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Live playoff blog of Pats-Ravens here

FOXBORO -- I wish I were back in South Florida covering a playoff rematch between the Dolphins and Ravens today.

But that simply isn't reality. I am here in frrrrrozen New England covering the Ravens' visit of the Patriots. So we'll do a live blog of this game that starts at 1 p.m.

This not being a Dolphins game, it will be a more light-hearted live blog today. You'll see what I mean if you participate.

A couple of business items before we start:

1. The Jets beat the Bengals Saturday afternoon and so that we don't become like them, we congratulate the Jets for what they have accomplished. I hated that the New Yorkers didn't give Miami credit when the Dolphins swept them. I don't want you guys to act like that when the Jets are obviously having success.

But in advancing to the Elite 8, the Jets have hurt themselves in 2010 free agency. The way it is scheduled to work in an uncapped year, a team that is in the Elite 8 cannot add a free agent unless it loses a free agent. So that hurts the Jets.

2. The other thing is I want you to check out my column in Sunday's Miami Herald. If you remember the day after the season finished, coach Tony Sparano said he and the coaching staff would rate and rank the players on the roster.

Well, as the Dolphins will not be releasing their rankings, I decided to do it for them. My column ranks every player on the Dolphins roster 1-60. It is a for-fun exercise. It is obviously not the team's actual opinion. But check it out and see where you agree and disagree with me.

OK, come back here by kickoff and we'll hang out together this afternoon.