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A rift between the Dolphins and Porter is mutual

Immediately following the 2009 regular-season, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter met with coach Tony Sparano and the two discussed the player's season as well as his future with the team.

It was a frank discussion because, as one source close to Porter said, "Joey's no shrinking violet. He says what's on his mind."

No lie. Porter told Sparano he wasn't happy. He said he was not happy with his number of snaps, which were at times limited during the season. He said he wasn't happy about being suspended for the Nov. 15 Tampa Bay game. He said he believed he was playing out of position at times during the season.

Porter, who feeds on emotion and fancies himself a team leader, apparently believed he was limited in his ability to do what he does best because he often found himself on the sideline rather than in the game.

In short, Porter made it clear that he wasn't happy much of 2009.

It was a private meeting, but the extent of Porter's simmering private unhappiness recently boiled over publicly.

Last week, appearing on Romeo in the Morning on Hot 94.1 in Bakersfield, California, Porter's home town, the enigmatic linebacker told the show host that he didn't want to return to the Dolphins in 2010. He repeated the complaints he made to Sparano -- that he wasn't happy with his role, that he wasn't happy about being benched.

And then, according to two listeners who heard the interview and e-mailed me to report what was said, Porter and Romeo discussed what teams Porter would be happy playing for going forward. Porter discussed wanting to play for a team closer to home. The two joked about Porter not going to the Raiders because Romeo is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. (The Chiefs and Raiders are traditional rivals.)

I reached out to Romeo to get a copy of the show, but he said he couldn't help because he does not archive his show. That's the reason I cannot directly quote what Porter said on the air.

The point is this: We knew the Dolphins weren't thrilled with Porter at times during the season. Obviously he was benched for disciplinary reasons. Team sources also spread the word that Porter might not play at all the remainder of the season following that suspension. That obviously didn't happen, but it seemed to be something that was discussed.

And the fact that Porter was injured much of the season and didn't produce at the level he did in 2008 seemed to raise eyebrows on the team that perhaps he was starting to decline. That all led to the possibility that Porter might not return for 2010.

But now we know the feelings seem mutual.

No, Porter has not offically asked to be traded. No, the rift is not irreparable.

But there are major issues.

Jeff Sperbeck, Porter's California-based agent, is expected to try and meet with the Dolphins in Mobile, Ala., this week. Sperbeck declined to speak to The Herald on this topic. But he is expected to seek clarity about the issues Porter had with the team and those the team had with Porter while he and the Miami staff are at the Senior Bowl conducting business.

The meeting could give both sides a clear indication if the Porter-Dolphins union is headed for a divorce or not. If that divorce is to happen, it will most likely come before March 1 when the Dolphins owe Porter a $1 million roster bonus. Later this offseason, they will owe Porter another $200,000 for a workout bonus.

Porter has $2.4 million guaranteed coming this year from the Dolphins regardless of what happens. Of course, that is a blip on the radar in a year there is likely to be no salary cap. Cutting or trading Porter would have no cap ramifications for the Dolphins if there is no collective bargaining agreement and thus no cap.

The purpose of this post is strictly informational. This is not opinion. I'll give you my opinion on all this plus my analysis of what might happen in my post tomorrow.

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I came here to read Armando latest and to talk about PRACTICE, talk about practive man, Senior bowl and Sean Witherspoon looked impresive swalloing up backs in one on one drills. Stout and shed at point, and just looked like he came out there with something to show.
After that I played back the Dolphins v Carolina and remembered how good Ricky looks running the ball and at 32 still moves well. Jake Long looked like the All Pro that he is and handled Julius Peppers all game long. Interesting enough Joey Porter had 2 sacks and a few hurries on the QB. Hope some defense cordinator took note and we trade him for a 3, 4, or a 5th round, that wishfull thinking but lets send all 31 teams this tape of Porter playing one of his better games of the season.
Our ILB'b looked horrid I mean horrid! Often Crowder and Ayodele were left grasping at air as Stewart and Williams (Deangelo) ran past these guys. And they had no gap control over pursing and giving up big runs to Williams. I did see our nose tackle Jason Ferguson get pushed off the ball more so than any other game all year before he got hurt at the end of the third begin of fourth qtr.

Which is a concern and he might not be ready when the season begins and if so will probably spell Souliai who should start because can you expect him to be ready to go coming back from injury and at his age?
We are in dire need of adding more picks in this years draft. We need alot of help on defense: ILB, NT, OLB...it will be intersting to see what the Trifecta will do if they try to add more players to fill holes via free agency and who the big Tuna gets in the draft?

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Let's step back and be fair here. The dolphins don't have the year they did in 2008-09 unless Porter shows up HUGE (as he did). He is an emotional leader and an emotional presence in the huddle and in the locker room.

That said, Joey Porter was not the player in 2009-10 that he was in 2008-09. He wasn't even the player he was against the Bills in 09-10 that he was in 08-09. In retrospect, he abused 2 guys routinely in 08-09 (by virtue of a couple of 3+ sack games vs. buffalo and 1 vs. the pats...yeah...that's 9 of those 17.5).

In the biggest spots, he didn't look like he was explosive. He often referred to himself as a "closer," but he couldn't beat a backup tackle against NE. He abused the Buffalo tackle the first game, and destroyed Wharton (Carolina), a guard playing out of position.

All things considered, we all know thatJT is a made man in South Florida, and his injury plagued season in Wasington will be a blip on his career radar. Personally, I'm with Parcells on this one. "I'm all for anything that Jason Taylor is involved in." The guy has been a leader of the team for over a decade. He's steady. He gets into guys when they're not picking up their end of the bargain, and he's a true pro. JT is a player and a playmaker. He understands his role, and he's okay with it. He knows that he can play, but he's not about to tell his coach that coach is wrong.

Did Manning say anything other than it's coach's call when he got pulled from the first game against the jets? No! The team comes before the player. JT understands that fact, and he's willing to do what it takes to advance the team as a whole, rather than telling his coaches, "no, I'm not 35...I can play every play...I'm good, coach...I'll get it done," when the eye in the sky says otherwise. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what a team is made of. That is what captains and leaders are made of.

Oh, and anyone expecting me to bash Porter...forget it. The guy has been a great player for alot of years...he's just nt a good fit for this staff. JT, however, is.

The brother Joey will be in Kansas city next year!!

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Let's get some youth at OLB!

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Remember this...

According to several players, Porter stood up, in front of the whole team, and absolutely lambasted the coach using such words as "spineless" and basically called the coach a coward.

"We were all talking about it after because none of us had ever seen anything like it," said one player who asked not to be identified. "He crushed Cam. He basically called him gutless, a coward ...

"A head coach is supposed to stand up and take control with one yell. Cam basically said nothing."

Porter's rip, which included several barbs and curses, lasted a good three minutes or so.

"Joey was great but it was unbelievable," said another player. "But the best was at the end of it, after getting ripped into, cursed at and questioned all Cam said was, 'OK, glad we got that out, on to Cincinnati.' It was ridiculous. He never defended himself and it went on for a while."

The locker room applauded Porter for telling it like it is but shook their heads that Cameron just let it happen.

Porter is a cancer and needs to be gone. Not that I had any like for Cameron either but I completely lost respect for Porter after this incident.

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