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Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today

Sometimes it is better to just let you guys drive the bus.

So rather than write about stuff I think you want to know about, this afternoon you simply tell me what you want to know. It's called an interactive live blog chat.

If I know the answer, I'll give it to you. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to get it for you. Unlike question-and-answer forums on other websites, I'm not going to feed you so much bovine manure as to fake my way through answers.

So I will be here at 1 p.m. today and we can talk, debate, banter, even argue if you wish. I'll stay until all the questions are answered. Maybe I'll have some questions for you, too.

If you can't be here between 1-whenever, leave your question or comment beforehand and I'll get to those first.

All I ask is you don't ask me whom the Dolphins are going to pick in the draft -- as in the name of the dudes. The answer to that question right now is I don't know.


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NJ, I don't see Miami signing any FA OL but the draft in the second day is always a possibility. Garner was good, Berger was good, Smiley is good, Thomas is good, Long is a pro bowler, Grove was good... They are batting very well when it comes to the OL and I think Gardner and Murtha could be good as well. To be honest, Garner and Berger could start, how many teams have 7 OL that could start? That is a true luxury...

I don't think we'd get a lot for an injuried R Brown. A few reasons:

1. Contract year
2. Will be 28 next year
3. Injury prone
4. Overrated - What has he accomplished in Miami?

Here's how I addressed the Dolphins 2010 Draft in my PS3 madden franchise by position: #1 ILB, #2 DT, #3 S, #4WR, #5 TE, #6 LG & #7 LE. If anyone wants to join my online league just message me (gotgame4u). We are in the 2011 season week 7 right now. I have room for 3 more teams.

You are right severinno - the dolphins definitely did not trade for Culpepper right after his injury....

Oh wait

Yup Line backer! Thanks Armando I have a little different take on you now. lol

Good question Jersey. Bell, Long, and Polite are my votes...


Who is going to be the next Celebrity owner of the Dolphins?

Do you, or anybody, truely think that the dolphins have a leader on offense? Because call me what you will but it seems like ever since the days of Dan there hasn't been much of one. And call me crazy but I think that might have something to do with our record and/or passion.

Mando, any chance we change defensive coordinators this off season? I know we have talent issues on that side of the ball but our lack of consistency (solid in the first half and then awful in the 4th quarter the first part of the season and then awful the first half and very solid the second half the latter part of the season) has to point to coaching to some degree (a large degree IMO).

marcus , i was talking about ol in the draft. Who said FA ?

Remember this quote fellas " just wait until you see this guy return punts" Cam CaMORON"


I'm sure you watched the Miami-Wisconsin bowl game. Which my Badgers won haha!

Anyways my question is if you got a good look at Wisconsins undersized DE O'brian Schofield. He is projected to be a OLB in the NFL and to be drafted in mid rounds. He was getting double teamed by Miami all night and still came up with a sack and a couple tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Were you impressed by him?

i stand corrected, stayonboard......but running backs are little easier to come by than seasoned probowl QB's....or so they thought

Marc , i agree with you on those 3 for captains. maybe starks too.

Next celebrity owner is : Carrot Top lol

great job on blog as always,
I know we need defense badly but if dez bryant or even cj spiller(ronnie @ Ricky have 1 year left)are there arent they too explosive of a player in the big play nfl for the non explosive dolphins to pass up.Then get nt or lb in 2nd and 3rd. your thoughts thanks.

Mando -- Whether or not the sides reach a CBA impacts this team in so many ways: the ability to shed contracts, be able to keep certain free agents but not go after others, the possibility of spending over the cap, etc.

Considering how all the various factors would impact the Phins (especially relative to the other teams in the league) are we better or worse off if there is an uncapped year?

Thanks, my friend.


I heard you tell Stu Gotts the other day that a regime is only allowed one year where they can take a step back and that next year we can really judge this regime's progress. I disagree and think given that this regime took over an expansion roster (no young talent at all, every position had to be overhauled), they deserve 4 years before we judge them and not 3. Especially since they are doing things the right way, adding good young players. Have I changed your mind?

another idiot asking mando about players in the draft. MY GOD!!!!

I don't think Chad P is worth signing.He gets injured every other year....enough is enough.If we can wrestle away a big time play makin receiver, we then keep Ginn to stretch the field even more.....what do you think Armando?BTW....this is the best app on the I- pod/phone .Keep up the good work Mando.


I don't think Ginn cuts cut in the offseason. They won't just get rid of him without having someone else. But once they get a couple of more WRs, all bets are off.

As for assistant coaches, Sparano is lining up candidates for the LB job. If Pepper Johnson is available, he's a candidate.

Jersey, I was actually going to say Crowder for the 4th, but, didn't want to cause a riot. Fact of the matter is, he does inspire his teammates, and if you're a MLB/ILB and not a captain something is awry...

Parcells has always been active in the draft in moving positions. They had the top pick which they traded to the Rams for Orlando Pace and aquiring picks by moving down. They eventually had 4 picks that year getting John Abraham, Shaun Ellis, Chad Pennington and Anthony Becht. With the Cowboys they were the ones that gave Cleveland the 22nd pick for Brady Quinn for a 2nd rounder and 1st the following year. They then traded back into the round with Philly (go figure)to get Anthony Spencer.

Long and Polite haven't been in the league long enough not that that is a requirement or anything.

I think Smiley, Camerillo, Bell, and maybe (dare I say) Jason Allen as special teams captian?

stayonboard.....and look how that trade turned out.....and, i don't see something like that happening again unless saban comes back and the fins can trade to themselves.

Never mind, Pepper Johnson isn't available

NJ, checked out your boy D. Morgan last night... Very active, looked like Julius Peppers size wise... He went up against a Bualagua? Who is rated top 5 as an OT prospect and couldn't get to the QB soooo.... I don't know... I have seen him as going in the top 10.... I don't know if that is warranted...

NJ, you just said don't ask Mando about the draft but then you going to ask him about OL in the draft?

severinno, Jets secondary shines because Darrell Revis is one of the best CBs in the NFL, maybe the best. And they also creat pressure.

The Dolphins get pressure, but it's not consistent and rarely does it come from blitzes. They have another problem in that they didn't blitz too much to not expose their rookie corners.

Oh, and Gibril Wilson was terrible in coverage. Have I mentioned that?


I never said it was the right move

You said "no team EVER trades for an injured player"...

I said you were wrong :)

Marcus , pleeease don't be stupid. i asked about need not about players in the draft. show me the player i asked about ? mando said don't ask about players !!! CAPICHE ???

So here is my question/comment for the 3rd time:

I know Ndamukong Suh will be gone with the first or second pick overall, but do you foresee Miami actually trading up to get him? I think it would be a great idea to trade first round picks and another pick(3rd, 4th or 5th) or instead maybe trading the first round picks along with a player. Do you think this is even worth it or something Miami would try to do??

If the Rams could trade a 2nd and a 5th for an entering-his-6th-year-in-the-NFL Marshall Faulk, I see no reason why we can't think that there's a team which would give up a 3rd for Ronnie Brown.

Tampafin, just in case Mando doesn't answer your question, off the top of my head I remember Parcells trading down once. When he was with Dallas, he traded his first round pick (late pick)to Buffalo and 2nd rd pick I think and the next year's #1.

It was a curious move because Dallas was in dire need of a running back and Steven Jackson was sliding unexpectedly and totally looked like a Parcells type back.

Well, Buffalo selected JP Losman and Dallas let Jackson go to St. Louis and selected Julius Jones from Notre Dame. The following year, Dallas used that Buffalo pick to select Demarcus Ware from Troy and also found Marion Barber from Minnesota.

Pure genius.


How did Jake Long played this year. Do you think he was better than last year?


Whats the latest on the naming rights for Land Shark Stadium? Do you know if they're changing it to Sun Life Stadium or something else? Maybe going back to Pro Player Stadium is the best option...?

but mando, why did gibril do so well behind the giants front seven in 2007?

NJ, take some base out your voice... You know betta...

Wouldn't it be great if we could package Ginn, White, & Wilson and find a Rick Spielman clone and get a 2nd & 3rd round pick. If Wilson didn't come from Oakland I'd say Al was our man.


Like I said, I think Ginn stays until training camp and then he's got to win a job.

It won't be just handed to him, like past years. It won't be taken from him based on a bad 2009.

Hi Mondo,
Thanks for fielding all these grounders.

I guess I'm pretty disappointed in going 7-9 after working all the way back from 0-3 to 7-6. Even though this was probably the season we should have had last year, I'm pretty pessimistic we'll be any better next year even with Ronnie back.

Should I believe any differently?

Smiley over Long perhaps, but Long was a Captain his entire college career. Polite is a 5th year player...Camarillo 4th...

If the Rams could trade a 2nd and a 5th for an entering-his-6th-year-in-the-NFL Marshall Faulk, I see no reason why we can't think that there's a team which would give up a 3rd for Ronnie Brown.

Posted by: Frank Moore | January 06, 2010 at 02:07 PM

Your going to compare Brown to Faulk? Are you serious?

Fake GM:

Let me answer your question with a question:

If the Dolphins go 5-11 or 6-10 next year, do you think that's OK?

They stepped back this year ... You give them another step back from here? I don't think so.

Come on Indiana… you know damn well the Fins aren't trading up to #1 or #2 for Suh.

Why ask once, let alone 3 times?

LOL @ MARCUS. I know betta ? really ? What are going to do beat me up ? LOL :)

Hey Armando, are you going to still keep posting up blogs through the off season? And I really think that if we were invest in a decent MLB we would have a pretty solid defense. As for ginn, I'd hope that we get rid of him in the off season and pick up Brandon Marshall. I know he's having issues with the couching staff. I think he wouldake Hennepin look like Marino for sure.

frank moore....rarely do teams trade for running backs anymore, especially injured RB's......teams tend to look for them in the draft because more than anyother position a drafted running back can make an immediate impact.

Indiana Dolfan,

Believe it or not, our first round pick and a 3rd round pick is not nearly enough amunition to get the 1st pick overall. If the Dolphins wanted to move up to the number one spot, they would probably need to trade their first round pick this year, their second and third round picks this year, and next year's first round pick. Thats what the value for the first overall pick is when you have a sure-fire DT prospect on the board like Suh.

Yeah, but Polite is a FB, I love the guy, but....

How often is Long speaking with the media? You almost always hear quotes from Smiley.

565 - I ask out of curiosity just like everyone else asks a particular question...

great job on blog as always,
I know we need defense badly but if dez bryant or even cj spiller(ronnie @ Ricky have 1 year left)are there arent they too explosive of a player in the big play nfl for the non explosive dolphins to pass up.Then get nt or lb in 2nd and 3rd. your thoughts thanks.NO MORE TED GINN QUESTIONS PLEASE.JUST DROP IT.

BennyV, I can compare anyone I want. However, I'm not saying that Brown is the same caliber of player that Faulk was and I'm certainly not going to expect that he'll net the same in return.

jon, this is not speculation, this is what I've been told by people who know:

If there is a cap in 2010, the Dolphins will be prepared to be aggressive in free agency and can do the things necessary to improve the team.

If there is no cap in 2010, the Dolphins will be prepared to be aggressive in whatever form of free agency exists and can make every move they decide, from a football perspective, to make the team better -- and that includes getting rid of toxic contracts.

They have basically prepared for either eventuality.

Indiana Dolfan, here is a question for you. When we had the first pick, would you have traded back to #12 for a 3rd or 4th rounder? Now assume it was this year and a player like Suh is available, would you give him up for a third rounder? The reason Armando Sr is not answering your question three times is because it is stupid. Have some common sense.

Was anyone else disappointed in the developement of Langford and Merling? They didn't have the impact I expected. Was it a sophmore slump or is this as good as they get?

You don't need to speak to the media to be a Capt. LMFAO !!!! It all about the locker room and the field.

Indiana - Well I'm curious if the Colts would trade Peyton Manning for Ted Ginn Jr and a roast beef sandwich, but we all know that isn't happening either…

Armando - lets see if you know anything about this one:

The News
Linebacker Joey Porter most likely won't be back with the Dolphins in 2010, according to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

LOL @ 565

You know what happens when you step to me wrong... You know you don't wanna see last year again. Don't try to treat me like some of these NJ followers on here... You know I know the game and don't have a problem challenging you in discussion.

I didn't put any words in your mouth, just gave you an opinion on the OL situation... You came at me smart... You know betta...

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