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Live blog chat starts at 1 p.m. today

Sometimes it is better to just let you guys drive the bus.

So rather than write about stuff I think you want to know about, this afternoon you simply tell me what you want to know. It's called an interactive live blog chat.

If I know the answer, I'll give it to you. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to get it for you. Unlike question-and-answer forums on other websites, I'm not going to feed you so much bovine manure as to fake my way through answers.

So I will be here at 1 p.m. today and we can talk, debate, banter, even argue if you wish. I'll stay until all the questions are answered. Maybe I'll have some questions for you, too.

If you can't be here between 1-whenever, leave your question or comment beforehand and I'll get to those first.

All I ask is you don't ask me whom the Dolphins are going to pick in the draft -- as in the name of the dudes. The answer to that question right now is I don't know.


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Americans can't play hockey, sheesh!


Do you take offense to the portrayal of Canadians in the popular animate sitcom South Park?

Okay Armando I only read through page 6 but I hope you get to read my input...

I suggested Dolphins draft Patrick Turner. I think if he applies himself this offseason to working hard and showing it on the field, he will be active on Sunday's next season.

However we still need a WR. If we were to go through the draft to get another WR, my first choice would be Golden Tate. This kid make plays including special teams returner where he is legitimate threat.

Also, I think you should RB as a need position. Ronnie is gonna be a long and questionable recovery. Ricky looked old after the Carolina game as he became the guy and is going to be 33 next season. Our third stringer tore his ACL this season. And that leaves us with Hillard who played well but he has some physical limitations.

No, because it was done by Canadians. That was funny stuff.

Dan is the Man... Clayton is a close 2nd!

current... hmmmmm? although he set us back w/his sudden retirement a few years ago, i like Ricky

i just wish i was alive to see prefection. u know everyone made a big deal about the Colts sitting players. i was like, great! imagine they had run the table they would then be compared to the Great 72 team and some say they would be better(more games played) YUCK!

but look, Mia went w/a back up most of that season, now a seasoned former super bowl starting QB, but a back up none the less... Ind couldnt play a quater and half w/their back up. no way they are or would have been as great as the 72 Miami Dolphins! shizzzz that team played in 3 staight!

today on my ipod at work i was watching the America's Game, 72 Dolphins...voted #1 super bowl champs! we have great history~

Mark in Toronto,

The New Jersey Devils are the best team in the league right now. How is Toronto making out these days?

LOL @ Jeff. Jeff ask mark about american Phil Kessel . LMAO !!!

Jeff F- you're wrong the pests were given 2 games.

JEFF , are you Familier with BLVD EAST overlooking the hudson River and Manhatten ? That's where i live. I also played hockey in jersey city pershing field , secaucas , bayonne and in Manhatten. That's funny . we might now each other,


Jason Blake, Jeff Finger, Mike Komisarek, Lee Stempniak...HAHAHA

They let their captain McCabe leave for Florida.

Not sure about BLVD East. I have probabaly been there but don't know it by that name. Is that by the steakhouse on the water?

I played at Pershing too. Bayonne, obviously. Played up at Montclair State Univ too

Hated the Jets in 1969 when I was rooting for and living in Baltimore. For the colts of course, the only thing better than a Jets loss is the comments Jets fans make. Pests!!

NJ Devils suck! Chicago Blackhawks are the best team!!


The Devs have the most points for games played. I didn't realize the blackhawks won and are now 2 points ahead by the Devs have two games in hand.

Jeff , I'am a Boston bruins fan . I love the Leafs, They Gave us Tukka Rask for nothing and Gave us 2 1st round picks ( 1 maybe in the top 3 this year ) and a 2nd rounder for kessell. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

Mark in Toronto has become very quiet. I guess he is still scrolling down the standings to find the Maple Leafs.

Jeff , that right . Right by the steakhouse in weehawkeen. JfKennedy Blvd east.


Then yeah, I've been down there. Really nice.

Ah, JFK BLVD. The memories. Ever been to the White Castle on the BLVD in JC? There was always a bum standing by the pickup window waiting for food handouts. I always used to order an extra hamburger because I knew he'd be there when you turned the corner to the pickup window.


Sorry guys lol didn't know we switched to hockey. We got the Panthers here, but haven't done a damn thing since their 1 run at the cup in the 90's. Like hockey, love football. My skates don't work too well on the bay. Although, we may just freeze here overnight again. It's a nice 56 degrees out there!!!!

Hey I'm late to the blog but just wanted to voice my opinion here. Miami has major holes at the following positions NT, LB, WR, FS and TE as we all know. I don't think all of them holes can be filled in one offseason.

NT - Dan Williams from Tennessee is someone who could be on target for the draft as well as Cody from Bama. If Miami doesn't pick one of the two I'm not sure what direcion they go besides try and bring back the Ferg and Solia combo. Williams and Cody are the only projected NT in the draft expected to be starters at this point.

LB - We need both ILB and OLB. They should sned Porter on his way. He did a great job in 08 but 09 was invisible until he was benched and has a few good games and then went invisible down the stretch. I love McClain as an ILB to play next to a solid/good C. Crowder but McClain may go a few picks before Miami if not right before to Denver.At OLB bring back the best defender in team history J. Taylor let him get after the QB along with the letting Cam Wake play more. Draft a pass rusher perhaps in round 2 or 3 but none worth reaching for with the 12th pick.

WR - Mia has very good complimentary pieces but need a game breaker to make the pieces more effective. Dez Bryant at 12 is a long shot but if he is there and runs a 4.4-ish time I would give him a serious look. I love Golden Tate's production but not at 12. Perhaps a trade down to acquire more picks and grab Tate in the 20's. Aside from that there are a few later round prospects but the drop off from the top to the next tier is a wide margin. Boldin, Marshall? Don't think so but who knows.

FS - As long as Wilson is on the roster who can complain. He is flat out terrible. No way he is on the roster next season. Maybe Clemons can develop some more but if not there is not shot at Berry and I don't think any other supposed top guys cover that well. Reshad Jones og GA or DeAndre McDaniel of Clemson in Round 2 or 3 are good coverage safeties.

TE - Miami doesn't have a TE to stretch the field at all. Gresham is a very intriging prospect but at 12 might be a little too high but wouldn't shock me in the least. IT depends where he is on Parcells draft board. There are a few second round guys who I like Ed Dickson of Oregon and Hernandez who is more of Greg Olsen type not an in line blocker. I do think they need to at least try and upgrade the position.

I like Sparano a lot. He gets the most of so so talent. Miami just needs a few young play makers on each side of the ball to make all this talent come together.

LMAO @ Jeff , That's JFK BLVD WEST. The other side . I know That white castle. There's one in NB. I stay away from them . LOL !!

sorry, but white castle burgers and fries are worth the risk of getting your neck slit.

My favorite Dolphins?
Today: Ricky
Today Rookie: Vontae
All Time: Dan Marino

Honorable mention: I loved Jim Jensen.. he had heart..

Although, JT, Zach, Madison, Surtain, Oliver, Ofherdahl, Cox, Mark and Mark, and many more deserve consideration.. I love me the miami dolphins!

Lipsin - don't forget Dwight Stephenson all pro!!

Jersey a Bruins fan.. say it ain't so!

How can a fellow Phins fan like the bruins. It is like my two worlds are colliding, and am stuck in the middle.

Andy NJ. Very good post. Spot on But forget about Cody at 12 and Keep an eye on DE/OLB Jason pierre-paul. He can be the pick as a pass rushing OLB.

Sorry Lips. :)

Alright boys. I'm headin' out.

I'll catch ya on the next blog.

By the way, am not a Leafs fan.. while I now live and work here, was born and raised in Montreal and am a Habs fan till death...

And the way the Habs and Dolphins have been treating me these last 15 years, death might be a blessing!


Whats up pal? I don't like Cody at 12 but you never know if they trade back. I haven't seen Pierre-Paul play but I have read about him. Seems like he has one of those athletic-freakish size. I would love to read more about him. I am a big SEC and Big Ten guy and I love McClain. I don't think he will be there though.

White Castle burgers or Royal castle Burgers???

Jeff, NJ. Just got back to the blog. I was razzing you guys tongue in cheek because the Americans won the gold medal in the World Junior Tourney which concluded yesterday. Excellent all around game.

And yes, we have too many Americans and you guys forgot to mention our American GM which we are currently overpaying.

I can joke about hockey. Hockey is a spectacle to me. The Dolphins are my passion. Soccer too of course.

Cuban Menace,

Has Vernon Carey been hitting the buffets with the Tuna? Can you confirm any of this?

P.S. Chargers win the super bowl

How can mando say that cj spiller has injury issues obviously he never saw him play he had a turf toe all season and played through it and still set ncaa records and he would be dynamic in a miami uniform

Carlito, Yes Vernon(Big belly)Carey has been seen going into The Ponderosa all-you-can eat Restaurants, He's been know to consume up to 108 ounces of sirloin and consume 3lbs of mashed potato's.....


I heard for the last 3 games Vernon Carey replaced the pads in his pants with t-bones and ny strip steaks and this is why his was so slow and his hands were too greasy to stop and defender.

Is this true???

I love Pondersosa.

I know CJ Spiller wasn't going to be the pick once I heard the announcer during Clemson's bowl game said that he has never lifted weights. Could you imagine Parcells drafting a player that doesn't lift weights considering he traded JT for not doing so with the team? I like CJ but I'm pretty sure Parcells won't.

Carlito, Could be, I noticed the police dogs going nuts on the field of land shark, this would explain why these dogs were acting strangely....Mando can you confirm this???


Ryan says Jets should be favorites

Hahahha, what a clown

I also hear during the off season Big belly will be going to visit Aloco....though those are only rumors...

Anyone else get the feeling that Carey is Miami's best guard? Might happen if Andrew Gardner continues to improve over this year. Never know.

I heard that Vernon Carey will be replacing the host of Travel Channels Man Vs. Food series in the offseason

I heard He'll be EATING the host of man vs. food....

I heard he will also be moving to the glades for a month to eat manatee with the miccosukee


How else would he get the job?

Seriously, he is a such a douche. He really is the perfect coach for that arrogant franchise.


Thanks for the blog today, good reading...

Sorry I missed it for my lousy Fu*kin Job.

More info than I could of asked for.

Good Questions ya'll...

Lips dont worry there going to get theres this week-end.

any soul can predict what team will face the jets in miami for the super bowl ?

Royal Castle is the bomb!!! I'm in NC now. Do they still have them in Miami?

Charlie wiess named new KC OC.


Food and Football NJ.....

Po . NO . i keep getting deleted for nothing bad in particular.

I'm out .

I know what you are sayin, think it is a Server Issue....

Happens to me a lot here.

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