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Josh Cribbs, sure, but at what price?

The Miami Dolphins talked to the Cleveland Browns about Joshua Cribbs last season -- once for sure in the days and weeks before the October trade deadline and perhaps once another time much earlier.

Obviously the Browns, which traded away talent like it was going out of style, didn't budge on trading Cribbs. But all that may change now.

The Browns have a new football czar in Mike Holmgren and apparently Cribbs and his agent have gotten the message that a new contract is not in the immediate offing for perhaps the most outstanding and electric return man in the NFL.

So Cribbs believes he's played his final game in Cleveland. "Thanks everyone," Cribbs wrote this week on his twitter feed. "I love playing for the browns (sic) & put my all in to (sic) it, but it doesn't look good 4me(sic)  at this point on (sic) returning. I don't believe I made the to do list for the team in 2010."

Why does Cribbs believe he's gone? Because on-going negotiations yielded an offer from Cleveland that would have paid him approximately $1.4 million per season over the next six years with approximately $400,000 to sign. I must say that's a lowball offer.

And Cribbs agrees. "I'm sorry guys," he said. "I don't want to seem greedy but fair is fair and there is no way around that. I'm the best at what I do but the lowest paid ..."

So Cribbs intends to request a trade on the first day of the new league year and hold out if he doesn't get one.

"We’re going to formally put in a request for a trade,” agent J.R. Rickert told NFL.com. “He will not set foot in that facility again. If they had offered even something like $2.5 million per season we could have worked with them, but to me this offer is indefensible."

The fact of the matter is this is Mike Holmgren's first contract squabble in Cleveland. I doubt he wants to lose it. The fact is Cribbs is over-performing on a contract that has three years remaining. The fact is both sides have good leverage.

So don't be surprised if the Browns try to turn this mess into a draft pick with which Holmgren can bring in "his guy."

Enter the Miami Dolphins.

As we know, they need dynamic playmakers because there are precious few of those on the team. They could stand an upgrade at punt returner and kick returner. They could also use Cribbs in the Wildcat package, which he ran quite effectively in Cleveland. He averaged 6.9 yards per rush in 2009.

Oh, and did I mention Cribbs took snaps as a wide receiver also? He caught a modest 20 passes for 135 yards but obviously that is not his primary value.

His primary value is special teams. He returned three kickoffs and a punt for touchdowns this season. He has 10 return TDs in five seasons.

The downside is the guy does fumble. He had six fumbles in 2009 while fulfilling all his various duties. For perspective, you should know Davone Bess led the Dolphins with six fumbles in 2009.

So should the Dolphins be interested in Cribbs? Of course, they would be. But would they pull the trigger on a trade that would also involve paying the guy a new contract? That another matter.

If all Cribbs wants is $2.5 million per year, you should know the Dolphins are paying Ted Ginn Jr. an average of $3.5 million per year. Which is the better player?

And if the Browns are asking a second- or third-round pick for Cribbs, it probably sounds like an exceedingly high price to pay. But I remind you second- and third-round picks don't always turn into good players.

The Dolphins spent a second round pick on Pat White last year. They also spent a third round pick on Patrick Turner. Neither contributed very much, if at all, in 2009.

So what would you do?


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I'd cut Ted Ginn and give nothing more then a 5th rounder for Cribbs.

Draft Draft Draft...

Cobbs has good potential as a returner and can run the Wildcat with Brown.

I'd also TRY and trade Ricky while his stock is somewhat decent. use the draft pick to add youth... Ricky's fumbling, age, and health aren't helping the Fins win anymore. Since he took over starting the record is 1-4??? no good.. time to go get youth and continue the rebuilding.

Trade Ginn
Attempt to trade Ricky
Trade Fasano
Trade the mouth - I mean Porter
Cut or trade Wilson the waste of money
Cut Torbor

Just my opinion...

Jackson will be tagged, and would require two first round picks. IT AINT HAPPNING, MARSHALL IS ON HIS WAY OUT, AND WITH THE RIGHT PERSONEL, AND PICK WOULD BE AVAILABLE.

Dude what are you smoking i want some

This is a copy from inteernet :(The WR) Grice-Mullen, a former teammate at Hawaii of Dolphins leading receiver Davone Bess, left school after his junior year to enter the 2008 NFL draft. The 5-11, 185-pound player signed as an undrafted free agent with the Houston Texans and then the Chicago Bears before joining B.C.

Armando, DO NOT TRADE DRAFT PICS !...period, the Tuna has a plan, the team is being build the right way, it takes time....

you and everybody else wants instant gratification...you all need to relax.

You dont trade RICKY? I swear its not difficult, you dont trade ginn for cribbs, unless its straight up, or with a 6th round included. YOU ACQUIRE VINCE WILFORK IN FA. YOU TRADE PICKS, AND PLAYERS FOR ELITE WR. VIA MARSHALL. THE BEST CHOICE OUT THERE FOR US!! YOU USE DRAFT TO PICK UP MLB'S S, DEPTH YOU FLIP OVER STONES.

You guys are so full of it that my wife just farted lol

No trade for a KR/PR please.
Those guys play 5 good years and then fade: see Hall, Hester, etc...
He is not even a receiver, and he fumbles a lot.
I would rather take a shot at a dynamic returner in the draft with a 6th or a 7th round pick



The Dolphins have (re) signed fullback Rolly Lumbala wide receiver/returner Ryan Grice-Mullen to a two-year contracts, according to the Toronto Globe
(The WR) Grice-Mullen, a former teammate at Hawaii of Dolphins leading receiver Davone Bess, left school after his junior year to enter the 2008 NFL draft. The 5-11, 185-pound player signed as an undrafted free agent with the Houston Texans and then the Chicago Bears before joining B.C.

You dont know what you get in the draft unless you pick first. Marshall wont happen

Tuna and his boys will never take a problematic player. Mashall is problematic

Josh - Marshall has way to much baggage and brings down a team. You think Parcells wants a WR kicking footballs in practice and not trying or not wanting to practice. I would rather do without an attitude, cocky receiver. Also, do you honestly think the cheaters (pats) are going to let Wilfork come to Miami?? Doubtful...

Also, get rid of the caps!!

+1 I agree

This is no brainer! Please trade away picks, the only one of our players from last 2 drafts I would not trade for Cribbs would be long....

Posted by: 25 years and counting | January 07, 2010 at 11:45 AM

That's quite a statement.

I can't see taking Cribbs stright-up over Langford, Merling, Davis or either of the Smiths....... but would you really be willing to trade what seems to be our QB of the future (Henne) for a return man?

So Tricky's wish list includes us drafting 8 different positions... way to CYA. Why not just say we need players at every position?

I would be happier with To than Marshall...

TO --> Terrell Owens

If getting Cribbs means giving up draft picks,i say dont do it but if the Dolphins could offer a couple of players like Ginn or Porter then absolutely make the deal. Just dont think the Dolphins are in the best position to give up draft picks,especially for a return guy

If getting Cribbs means giving up draft picks,i say dont do it but if the Dolphins could offer a couple of players like Ginn or Porter then absolutely make the deal. Just dont think the Dolphins are in the best position to give up draft picks,especially for a return guy

Mark your making WAAAY to much sense c'mon

I've got great confidence in this front office. Here's proof they know how to build a team:
2009 NFL Payrolls

1. New York Giants $ 137,638,866
2. Miami Dolphins $ 126,855,921
3. Houston Texans $ 122,573,860
4. New Orleans Saints $ 121,552,424
5. Chicago Bears $ 120,672,110
6. New York Jets $ 120,168,770
7. Pittsburgh Steelers $ 119,604,460
8. Arizona Cardinals $ 116,701,866
9. San Diego Chargers $ 115,264,155
10. Green Bay Packers $ 114,597,569
11. Carolina Panthers $ 112,738,038
12. Buffalo Bills $ 111,956,066
13. Oakland Raiders $ 111,527,250
14. Baltimore Ravens $ 109,200,157
15. Tennessee Titans $ 109,025,090
16. San Francisco 49ers $ 107,746,232
17. Washington Redskins $ 105,049,071
18. Jacksonville Jaguars $ 103,558,989
19. Philadelphia Eagles $ 102,490,815
20. Denver Broncos $ 102,043,735
21. Indianapolis Colts $ 101,203,115
22. Minnesota Vikings $ 99,806,040
23. New England Patriots $ 97,565,413
24. Detroit Lions $ 95,963,320
25. Atlanta Falcons $ 95,492,002
26. Cincinnati Bengals $ 94,591,308
27. Cleveland Browns $ 93,932,182
28. Dallas Cowboys $ 90,650,939
29. Seattle Seahawks $ 89,075,820
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $ 84,501,322
31. Kansas City Chiefs $ 83,187,156
32. St. Louis Rams $ 62,384,821

Miamitrini.....that's what I was talking about yesterday.Ginn can catch the ball when he's by himself and doesn't hear the foot steps.A dependable experienced wide receiver would take the pressure off Ginn to perform better.I'd give Ginn one more shot( with another playmaker) and if that doesn't work,it's off to St.Louis or another lame football team.

Just read on ESPN that the Jets could well trade for Brandon Marshall if they don't resign Braylon Edwards, lets just assume this is correct and it could well be, Parcells pig headedness in not trading for "diva" receivers is going to hurt us once again in not only acquiring the guy who could complete our passing offense but leave us having to play against him twice a year against the hated Jets!!! The idea of this is leaving me feeling sick to my stomach.

WEll it takes three years to fully develop most wr's so go ahead draft one, and wait three years. I dont Marshall, id rather complain about not having a number one wr. Wilfork is a FA, so NE has jack to say about it, unless they want to pay BIG money, obviously you missed eariler in the year, when Wilfork was open about not feeling loved by NE, SO we will see, but i feel we will get him. We wont get suh in draft, and NT is about strength not athleticism. MLB, S is about athleticism, so we need to take the top prospects VIA DRAFT for thoughs positions. Please you guys tell me what to do about the wr problem,? you dont Marshall, youd rather complain about Ginn, and not adress the issue, Jackson isnt going anywhere. We wont give up a bunch of first rounds for proven WR'S, so it leaves us either drafting one, which wont happen, not in the first round, or trading for one, and the only one that is worth the money, and time, and effort will be Marshall. I dont care if you dont like him, we need him, and at 25, he will mature, he will be in a new place, and new environment, which will be good for him.

Canfin - It wont matter when Dirty Sanhcez is throwing INT's to the defense instead of getting it to Marshall...

Six fumbles is totally unacceptable. It completely negates the positives of his explosiveness as a returner.

It's also a pity that his grammar and syntax are so poor. It literally makes me "sic."

But on to some random observations:

1) The United States just beat out Canada for the Gold Medal at the World Junior Hockey Championship. Canada is devastated. I don't think anyone (aside from the players and their families) in the United States really cares.

2) When I make poop, I often take the football encyclopedia into the bathroom with me. In 1970, Paul Warfield averaged over 25 yards per catch for the Miami Dolphins. Did Davonne Bess even average 10 yards per catch last year? It's a very different game today.

3) Bill Maher once said that he tried a 3-way, and while, theoretically, it sounds nice, he found the extra woman too distracting. I just don't know. I'd like to try it. Perhaps I could use the Dodsworth Time Machine (c) and go back to 1962 and have some fun with Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida. Of course they'd both have to be wearing all black lingerie and high heels, and they'd have to tell me they love me before, during and after, because I'm very sensitive.

4) Buxom Italian women are proof of God's existence (as well as the four-part harmony of Leonard Bernstein's "Tonight" from "West Side Story").

5) George Gershwin's "Fascinatin' Rhythm" sounds like it's written in 7/8 time, but it's actually 8/8.

6) The Dolphins aren't in the playoffs this year. It hurts my feelings. No joke. It really does.

7) All I hear about is "The Dolphins need a shutdown corner." With the passing rules in effect today, that's virtually an impossibility. I HATED when the Dolphins got rid of Patrick Surtain because he was truly as close to a "shutdown corner" as we've had in a long time. (Madison was for a little bit, but he could be beaten, and beaten badly, his last few years with us.)

8) My wife is a buxom Italian (well, half-Italian), but I couldn't be in a 3-way with her. I mean, c'mon. What are you, sick?

THe glib answer is to say to trade Ginn for Cribbs, but that is probably not happening even though Ginn would be better suited for a west Coast style of offense. Nevertheless, I think the Dolphins should make a run for him if they intend to keep the wildcat package, which I think they should (my humble opinion though). I think Cribbs offers some versatility, insurance and obviously upgrades the special teams

Again we will get Marshall, or we will be out of playoffs again simple as that, he is the best option, because of his head butting with MCFAGLES. He will come undervalued, and is a elite wr. We get him, or no wr, its that simple, we wont trade first round picks for calvin johnson's, so we are stuck drafting BS wr's who take forever to stick, or you go after the best wr you can get, at the lowest price, which will be Marshall. I hope we do get him.

Mc Danields won't trade Marshall to the Dolphins Forget it people , Bellichat will be mad at him, not happening ,Parcells will not trade 2 first picks for any player to much talent on the draft this year , a third rounder this year is like a first last year in some cases , if i were to choose in the draft I'll go all out for defense , We need N.T , L.B's , Safeties , especially a free safety and a lot of help at the Linebacker Position in and outside, I'll love Parcells swings for the Fences either with Marshall or Jackson but is not Happening

Id rather have a 25 year old pro bowler, at the same price you would pay a unproven rookie wr. You guys are stupid... He has issues, we all have issues? Look at ginn, he is affraid to get hit. Yet you want him returning kick offs? makes sense i guess makes him run for the endzone lol. Marshall, or no one, you pick, because if we dont get him, DONT DARE EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT HAVING A ELITE WR, EVER YOU UNDERSTAND!! SHUT YOUR MOUTHS ABOUT HAVING NO ELITE WR ON TEAM, BECAUSE EVERY OTHER ONE, WILL BE HIGHLY EXPENSIVE, WHICH WE ALL KNOW WE WONT GIVE UP THE HOUSE FOR. So either Marshall, or shut up about average wr core.

LOL @ Nathaniel...

We will persue Wilfork from NE watch... We will acquire Marshall, trade Porter, who is on his way out, a second round pick, and throw in Turner, or Camarillo.

You just keep believing that, Sanchez isn't that bad and believing him to be an interception machine is just stupid, if we don't get Marshall and the Jets get him it will bite us in the ass for years to come.
Who should we get, like josh said, we aren't likely to draft one (Bryant etc) in the first, Jackson - maybe but doubtful, Boldin - aging, injury prone, just curious as we have a pretty urgent need for a big play WR!!!!!!
Yeah Marshall has baggage, issues, but brings playmaking talent, demands double coverage, is young, capable of maturing, and more than anything, worth the risk of being a problem alot more than risking a No 1 on Ted Ginn, a No 2 on Pat White, need I go on.

LOL @ Josh

Jackson wont be going anywhere. Marshall is the only one who is butting heads with manegment, and will come cheaper than the others. Plus Denver has two, three of our starters from last year, who will prob be all for bringing in Porter. PERFECT!!

LOL at you disgracing Jesus. You should consider yourself Fat Budha

Jat jesus, Buy a bullet, and rent a gun. :)

Buy a brain and use it every once in awhile

Hey Mando,

I think we should pass on Cribbs. He's gonna be primarily a special teams player and he doesnt play wr very much. Keep Ginn for those duties!

What do you think about possibly getting Plaxico Burress? I think he gets released from prison in July.

Josh - Are you a NFL manager or president who makes decisions? I think you should call Parcells and let him know your feelings. Why you are at see if he has an opening...

I look at a broad spectrum of events, most of you just look at the narrow line, of obvious. Denver has alot of EX Mia players, who can lobby for our players, if we offer a trade. Two NT is the position on defense where you can still play effectivly in your 30's, because there job in a 3.4 is to stuff the gaps, and take up double team, resulting in us going after Wilfork, who is 28. MLB, and S need to be fast athlectic, and quick, meaning you want youth there, DRAFT. Marshall not the greatest thing out there, but is unhappy, great talent, has baggage, but we can help him unpack, and again, Porter with a second, and maybe somone else, would be a enticing offer to MCfagels, to get rid of his problem, while bringing in some talent, and the option of drafting some more talent, remember they got the 11th overall pick, from Chicago, two first round picks now, for cutler, so they would be willing to let him go for less. Because they can draft Tate, and DEZ if they wanted too. You guys dont think about the obvious stuff like i do, i think about the situations at hand, and that can work. NE has a BUNCH of picks, so taking a top notch NT will be good for them, instead of paying Wilfork, especialy when you got ALOT of money in the offense in general. But again i dont expect the average fan, to take all that into account. Instead they just run their yaps, not knowing anything.

I know everyone is fired up about us not getting in the playoffs, but I think I'd be even more pissed off if I were a Broncos fan.They started out 6-0 and didn't make the playoffs.I almost feel sorry for them.

I don't think cribbs is worth the trade. Yes he is an amazing athelete. Yes he would make a sick combination in the wild cat package but then again isn't thy the reason we picked up pat white. So that he can spice up the wildcat. Cribbs isn't an all star receiver. Yes he can catch. But can he do it like Fitzgerald, or Marshall. We need a star receiver to complement our up and coming star QB. So, I saw we wait for Marshall. As for the draft, we need MLB and a FS. The NT position will be filled by ferguson next year and solai will get better. That's just my opinion. Ohh and you can guarantee that we are picking up another QB for back up. And say good bye to pat!

Josh - Do you honestly think we could get Marshall at the same price as an unproven rookie? YOU ARE NUTS!! He will not be cheap.

Stay away from a problematic receiver.

I should be, please contact him, i can do MUCH better job getting players than Ireland jesus seriously i could.

Josh, you are not looking at the other teams going after these players. I would love to get Marshall and Wilfork but I don't see it happening.

If you could do a better job, don't you think you would be working for an NFL team?

What if Denver wants a 1st round pick at minimum for Marshall? You think he is going to come cheap through a trade and he WILL NOT...

If he would of came cheap, he would of been traded earlier in the year or before the season started...

I think we can get Marshall, for a second round, Porter, and Turner or Camarillo. Thats what i think. Denver has alot of vets, and alot of picks this year, so again giving a Porter, and wr, with our second, could do it, if not then give up our First, and Porter, maybe trade down, then give up our first, and Porter.

Reniel: Plaxico don't get the work permission. still in Jail

check PTF

LOL yeah ok give a fan the the Gm SPOT lol, your funny, you have to be the "in" to get that crap, i do that job in my sleep, whih sucks for us, because we not winning, because of some bad decisions. With a uncapped year, and the money we have, with the depth we have, yeah we can get alot of FA's, if we wanted. Trade down our first round pick, then offer it, and Porter for Marshall.

Josh, you do make some pretty good observations but I don't think the Tuna will gamble on Marshall.I hope he surprises us but I'm not counting on it.

C'mon then Indiana, what's your solution, who do we get to solve our WR problem or do you think Ted Ginn is the answer???
Just curious thats all, most good WR's have some sort of diva attitude to them, Ochocinco, TO, Randy Moss, Marshall.
I'd love to get an Andre Johnson but they come along once in a lifetime so as most rookie WR's take years to develope and we agree we aint going to take a Dez Bryant with our 12th pick just exactly how do you propose we solve our WR solution???

Ok, i see the following happen:
1) V Jackson will stay with SD (SD will pay him)
2) Parcells doesnt want a diva WR like Marshall, no chance were getting him
3) I can see Jerry Jones opening the wallet for Miles Austin, (on the other hand, if dallas loses, maybe Miles doesnt want to stay) very unlikely.

SO who is left Anquan Boldin, he is 30 years old, starting to wear down, and im not sure about his contract status, cause i dont see Parcells trading any picks for him.

But i tell you what i rather have Boldin than Pat White.

Anyways, i hope we get a nice WR, but I am not sure if that will happen.

Thank you i made all the correct points. YOU WANT A ELITE WR? Parcells not going to use first round on one. Not a rookie. EVERY ELITE WR out there is either OLD, or cost to much money, except a troubled Marshall. So you either go after him, or shut up about our wr's. Its that simple. Yes that simple.

Josh - a 2nd rounder and 2-3 players is WAY to much. Even a first and 1-2 players as you say is way to much...

I am sure glad you do not make the choices for Miami!!

The only way that Dolphin's buy or trade for a WR "DIVA" is with Tuna and all his boys out from the Dolphins . And may be happen after 2010 if the next season is another mediocre season . The new owner start to take the operation's football control .


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