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A rift between the Dolphins and Porter is mutual

Immediately following the 2009 regular-season, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter met with coach Tony Sparano and the two discussed the player's season as well as his future with the team.

It was a frank discussion because, as one source close to Porter said, "Joey's no shrinking violet. He says what's on his mind."

No lie. Porter told Sparano he wasn't happy. He said he was not happy with his number of snaps, which were at times limited during the season. He said he wasn't happy about being suspended for the Nov. 15 Tampa Bay game. He said he believed he was playing out of position at times during the season.

Porter, who feeds on emotion and fancies himself a team leader, apparently believed he was limited in his ability to do what he does best because he often found himself on the sideline rather than in the game.

In short, Porter made it clear that he wasn't happy much of 2009.

It was a private meeting, but the extent of Porter's simmering private unhappiness recently boiled over publicly.

Last week, appearing on Romeo in the Morning on Hot 94.1 in Bakersfield, California, Porter's home town, the enigmatic linebacker told the show host that he didn't want to return to the Dolphins in 2010. He repeated the complaints he made to Sparano -- that he wasn't happy with his role, that he wasn't happy about being benched.

And then, according to two listeners who heard the interview and e-mailed me to report what was said, Porter and Romeo discussed what teams Porter would be happy playing for going forward. Porter discussed wanting to play for a team closer to home. The two joked about Porter not going to the Raiders because Romeo is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. (The Chiefs and Raiders are traditional rivals.)

I reached out to Romeo to get a copy of the show, but he said he couldn't help because he does not archive his show. That's the reason I cannot directly quote what Porter said on the air.

The point is this: We knew the Dolphins weren't thrilled with Porter at times during the season. Obviously he was benched for disciplinary reasons. Team sources also spread the word that Porter might not play at all the remainder of the season following that suspension. That obviously didn't happen, but it seemed to be something that was discussed.

And the fact that Porter was injured much of the season and didn't produce at the level he did in 2008 seemed to raise eyebrows on the team that perhaps he was starting to decline. That all led to the possibility that Porter might not return for 2010.

But now we know the feelings seem mutual.

No, Porter has not offically asked to be traded. No, the rift is not irreparable.

But there are major issues.

Jeff Sperbeck, Porter's California-based agent, is expected to try and meet with the Dolphins in Mobile, Ala., this week. Sperbeck declined to speak to The Herald on this topic. But he is expected to seek clarity about the issues Porter had with the team and those the team had with Porter while he and the Miami staff are at the Senior Bowl conducting business.

The meeting could give both sides a clear indication if the Porter-Dolphins union is headed for a divorce or not. If that divorce is to happen, it will most likely come before March 1 when the Dolphins owe Porter a $1 million roster bonus. Later this offseason, they will owe Porter another $200,000 for a workout bonus.

Porter has $2.4 million guaranteed coming this year from the Dolphins regardless of what happens. Of course, that is a blip on the radar in a year there is likely to be no salary cap. Cutting or trading Porter would have no cap ramifications for the Dolphins if there is no collective bargaining agreement and thus no cap.

The purpose of this post is strictly informational. This is not opinion. I'll give you my opinion on all this plus my analysis of what might happen in my post tomorrow.

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Well, I tried to impart some wisdom and humility. I'm not Dying Breed but everybody who puts you down and has a vocabulary I'm sure is Dying Breed in your head (doesn't Dying Breed despise you though? I don't despise you I just get tired of your posturing.) I bet it would amaze you to find out the number of people who feel the same way I do about you NJ. Most of them just don't bother because they know it's pointless. I wouldn't have bothered myself but it's slow at work today.

Even though I think you're kind of a jerk, keep bringing the good football knowledge and god bless ;)

Joey porter is my butt boy.

I really like this quote of Sparano from the S.S. blog...

"Players are accountable," Sparano volunteered. "I think as we go forward here, that will be pretty clear to them."

I can't wait for the heads to roll!

Not sure why I'm getting into this, but NJ - if you're saying that Mando's post is even remotely close to the SS post I totally disagree. Yes, SS says it's time to cut bait and that Joey was sending people off because he wouldn't get off the field on some 3rd downs.. Herald is much more detailed in that JP is also coming public with his desire to leave. SS never discusses Joey's view, nor do they get into the detail of Joey's agent going to Mobile to meet with phins, what teams Joey would like to play for etc.. etc.. etc... So this post (and I'm not a Mando groupie) is no where near the SS post about time to cut ties with Joey.. You're either in denial or delusional.. Just saying....

Who cares who reported it first!!!

Joey Porter has been released from the Dolphins !!!

Now do I get a prize when this story happens cause I said it first!!

If he is not going to be a team player and realize he is getting up there in age and should not be playing every down then cut him. You are not going to get any trade for him due to the money he is going to make. Well Oakland maybe LOL Al Davis does crazy stuff. If it's an uncapped year you may a well get rid of some trash. If you know what I mean.





I believe the entire subject is mute. Porter isn't dumb, he knows there are flies in the ointment. He also must be aware that the team did about as poorly on defense this season as they have since Tom Olivadotti once roamed the side lines. Miami cannot afford to keep J Porter. And I am not talking about money. If Sparano and Parcells keep Joey. They have to play him to justify his salary. Then you cant play the people they will be bringing in to camp. Mostly the Draft picks this coaching staff will most certainly use on Line backing positions. I do think they keep Jayson Taylor. Why?... Why Not? He is a cornerstone of the team. He can give more leadership than Crowder. He can teach more to a new guy about our 3 division rivals in 20 minutes then a coach could in 20 months. Jayson is the connection between the past and the future. I think he also has enough integrity to the Dolphins because of the length of time he has played here to be the one.. who, for lack of a better phrase... passes the torch to the new generation.
As for Joey... He is a 4 year Dolphin... Nothing to scoff at but it is not like he was a rookie draft pick and has been here for 12 years or anything. He is a journeyman line backer. And, with his current skill set. He is no longer an elite player. I am not certain he has been for well over 7 years now. With the exception of 2008, Joey has really never lit up the field in Miami. I am certain he will blame the Dolphins or Coaches... that's his style. But none of those guys are on the field to make tackles and to sack the QB. That was up to Joey... he quite frankly did not ever impress me at doing it.

I hate to say this, but Porter is exactly what the Dolphins need, and they know it. At times last season, the team looked like it did not have a sense of character, leadership and desire. While there are many young and talented players and leaders on this football team, Joey brings that vocal desire; that emotional pump up. I'll welcome Joey Porter back to the Dolphins any day of the week.

well porter now that you have placed yourself in the T.O.ZONE you will now definitely have a new home soon as they can trade you they will and they prolly wont care for what round of pick either as long as the cancer is gone ...ty for your services

I didn't know that the team in each conference with the worst record is offered the opportunity to coach the Senior Bowl.

If true then the Chiefs, Browns, Raiders Bills, and Jaguars all said no to coaching the Senior Bowl.

Hmm maybe a perfect example of why those franchises are perennial losers and we are looking like we are finally out of the doldrums.

How bout some praise to Miami's coaching staff and front office for saying yes.

I wasn't so crazy for suggesting that the Dolphins trade Porter by the deadline this past season, was I?

Porter said this because before he left the stadium, Sparano likely told him his days were numbered. Omar said in a much earlier blog, that Porter was emptying his locker like he wasn't intending on returning. Fact is, he isn't as good as he thinks. Wake is waiting. Sign Taylor for another year, let him split time with Wake. We all know they're going to be drafting a few linebackers. Porter problem is solved. Telling the coach what to do has it's consequences.

Im a little tired of the constant drama on here. Reminds me of my EX wife and her naggin sisters. Jeesh when did this blog become so trashy.

If you guys think NJ is a know it all, opiniated jerk, you should meet my future father in law.

NJ is a piece of baklava in comparison.

Yeah, Omar "I'm ignorant about grammar" Kelly said Porter was cleaning out his locker. But what he didn't say is what I read everywhere else, including on this blog:


They had to clear out so the AFC champs could use them.

LMAO@Mark in Toronto

You may have to explain to Aloco what baklava is. He probably thinks it comes from a volcano or something.

Aloco knows all foods

miami doesn't need to keep porter to be the defenses voice they have that in jason taylor or did none of you see him screaming at players on the sideline when they needed a boost? wake can provide the nasty attitude on the field. and if porter was really all that great at firing up the team why did the defense collapse so often this year?

You are right on. Sammo.

Sammo was up?

if ambrosia is the nectar of the gods than baklava is surely their dessert.

Joey Porter can go f u c k himself.



nothing much Ace. checking the blog and such. hoping this week of coaching the senior bowl really helps parcells and co. unearth some draft day gems. what's the word?


I have been trying to catch up on this blog. I have been busy with the move to Tampa. Man, I do hope Parcells and Co. can find good pickups.


notice how NJ says it is shoulders day...like anybody cares...egotesticle bazzztard


I have finished moving to Tampa already. Now I have to put up with Bucs this and Bucs that. Bucs everywhere....


Do you think its funny when a fat person falls down?



yes. i would like to see them go defense almost exclusively in the draft. get a TE in free agency unless someone incredible falls in the draft to miami. how about that hit pat white took vs. pitt? the look on ginns face said “ now you guys know why i run out of bounds”

Ace seeing as miami beat the bucs and how bad they are it shouldn't be too bad or hard for you to fire back. they do have a more recent SB title tho.... but you can counter with the perfect season and overall franchise success.

Well... bye.

PS Thanks JP for stepping up in 08 but alas, all good things must end. Good luck in your travels.

Damn, where did my post go?

Anyhow, was saying that NJ is our Diva blogger. Sure he is boastful, aggresive and confrontational, but the man knows his stuff and brings it come game time.

I mean, he is a Dolphins fan in Jets country.. what more could you ask for!

Why dont "I AM ALWAYS RIGHT" post with his true name? No balls chicken shyt that he is. He is scared of NJ.

Now it's time for the other big mouth, no big play Crowder to go...

WOW !!!LIPS IN TORONTO. Thank You very much for the kind words. It was thoughtful , Funny and accurate . It was greatly appreciated. You're Right , i should get some slack around here for Being a HUGE DOLPHIN FAN living in the freaking jets country. Anyway , you Da man !!! :)

Whodini is right. I was going to apologize to " i'm always right " because he did have some kind words about me and my football knowledge buy how can i take someone serious when he hides behind bogus names ???

From Sparano -

• Was an offensive line coach for a long time so he's been around 370 pounders like Terrence Cody before. Said that Cody has unique abilities, moves his feet well and is not necessarily just a stationary guy. It sure sounded like he is a fan of Cody.

He's the coach of the team , what is going to do , rip the guy ???

Ya, am sure he is being politically correct...it would be rude for him to rip the kid.. plus, if he can convince someone from spot 1 to 11 to pick him, then we have a better chance at 'our' guy

there is no way they pick Cody..if it were a game of chicken, Parcells would be one of the last standing...

Cody might* get picked for a pie eating contest.. but seeing how he prepared for this weekend's game, I wouldn't trust him to show up hungry

get rid of the clown already...

Posted by: sapo | January 26, 2010

"egotesticle"!! Now that's funny, & not because of who it was directed toward (I ain't starting no new flame-war NJ, honest!) but it IS a clever turn of phrase, you must admit!

And don't I get points for my earlier synthesizing of Ethan's & Mando's posts?

NJ--fwiw, someone (Beradino or Omar)said that when the dolphims D-line coach taps a player on the helmet that means he approves of soemthing or likes the kid....and Cody was "tapped," so maybe he honestly likes him. AND NO, THAT DOES NOT MEAN I'm SAYING "DRAFT HIM"

NFL net seems to be turning the Senior Bowl into the Tebow Bowl, the little I watched.

i will say this about NJ, i dont know where or how sometimes you get your info, but if i remember right you called the colts over the jets 31-17 i believe. well that was one hell of a guess or somethings up. either way you have my attention.

Seer, i thought it ( sapo's post ) was hilarious !!. The dolphin coaches are coaching te south team that has cody on it. Cody bull rushed a OL and got tapped on the helmet for a good play. This was done to alot of players on the team today. You're reading to much into it my friend. They are turning it into tebow bowl.

Jaksin . SHHHH !!! and thanks for the attention. :) I might hook you up with my super bowl prediction. i' sure you can use the extra cash like most of us.:)

NJ, you just got that right to!

What's the insubordination say about Sparano? I understand we where desperate at the position and Porter behavior is unacceptable but allowing it to happen at all is incomprehensible, it's complete disrespect to higher authority, it's embarrassing to the team and organization, no wonder we lost a defensive coordinator and two linebacker coaches to the college ranks.

The Porter and JT experiment was an ultimate fail on Tuna's part. We tried that under CAM. It didn't work!

Personally, I'd rather have Porter. Without JT on the team Porter seems to play better. JT had his chance and he failed then SWITCH loyalties. He couldn't' even go out an honorable man.

JT needs to go. I love the guy but he sold out when he went to Washington. Porter has always been a sell out. But at least we know what we have in Porter.

PS...neither one of these sell outs will be on the team in the 2011 season.

why would sparano have to sugarcoat how he feels about a player(CODY) who doesnt even play for the team(PHINS). he not obligated to none of them. if somebody say spaano likes him he has a reason why sparano dont as if he's in sparano head or in the meetings or something. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

Folks, I believe NJ is very passionate about our Phins. However, this passion can also lead to having little tolerance for idiots on this blog. The dude has alot of knowledge in football and you have to give him his due. The back and forth thing he does and correcting people is in his competitive nature. It is an aggressive style which rubs certain people(dying Breed) the wrong way I guess. I can relate to this style as it is the same way I do it on the baseball blogs.

i will say this about NJ, i dont know where or how sometimes you get your info, but if i remember right you called the colts over the jets 31-17 i believe. well that was one hell of a guess or somethings up. either way you have my attention.

Posted by: jaksin | January 26, 2010 at 11:14 PM

Anyone can be a savant on here when you're a moderator. He just changed the date is all. I remember his post. He was way wrong then almost right.

He and Mando are best buds.

if it's true, the insubordination/mutinous-conduct is quite troubling, not just re Sparano but the whole Front Office.

But it may explain, quite unsatisfactorily, why we didn't see Wake more often.

I hope the team can get past it; I suspect, as do you, that the shake-up on the Defensive staff is directly related to this untold-till-now debacle.

Folks, I believe NJ is very passionate about our Phins. However, this passion can also lead to having little tolerance for idiots on this blog. The dude has alot of knowledge in football and you have to give him his due. The back and forth thing he does and correcting people is in his competitive nature. It is an aggressive style which rubs certain people(dying Breed) the wrong way I guess. I can relate to this style as it is the same way I do it on the baseball blogs.

Posted by: Ace | January 26, 2010 at 11:33 PM


You resorting to self congratulatory postings from your alter ego's now?

If not...

Can you two get a room and leave us straight guys alone?

Because sparano is the coach of the team he's playing on right now !!! Sparano can give his true feeling on cody after the senior bowl > Wake UP !!!

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