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Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today

Sometimes it is better to just let you guys drive the bus.

So rather than write about stuff I think you want to know about, this afternoon you simply tell me what you want to know. It's called an interactive live blog chat.

If I know the answer, I'll give it to you. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to get it for you. Unlike question-and-answer forums on other websites, I'm not going to feed you so much bovine manure as to fake my way through answers.

So I will be here at 1 p.m. today and we can talk, debate, banter, even argue if you wish. I'll stay until all the questions are answered. Maybe I'll have some questions for you, too.

If you can't be here between 1-whenever, leave your question or comment beforehand and I'll get to those first.

All I ask is you don't ask me whom the Dolphins are going to pick in the draft -- as in the name of the dudes. The answer to that question right now is I don't know.


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To be fair to NJ, I more than him trumpted Derrick Morgan. he's always preferred McClain where I am the other way around. I think if the draft was today, if they got Morgan, McClain, or Jason Pierre-Paul in the first round, they would have done good. If not, trade down and pick Dan Williams. But lots of things can change before the draft time.

I also think the Dolphins should make a mad charge at Carlos Dansby for ILB and use the pick to address another position. He's in his prime (28) and can't be franchised as per his agreement with Arizona from last year.

JJ, obviously we're talking about something (the draft) that will be happening in four months, so things will change.

But I can tell you that while Parcells has been studying both Spillar (sp?) and Dez Bryant, neither guy is a 100 percent home run.

Spillar had injury issues. So can he stay healthy? Bryant obviously has questions about why he became ineligible and also he hasn't played football in a year which is NOT good.

So we'll see what happens at the combine and beyond.

565 - You are more than welcome to ask any question you feel fit...what is wrong with asking my question? It is not completely impossible for us to trade up...

No one said he was going #1 either

This staff keeps 5WR, 4 active and 1 unactive.
Do you expect that to change?
If not then at least 1 has to go to add a new one or activate Turner.
I expect Camarillo to be traded, what do you think about the issue?

any news on this one:

The News
Linebacker Joey Porter most likely won't be back with the Dolphins in 2010, according to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

You don't need to speak to the media to be a Capt. LMFAO !!!! It all about the locker room and the field.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 06, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Who do you think speaks to the media, most of the time?

any news on this one:

The News
Linebacker Joey Porter most likely won't be back with the Dolphins in 2010, according to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

parcels is not going to trade up! if anything it will be down....he covets as many picks as possible

Chase, the Badgers didn't beat the Canes.


Anyway, yeah, Shoefield looked like a high motor guy. Made a bad Miami offensive line look worse. Can he run?

The Dolphins need to add some speed on defense.

Turd Ferguson I agree with you I think merling and langford are big disappointments merling was one of those guys that needs to be pushed but apparently he is not.

Indiana - I'm born, raised and still in Indianapolis… please stop. You're making the entire state look uneducated.

Ask your questions… but don't get pissed when Mando chooses to ignore it on the basis of being retarded.

to be honest, this live blog has not been nearly as good as the last one, but than again half my questions didn't get answered then either and the ones that did I had to post multiple times...

finfan, I do not see the Dolphins firing Paul Pasqualoni. That was not the plan as of this morning when I spoke to someone about that.

Mando, I just tweeted you re: Sparano. I have a friend who is a physical trainer and one of his clients is a minority owner of the Redskins. According to him, there is word in the owner pipeline that Parcells may want to get rid of Sparano. Is that utter B.S.?

My first reaction was WTF?! No way.

After some thought, however, not only did it seem like the team almost quit the last couple of weeks, but he made some critical errors in terms of clock management, time-out management, wrong personnel on the field, etc. Just some silly coaching botches that just shouldn't happen. I'm still not sure I buy this.

Your thoughts?

great job on blog as always,
I know we need defense badly but if dez bryant or even cj spiller(ronnie @ Ricky have 1 year left)are there arent they too explosive of a player in the big play nfl for the non explosive dolphins to pass up.Then get nt or lb in 2nd and 3rd. your thoughts thanks.NO MORE TED GINN QUESTIONS PLEASE.JUST DROP IT.

Camarillo is going nowhere, LB will be our first round pick. It is written.


Marcus , give me a f'n break. I know betta ? . LMFAO !!! Anyway it wasn't about the OL and i came at you about football. You came at me like a wise guy asking me why i asked mando draft pick question and nobody else can and you know it. i just corrected you. End of story.

Hold up a second, Indiana ... Just saw your last post. I'm typing as fast as I can buddy.


I don't think it is remotely possible, but it sure would be great if Miami could pull off that trade

How is my question being retarded? I have been born and raised in indiana as well, so what is your point?

At least I didn't hop on the Colts bandwagon like most of their fans have done over the past 5-10 years...

mando is parcells hiring any scouts in the north east.

no no no....parcels is not going to pick a WR in the first round!!!!!!!!!!

" Who do you think speaks to the media ' benny v. THE COACH !!!!!

Armando,Will there be another QnA before the draft?Thanks for the year of posts and good health to all this year.Time to make the meatball subs.

You're a journalist and this is as fast as you type?

Mando what do you think about moving Ted Ginn to RB.Bring him in on wildcat with his speed we could the ball.
Look what the browns did with there KR whats his name CRIBBS. He Ran all over the jags in the wildcat on sunday.

what do you think we would have to give for boldin?Antrelle rolle has said he would like to play here.I know anything is an upgrade on gerbil but would we pay big bucks for an actual playmaking fs?

no no no.....parcels is not going to pick a wide receiver in the first round!!!! it is written


What is the plan with Ronnie and Ricky? I would be extremely dissappointed if they were let go or traded, but with all of Ronnie's injuries and Ricky's age and statements about not hanging around after next year, wouldn't they be wise to draft a young RB?

Once again... Roll back the tape... Look at my comment about the OL. And the one you wrote... You said Who said anything about FA? I was talking about the draft. I didn't say you said either... I was just giving my opinion. You honestly didn't say FA or draft just OL.

Mando . I think OL needs a little more help with smiley being banged up every year ( very bad shoulder ) , Thomas and carey inconsistencies . Thoughts ?

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 06, 2010 at 01:22 PM

I am not saying it has a high chance of happening, but what's wrong with asking if the team I am rooting for would trade up in the draft. It has happened before with other teams, so it is possible.

Then again according to loser 565, i'm a retard for asking that type of question...whatever!!

He's to scared of getting hit. Ginn is a pansey

Would people stop blaming Pasqualoni as the sole reason Miami's defense was bad? They had 4 players that are supposed to be in their primes (26-30) years old and therefore supposed to be the heart of their defense - Starks, Ayodele, Wilson, and Crowder. 2 of these guys are most certainly to be replaced. They do have some promising young players though and the defense needs more ammunition.

The Jets by comparison have 7 players in their physical prime and 2 players yet to enter their primes that are excellent at their positions in David Harris and Darelle Revis.

Pasqualoni just didn't have the horses.

With 3 sixth round picks & 2 7th rounders who are some exceptional small school wr's & rb's with big play capabilities that may be available in later rounds?

Indiana - you do realize that Mando is a SPORTS WRITER. He gets paid to pass along information from the Miami Dolphins to you (the reader).

He is not a prophet. He is not a god. He is not a fortune teller. He can NOT answer all of your theory questions, or "wonderings".

Mando, I got an email from you earlier this year talking about Wilson. You liked him earlier this year, what happened? As we discussed you wrote a lot about our offense, but you hardly wrote an opinion about our D. It's been apparent since the Saints & Colts game that we have a real problem with TE's & our secondary & LB issues. Do you think that we're in a good position to get 1 good WR and help for the LB corps?

Indiana, frankly, I searched for your question and the Joey Porter thing is whack.

First, you trumpet as news something that really is not. The Sun-Sentinle reported Porter might not be back? That's news? That's been written in every publication for months.

The S-S also reported Porter packed all of his belongings, signaling he didn't think he'd be back? If you read this blog, you know ALL of the Dolphins players HAD TO PACK ALL THEIR BELONGINGS because the AFC champions are going to use the locker in a couple of weeks.

So somebody saw something and, without knowing all the facts, concluded Porter is gone forever.

The news story you're looking for is PORTER WILL BE CUT BY DOLPHINS. Not might be or could be. WILL BE. When you read that one, let me know.

Parcells WILL NOT draft a WR in the first. You can take that to the bank!

this team needs defensive help first and foremost!!!! the offense was above average and will continue to improve

Marcus , once again read your post at 2:03pm and then i resonded to you after with my post at 2:06. go back and read. that should clear things up.

Will, if Parcells wanted to get rid of Sparano, it would have happened already.

Not happening.

Parcells made Keyshawn Johnson the first pick of the draft when he was with Jets.
Then later on brought him to Cowboys.

Ginn at rb??? No way, the sideline is too far away.

CMDeOro, this is a full service blog throughout the entire year, brother.

Every day that I'm not on vacation or sick.

I've also addressed Brandon Marshall elsewhere so look for that answer.

i'll say it again.....parcels is not going to draft a wide receiver in the first round.

what do you think we would have to give for boldin?Antrelle rolle has said he would like to play here.I know anything is an upgrade on gerbil but would we pay big bucks for an actual playmaking fs?

Will you address the number of slots on depth chart for WRs.
If we add 1 then 1 has to go no?
I expect it will be Camarillo/Bess.
Most likely Cam because bess returns punts.

josh cribbs is a beast!!!! what is his status as far as free agency? i remember something about a possible trade for him earlier in the season......

TURD I know it does not sound right but Cuban menace said last week there were going to give him metal balls, Maybe we could put a magnet at the goal post to keep him away from the side lines

I don't think parcells will go after a WR on the first pick either. Too many other needs to fill on D!

MN Phin, I scoop your grounder and throw to first:

I believe Parcells will do his best to improve the team. Time is short for him. He's not 50 years old. He's approaching 70. So he knows he's only got a few years left to get that last shot at a ring.

I don't think they'll be a Super Bowl team next year because there are way too many holes to fill before then and too little time to do it. But I think they'll be a good team. We'll see what happens this offseason before we write next year off altogether.

Any chances Miami takes a shot at Myron Rolle late in the draft?

Mando, This team has an overall lack of talent or impact guys. That said, what position would you attack first? I just think the Phins interior D is suspect at best. I think it is time to find a dominant ILB and build out from there. With all the WR talk I stll think they are 2 or 3 defensive stops away from the playofss that they couldn't make. Your thoughts?


No way they should rid themselves of Camarillo. I would think if they had to clear a spot for anyone, it should be Patrick Turner. That was a failure at best.

severinno, why did Wilson do so well behind the Giants front 7?

That was the best front 7 in the NFL! It's hard to complete passes when the QB is on his butt.

Also, if he was so great in NY, why'd they let him walk in free agency?

Got to agree with Marc and severinno. Cant imagine Parcells drafting a WR in the 1st,even if Bryant is still available. You can almost guarantee it'll be McClain,Spikes or Kindle (just my opinion)

Thanks Armando! I play in a fantasy football league at www.fanball.com, so they send me a daily news email updates from all teams around the league. So The News is their news. They have a "The News" and a "Our View" on each news subject.

Parcells did not draft Keyshawn

Pro Player is out of business. Sun Life and the Dolphins continue to negotiate naming rights. I hear the Dolphins might actually get money out of the deal!


If a new CBA is reached, do the Dolphins bring Ronnie Brown back? Also, which cornerback doesn't start next year if W. Allen is back in the starting line-up? Thanks.

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