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Nolan is on board as the defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan, 50, is the Miami Dolphins new defensive coordinator, a source tells The Miami Herald.

We are searching for a second source, but I'm obviously confident enough in this to post it here.

Nolan takes over a defense that yielded 390 points in 2009, tied for the seventh-highest mark in the NFL. He succeeds Paul Pasqualoni, who was fired one week after the season ended.

The one and, really, the only question whether Nolan would land in Miami or not was his meeting with head coach Tony Sparano and how the two would get along. I'm told by a source that Nolan wanted to feel a comfort level with his new boss.

He apparently didn't feel that in Denver with Josh McDaniels. Although both wanted to run a 3-4 defense and both were agreed initially how to do that, as the season wore on, the two young men sort of grated on each other, I'm told by a source close to Nolan.

Thus Nolan and McDaniels agreed to part ways when other opportunities presented themselves for each.

Obviously, since Sparano offered the job and Nolan accepted, the two men believe they are on the same page.

Nolan helped the Broncos trim 7.8 points a game off a defense that surrendered 28 points a game in 2008. After getting fired as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2008, Nolan tried his hand in broadcasting but found himself wanting to return to coaching.

Nolan did much of his work with Dolphins castoffs. He took Andre' Goodman, Renaldo Hill and added Brian Dawkins to form a solid secondary along with anchor Champ Bailey.

Although the details still have to be worked out, Nolan is expected to be with the Dolphins staff in Mobile, Ala. next week when they coach in the Senior Bowl.


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Just what the Big Tuna ordered!

SWEEET! I'm guessing he will LOVE what he sees on film from Cam Wake! Could Wake be in for a Pro Bowl season soon just like Elvis?? And I agree, lets get Dansby in there, and draft a LB and life will be all good!

Great aquisition by the Dolphins. I like this better then Al Groh or Butler. I am a big fan of what Nolan did in Denver this year. The Broncos defense was pathetic the previous 2 years until Nolan arrived. He not only turned the defense around he also transitioned them from a 4-3 to 3-4 and they were very good early on. As many others posted the injuries and really lack of overall talent caught up with them but so did the bad play of the offense that had the Broncos D on the field too much. I love the hire. This is a great move!

Florio at PFT is saying the Fins also hired Bill Sheridan as the new LB coach. Now if 'Bama's ILB Rolando McClain falls to No. 12 in the draft and then the 'Bama NT Cody falls to us in the second I think an awesome D could be taking shape. What a difference a day makes!

Great signing, Nolan is a good 3-4 coach. Hopefully this will bring JT back for a Super Bowl run.


Terrance Cody changed his name before enrolling in the University of Alabama, if you look back at his high school stats, his name he was given at birth is Terrence Klump.

Now I'm really excited about next season!!! We will Own our division!!! You Heard it here 1st!

We can't keep getting excited over coaches. They don't win games. Players do, and we haven't improved a single player since the season ended.

"Let's even wish the Jets good luck. We can afford it and their success would not only make our last year look better but set the stage for the year to come. WOW."
Posted by: Jack Kompan | January 19, 2010 at 02:51 PM

Jack, are you on CRACK?
The Jets are the mortal enemy.
Thuis aibn't college where we "pull for our conference."

Thank God, finally some good news for the Fins! I'm confident Nolan can turn around the Fins' lackluster D. Attack, attack, and attack some more! All we need now is for the Colts to spank the Jets on Sunday and it will be a great week to be a Fins fan. Woohoo!

Great catch!

Carlito . I read your post on the previous blog that you learned something from me . It was how to insult someone as long as you put a :) after it. F'n funny shyt !!!

I'd like to see us get TCU LB Daryl Washington.
He would be a great draft pick for Miami. He needs a lil more weight, but can add that in offseason training, and he will be a phenom at the next level.
He is fast, quick, a true hitter, has a nose for the ball, and oh yeah, has very good coverage skills :)

I have 6 PHDs and 8 Master's Degrees, 13 Bachelor's Degrees, 17 Associate Degrees and a whole bunch of technical certificates. I am fluent in 27 different languages. I also have a partridge in a pear tree and I betcha wish your boyfriend was hot like me. And I think hiring Nolan was a great thing.
Bring on McLain, an upgrade at OLB and a ball hawk at FS and look out NFL.

nolan could coach this team. i hope we are open to what he brings to the table. sparano needs to let nolan have a free reign with the defense and roll with the decisions. we finally got a diamond who is a proven entity! we are moving in the right direction!!!!

Nolan was born on March 7th? That's my birthday also.........I'm feelin some Karma here!!


Greg Z, you're dead on

Now we will have some inside information if we should go after Marshall, which i say WE DON'T!! If anyone is to know how much a problem marshall was last season, Nolan should.

Not going after Marshall. The coaches already said they don't have interest in someone with Marshall's personality. I would love to have his playmaking ability here, but that's nothing but a pipe dream at this point.

I think Marshall is a troublemaker and should only be brought in if he will behave himself. No one is questioning his talent, just his attitude.

I'm into it. Here's hoping he can game plan for both JT and Wake next season (Porter is gone, I think) and somehow create playmakers in the middle of the field (NT, ILB, S).

Also, Armando -- do we know for sure that offers were made to Groh and Butler? Just curious.

good pick for DC now lets sign some KEY free agents and have a great draft for a change NO WASTED PICKS (PAT WHITE).

Maybe Nolan can snag Elvis Dumervil from the Broncos...??

I am still pondering how we did not sign Brian Dawkins. Because Wilson was younger??

Everybody chill out!!! All the jets have done to this point is...1) Beat up a limping Bengals team.... 2)barely beat a team who's know for choking in the playoffs...& 3)just got worse draft picks for next season, cause the Colts are gonna stomp right throught them.

I'd love to know what Nolan thinks about the (in-effect) Reynaldo Hill - Gerbil Wilson swap. I'm sure though he likes Goodman, he sees why Fins drafted VD & SS, and Vonnie H was good for Denver but a DC can see why he'd be a business decision

BUT WILSON VS HILL!!! That's a bummer story. remember our D improved last yr when Hill took over fs slot. He & Bell were a hell of a partnership.

Dawkins plays strong safety and with signing bell long term their wasn't any need

njfinfan, like most of "yoose" yankees, you always seem to know more than anyone else. What makes you like that? Are you so insecure you have to inflate your ego by putting others down? I would say get some help but there is no helping some people.

Great stuff! This looks like a good fit. Let's hope the players are as excited as we are! They needed a bit of buzz at times last year.

btw, MB at the other place sez his research shows Nolan blows. I like the pick, nonetheless.

This is great news now I just need the jets to get owned on Sunday and i can rest easy for awhile.

I thought Snyder let him go because he was too vanilla on defense. I don't remeber the Broncos or the Ravens under his watch being aggressive play callers. Can we get some stats on this Armando? % he blitzed, etc.

After seeing a revolving door of coaches since Shula, I've learned to be a little more cautious before anointing any coach. I like the fact that he wanted to be here. Other than that, show us what you can do.

is there really a "GOOD" word on or about brandon marshall?

I think this is a great hire at DC, and I hope the Fins will help Mike out with free agency and the draft.

LOL !! Fla native , you contributed nothing. How about you continue to patrol the streets of south beach in your transvestite wear. thanks for stopping by :)

Hell Yeah, New DC!

What ya think NJ?

Po , Real good hire. I think you should have a drink to that. :)

See your past post, see you approve, I feel better now...

Why is everybody so excited about Nolan? He was an awful Head Coach, and he has not been a great defensive coordinator. Why do you think he has had so many jobs?

In Fact the Baltimore D was better when Nolan left and Rex Ryan took over.

The main reason he got the Head Coaching job was that his Dad, was the former coach

Got one in hand!

put it in your asss po .

Needed The NJ stamp of approval..

did you guys got the locker room ready for sanchez ?

Bet you know all about putting thins in you A S S, Jetdouche.

We got the transvestite hooker ready for Sanchez, per his request.. Douchebag

I know its kind of late, but I wanted to post my approval for this hire.

Great job. now lets get it done in the Draft and F/A.

When Nolan was at Baltimore... Reed was young.. Lewis was still developing... And they just didn't have the same squad that Rex Ryan had.. Second Nolan did more with less... Ravens were a great defense with Ryan because a absolute moran could have called plays and be a genious with what he had at Baltimore.. Nolan had less and did dam well.. And most of the reasons why he bounced around was because grog was canned at ny and he was too... Turner was canned at Washington..he was too.. When head coaches get canned so does their assistants almost always! Know your facts idiot!!!

Cant wait to listen to you whine Jetfag, When the Colts Kick that A S S.

now nolan got to find a house to live in , then sell it in a year .


Go f*ck youself, till ya need stitches.

i am out .


Dwight Freeney is gonna f*ck up Sancheeze so bad he is gonna wish he was your Rectum after you usual nightly visit to the g a y club.

While your out go F*ck your self Again

B I T C H!

sanchez took us to the promise land while your team is resting in peace w/a lot of money .

Freeny and the Colts are gonna pull the Train on Your gaywad Jests, Cant wait.

you don't need to use this kind of fin talk .be nice and civil .

Sorry yall,

That was my evil twin brother, Po-est White Trash...

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