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Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today

Sometimes it is better to just let you guys drive the bus.

So rather than write about stuff I think you want to know about, this afternoon you simply tell me what you want to know. It's called an interactive live blog chat.

If I know the answer, I'll give it to you. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to get it for you. Unlike question-and-answer forums on other websites, I'm not going to feed you so much bovine manure as to fake my way through answers.

So I will be here at 1 p.m. today and we can talk, debate, banter, even argue if you wish. I'll stay until all the questions are answered. Maybe I'll have some questions for you, too.

If you can't be here between 1-whenever, leave your question or comment beforehand and I'll get to those first.

All I ask is you don't ask me whom the Dolphins are going to pick in the draft -- as in the name of the dudes. The answer to that question right now is I don't know.


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Danny, of all the names that are out there as a possible available WR, Boldin is the one that makes most sense.

His worth has gone down -- because he's older and less productive. And the Dolphins LOVE him.

Doesn't mean it will happen, but I'm just saying he's the most likely ...

Thanks Armando, appreciate anwering most of my three part question:
But if I had to pick a player worth moving up for it would be Rolando McClain and not Dez Bryant. Doubt they either would be around at pick 12. But I have seen both play and really think McCalain would be a top five linebacker in the NFL if he where playing today in the NFL maybe top three? He is the real deal and is that good. Dez Bryant would have half the impact and like most of you know recievers are a dime a dozen and choosing one who doesnt use "i" to spell team is what this regime is looking for and this coming draft is loaded at WR too.
Ohh and by the way I to would quite this blog if Marc was a ghost writer. lol

How does the front office feel about Channing Crowder? For some reason I see him get bashed a lot on these blogsby fans who don't know football. I have watched every game live and then most a second time focusing on individual players. I think he is steady player who does a good job. I don't think he makes the big plays, but I think he is a steady presence that was sorely missed the last two games. With a playmaking LB (R. McClain)who maybe takes some chances they could make a great tandem for the next 5-7 years.

we need our thumbs to go in this direction....CAm im in the playoffs cameron

I think we need t get something for teddy what every pick but something and no we should not waist a pick on WR look what happened with ginn need that NT for the key 3-4 defense and LB if we need that playmaker of WR Get Brandon Marshall Maybe give that 1rd pick in 2011.


You're hurting my feelings ...


Can you add the Alabama LB in that mix? What's his name, McClain?

That's the guy I think would be the better pick than the other two and have an immediate impact.


I agree the need to upgrade at FS. Wilson did not play up to his salary. He was not only terrible tackling early in the year, he was terrible in coverage the ENTIRE year.

Big mistake to sign him.


(1) Do you think Sparano didn't name Henne the starter for 2010 because he plans to offer Pennington a new contract and allow him to compete (if he makes a comeback from his injury)?

(2) I read in a different article that the coaches (I assume Lee) were trying to change Pat White's "delivery" (I assume passing motion) since he came into camp. Can you find out what was wrong with it? He had a better completion percentage than Henne while in college, so what exactly were they trying to fix?


Armando: (sorry if already asked):

In view of Ferguson's age/injury status, Soliai's inadequacies and Importance of NT (& ILBs) to viable 3-4, would the Front Office ever consider reverting to 4-3?

The Dolphins have not won a playoff game in 10 years. What is it going to take to at least get a playoff win for this team


I do not think Henning is going to retire. He might change his mind for some wildhair reason, but he wanted to come back last I heard.

Reid, the OLB coach is gone. He'll be replaced.

Um, free agency will be this:

The stud guys that usually come out, those that are 25-26 years old, won't be available this year.

Instead, because there is no cap, team will get rid of their has-beens. You'll have a bunch of highly paid 30-somethings that team signed to big contracts that will get cut to get rid of the bad contract -- guys like Gibril Wilson.

Those type of guys will be available.

Do you think Ginn will be traded, especially if they can get a 2nd round pick? I feel the dolphins need a WR and a LB badly, I vomited in my own mouth when they passed on Rey Maualuga last season, I am tired of seeing Akin Adoyele suck ass every sunday, he is a special teamer at best in this league. Can they afford to pass on Dez Bryant or Golden Tate or Damien Williams if any are available @ #12? I don't see any play-making werewolf linebackers like last years USC trio, worthy of a pick that high; your thoughts?

Emofinfan: Absolutely no chance Miami goes to a 4-3 as the base defense. Parcells would simply have a heart attack.

quickie follow-up: But surely they see it ain't working when Fergie's out, & surely (??) they see Soliai ain't got it.

Do you think P Cobbs or Lex have what it takes to be a starter or just really good 3rd down backs?

hey mando,

any insider info on the likelyhood of prying Wilfork away from the PATS. that would be great if we could bring him back to south florida.

As glaring as our weakness at #1 WR may be, I believe that Hartline could develop quickly into that spot, with Bess filling the #2 or slot. Is Patrick Turner ever going to develop even to the slot position, or does he just not have the skill to make the leap to active roster? If we don't target a WR with that first pick (which from everything I've read, The Powers That Be are not inclined to do), what is our bigger hole that needs filling, ILB, NT or Safety and who do we target at this early stage?

I think Boldin is also the most likely vertern WR Miami can get.

Do you think it would be wise to trade for Boldin (Ginn and a 3rd??)and also draft a WR early to groom. i believe it take 3 years for WR to become a #1 in the NFL


I suppose Pennington is an option. But as I stated before, that would be reverting to a guy they planned to replace in 2010 anyway. Makes no sense. You don't pull the rug out from under Henne because that would royally piss him off.

As to what they were trying to change in White's motion is they were trying to make it shorter, quicker, not sooooo long.

Mcmuffin: LOL!

Will Turner play in 2010

HP in PA: Totally agree. Crowder is not by any means a star. But he's OK. The biggest issue with him is he gets hurt a lot.

Is it a mistake letting Matt Roth go? I feel so.


Dolphins pick rolls around and these 4 guys are available:

Dez Bryant - WR
Earl Thomas - S
Rolando McClain - ILB
Sergio Kindle - OLB

Who are the fins taking? If it was me, there is no question that it is Bryant; but you got more insight so what do you think?

NJ: This group has spent $156 million on the offensive line. At some point, it's got to be good enough. I think we've reached that point.

Nate Garner was a revelation this year. He's good enough and Berger played well. They are done with the OL for now.

As much as I like and respect Chad Pennington, if he enters 2010 as the starter over Henne, I will have lost all faith in the leadership of the Dolphins.

After a 7-9 season, there are a lot of things that need fixing and it is only natural to talk about those items.

To break away from this a bit, was wondering if you could spend a few minutes to talk about what you think is set and does not need any fixing.

mando any thought of them going after braylon edwards and steve breaston both played with henne at mich. and who do you think will be the first player to be gone. also what is your feelings on navorro bowman from penn state.


do you think that it is the lack of pressure from the front seven that is causing the big plays in the secondary? ie, the 2007 giants(who made gibril look like a pro bowler. the jets also have a disruptive front which makes there secondary shine.

Phinatic, Tony Sparano will have to answer about JT not on the field when JT asks the question.

It made him quite unhappy that he wasn't rushing the passer, which is the thing they most wanted him to do.

But the fact it didn't play out that way speaks to how messed up the LB corps was. JT was the best all-around LB on the team. And he was playing out of position and mostly on running downs.

Go figure.

The only highly paid thirty something I would go after is Steve Huchinson or Hutch.

This guy is still a beast and is probably the best guard in the NFL for the last 8 years and is a sure hall of famer. He literally threw around the best nose tackles in the league since hes been playing. Haloti Ngata was made to look like a rag doll when they played and he is top three NT in the league.
My question is hes in his fourth year with the Vikings when is he a free agent? And do the Dolphins go after him?

If Dan Henne doesnt come back we should go after Charlie Weis remember he knows the Patriots well. If the Fin need a TE we should draft Aarron Hernandez from Florida

Mando , I disagree . if they're done with the OL , than this team ain't going very far. Smiley is one more shot from retirement.


What's the chance that Ted Ginn is a Dolphin in 2010?


The Dolphins will try to replace Ted Ginn this offseason. That doesn't mean they'll cut him. What more likely will happen is he goes to camp next year with the new WR corps and he has to win a roster spot.

This year, the past three years, really, the roster spot was awarded to him. He has to EARN it this year because the salary cap doesn't mean anything this time around.

All this assuming no cap, of course.

Any insight into our current TE situation? I know Sparano won't publicly blast his players... Do they think Fasano is a legit catching & blocking TE? Do they think Sperry can improve? It seems that they don't want the catch-first, matchup-creating-problem, game-changing, touchdown-scoring TE's on their roster. Someone like Jermaine Gresham or Dennis Pitta would be extremely helpful to our Offense.

Marc said a LB is written. So that's that, I guess.

Thanks Marc.

Very interesting, thanks for the comments Mando.

Based on your comments - I guess its safe to say that Wilson and Joey Porter are goners (and rightfully so in my opinion)

Do you think the Dolphins would consider replacing Henning or Pasq? Given the mixed results this season?

Given the "sorry state" of the FA market for lack of a better word... who WILL be available and who do you think Miami will target? Based on that - I have a feeling draft picks will be EVEN MORE valuable. Could Miami prye Boldin from the Cards for say... a 3rd rounder + player combo (similar to what the Jets traded for Braylon Edwards)?

Thanks again man - always appreciate your comments and very much enjoy reading your blog (even in the off season)

Mandy, is there some reason you don't acknowledge my questions? Am I invisible?

Of the 3 Bess, Camarello, and Hartline - which has the best chance to NOT be a Dolphin next year? Are they cut or traded?

Cheers Mando, makes absolute sense.. No point reaching to fill a need.... Lets just hope we don't get any Darius Haywood Bay type decisions by our front office..... we need to hit on one.

I like the thought of us drafting a big play ILB.... A Pat Willis clone would do nicely!!

12th is too high for Cody, but If theres value, trade back and pick up more picks while getting him later in the first.


They won't move off the 3-4. They have a commitment to 3-4 personnel -- Merling, Langford, Starks.

As to White, I think it was more trusting White wouldn't make a big mistake than anything else. They trusted the kid.

And although he made only one play all year long that I can remember (against NE) he didn't have any turnovers. One bad pitch but no turnovers.

One more question. Some of us on FootballsFuture have been discussing Sparano's lack of willingness to commit to Henne as the starter next year. Do you see a competition for the job being that Henne didn't technically earn it this year? Or do you think he's really just planning on evaluating him for the next couple of weeks and then coming out with a decision?

Chris, if those 4 are on the board when we pick I would think Parcells would be doing cartwheels to be able to select Rolando McClain. I like Bryant but I think ILB is a MUCH bigger need this offseason.

hartline cut?? you must be joking, dude is the net steve largent. GREAT draft pick!!

Armando ,

Is that bears WR armousoouadokie SP?
lol a free agent ? i know we drafted him a few years back and he seems to be coming on a bit. He is pretty tall and seems to have some hands , would he be some thing the tuna would look at ?


Do you know if Parcells has a history of trading down to gain more draft picks?

My opinion about Navorro Bowman (being a PSU fan): He is a very good OLB for a 4-3 defense. I don't know if he's big enough to "set the edge" as a 3-4 OLB. He's fast enough to cover a TE and a very good tackler and he applies pressure to the QB, but I don't think we'll see him in a Fins uni.

Mando - do you think Ronnie Brown can come back strong next season? How is his recovery going? Is he in danger of getting an injury prone tag?? Love him and would hate to see him dropped!!!

Gregz, HAL, everyone:

The man responsible for Pat White was Bill Parcells. He really like his playmaking ability, his leadership, the fact he won a lot of big games at WVA.

My problem came White got here and it was obvious he was not very good, they kept trying to push him along -- even when it wasn't working. That was very curious to me.

Follow up question: Do you think they'll keep White at #2 QB or let Thigpen compete?

Being a UCONN fan, I can tell you Lindsey Witten will be a good pick up in the 4th as an OLB. He'll be this years Hartline

Mando . with the possibility penny , fergie and either taylor/porter not comimg back , who do you think becomes the next captains taking their place ?


Forgive me that I didn't get to your question first. I think the Dolphins keep both thier coordinators.

I know, I know, the defense was worse this year than last. But Pasqualoni is tight with Sparano and Parcells and the team had lots of injuries on D. That will be the rationalization.

Henning stays if he doesn't retire. And as of today, he's not inclined to retire.

I'd like to ask some of you what part of armando asking you not to ask him about players in the draft you DON'T UNDERSTAND !!! He told you he doesn't know. LOL !!

And, finally, given that he's had his 2nd season ending injury in 3 years, what are the chances that Ronnie Brown is traded this offseason?


nobody trades for injured players

Odinseye, Anthony Fasano, who is very bright and well-versed in CBA matters, told me he was hopeful a deal will get done.

I laughed and he continued to insist it will get done. So we'll see. I don't think the owners have any motivation to get it done whatsoever. NOne.

So unless the players give up a huge chunk of their gross percentage, it will not get done.

And Jeff Ireland isnt getting fired and I'm not replacing him. You heard it here first.

But -- LB would be the priority for me.

Hey Armando, Hindsight being what it is, do you think that Cam Cameron realized early on that Ted Ginn was soft b/c he didn't return punts and kicks?

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