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Is the Miami Dolphins offensive line top 5?

I've been telling you throughout the season the Dolphins put together the NFL's most expensive offensive line which is costing $156 million in total contracts for the starting unit alone.

And the Dolphins probably think they got their money's worth from the line because it played relatively well as a unit this season despite injuries and other issues. The offensive line is a team strength.

But is Miami's offensive line elite?

Not if you ask John Madden.

Madden and a panel that includes NFL Network analysts Jamie Dukes, Steve Mariucci and Marshall Faulk are this year awarding the "Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award," presented by Prilosec OTC. They studied all 32 NFL lines this season and have whittled the list of best lines to five:

The Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts.

The Dolphins? It's unclear if they were among the top 10, but they obviously didn't earn a mention in the top 5. 


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Figures, Marc what does "Madden football" Say lmfao......

Madden wouldn't disagree...They're all in the 80's with exception to Long who is a 92 last I checked...

You da man .....

Hmm, top 5? Tough question. I think over all they are top 10 but probably not top 5. As a run blocking line they are one of the best but pass protection was spotty at times.

We had excellent reserve play to compensate for injuries and as the year progressed they definitely got better in pass protection. I expect this will be a top 5 line next year and for years to come barring catastrophic injury.

Top 10, will get better.

And if the Dolphins made the playoffs I bet they would have been in the list instead of the Jets..List is subjective and probaly influenced by other outside factors...Do we have a good, young offensive line..YES that'd what matters



Aloco Ted(No nut sack)Ginn SUXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Indianapolis Colts????? Are you serious? My brother is a diehard Colts fan and he was just biotching to me last night about how bad their offensive line is. They cant run the ball and they have Peyton Manning as a QB! The only reason they are good in pass coverage is because noone blitzes them because Peyton will eat them alive if they do. He gets rid of the ball so fast that their O-line looks a lot better then what they really are.

Everyone knows Madden has never liked anything Miami. It stems from Shula-envy. He's fun to listen to during a game, but you have to take his opinion with some salt.


If you were going by the game madden the dolphins have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. You wont find a team that is all 86 which is Jake Grove I believe and higher....

I also forgot to mention the Colts have two first round running backs, Peyton Manning and they still cant run... Top 5 offensive line. PSSSSHHHHHHh... please...

With another year in the weight room,
(..and if Jake Grove can strengthen his ligaments)
the unit could ascend to eliteness.

Lets considered the shuffling. that it was their first year as a unit, that the receiving corps don't get open fast and frequently enough and thet Henne was a first year starter, I think this year they where a top 10 and next year will be a top 5

who cares what madden says he is out of the game and he is annoying as hell, all that matters is what parcells thinks of the line, madden is a waste of space....

He also takes up alot of space....

cuban, you got that right

New Blog up.....

Madden is a douche. Nuff said

The Dolphins offensive line isn't elite, yet. They have the potential to be elite, but that's dependent on them progressing as a unit and avoiding serious injuries.

Who cares, the line and money spent on was to keep certain players intact and to solidify the offensive line of scrimage... that said NJPHIN and others are right that Miami brainturst wont stop looking to add better players. This was the first in a long list of things to do after goind 1-15 and having the last three regimes make a huge mess for the dolphin: fans, owners, and the franchise as a whole. These previous three regimes set us back a decade, but thanks the the Trifecta we have circumvented into a four year time frame.

This seems to be the list of "the teams with the best running and passing games." If either Peyton Manning or Drew Brees were injured mowing their lawns this year, suddenly those O-lines wouldn't be considered elite anymore.

I just want to know...


This 'STADIUM DESIGN' is not modern...Its retarded. ...and whats worse is that it will cast some weird shadows on the field of play and potentially impact games.

Was it really necessary to provide Heliport space for Jerry Jones to land his copter?

They could resolve their 'Rain-Phobia' by implementing some sort of hi-tech retractable tarp over the fan area (it would cost less.)

Do they actually think that this will look good on a Superbowl Poster?

Their goofy plan will also make it less hot in SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER
retrofitted roofs + silly PA announcements = sterile environment.

So please...for the sake of ALL OF US;

Loose the Orange Carpet.
Loose the Touchdown Song. (Because that 'Fin-zee' melody sends subliminal messages for the players to relax and blow another lead.)

This is a FOOTBALL STADIUM!!! If you can't design something good, then at least wait until there is enough money to create an environment that helps the team succeed on game day.

We are obviously not a top 5 OL.
We overpaid for Grove and Carey.
But we have no real weakness on the line, so I would borderline top 10 (which is not very good for a 156 million unit).

Miami finished 4th in running offense, how is this not a top 5 ol ?

Who cares what they think.

Way to go, Dolphins braintrust! Why not make it an air-conditioned, rain-proof dome. That way, in-between strile/no-weather factor games, you can have have Boyz II Men Reunion concerts. Who knows, maybe get Barry Manilow to do a half-time show when we host the Jets. God knows those circle-jerk Jets fans would love that! Hopefully, after we suck the local taxpayers dry, you know, the ones that can't afford to take the family to the games anyway,we end up with no Sept./Oct. heat advantage AND we keep that same sorry layout, where the seats are 50 yards from the field. I still long for the OB (long piss lines and all)where the place would rumble from all the foot-stomping on the metal stadium. That was the last real home-field advantage we had. But, let's do something all long-time Dolphins fans want: Let's dump more money into that sore so they can hold more SuperBowls that none of us will get to go to.!

They are NO where near elite. The NFL.com has the Fins O-Line ranked 10th in the AFC (10 out only 16 teams) not very flatterning or "elite"
Fins need a right guard and I think Grove is way overvalued. The center needs to be a leader who can play through pain and Grove has a history of injuries. The backups were adequate but an "elite" line needs more than adequate backups. I know it's not a priority but I would be looking for a new center and right guard during the offseason.

Elite? NO but ... they are well on there way there and who says that they might not have been if for a couple of injuries.

Long and Carey are STUDS at the Tackles, and while some of you may think Carey isn't he has actually made a couple (Peter King's) All-Pro Team this season so can he really be that bad?

As far as the interior play goes ... it could be a bit better but I think that will come as they work together for more than 1 season, plus this was pretty much Thomas rookie season anyways, I expect better things to come from him next year

I partly agree with Texfin. They are not as close as we like to think they are. When you are rotating guards and centers it makes it hard for a line to gel together. I often wonder if the rotation was due to one player was stronger in a area than the other for example Thomas is not a very good pass blocker so in comes Garner on passing plays.As for Groves, I think he is a monster when healthy. The injuries are a huge problem though.

If you look closely at the stats for the five finalists, Madden's group did a pretty good job. The only one that might be a little questionable would be Philly. Carolina or New England may have been a little more deserving, but it should be interesting to see who wins. I just went to the web site and voted for the Titans. Pretty cool that there is now an award for the best offensive line.

If our line would have stayed healthy and Ronnie Brown would have stayed healthy I believe our line would have looked dominant. Maybe next year with another year together they will be elite and pass protection will improve as Henne becomes quicker at his reads. Lastly I feel Carey's play went down a notch as the season progressed.

The Dolphins could win the Super Bowl three years in a row and Madden still would not give the Dolphins credit. Madden hates the Dolphins, so who cares what he thinks....He still can't get over the 1973 AFC Championship Game loss here in Miami where his Raiders where blown out 27-10. Glad he's retired.

Do we even have an O-Line? Seems like every game different people were lined up at different positions.

I believe we are bottom 12 in the O-Line department. Money can't buy heart that's for sure.

We all laughed at the Jets bringing in people and throwing money at them. But guess what, they have 3 linemen going to the pro bowl and they're in the playoffs. Nick Mangold is a great center, and they picked up Faneca on the end. We've constantly got problems with RG and as far as RT - Carey is a lazy son of a b. We have no reliable center, and LT is our only real strength. Jets had no RB to speak of, and a shaky young QG and STILL their line became the best in the league in rushing. Us? We couldn't protect Pennington, and we can't protect Henne. Running the ball? They're better at that but still not that good. Without short yardage Polite moving the chains our run game would have faired much worse. Overpaid and overated. Let's hope the line gells next season and let's hope our FO stops bringing in guys from other teams for critical roles who are lower-draft picks and/or have a horrible injury history.

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