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Live playoff blog of Pats-Ravens here

FOXBORO -- I wish I were back in South Florida covering a playoff rematch between the Dolphins and Ravens today.

But that simply isn't reality. I am here in frrrrrozen New England covering the Ravens' visit of the Patriots. So we'll do a live blog of this game that starts at 1 p.m.

This not being a Dolphins game, it will be a more light-hearted live blog today. You'll see what I mean if you participate.

A couple of business items before we start:

1. The Jets beat the Bengals Saturday afternoon and so that we don't become like them, we congratulate the Jets for what they have accomplished. I hated that the New Yorkers didn't give Miami credit when the Dolphins swept them. I don't want you guys to act like that when the Jets are obviously having success.

But in advancing to the Elite 8, the Jets have hurt themselves in 2010 free agency. The way it is scheduled to work in an uncapped year, a team that is in the Elite 8 cannot add a free agent unless it loses a free agent. So that hurts the Jets.

2. The other thing is I want you to check out my column in Sunday's Miami Herald. If you remember the day after the season finished, coach Tony Sparano said he and the coaching staff would rate and rank the players on the roster.

Well, as the Dolphins will not be releasing their rankings, I decided to do it for them. My column ranks every player on the Dolphins roster 1-60. It is a for-fun exercise. It is obviously not the team's actual opinion. But check it out and see where you agree and disagree with me.

OK, come back here by kickoff and we'll hang out together this afternoon.   


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Oh well, I guess I'll wait till next yar when the dolphins get too sweep the Jets all over again. Rex and sanchez are on such a hopeful high right now...... It's all good. Reality will drop next week when they actually lose to a real team and not a "good once every 20 years team.

Aaahhh man!!! My things not refreshing again!!!! Hope I didn't get that same virus again Mando!! Stay warm brother!!

Jets 13, Indy 31 OR Jets 13, Chargers 30.. GURANTEED!! And Mr Ryan, regardless of your cockiness, u will be an underdog!!

Stop being such a wimp Armando. That IS football weather. South Florida is NOT football weather.

I can't believe the Jets won.The Bengals must be worse than I thought they were.

I really hope the pats win cause I got tickets to the colts game next week, and I went to the game where the jets beat them and ended their undefeated season, I would like to see what Peyton has to say to Rex and his mighty defense after he plays the whole game

The Jets haven't done anything yet worthy of congratulations. They beat backups in week 16 and week 17 to just barely get in the playoffs. Then, they beat a bad Bengals team who's kicker missed 28 and 35 yard field goals. If they Jets beat a real team with their starters out there, I'll give them credit.

If the Cheatriots ever win a Super Bowl in a year where they don't cheat, I'll give them credit, too.

I hate the Jets.

They only made the playoffs because the Colts laid down and the Bungles had lost form long before December began.

Let's hope the unthinkable doesn't come to fruition and that next week the Jets are sent on their vacation.

Think I'm going to start rooting for #4 for the next few weeks.

U da man mando. F*ckin jets..


Congratulations to the Jets. For being, in their own minds, the best team in the NFL. It felt great to watch the Dolphins bear you twice. Next week your team will be sent packing. Golden Corral get ready. Rex is on his way

I and others on this blog have been accused of living in the past for venerating the 1972 Miami Dolphins perfect team. I plead guilty to the charge. What the Dolphins did in 1972 was a singular achievement. It is the only thing that makes this franchise absolutely unique.

Saluting the accomplishments of the '72 Dolphins is a POSITIVE thing. That can be contrasted with the goofballs on this blog who obsess over hating the Jets and the Patriots. There's a ridiculous, delusional glee taken among some here whenever the Jets or the Patriots lose as if the first things Jets/Patriots players and fans do after a loss is jump to this blog and have their hearts further ripped out by reading references here to the "Wets" and "Bellicheat." I hate to break it to you, but the Jets/Pats and their fans don't really care about your "Nyah nyah nyah" comments.

What's the whole point of my screed? It's this. The Jets won yesterday. They won handily. The Pats will probably win today. Where are all the comments from the "Wets" and "Bellicheat" posters eating their words? Where are all the "I'm a douchebag comments"? Where are all the "I wish I were a Jet fan today instead of a Dolphin fan" comments?

I know. I know. THEY'RE the losers. The Pats are the LOSERS for either winning the AFC East every year or finishing a close second. The Pats are the LOSERS for winning 3 Super Bowls in the last decade and appearing in a fourth in which they had a perfect regular season. The Jets are the LOSERS for having one helluva defense and running game, and the best cornerback in the league.

I guess my point is, let the Dolphins WIN SOMETHING before we gloat and put down others.

P.S. Since Armando ranked the Dolphins players in 2009, I feel I should rank the cast of "Charlie's Angels." from bottom to top.

6) Kate Jackson - The "intelligent angel" was the least attractive. She had the least pretty face and least curvaceous body.

5) Shelley Hack - Sure she was beautiful, but in an overly-WASPish, anti-septic way. She had no fire in her. And she was rather thin.

4) Farrah Fawcett-Majors - Yes, she had beautiful hair and eyes, but she wasn't terribly curvaceous and her lips were kind of thin.

3) Tanya Roberts - Hot, hot, hot! But I never loved her. I only wanted to have relations with her.

2) Cheryl Ladd - How could someone be so sexy AND adorable at the same time? That was Cheryl! How could you not fall in love with her?

1) Jaclyn Smith - Perhaps the most beautiful woman of all time. Perhaps as close to female perfection as is possible. An underrated body, too. And such a sexy, feminine way of speaking. And she's still pretty hot today, too!


True that re the Jets.....I'm actually still more POed at the Colts for their Game 15 lay down that set the wheels in motion. I (begrudgingly) credit the Jets for taking advantange of their oppty & playing extremely well once given it. Frankly, I'd like to see the Fins play defense with that sense of malevolent disruption. And Keller should be an example to Fa$$ano about how a real TE plays in big games.

Thanks a mil. for that Free Agency tidbit---at last, I can see one minor but tangible "silver lining" for us from Jets victories.

Po White---if you are out there....this is the silver lining.......but now Fins must make some Free Agency moves to make it valuable.

The only thing that makes me sour about the Jets run is their use of the Wildcat. Typical hypocrites. Sanchez gets waaaaaaaay too much credit too. He has soooooo far to go to be a good nfl qb, waaaaaaaay more than Henne.

Congrats Jets for being allowed to play in this games because the colts head coach didn't want his star players injured. It's a real shame to go 23 games undefeated & have you're coach stop what "might have been" instead of "what could have been". Coach Shula gave you a pass, I won't.

Marvin Lewis should be fired

Agreed!!!! Hope the NFL puts some penelties on these coaches.

Actually, the best (so far) and seemingly easily implemented proposal I've seen thus far to deal with the late-season lay-down problem is to make last 3 games of the season Divisional games....so you are playing rivals who (hopefully) have ground to gain (or you can lose lead of division).

Sanctions on coaches won't mean squat to the game or the fans, and draft-pick awards for playing hard is dumb (giving good teams MORE draft picks!?!?!) & ain't gonna happen.

Nathaniel Dodsworth - it's true what you wrote, in years past I would always root for the AFCE teams. The real difference this year vs past years is that we've had Jets/Pats fans trashing the fins on this blog. Not that we're lowering ourselves to their level. Just trying to deflate their fans egos. All that trash talking did was give us a bigger reason to hate the Jets and the Pats. We hurt ourselves with our awful defense all year.

It no warmer in Miami Mando! Ok maybe a little but not much!

Anquan Boldin (knee) may not play today. That's trouble for everyone hoping the Dolphins trade for himm this offseason.

Why trade for a guy who is starting to break down?

good point re anquan mando=-=-he's not the answer.

Boldin has been banged up all season, I still wouldn't question his toughness. I wouldn't go to far as to say he is "breaking down"

Eric Mangini built that Jets team.

Sanchez throws 15 passes and the press is lining up to blow him just like they did with Matt Ryan last year.
Henne throws more than 50 passes twice, won both prime time games and had 3 come from behind wins and no one says anything.

if miami doesnt improve in wins,in the upcoming sesson,will it b because of poor coaching or lack of talent?

I give credit when credit is due... Unless anyone forgets it was not too long ago on the last game of the season Giants vs. Patriots, either team coulda mailed that game in, both were in the Playoffs, NEITHER team did...it was a great game...forward too Indy Vs. Jets... Indy mailed it in and let an UNDESERVING Jets team make the playoffs...screw Indy, screw the Jets I give them ZERO credit...they don't deserve any

I'm a Card season ticket holder and am heading to the game.. LOVE Boldin (except briefly last yr when he went TO on us) but the dude plays way too physical and he always misses games!! I wouldn't give too much for him..

Just had New England clam chowda for breakfast. anything to stay warm.

john beck is baltimore's inactive third qb. How's that for a flashback.

OK lets all be honest. The Jets caught a break against the Colts, but they were good enough to take advantage of it. They're playing great football and have a very very good defense. I don't know about anyone else, but i think the future is scary for the Dolphins having to play Rex Ryan's D twice a year and Belicheat twice also

I understand you guys being unhappy the Jets got in because two teams quit work early.

But ...

They went to the house of a division winner yesterday and won the back. The Bengals beat the Steelers twice this year.

And the Jets were clearly the better team.

Mr Cam staying loyal to Beck, even if inactive!! He's our only hope of trading Ginny.. I'd trade Ginn for a 2nd and then use that pick on Boldin.. How's that for GM-ing..

Oh also, does anyone find it annoying that the Jets are making this playoff push while using the wildcat with such success after trashing the play when the Dolphins used it?

Mando: tequila works better than clam chowder and with less calories!!

As much as I hate them, I must admit that the Jets aare quite a good team.

Ans I would say that they are more advanced than us in their rebuilding process.

Their defense is tremendous, their offensive is not worth 156 million but is the NFL'best, their rushing game very effective and they stole us the Wildcat.

If we compare every position on the field, I think we are only better at QB and FB, and perhaps RB.

And above all, their coach Rex Ryan is way better than ours. And that is a big advantage of theirs.

We'd better not waste one more year of free agency (see Grove, Green, Wilson, etc) if we want to close the gap on them.


you put your finger on the pulse of the worst part of the Jets surge......the weeklong suckfest 0n ESPN, NFLnet & etc re Sanchez/Ryan & co. It ain't the Jets "fault"....but its keeping me away from the sports stations.

& JM: yes, the WildCat hypocracy bugs me too.
But again, Like Mando sez---you gotta give Jets credit for fully exploiting their break.

Personally, I hate the Colts for their lay-down more than the Jets for running with it. And trust me, I'm a four-decade-plus Jet Hater!

and Yann's right too.

Unfortunately, Robby, they're not serving tequila and I didn't bring my own.

Sucks for me.

Yann: with all due respect ur crazy!! They came across a soft schedule at the most opportune time; it's like our soft schedule last yr made pip believe they were better than we were.. Yesterdays win came against a team that's looked awful all of Dec and with a less potent offense than ours!! They've traded tons of picks and now they've taken a hit in free agency!! And Ryan over Sporano, now ur just being silly!!!

So do you guys hate the Jets for being, well, the Jets.

Or do you hate the Colts for laying down and letting the Jets get in the playoffs.

Hard to blame the Colts for what they did. It was a lot more upsetting before the Welker injury last week - kinda made me think they were right to pull Peyton & co.

I would rather see the pats runover Baltimore. I dislike the ravens. I know it's against dolphin rules, buy I like to see good games. Pats v colts again would be fun.

As for the dolphins, I think getting wake more involved and drafting tebow would be cool. I like spiller but the best available linebacker would be nice. Trade Ronnie brown for a linebacker like Briggs in Chicago.

colts for this specific crime; jets in general & always for crimes against humanity, or at least against Football.

Picture this:

Julian Edelman standing at the pylon on the goal line. Tom Brady on the 50 yard line. Throws a pass and hits Edelman, who doesn't move one inch, right in the hands.


Jets still backed into the playoffs and it gave them confidence. They could come back to haunt the colts. Scary.

btw....I think Julian Edelman will be just fine....he's got tons of potential & reminds me of welker & bess. AND I think he's MOT, which is aces in my book.

Warner to retire today after game if they lose? Can bill call him to tutor henne on being a qb?

You have to appreciate or hate bill belichecks ability to plug in guys at every position.


I'd take Ryan over Sparano every day. Please don't compare an average position coach who never won nothing to the main architect (with Nolan) of one of the most dominating defenses of all time (Ravens 2000-2009)

And we'll assess the Jets' season when it's over.

They'll be the team to beat next year in the AFC East.

Go dolphins!

Hate Jets for being Jets!! Hate Ryan for being Ryan!! Hate sanchez for becoming Ryanesque!! Hate fireman Bob for being fireman Bob.. hate jets for gettn whooped twice AND still talking smack!! (PG)

I think that edleman will catch 15 passes.

I hate the jets but they look really good. I would think they could run the table. They do look an old giants team. I didn't say that I think chris collinsworth did.

Bungles could not pass yesterday. Palmer hurt his thumb was the reason?

So now the Jets are the team to beat in the AFC East next year? What happened to New England? They won the division, you know.

Rex stinks but that team ha taken on his persona. Scary. Mangini could not do that with the same guys.

Yann: we could go back and forth on this but you are giving Ryan too much credit; this isn't a hotdog eating contest!! The Jets have brought in TONS of high-priced free agents!! This was done b4 Ryan. Fact is, they can be out-physicalled and if u want proof, check both games against the Fins!! Btw, they also have among
The fewest sacks in the league!!

My picks today. Pats and pack.

We beat the jets but they played An easier schedule. I think backing in gave them confidence. Their qb is making throws despite Edwards drops.

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