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Miami Dolphins opponents determined for 2010

The NFL has made official each team's 2010 opponents and so here is what the Dolphins will be looking at in 2010.

At home, the Dolphins will play the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, as well as AFC East rivals Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots and New York Jets.

On the road, the Dolphins will play the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and their three AFC East rivals.

That means Miami will play eight games, or half their schedule, against teams that made the playoffs in 2009. The Dolphins will play three teams that won their divisions.


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Hahaha, i might need alocohol to get through the day.



Well, that schedule will not be good for a team that fumbles, chokes in the cluch, cant stop the run, kills their own mojo with trick plays and cant run a two minute drill! Sound like any team we know?

I'll get to see the Dolphins play the Vikes and maybe the Packers.I can't wait.I did notice that the Patsies got a majority of the tough games at home....the NFL is still holding onto hope that the Patsies win the SB so they can prove that spygate wasn't that big of a deal.

Bill bellicose got 3 great years out of Randy Moss.
If we can get 3 great years from Brandon marshall, I'd take it.

He'd love to be in Miami, as we COMPLETELY shut him down 2 years ago in Denver.

OK, 3 hours in Green Bay in December, or 3 hours of Fran Drescher reciting Shakespeare?

A woman who know how to cook things like platano, fry fish, rice and beans, fresh salad, oxtail, ceviche, chicharrones, and things to fix hangover is very important.

2010 schedule seems f.... ked up again. NFL has something against the Fins. This is ridiculous. As fans we should make a petition to the league for fair schedule practice!!!

Beware of women who offer to make you things like meatballs and smoke too many cigarettes.

Why does the food Carlito lists sound like the menu at a refugee camp?

Losers be gone..........Ginn. Crowder. adeloye. wilson. We will make the playoffs next year.

LMFAO @ All American fin !!!!!!

Beware of women who offer to make you things like meatballs and smoke too many cigarettes.

Posted by: carlito from golfito | January 05, 2010 at 12:35 AM

hahahahahaha don't know why but that is funny as hell. hahahahahaha

Carlito, beware of any women who spends too much time in the baked goods section of the market.
It's a look at her future, all 200+pounds of it.

OK, football for a moment.
When I saw my beloved Fins live against the Titans (I live in TN) I was struck by how slow Haynos and Fasano are, compared to the stud TE's around the league.
We need a TE who's as dangerous to our opponents as their TE's are to us. I still have nightmares about Dallas Clark's TD on the first play.

fake all american fin at 12:39.

how did I know NJ would LHAO?

Carlito, where is golfito? just curious?

I am stealing that slogan carlito ;-)

Costa Rica my friend


Nice place to invest I hear. I could hang. Costa meatball. ;-)

I'm just glad they don't have to play Houston.

Thanks for the 2010 schedule info!

The 2010 sked will yield the same result as this season. They are set up for a chance to be successful at home, but the road sked is going to be very tough.
I would expect a repeat of this season....the 7-9 to 9-7 range.
But really....does it matter?
The sked this year turned out to be pretty favorable, especially with two games at home. And look at this team's efforts to in the first half of each of the games.
Is everyone out getting laid on South Beach on Saturday nights before home games?
It's the same sad story.
Let's just sum it up: We got lucky through the 70's and 80's because every other team in our division was run by fools. We were the best-run team in the AFC East. Now that everyone else except Buffalo has wised-up, we've become the Jets. Losers. Can't draft. Can't sign. Build up the fans and let the down. The only difference is that we don't beat on women and children at our home games.

Mando, every team plays three division winners from the previous year (the division you are in and the AFC and NFC divisions that you play all the teams from).

Not sure why you noted that but it doesn't differentiate the Fins schedule from any other teams.

Well the Dolphins did their best this year and thats all we can ask for. i mean the part im mad about is they gave up too many points and couldn't put up enough points. also when the dolphins had da saints down let them come back and win. other dan dat my Dolphins did there thang this year. However im not much of a defense type person im more of a offense. Da Dophins need a big time receiver that can help them in tough situations. Ted Gin is not good and Davone bess is like number 2. Hartline is like a number 3. So Dolphins need a number one. and they need someone from florida. notice that there's no one in florida on da Dolphins team. but dat Dez bryant guy he's great. that will be good to add him. on defense, sorry but JT and JP its time to go. yall getting old and these young running backs and others are jus goin right pass yall on da edge its ridiculous. time for a young strong defense and a hell of a kind offense. I seen the 2010 schedule. Man i believe da Dolphins can go 16-0 like my other team the Colts suppose to went for. O well!!! I believe my Dolphins can beat all those teams but it will take process and the NFL Draft. So lets go Dolphins!!! One more thing, Quaterback. Henne the starter. yall have to give him a chance. He was really ready this year, but with his big arm ability he should be ready this year. just needs to calm down on throws thats like pitch and catch. Hmmmm Peyton Manning can teach him or maybe Bret farve. Pat White second string. He was a rookie last year and barely practice so yall have to give him another chance. Tyler thigpen should be third. yes he's good but should be third because... well idk just be third i say. WELL I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT DOLPHINS. JUST BECAUSE ESPN, NFL NETWORK, OR ESPN FIRST TAKE DON'T, I DO SO LETS PROVE EVERYONE WRONG AND SO WHY THE MIAMI DOLPHINS ARE NUMBER ONE. FINS TO THE LEFT, FINS TO THE RIGHT LETS GO MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!

Trade Pat White for a fifth round pick. Get rid of Ginn, Porter, Taylor, and Wilson for whatever you can get. Draft the fastest sure hands receiver you can with the 12th pick. With the receiver secured, go for improving the defensive secondary and nose tackle. Get Pigpen more playing time with the bigs and get a qb coach or Pennington to teach Pigpen to not turn over the ball. Make sure that Bill Parcells sees this.

mayweather over pac man!!!!! lol

At least we don't have to play our arch-nemisis Houston.

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