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Joey Porter issue: The analysis and opinion

I learned a lesson in 1993. Having grown up on Dolphins football, I had great admiration for what Don Shula and Dan Marino and Mark Clayton and Mark Duper did in the 1980s.

When I started covering the team in 1990 I had to suppress some of those feelings because now I was interviewing and writing articles about the very men I grew up watching on TV. And dealing with Shula and his band of stars, I came to realize what I saw on TV or had read in the papers wasn't the full picture.

I realized, for example, that Clayton was a supremely gifted, intelligent, pain in the behind. Shula loved what the wide receiver did on many game days, but wasn't thrilled with Clayton on many Mondays through Saturdays.

But despite many trips to Shula's office and many verbal tongue-lashings, Clayton remained on the Dolphins because, well, he produced.

Then in 1991, after posting three 1,000-yard seasons in the the previous four years, Clayton wasn't producing so much anymore. His catches dropped to 44 from 70 the previous year. His yards fell to 619 from 1,053 the year before. And fate of fates, Clayton was also now a free agent.

So you know what Shula did with his star receiver who had done so much and meant so much but was also a pain in the behind and was now on the decline?


No farewell press conference. No ceremonial celebration at the training facility or the stadium. Clayton was just ... gone.

Shula was asked why the Dolphins didn't retain Clayton and all he said was, "He's a free agent and he's free to make whatever decisions he needs to make. And we're free to make whatever decisions we need to make."

That was it. Nobody asked about Clayton again. Shula never talked nostalgically about Clayton while he was coach, that I could recall.

Within months, Shula traded for Irving Fryar, who did get an introductory press conference at the stadium. And Fryar promptly delivered a 1,000-yard, a 1,200-yard, and a 900-yard season the three years he was in Miami.

So why am I telling this story? Well, it relates to another supremely gifted, intelligent, pain in the behind player currently on the Dolphins roster: Joey Porter.

Porter has been interesting his three seasons in Miami. He was a terrible free agent bust in 2007. He was a Defensive Player of the Year Candidate in 2008. And he was somewhere in between in 2009, with the scales tipping slightly closer to '07 than '08.

And throughout that time, he's done some things that have made Dolphins coaches -- both staffs -- gleeful he was around and also unhappy he was around. But, regardless, Porter stayed around because he (mostly) produced on Sundays despite the fact he was sometimes a pain Monday through Saturday.

The problem for Porter is that his pain in the behind factor (PITBF) rose significantly in 2009 while his performance went in the other direction. It wasn't a big problem when Porter refused to come off the field during one game in 2008. Porter was simply fined by Sparano.

But as you read in the previous post, it wasn't cool for the Dolphins when Porter had issues with in 2009 as he was mired in a sack drought. He got suspended for disciplinary reasons. See the difference in the response?

And, as I reported first, Porter became an unhappy camper by season's end and he let coach Tony Sparano know as much in a private meeting.

Porter told Sparano he didn't agree with the suspension in an end-of-season talk. I also reported first that Porter also told a hometown Bakersfield, Califorinia radio station he wasn't coming back to the Dolphins and wanted to play closer to home.

And so now the Dolphins have a decision to make on Joey Porter. 

The current labor situation in the NFL means there probably won't be a salary cap in 2010 so the Dolphins are able to jettison Porter with no sort of cap hit whatever. Yes, they have to pay him $2.4 million in guaranteed money that his contract calls for. But they certainly don't have to give him another $1 million he is due on March 1 as a roster bonus.

And whatever they do will not hurt them against the cap because there will be no cap, as it stands now.

So the next move belongs to the Dolphins. Porter is only along for the ride here. He might do a million interviews and say he wants out or say he wants to stay and it will not matter because the Dolphins have hand over this issue.

So will Miami keep the player that has some talent left but also has a high PITBF? I don't know.

I'm too busy thinking Mark Clayton.


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I am not stating we need to dump him or keep him, but all you people who say he was not productive this year are nuts. yeah he didn't dominate like he did last year, but he still put up above average numbers especially considering he only played 15 games and was battling hamstring injury. Anyone know how difficult it is to play to one's full potential with a hamstring issue? Tey are not convenient injuries and ones that heal overnight. They pretty much heal on their own and take A LOT of time. You can't just wrap it, ice it, heat it and be able to be 100%

I'm just saying....

Some do have kindle going in the 2nd round. Witherspoon will go somewhere in the 2nd round. There are plenty of good pass rushing olb's available in rounds 2-4.

Indiana, Porter only played in 14 games. Besides the game he was sent home, he was also injured one game.

Don't be deceived by the sacks, if you look at the big picture Porter had a problem setting the edge the entire season and his QB pressures were way down. Here check out this link. He was the 22nd ranks 3-4 OLB out of 28.


Sorry here's the link...


I think J-Peezy's time on South Beach has come to an end. Thanks for your efforts in 2008, Joey. Not so much for your efforts in 2007 and 2009. Buh-bye!

Yeah NJ, Clayton and Duper were quite well known for "skating away on the thin ice of a new day."

Duper ended up in Jail for it...

LOL @ patrick. so did mercury morris and sammy morris. easy access in south beach.

The lesson here is, once you get older and production goes down, you're on the way out. Being a rah rah team guy might buy you some time but not much.


Haven't heard that since Seinfeld.

The position we want to get to is where NE is at. Once they see a guy has started to decline they trade him while he still has value. I still hate those bastards but they know how to do it as evidenced by the 3 2nd round picks they have this year and the extra first next year.

Hey Armando,

I missed it, but did you report this FIRST?

And yes another CLAYTON as our WR would be heaven sent.

NY, I'll trade you one Clayton for a Marino!

Trade J.Pezzy,Akin Ayodele and Gibril Wilson for a 2nd round pick

DRAFT Rolando McClain ILB AND Jerry Hughes OLB
and let Cameron Wake show what hes got and keep JT 1 MORE YR. THEN LET HIM RETIRE.

LB CORE crowder,taylor,mcclain,hughes,wake,and pick up Karlos Danby or D. Ryans for other ILB HELP FOR MCCLAIN.


Asta la vista baby senor Peezy.

He has been a good fit and great player at times and also a malcontent and less productive player as well in his time in Miami. I think he will be shown the door.

1.) It's always better for a franchise to cut ties a year early than a year late.

2.) Most of his biggest antics have played out this past year from we can piece together from media sources and various reports.

3.) One of the things that the Fins need to do with Nolan onboard is get players to set the edge so we can't have freakin slow QB's go on 30 yard romps for TD's. DAMN THAT STILL HURTS! I feel JP has lost that ability to a certain degree and it never gets easier over 30. * On a side note it is why I think they kept Matt Roth around as he did a pretty good job of it in his 1st year LBing... still a very weird sitch with him getting cut while on the roster so long.

4.) You can't have ANY player impeding the cultivation of replacements or better, younger talent. We all know that Cam Wake's sacks came at a minimal of gametime. It's not hard to fathom that if he played the same amount of snaps as the ones JP is complaining about, CW would have had at least 10-11 but probably a few more. (*I know the run def is the thing with Wake but he can't fix it on the sidelines)

Taylor took a more subtle approach to the lighter rotatation late in the year and is a true team guy. JT's undying love for Miami means he will do whatever is asked including, already lowering his salary to play for the Fins. I think he will be the lone longer in the tooth LB they keep.

By the way , you didn't report first that sparano had a falling out with porter at the end of the season. Just saying.

New blog up.

If only Patrick!

There's no point in keeping a disgruntled player in the roster, specially one who's closer to retiring... If he comes back, he tends not to care as much and then he will do nothing on the field.

I say let him go and get a OLB who will bring dividends for many years to come. Porter is no longer that guy...

Porter will be an Oakland Raider by the beginning of next season, mark my words.

Close to home for JP, a tendency to attract misfits and outcasts, plus Al Davis's affinity for signing washed up players all play into the equation here.

I think Porter's time is up in Miami. The Trifecta inherited him from the last coaching staff and will be more than willing to move on, considering the decline in production and his inability to be a team player.

For all those who are praising Sean Weatherspoon,

I heard he's more suited to a 4-3/Cover 2 Defense?

Not exactly what Parcells and Sparano are looking for

Patrick - You could be right but I was just stating the fact he didn't have a terrible year. Compared to 2008 he did though. Do you guys think he would of had a bad a year he had this year without the injury? I DON'T.

does anyone really think Miami can get much of anything for an aging, possibly disruptive player??? worse case they cut him and save a mil

what the heck is a Peezy anyways??? he's a phony!!! it would be different if he were known as Peezy from his Pit days. that type of slang is cool in the hip hop world so now a corny big mouth over paid athlete wants to merge into that world..he's wack!

Porter is gone.

Witherspoon can play in any defense and all LB positions. He can play for the dolphins any day.

What draft pick could we get for Porter...i mean..they will all know that he will be cut....at best a 6th????????????

Alfy from Ozzz....

My thoughts on this draft....Parcells is very quiet....i reckon hes taking Spiller....and maybe Tate later.......hel fill line bakers with FA's and our own backups....Definitly Wilson,Ayodele and Peezy are GONE in my view....

Wilfork is MUST 4 us....

I agree with the Wilfork assessment. Parcells and Sparano should offer any amount of money to get him on board. However,i just cant imagine Parcells not selecting a Linebacker in the first 2 rounds of the draft. He's always drafted Linebackers early and think this draft will be no exception.

Not so sure I'd miss onnie that much...he's injury prone.....Cobbs who knows....Hillard has some promise.....a rookie stud RB/not so sure or a rookie RB sleeper that can be caught in a late round in the draft....maybe even better! Henne needs someone to pass too....we already have some depth at RB.....held our own without Cobbs and Brown...we get Cobbs back this season.....I'd take a great WR over keeping Brown.....trade him for one? use him to move up in the draft? yeah, I like those options....


Remember last year????.....We were all syaing that Parcells liked Harvin etc....he went for Davis...he doesnt advertise his moves...he is very sneaky...he hasnt said "jack shyte" about Spiller....either has anyone else in the organisation...but he knows that with Spiller and BM at WR...our offense is set for 8 years.

The defense can be addressed via the later rounds...

By the way...does anyone out there have any ideas on JD Folsom...he's a linebacker...can he play?...has anyone seen him...whats his stats???

Oh....and does anyone know what the fkkk has happened to Nailbone....sheeeyit...if he isnt able to beat out Haynos for a starting spot....really what was he?...a fourth rounder???....can he play??....any updates?

alfy from ozzzz

Cut Porter. He runs his mouth too much and gives the opposing team too much motivation to shut him up. Get a young ILB either with the draft or FA and let Wake take over the OLB spot. NT, FS, WR, and pass catching TE are also needed.

Wake should improve enough to replace Porter. We rarely ask Porter to drop in pass coverage so why would we do the same with Wake. Have him improve against the run and he'll be fine. Porter isnt that great against the run either.

As a Dolphin fan all I can say is that Clayton was a player who gave his 150 % I dont care what he did with the coach on Monday through Saturday all I know is that when game day came around he produced and he gave it his all...Clayton was not scared to run or getting hurt...What the dolphins need is players who love the game not the money and Clayton was in it for the love...the love of the sport...the love for the team...and the love for his fans...Clayton was always a gentleman as well as an exceptional player...We need more Claytons on the Dolphins team

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