being cut were first (not that it matters), but they had no info on this one on one conversation with Sparano or the California radio show where Joey Porter showed his true colors (they weren't aqua and orange).

Good Job Mando

Right , and i have the brooklyn bridge to sell you i am always right, Nice try and thanks for stopping by :) God bless you and yours.

the funny thing is your info comes from google. google probably has 20 different version of a story and none of them might not be correct! what do you get out it to say you saw something first, and anytime mando or omar or whoever blogs you are so predictable. "I saw that story last nite,or like you want credit for tell us some OLB got hurt during the senior bowl practice. WOW!! also if this is what you call fun your world must be pretty BORING! just like you telling me about what actual haitian have told me! living in nj u probably never seen a haitian unless you turn on your tv!

Great story. Let's hope for a nice trade with Denver. wink wink!

Rex Ryan is eating a frito pie right now

Carlito , thank you vey much. You're right about the radio show but they did have the conversation with sparano. They also added the rift between taylor and porter and porter refusing to come out on 3rd downs irking the rest of the players including taylor and wake.

RUNNNNN birth73 ruuunnn !!!. carlito just told you the same thing i've been saying, Go cry me river somewhere else. it's getting boring and tiresome.


Yeah they had a conversation with Sparano, but they didn't reference the one on one conversation between Porter and Sparano where Joey said he wasn't happy... either way, both articles shined some light on an interesting subject that doesn't make me think to much of Mr. Peezy

Maybe Sparano ensured him he wouldn't be back if he is so "unhappy" and Porter is trying to make himself look better before he is cut


forrest gump is the untold story of nj phin fan!! like you i believe what i say but im smart enough to listen to what others say, develop or take away whats truth and whats lies. you the only one who ever played ball in here!! you are never wrong and right now you can tell me what some small college kid run in the forty that no one ever heard of! you discovered america, diamond, oil and you said back in 1980 that obama was going to be president in 2008. since you know so much what will the winning lotto numbers be in FLORIDA this week!!:)

Carlito , agreed. porter must go for the sake of this team. Now we know why wake wasn't on the field more often.

RUNNNNN Birth73 runnnnn !!! You're still crying ??? LOL !!

"progress stopper"

carlito , exactly !!! Gotta run . shoulders day.

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