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Nolan is on board as the defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan, 50, is the Miami Dolphins new defensive coordinator, a source tells The Miami Herald.

We are searching for a second source, but I'm obviously confident enough in this to post it here.

Nolan takes over a defense that yielded 390 points in 2009, tied for the seventh-highest mark in the NFL. He succeeds Paul Pasqualoni, who was fired one week after the season ended.

The one and, really, the only question whether Nolan would land in Miami or not was his meeting with head coach Tony Sparano and how the two would get along. I'm told by a source that Nolan wanted to feel a comfort level with his new boss.

He apparently didn't feel that in Denver with Josh McDaniels. Although both wanted to run a 3-4 defense and both were agreed initially how to do that, as the season wore on, the two young men sort of grated on each other, I'm told by a source close to Nolan.

Thus Nolan and McDaniels agreed to part ways when other opportunities presented themselves for each.

Obviously, since Sparano offered the job and Nolan accepted, the two men believe they are on the same page.

Nolan helped the Broncos trim 7.8 points a game off a defense that surrendered 28 points a game in 2008. After getting fired as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2008, Nolan tried his hand in broadcasting but found himself wanting to return to coaching.

Nolan did much of his work with Dolphins castoffs. He took Andre' Goodman, Renaldo Hill and added Brian Dawkins to form a solid secondary along with anchor Champ Bailey.

Although the details still have to be worked out, Nolan is expected to be with the Dolphins staff in Mobile, Ala. next week when they coach in the Senior Bowl.


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let the improvement begin!


Wonder if he will put in the good word for Marshall

About time for some pressure defense!!!

Why not just go ahead and say the source is Jay Glazer, Armando?

Excellent news!

well some here wanted youth at dc. some wanted an aggressive style of defense installed. looks like miami fans got exactly what they wanted.

The gods must be smiling upon Dolphin Nation!!

Mando: your thoughts? I'm surprised you got down on front office with your DC search takes wrong turn, etc posts.. These guys are good!! Whether by luck or a secret plan, they constantly improve the team!!


Thanks for the great news Armando !

Hopefully we use our first three picks on the front seven !

Josh McDaniels - you will regret this.

YESSSS !!!! Now lets get some players on DEFENSE !!!!

Love it love it love it!

He had the Broncos talking SB thru 8 games and his D was one of the tops. Injuries, bad players and a young squad finally caught up to the Broncos.
Great addition IMO!


Thanks Fox Sports and Glazer who's time stamped scoop beats Armando's by many minutes !

so how long till nolan has wake racking up sack number's like elvis?

Mel , who gives a shyt !!!! thanks for stopping by :)

Now Parcells look into your magic hat and pull out the next great OLB in the draft!

It's obvious that Nolan had Miami as a place to land before he left Denver. I wouldn't doubt it if he had his agent get in touch with the Fins before leaving. Make no mistake about it, Nolan wants to be a head coach again and he has to be in a place where he can succeed. I guess Denver wasn't it.

Super excited!! Let's get to work guys!!!!!!

Hold on Mel, here's ur Cox jersey before u leave...Complaining about who broke the news...jeeez

That's great news! Now can we get Renaldo Hill back from Denver?

Mel get back to work. that glory hole ain't gonna clean itself.

Get over yourself Mel. Glazer types 140 characters on twitter. Mando writes an entire blog. And you're moaning like a girl about a couple of minutes difference?

You need a hobby.

Excellent hire. Excellent job, Mando.

Gotta go, idiots to arrest, God I hope it's a Jets fan, my day would be complete!!!


I've seem Crowder play every game since he was drafted and last year was his worst. And the his rankings were based on this year. But I've seen him play and miss tackles over pursue plays with regularity. Not to mention his hands of stone. I like what Jason Taylor said " the lord blessed Channing with alot of things a good set of hand isnt one of them"

Bottom line is we need a upgrade at both ILB's position's. If you dont see it thats cool.
I just hope we sign Dansby and draft another ILB.

Stoked! :)

Im out checking in later.

last year was his worst


Just Great!!!

Right , that's my point. Last year was his only bad year. He was injured.

O.K. Dolfans, go ahead and second guess the head shed. Just remember, we not only don't know more than they know, we don't even know everything we know.

Now its time to calm down, show respect, relax and enjoy the next phase of Miama's rebuilding process. Let's even wish the Jets good luck. We can afford it and their success would not only make our last year look better but set the stage for the year to come. WOW.

I love this hire!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Armondo.You were the first S.Florida journalist to put this on site.The other reporters must be taking a nap.Thanks for this and many other postings Bro. Walterboro South Carolina Ricky


Freaking awesome!!! In mike Nolan we trust our defense!!!!! Yes sir.. It was all worth the wait... Now I'm glad the other two turned us down

he was a bum for the 49ers... and the broncos collapsed worse than the phins did

we shouldn't have let pasqualoni go and bcse of the sr bowl we had to scramble and just stick somebody anybody in there

already off to a bad start


now he can bring elvis and brandon lol

He's not 44.

I laugh at all you armando tea baggers.

Where are all the Chicken Littles screaming the sky is falling and no one wants to work with Sparano and Parcells?

Patience is a virtue my friends...

Remember, people in the organization know way more inside info on whats going down in league circles than sportswriters and their readers. When Pees left NE, I'm sure head honchos knew that he would link up with McDaniels, making Nolan an option.

Regardless, I think this is a good move

Mel = Dyingbreed/heil hitler.

The Broncos had an old secondary, crap DL, and good linebackers. Keeping them above 22nd in defense was good coaching.

Sounds like a good fit to me!
Someone just wrote they just stuck anybody in there, ummm... no.

Between the background that both Nolan and Sheridan have coaching LB's in the past, I see this unit making a huge turnaround for our D.

Two very good coaching hires for the Phins D.
I see us being at least a top 16 D in 2010, worse case scenario.
Coaching in Mobile will be a nice headstart in achieving that goal.

I'm with you NJPhin fan...

Let hope that Mcclain and Dansby are available!

I knew it would work out! We got our DC now to get some Defensive players of the same caliber!!!

yes. I'm glad this is done.

They're talking about it over here in San Fransisco. Excellent Hire! So, I guess this means that Paul had some play calling duties and didn't perform to the coaches' liking.

Mike Nolan will have Defensive Play calling duties i take it?

Can anyone teach Wilson to tackle and Crowder to wake up. Maybe we will see more of Wake

Uhh, yeah of course he will...Sparano darn sure isn't calling defensive plays. He may overide one once in awhile, but Nolan will call the D.

Mike Nolan is not 44, he will be 51 years old in March. Wake up Armando

i wasn't thrilled about Groh... Butler was a no name to me until he was mentioned to interview. Nolan to be is a better option than either one of the them. am i crazy excited about him??? no but i think its the best option out there.

Maybe we can get an inside track on Marshall?? while he is a big risk, he's a BIG reward type gamble too. McDaniels is obvisouly the problem out in Denver.

This is an excellent hire!!!! Attack...attack....attack! Another piece to the big Tuna puzzle baby.

Awesome! Pulled another one out. Bet Bellicheat is wondering how he missed out on this one ahahahahahaa
AFC East is gonna run through Miami again next year

Dumervil will be at least a restricted free agent maybe Nolan can bring him and Marshall to sunny Miama as well!!


The NFL Record and Fact Book lists Nolan's birthdate as March 7, 1965. That is the date I used for his age.

The Dolphins are now saying he was born March 7, 1959.

I don't pick numbers out of the air, Steve.

44, 51, what's the difference? Both is plenty young to be a coach.

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