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Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today

Sometimes it is better to just let you guys drive the bus.

So rather than write about stuff I think you want to know about, this afternoon you simply tell me what you want to know. It's called an interactive live blog chat.

If I know the answer, I'll give it to you. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to get it for you. Unlike question-and-answer forums on other websites, I'm not going to feed you so much bovine manure as to fake my way through answers.

So I will be here at 1 p.m. today and we can talk, debate, banter, even argue if you wish. I'll stay until all the questions are answered. Maybe I'll have some questions for you, too.

If you can't be here between 1-whenever, leave your question or comment beforehand and I'll get to those first.

All I ask is you don't ask me whom the Dolphins are going to pick in the draft -- as in the name of the dudes. The answer to that question right now is I don't know.


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A lot of you guys are wondering about Pat White as a WR ...

He's never played the position. We have no idea if he can catch. He's not particularly fast. And it's not like he's a big guy that can take a hit across the middle of the field.

I think Pat White will be a QB again next year. Can't give up on the guy after one year even if he didn't show anything.

Marc, your latest post is another reason Mando ignore your questions. The Dolphins were 4th in the NFL running the ball gave Henne decent time. The OL is the last of their worries.

Mando, who's going to lead the team in receptions? Rushing yds? Bold predictions!

Dawgg, Polite got a new contract last year.

Fasano will be back with a restricted deal. Ronnie is under contract if there is no CBA.
MIami isn't really in danger of losing anyone good for 2010.

Thanks for the answer. I agree with you.

Bid dawg. where have you been ? Polite got a 3 year extension.

FINFAN....yeah, good points on pasq.....maybe the schemes needed to be dumbed down for the rooks at cb......they couldn't give the constant mix of defensive looks....i remember that they played man on virtually every play in the second game against the pats. maybe that is why? don't know

Armando - My guess on who is #1...

Jake Long...he's our only pro bowler!

Another guess would of been the Pro Bowl "snubbed" Lousaka Polite

Am I correct?

Posted by: Indiana Dolfan | January 06, 2010 at 02:45 PM

Marc, thanks for the legit question!

Billingsley was cut from the practice squad about two weeks ago.

Oglesby was on the active roster at the end of the year.

I would say Nabone would be the guy that will get the best chance to show something. They obviously invested a draft pick in the guy and kept bringing him back this year.

Matt, the WR corps Henne had at Michigan was better than the one he has in Miami.

That corps had Breaston, Manningham, Braylon Edwards ... who am I forgetting guys?

Armando, do you think Ronnie Brown gets traded for picks or maybe in a deal for a proven WR... I know they like Boldin as do I but I worry he is aging and injury prone now, also do they like Vince Jackson?

finfan, I said he can't bear the bulk of the blame. This unit is either too young in some spots or too old in others. The only impact player they have in his prime is Randy Starks - what does that tell you?

As fas as Jekyll and Hyde, that's because they had some good older players. Guys like JT, JP, Ferg who will look very good at times but just can't play a full year.

This more than coaching is the problem.

But the future is bright. They have good young guys in Langford, Merling, Davis, Smith. Nobody really knows if Clemons will be any good yet. But they might bring in a mid to late round pick safety to compete with him. Starks has at least 4 good years ahead of him. Add two to three high drafts picks on defense this year and the seeds are planted.


Born and raised in Bayonne, and made stopovers in Andover and North Arlington before heading out east to LI.


Sorry, not sure when Polite's extension happened. If it was recent, I just had a baby so that's my excuse. If it was awhile ago, then I'm just on crack and deserve to be whooped like Ted Ginn & his family.

OK, let me come at the OL question another way.

No it's not SET. But they cannot be three years into a rebuilding project and still be building that thing.

The building there is done. Period.

The players are in place. Now, it's a matter of them sorting themselves out at RG and C and so forth.

My point is you can't look at all the other NEEDS and MUST HAVEs and decide to keep tooling around the with OL.


what would the fins have to do to get v. jackson?
i remember you wrote something about it in the past.....


If there is a salary cap would you re-sign ronnie brown. And who else would you re-sign or let go. No sitting on the fence either, taylor or porter ???

My bad,I thought Pat White was also a receiver at West Virginia.


Sparano almost but not quite said that he will evaluate his assistants. Do you know if Parcells sits down with Sparano and discusses what Sparano needs to improve on? Or is this something that happens during the season.


Everybody likes Vincent Jackson. I'd give your left, um, arm for the guy. LOL.

But he would be restricted at best.


With the chance that Antrell Rolle gets released from Arizona (seems very likely from reports I have read) do you think he is a good fit at FS for the fins?

Jeff , Bayonne !!! . You're a Hudson county boy !!! VERY NICE !!!. I was born in hudson county. North arlington is the area. Andover is a nice hike from where i live but i've been there, . i Know the owners of the andover diner.


v. jackson is restricted meaning big money and draft pick compensation?

North arlington is in the area. TYPO

OK, everyone, I have done as much as the fingers will allow for now.

By the way, I'll be covering the Pats-Baltimore game Saturday. I'll do a live blog on here to make fun of both teams, if there's interest.

Let me know.

Check back tomorrow for more stuff.


Have to disagree, If Parcells could field a team of 53 guards and tackles, he'd do it in a New York minute. So, I'm fully assuming the trisucta to draft a guard with the number 12 pick.

Also, wouldn't you now consider the Pat White to be a wasted draft pick?

And, how is Ireland viewed throughout the league? Competent? Parcells Lap dog? Basically is Ireland to Parcells, what Cerrato was to Snyder?

I think you're forgetting Jason Avant. In reference to the Michigan WRs.

I think the Dolphins can solve most of their offensive (15 play 8 min drives) problems by adding CJ Spiller. Williams is gone and Ronnie can't stay healthy. Spiller can run back kicks (goodbye Ginn), punts, and contribute in the passing game in addition to running the ball. Get the guy 15 combined touches a game and suddenly this team becomes more explosive. Is he our greatest need? No but he is a playmaker that can contribute right away and make a difference. What say you?

LOL @ Big dawgg, It was back in sept. so you must be on crack. LOL !!!!


I'd have much more fun making fun of the Jets.

Here were all the starters during Chad Henne's era at Michigan...

2004: Braylon Edwards Jason Avant Steve Breaston

2005: Steve Breaston Mario Manningham Carl Tabb
Doug Dutch Jason Avant

2006: Steve Breaston Mario Maningham Carl Tabb Adrian Arrington Greg Mathews

2007: Mario Maningham Adrian Arington Junior Hemingway Greg Matthews Tony Clemons

MarK...I rescend my statement. You're still a douche...Eh?


What are you up in North Bergen or Secaucus?


I would love to see Jimmy Graham in a Fin uniform (more athletic haynos imo) as for the needs I agree with NT, WR, FS, ILB, OLB, TE being the positions in need of the greatest help. Improving the special teams (KR/PR coverage and blocking) is also paramount and while these things might not all get done this offseason - I think that players could get signed/drafted for these positions and the team could compete with the Patriots/ Stinking Jets for the AFC East crown next season.


Jeff F and NJ Phin... im from the jersey coast area... 45 mins from meadowlands. born and raised here... HUGH FinFan! HATE that team in green that plays here just wanna say whats up

i agree we need DEF help!!! those numbers are CRAZY!!! nothing changed this year as far as big plays given up and in the last 2 games it was totally embarrassing, the takling or lack of...players left wide open.

also WR HELP!!!!
on Boldin... im not so sure on him, would have liked him here a year or 2 ago. younger, healthier...like him tho just as a football fan. i really like V Jackson from the Chargers and any word on aquiring him? big target, young play maker.

Jeff. NORTH BERGEN !!!!, How the F did you know to narrow it down to those two ?. LMFAO !!! You could've said hoboken , west new york , jersey city , etc.


The Dolphins will always look to improve wethere its the O-line or somewhere else. Thats said they probably wont use a draft pick on the O-line but as you noticed they had a pick up or two this year who contibuted. Point is if the Dolphins unearth a player like Nate Garner (off waiver wire) who played well they might just sign a free agent who will up grade the position or be a valuabvle back up.
I like Huthchinson dont know if hes a free agent but if I had to pick a thirty something hes be the one.

Also you mean Pepper Johnson isnt walking through those doors. lol

FinFan82 , what's up ? You're another dolphin warrior here on F'N JETLAND. welcome aboard !!!

Dolphins4life . You're right . I'll guarantee you miami brings in another OL in FA Or the DRAFT.

NJ, the owners of the diner wouldn't be Greek would they?


Regarding Pasqualoni: My opinion is he's not totally to blame....we need help big time. But I can't believe there isn't a better DC out there somewhere.

"How do you win? By getting average players to be good and good players to be great".

Bum Phillips

LOL @ Mark. Of Course !!

Do you also know the owners of the local travel agency?


Who is your favorite Dolphin?

Mark , don't forget the local seaport and fishing boats.

Carlito , You're a little Late. Mando is gone. Who's yours ?

Armando, I disagree that we need to fill A LOT of holes and need to GET more draft picks. Assuming the CBA is not signed and we get players back from injury we have great depth at RB, CB, QB, OL, DL and WR (behind a #1 WR we need). If we can get ONE impact FA then we can focus on using the draft to move up or down to get two or three impact young guys with our nine picks. I think we have developed great depth with youth the last two years, now we need to add a 2-3 playmakers along with getting back everyone that was injured to have a shot.


Current Dolphin: Ronnie Brown

All time: Mark Duper

Current: Brown with Polite a close 2nd
All Time: MARINO! Who else?

JT still has a place in my heart and Zach Thomas for the all-time list

Current : Vontae davis ( I was a DB !!! ) but could change if miami gets McClain ( LOL ). Past : i'd say Marino. Also , how can anybody NOT love Polite ?

Marc, agree on taylor and thomas. i used to love Bryan Cox.


I like Vontae alot too, if we're talking rookies Hartline did great this year too, he has alot of potential.

As far as DB's Louis Oliver was one of my favorites too

AHHHHH !!!! Oliver and Jarvis Williams, The B-2 bombers . I used have that poster with them in front of a B-2 bombers.

current: Ronnie Brown
all time: duh, Danny Boy

where is the love for the all time entire '72 team?


West New York was the first to come into my head but for some reason went with North Bergen and threw in Secaucus because you said you were close to the Mead.

I used to play hockey in Jersey City and Wallington. I played many games against teams from North Bergen.

Lots of love for the 72 team, but I was not alive

Jake Long!

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