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Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today

Sometimes it is better to just let you guys drive the bus.

So rather than write about stuff I think you want to know about, this afternoon you simply tell me what you want to know. It's called an interactive live blog chat.

If I know the answer, I'll give it to you. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to get it for you. Unlike question-and-answer forums on other websites, I'm not going to feed you so much bovine manure as to fake my way through answers.

So I will be here at 1 p.m. today and we can talk, debate, banter, even argue if you wish. I'll stay until all the questions are answered. Maybe I'll have some questions for you, too.

If you can't be here between 1-whenever, leave your question or comment beforehand and I'll get to those first.

All I ask is you don't ask me whom the Dolphins are going to pick in the draft -- as in the name of the dudes. The answer to that question right now is I don't know.


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The news just came in that the guy in L.A wants the Bills or the Jags in his new stadium if the bills go who would come into our devision?

The news just came in that the guy in L.A wants the Bills or the Jags in his new stadium if the jags go who would come into our devision? Amd same if buffalo would go who would be in our devision and who would be our new revial?


I don't know about everyone else but i hope we get some better talent this offseason I hope Teddy is gone, Who do you think WILL be gone before the start of the 2010 season?


Read your article yesterday, regarding how depressed the locker room was after players cleared out their belongings. I ask do you think it was more depressing in the locker room two years ago after the Dolphins finished 1-15? Or this years 7-9 team?
Also, do you think the Dolphins are still in rebuilding mode even after having a winning season the year before? Or where you spoiled by the success Parcells, Ireland and Sparano brought to the table in conjuction with playing a weak schedule?
Lastly, do you think the Dolphins should draft a reciever in the first round? Or should we continue to shore up the teams most glaring problem the defense? Which by the way played "matador defense" in most fourth quarters and recentley first quarters too. And if that reciever was either Dez Bryant or the defesive player was Ronlando McClain which would you choose? That of course if either where available at pick 12?


Two questions.
1. You got ANYTHING on the CBA? Inside scoop? Dirty rumor? He said/she said?
I'm desperate here. Everybody wants to speculate on FA and the draft. I'm all in, I love it. However, without knowing whether or not a CBA will be in place, it seems more redundant than ever.
2. If Ireland was fired and you were hired, what would you do to get a true playmaking no. 1 WR?
Would you try trading/FA, or would you use the 12th overall pick?
Since I've already asked more than two questions, I might as well keep going.
What in your opinion is our biggest team need(singular).

Happy New Year and thanks for everything.

Hey mando, i really think chad henne Will be the starter but do you think there is a chance pennington come back at 2nd qb? I think it will accelerate henne learning process

Mando, who are some realistic players that we should be looking at in the draft? I have to think Dez Bryant (everyone's favorite) will be gone. And that's aside from the fact that Tuna "doesn't like" drafting WRs in the first round. LB? DB? Thanks for the info man!

AHHH,The big ? is who will drive the bus let's vote!In no order of who might be the favorite, we will list.FakeGM,Jaksin,Beerndrums(gotta like the name),JustinCedible(catchy),Bpbby12,ALoco(sometimes),Cuban Menace(gotta love the third person),Lying,and or Dying(sounds like pilot and CO-pilot just don't hunt with either one),POwhite(enough said),But the wiener IS.............TorturedDolphan..Gotta love Women drivers.

Mando, with your esteemed knowledge who do think the fins will let walk and who will stay from the following.
Ginn, Fasano, Brown, Ferg, Porter, J.T, Anderson, Torbor, Channing, Torbor, Wilson and J Allen.

For me i would keep J.T Channing, Fasano and Brown.

Akin cant tackle, tobor is overpaid and anderson has one decent game a season. Dont start me off on ginn. Sounds like ferg is done and i think porter is as well.

Who would you pick with the 12th ? Bryant, Mcclain ??

Send the Jags to LA!!!
This way, Central Florida can get back Dolphins coverage on Network TV!!!!
And they can take Ginn Jr and Crowder with them!!!


I feel like Miami should fire the OC and DC...so if you had to name a few coordinators that would fit with the Tuna in Miami, who would they be?Is it possible Miami goes after Charlie Weis?

By the way Mando you have to answer my questions first because I'm a girl ha Ladies first...

I just feel like there is an overall lack of talent on this team. I don't see where they upgraded at any position. They just added guys that would bench players on other teams. BTW, I feel C Crowder is a vastly overrated ILB. What or how do other teams think of or attack Crowder. After all, that's what really matters.

Other than the O line, I should say. Only in spots(improvements, Smiley and Long) the rest are just "fill INS".


Sorry, can't be here for the live chat. Anyways, on to my question. This regime has an idea of the type of offense they want to run, at least that is mly belief. I think they really want to run a spread-option type offense, with the ability to use the pass to really keep defenses on their heels. I believe the drafting of Pat White was proof of this, and then the trading for Tyler Thigpen only seemed to make it that much clearer. And White worked out of the Pistol formation, one that Thigpen worked out of in KC last year. Once Ronnie Brown went down, the spread option wasn't really a viable option anymore, and threy switched to a more traditional offense. I think in the limited time in which you saw Thigpen, they really changed up there play calling. Once he showed he not only would, but could throw deep, and had PIT on there heels a little bit, it made the reverse to Hartline that much more likely to succeed. Now, I am not saying White will be a factor. But, I believe Thigpen will be given every opportunity to compete with Henne in the offseason. and I believe the winner of that competition will be more based off the style of offense we want to use next season. At the very least, I think they still do most of the things they did this year, but it would be Thigpen taking the place of Pat White in those situations. So Mando, in looking at the personnel moves, combined with formations and play calls this year, do you see that this spread-option passing style offense is what the regime ultimately wants to run?

sparano should be able to figure out how to get chunk yards. all he has to do is watch his defense and he will see how to get them in bunches! did you like last years rag-tag bunch of less-talented overachievers or this years under-achievers who laid an egg the last 3 games? and do you believe we can get an honest assessment on what went wrong at seasons end from the coach?

Awe downer12 you can't just pull the girl card not fair lol :)

I would ask about the evaluation of assistants and Sparano but we'll never know went on, will we?

So, I'll ask you Mando. How do you rate Sparano and his coordinators?

Without a great nose tackle, the 3-4 system cannot work well. It also requires specific type of players at DE, OLB, and ILB.
The Dolphins don't have that nose tackle. They don't have that OLB. They are trying to teach Cameron Wake to be that, but he would be better as a 4-3 DE right now. So would Jason Taylor. There are also a few DEs on the team who might be better suited at their natural, 4-3 DT position (McDaniel, Starks).
Why won't they consider switching back to a 4-3, for which it is much easier to get the right type of player?
It seems like a case of forcing the system on the players you have, rather than tailoring the system to the abilities of who is there. Especially because of the NT situation.

I'm not able to bee at the live chat at 1 so here's my question. Do you know what big name threat of a WR we are focusing on because without one going into next season . . . It Won't end up well

Armandoooooo -

FIRST - Thank you for always doing a good job and posting news as you get it.. i certainly do appreciate it and try to read each blog...

Question 1. - I noticed a lot of questionable play calling this season compared to last and i read in one of your blogs there is no confirmation of either coordinator coming back.. Any chance Miami is looking else where.. either just in case or perhaps to fix suspect play calling???

Questions 2. - Please tell me Miami isn't going to invest more draft picks into the WildCat like they did with Pat White.. without Brown and Cobbs the WildCat was not affective and barely used.. do you think the Cat is back in the bag??

Question 3. - What are the chances Miami gets rid of Ted Ginn.. ? I cringe every time i see him... ever since the day he was drafted...

Question 4. - last but not least.. i heard a rumor that Cam Cameron was applying for the Bills coaching job.. any truth to that? it would be a dream come true to beat up on him twice a year...

thanks again for your hard work...

Mando. Will this blog be available throughout the off season. Thanks again for being are inside guy

Armando, a couple of questions:

1. Was attendance up or down this year? Season Ticket sales up or down?

2. Do you think they will eat some of the contracts for guys who didn't work like Gerbil Wilson?

3. And who are the Dolphins priority Free Agents to resign? Nate Jones, JT etc?


mando, who was responsible for the pat white pick? why did we proclaim him our 2nd string nfl QB instead of realizing he would be a 3 year project who needed alot of work? why did we randomly insert him to hand-off at the most inopportune times? he had zero completions for the year! he was no threat because he can't throw; our opponents figured that out and stuffed the box. a wasted pick?????

I have my own theory but why do you think they kept playing White? I mean, after a while it was obvious he was just wasting a down.

Greg, looks like you beat me to it....still want to know.

1.Haven't heard an update in awhile concerning Ronnie and how his rehab may be going.----------

2. Just how much will the CBA affect us and who besides Ronnie?-----------

3. Just how dedicated do you feel that Ross is about putting his money where his mouth is unlike Wayne concerning making Miami champs again??---------

4. What incentives, penalties or rule changes have you heard of being kicked around the league concerning pulling starters late in the year and how it is affecting the game??-----thx Mando

I'm thinking you won't answer my question regarding your evaluation of Sparano and the coordinators....probably get you in trouble with them.

So, I'll ask another: After facing playoff caliber teams, the 3 year plan is not looking too good. In your opinion, how many more years are we looking at?

How bad is Patrick Turner? Henne could really use a target like that, but we active Ted Ginn Jr. for games instead. Hard to believe that the coaching staff is that worried about special teams. Seeing as how our special teams should ride the special bus.

Any chance Bobby April,special team coach for Buffalo (fired) lands in Miami? Thanks

How does the front office feel about Channing Crowder? For some reason I see him get bashed a lot on these blogsby fans who don't know football. I have watched every game live and then most a second time focusing on individual players. I think he is steady player who does a good job. I don't think he makes the big plays, but I think he is a steady presence that was sorely missed the last two games. With a playmaking LB (R. McClain)who maybe takes some chances they could make a great tandem for the next 5-7 years.

Will Bianka,the left corner-endzone cheerleader, be resigned or does she hold any trade value?

Main question: what's gonna happen with ginn??? And asst. Coach positions? Thanks for being our info ambassador Armando

Did anybody else notice Wes Welker crying like a lil byotch ???

What's your feelings on Ronnie Brown will the dolphins lock him up are let him walk

wooohooo!!!!! the retards are driving the short bus!!!!!! weeeeeeeeee!

what was that mystery Henne eye injury in Sunday's game?was he suffering from blurred vision, like the rest of us, due to NO SHOW 1st half LAST 3 GAMES neurological syndrome?


Is Brandon Marshall on the market? Should we trade our #12 pick for him or can we get him cheaper?

Armando, one question...there is always a "suprise", especially from Parcells team...What one player do you think that will be traded or cut that the fans will not see coming??? Personally I think with his history of injuries, Ronnie Brown may not be back in a Fin uniform, I'm interested in who u thiink it might be???

What's the next most important position in the draft for us expcept WR? Is it TE with our type of offense?

Its not even 10:00 and Armando already has 100 questions to answer.

I was suffering from blurred vision on sunday from mourning a disappointing season with lots of guaro.

I agree. Get Jax outta here (Orlando) so I can watch the fins...

Other than that. I'm going to ask a simple question Mandy. As a lifelong fan, when can I expect a ROI?

Also, Mandy, would you let me ghost write an article for you?

Do you henning will be there for 2010? What do you think about a guy like Charlie Weiss taking that spot?

How majestic is the wanstache and does it reall hold magical powers?

Who’s darker…. Ronnie Brown or Wesley Snipes? And can Blade run the WildKat?

Wow, Armando you sure have a lot of questions to answer already. I sure hope you are ready to type!!

I know Ndamukong Suh will be gone with the first or second pick overall, but do you foresee Miami actually trading up to get him? I think it would be a great idea to trade first round picks and another pick(3rd, 4th or 5th) or instead maybe trading the first round picks along with a player. Do you think this is even worth it or something Miami would try to do??

True or Untrue

Gilbert Arenas will be traded to the Miami Heat and will immediately rename their franchise to “The Heat Packers”?

DurtySanchez561 - Who really cares about Wesley Snipes and/or Gilbert Arenas on a Miami DOLPHINS blog??

Stick with football related items and wuit wasting the space on this blog...

Mando I would really like to know how far away the dolphins think they are? 2 or 3 years or 4. If 2 years plus then resigning JT or even playing Ricky is pointless. Trade Ronnie Brown and start building the team like Dallas in the early 90's

Sevensharp58 - very good point, but I do think we are only a year, 2 at most away from being elite. I believe we will be a playoff team next year and maybe contend and in 2 seasons we will be an elite team.

This said without any major injuries happening. We do NOT need to trade Ronnie Brown...

If the dolphin are able to get Brandon Marshall in the offseason (and I will pray dearly everyday until that happens) who should they invest their 1st round pick on? LB, safety, NT?

If Patrick Turner will be activated next season then 1 current receiver will have to be traded either Camarillo or Bess Agreed?
If a receiver is also drafted early then another currently on the roster will have to go and that will be who? Ginn?
Ginn is one of the league's best KR so that doesn't make sense.

Indiana Ronnie Brown will be 27 maybe 28 next year. Has finished only one season and is the only player with any trade value that would likely begin to diminish within the 2 years. I love Ronnie Brown but I really would like the dolphins to start building a true foundation.

What do you think the odds are that the dolphins can draft tim tebow from the gators... Cuz then we wouldn't need a running back or the wildcat when we have a qb

If we can get a proven receiver (Marshall or whoever) then we should keep Ginn.If the Tuna is not interested in this,we need to let Ginn go.Shoot...that was supposed to be my question.Mando,should the Tuna get rid of Ginn if we don't get a play makin receiver?


Dolphan0421 - You must be crazy...we have a QB and will NOT draft Tebow.

What does everyone have against Henne after only 13 decent starts?

Most likely scenario:
Camarillo/Bess traded, perhaps along with low draft choice for a linebacker that's been in the league and is ready to get paid to a team that has a young linebacker that they want to get on the field.
First draft pick will be best available player regardless of position.
With Camarillo/Bess gone Turner will be made active.
We either draft with a low pick a receiver for practice squad or sign an undrafted free agent.

Nothing just tebow is a beast And can help with the wild cat 10 times better then white can... Drop white draft tebow... Drop Ginn get marshal... Then get a good TE and the dolphins would be beasts

if you are looking for a bus driver look no further

Prevoius posts already suggested getting Brandon Marshall, what about the other Bronco future castoff Tony Scheffler?

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