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Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today

Sometimes it is better to just let you guys drive the bus.

So rather than write about stuff I think you want to know about, this afternoon you simply tell me what you want to know. It's called an interactive live blog chat.

If I know the answer, I'll give it to you. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to get it for you. Unlike question-and-answer forums on other websites, I'm not going to feed you so much bovine manure as to fake my way through answers.

So I will be here at 1 p.m. today and we can talk, debate, banter, even argue if you wish. I'll stay until all the questions are answered. Maybe I'll have some questions for you, too.

If you can't be here between 1-whenever, leave your question or comment beforehand and I'll get to those first.

All I ask is you don't ask me whom the Dolphins are going to pick in the draft -- as in the name of the dudes. The answer to that question right now is I don't know.


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Tebow isn't going to be wearing a dolphins uni any time soon. Henne will be good, also trading bess = big mistake

I'd be surprised if Ronnie is on the team next season.I love what he did for us,but the injuries outweigh the positive points.Let's give Henne another shot at starting before we castrate him.Of course he needs to earn it with some competition in camp.....we just can't hand him the keys just yet.

Have you calmed down yet, Armando, or is your utter hate/disdain for Tedd Ginn Jr going strong? You were able to walk away from the edge earlier this year with your "the rehabilitation of Tedd..." article. Have you jumped from the cliff?

Forget Tebow the Tuna and Sparano will never tolerate his crying, hugging, virginity and general homosexual tendencies.

If you let Marc write an article, I'm quitting this blog. He's dumbuh!!

WHile i did laugh....how is Tebow's Virginity a homosexual tendency. I will say though, he and Urban had to many affectionate embraces. I never remembered him being on Leak like that. Geez

We definitely shouldn't get rid of Bess. Ginn and Camarillo are gone this off season. What about D coordinator? I think we need a change up there. Isn't Parcells good friends with Romeo Crennel? Any chance that happens?

What would you do with Pat White? Joshua Cribbs was a quarterback in college and played similar to White at WV, can he put on weight to serve as a KR/WR/WildPat handler? Or does he turn out like MARCUS VICK ( Where I personally see this going) I liked the pick in April, but after seeing him on the field this year he looks like a boy among men.
Thanks, and Happy New Year

What's the one event in the last decade that defined the Dolphins?

Dolphan0421 - Get off the Tebow bandwagon. He is not going to get drafted. I liked the Pat White in April as well, but still thought it was to high where we drafted him. He needs to beef up though and become a Antwaan Randel El style of player. He will never be a starter in this league.

Camarillo and Bess will be hard to get rid of. I like them both as possession receivers and it is very hard to say one way or the other who to get rid of...

Bess is younger though I believe??

Star QB, heisman winner two national championship! Virgin? Always hugging and embracing his peers? That spells butt pirate!

Hey Mando, great job informing us DolFans. From NJ and its killing me w/the Jets buzz going on up here. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

anyways... i feel its best for us to go out and get an experienced WR say a B. Marshall.. or a V. Jackson(S.D.) maybe even A. Boldin(although its a year later and he's older and always banged up) than through the draft(not that its a given we draft a WR). we cant continue to milk our way down the field and when we need to move the ball it kills us that we dont have play makers, a #1 on the team. i believe on Henne, the O line has depth... i like Ronnie(though injured a alot) and Ricky is good for another year as the 2nd fiddle w/Lex in the wings along w/Cobb and The Man Polite. our offense needs WR HELP!!!

thanks...FinFan since 82!

I heard you on the radio...they are not drafting a QB early in the draft. No way.

What makes up a "diva" receiver? someone who wants the ball, has the ability to takeover a game, someone who is confident in their abilities, someone who knows that they are the best at what they do and want to be paid for it? Say what you will but Brandon Marshall, Braylon Edwards, T.O., Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant, etc. All NFL players are ego-maniacs because they make alot of money, have people worshipping them and play a game at the highest level for a job, some are just more vocal than others. Isn't Joey Porter a "diva" linebacker? A strong coaching staff can reign in these personalities and put them in positions to be successful, which is all every player wants.

How would u go about trying out for the dolphins before the next season starts if you can even do that

Meant to post that any of those players would be welcome additions. Sorry, got on a tangent and forgot to post the question.

Armando in your opinion do you believe this front office and coaching staff is strong enough to handle a "diva" receiver?

Camarillo gone? Why on G-d's green earth would anyone think or write that?

Let me start off saying i love reading your blogs Mando. Im in Cali, the bay area, and all i hear about out here is the freakin niners and shitty raiders. I have to read The herald every single day and see whats going on with all my South Florida teams. But anyways!

It would make no sense trading Ronnie Brown! We have WAY too many holes to fill already, and when he is health, he is a top ten rusher. Its hard to find backs like him.

Chad Henne had a decent 13 games. He should be the starter next season, if we sign Pennington, then we do and he should be back up. I dont think we should bring him back cuz it already seems like they want Henne to be himself. Thigpen should be #2 and White #3.

Three out of our four WR are more suited to play the slot position. I disagree with all of you that say we should get rid of Ginn. The guy is super fast, has decent hands and he's not that expensive. I do agree he's a number two wr though. We need to get Turner on the field. He could possibly be a Sidney Rice(vikings wr). I personnally think we should trade Camarillo, leave Hartline in speacial teams and have Ginn, Bess, either Turner, draft pick or free agent on the field. That gives you a speedy receiver(GINN), and slot receiver(Bess), and big body receiver(Tuner or new guy).

I also think we should go after Charlie wise? He could even bring in Golden Tate if Bryant isnt Available.What do you think? GO FINS!!!!

Whats up with VC at RT? Did not play well at times this year for what he was paid.

Is Pat Turner that bad or just on the 3 year plan?


SI's Peter king voted Carey for his All Pro taem

Even doe u sound like a straight up republican,n I know u is,I like most of your opinions.so do we have enuff mediocre talent to trade in order to move up in draft?would tuna n gang even consider that?Peace.

What up, folks. Hope I'm not alone on here today.

Hope everyone is doing well. I appreciate you being here. Let's roll ...


A few questions for you.

1) Do you see any of the coaching staff being replaced? Perhaps Henning?

2) Its obvious WR, NT, LB and S are the top concerns for the Dolphins. Who do you see them targeting at #12 during the draft?

3) With no CBA - many teams will get to "keep" their stud players who are in the final year of their contract (similar to Miami and Ronnie Brown). I don't see Miami making a big splash in the FA pool this year but if they do - who do you think they'll target (I can see Kevin Walter and Owen Daniels getting their attention)

Thanks as always Mando! :)

Now its cut OR "trade Camarillo"??? What is going on w/ you people??/ First, why? He's super-dependable, a good example, & just getting over knee surgery. Second, what do you faux-GMs think his trade value is?

I for one am glad we Have Camarillo on our team!!! I hope he sticks around for a long time.

NYPhinfan, I wouldn't worry about Jacksonville moving to LA because they're not in the AFC East.

Buffalo isn't going anywhere as long as Ralph Wilson is alive.


I think Gibril Wilson will be gone. I think either Jason Taylor or Joey Porter will be gone, but probably not both.

I think one of the current ILBs will be gone - either Ayodele or Torbor.

And obviously, I think there will be turnover at WR.


Is Vince Wilfork a restricted or unrestricted free agent at the end of the season?

Gibril Wilson has got to go... Right? I don't care they paid him 8 million or 12 million guaranteed... No cap next year so no cap ramifications... He is a waste of a roster space.

Awesome work as usual Mando:
Here's my food for thought. Should we be graced with the incredible luck of having Dez Bryant AND "Mount" Cody (6'7 345 lb NT) available at 12...Who would you rather see us drafting?
I'm on your soapbox when it comes to WR help, and Cody may not be at top 12 pick, but man, he could be a prototype NT for years to come and won't be there in Round 2.


The atmosphere was worse on Monday than in 2007. That long-ago team was dysfunctional and everyone wanted that season to end.

This team was greatly, greatly disappointed in themselves and the fact they didn't meet their own expectations. They were much more down than that 2007 team.

Are the Dolphins still rebuilding?


which wrs do you see going/saying?

Not a question but a comment…

You voting for Brady as the Comeback Player of the Year is horses**t. It proves your infatuation and man-crush on him.

It's called "Comeback Player of the Year" not "Best Player to Get Hurt Last Season". He threw 50 TDs two season ago… is a 23 TD season really deserving of "CPotY"?

Cedric Benson was all but out of football. You're a joke. A Tom Brady loving joke.


Pennington is going to wait to see if he's healthy by the end of this month. Then he'll decided whether to start an offseason program for 2010.

I have been told he isn't ruling anything out, but his first preference is to go somewhere he has a chance to compete for the starting job.

If the Dolphins tell him he has that chance in Miami, then he'll believe them and come here. But I'm not sure the Dolphins will want to do that. It would make him one of those "progress stoppers" jeff Ireland referenced last year.


How realistic is the idea that the Dolphins could attempt to trade for Anquan Boldin. To me, he would be a perfect fit in this offense. Could it happen?

Eddie, everyone:

About Brandon Marshall -- He is not NOW on the market because no trades are possible now anyway.

Having said that, I think Denver will look to move him in the offseason. Will the Dolphins be involved in that sweepstakes?

I seriously doubt it. You know this braintrust doesn't love "diva" WRs. And Marshall is one of the most diva-ish I can think of.

This is an easy one mondo. Why and how was our pass defense able to be picked apart by every team we played this year?? I have never seen a secondary give up that MANY big plays a game the whole year without improving!! Last year goodman and hill struggle to stop the deep ball but later improved why didnt they improve this year?

OK Mando, Where do you see the priorities ordered?

My View is NT, WR, IL, OLB, FS

Not sure you fill all those in one off season.


Vernon Carey played better earlier in the season than later. He was dealing with some injury issues but, hey, so was everyone else.

The troubling question is did Carey get comfortable after getting the big payday? He played better in 2008 than this season. Then he got paid ... It's a question the team has about him right now.


How do you see this regime addressing the WR position? My viewpoint from this regime, is that if they cant get anyone in free agency or make a trade, they will just keep who they have and may draft another unproven player.

If there are WRs out there either through trade or free agency, who are they and what is the likelyhood of Parcells doing it?

With Miles Austin playing like he is playing, i cant see Jerry jones letting him go. Money talks!


How does Sparano compare to other coaches you have covered in terms of likability and honesty from both a media and player perspective. I know that's not what wins superbowls in and of itself, but I really like the guy. He seems like someone I would really respect and enjoy working for. No doubt it would be hard work, but it seems to me he is a real leader. Your take?

Reniel, I don't think Charlie Weis will be coming to Miami.

The chances either Dan Henning or Paul Pasqualoni leave are not very high. They'll likely be back.


Guys like Weis and Romeo Crennel are not the answers because both will either be head coaches somewhere or coordinators.

I know Ndamukong Suh will be gone with the first or second pick overall, but do you foresee Miami actually trading up to get him? I think it would be a great idea to trade first round picks and another pick(3rd, 4th or 5th) or instead maybe trading the first round picks along with a player. Do you think this is even worth it or something Miami would try to do??

Armando, not sure why you ae so anxious to get rid of Gibril Wilson. I admit he didn't have a great year and certainly didn't play anywhere near what he was paid. But why such a rush to get rid of him? Because 2010 isn't a cap year? I think if you gave him another year in the system he will be better.

Do the Dolphins need to look to the draft for a running back? Williams will be another year older, after a pretty punishing year, Brown can leave after next year. Should we wait another year to draft someone or draft someone in the 3rd or 4th round this year?

I'm excited about the prospect of adding a stud reeiver in the draft. How likely do you think they would draft a wide receiver with the 12th pick?


Sparano is a regular guy. He's a guy who LOVES his job and pours himself into the work. He is very honest with the players and some love him and some don't.

He is honest with the media, but very guarded. He's only going to tell you things that fit his agenda -- which is winning football games.

I like the guy. I also like Shula and Saban and Jim Bates. I didn't like Wannstedt or Cameron.

Why is it that coaches seem to get praise when the team plays well (11-5), and criticism when the team plays poor (7-9), unless you're part of Parcell's plan?

I like Sparano, however, he seems like a glorified accountant. He can crunch the #'s, but, his game day decisions and player decisions on who to play and such leave much to be desired in my opinion.

My question is "If Parcells is Sparano's coach, how well is the player playing and the coach coaching?"

No way we try to get Suh.
Maybe Mount Cody at 12?.....


I am almost 100 percent certain Miles Austin will not be available under any circumstances in free agency.

Let me go further: He was a restricted guy and the Dolphins could have gotten him for a second round pick last offseason and didn't do it. So they're not going to do it now even if he is available.

I also believe the most likely scenario for Miami to improve at WR is through the draft. Sad for me. But true.

How could any true Dolphins fan say they liked Saban as our coach? He ruined us .... Remember jason #1 pick Allen?

Armando are u serious??? You like Saban as our coach??? How could u???

OK Limey London,

The priorities are LB, NT, WR, FS.

That doesn't mean they'll draft an LB first, then a NT, then a WR...

They'll draft the best player available on their board that meets a priority.

If the highest rated player is a NT ahead of a LB, they'll do that. If there's a higher rated WR in the second round than a LB, they'll do that.

Does that make sense?

Saban didn't ruin us. Ricky did...thrice...

seems to me that the jets pressure from there front seven is what makes there secondary shine....do you think a lack of pressure up front is what is allowing QB's to dissect our secondary?


Two words on the deep passes: Gibril Wilson.

Don't kid yourselve's folks PARCELLS WILL DRAFT A LB @ #12! It is written.


Why do you think they kept playing White even though it was apparent he kept wasting downs?

Why do you think they stuck to the 3-4 when we did not have the personnel to make it work?


Happy New Year amigo...

Now, what is your BEST guess at the off season moves the Dolphins will make? Is there any scuttlebutt on any UFAs out there that garner any interest at any position? You've already addressed that they'll look for WR help in the draft and I hope we find an impact player ala DeSean Jackson, etc. Also, what do you think the future holds for Ted Ginn, who I'm terribly disappointed in?

Btw why the he'll isn't Jason Taylor on the field during obvious passing situations??? Who else do we have that's a better pass rusher? Sparano needs to answer for this questionable desicion.

Mando . I think OL needs a little more help with smiley being banged up every year ( very bad shoulder ) , Thomas and carey inconsistencies . Thoughts ?

the only positive out of Saban was probably Ronnie Brown

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