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Nolan is on board as the defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan, 50, is the Miami Dolphins new defensive coordinator, a source tells The Miami Herald.

We are searching for a second source, but I'm obviously confident enough in this to post it here.

Nolan takes over a defense that yielded 390 points in 2009, tied for the seventh-highest mark in the NFL. He succeeds Paul Pasqualoni, who was fired one week after the season ended.

The one and, really, the only question whether Nolan would land in Miami or not was his meeting with head coach Tony Sparano and how the two would get along. I'm told by a source that Nolan wanted to feel a comfort level with his new boss.

He apparently didn't feel that in Denver with Josh McDaniels. Although both wanted to run a 3-4 defense and both were agreed initially how to do that, as the season wore on, the two young men sort of grated on each other, I'm told by a source close to Nolan.

Thus Nolan and McDaniels agreed to part ways when other opportunities presented themselves for each.

Obviously, since Sparano offered the job and Nolan accepted, the two men believe they are on the same page.

Nolan helped the Broncos trim 7.8 points a game off a defense that surrendered 28 points a game in 2008. After getting fired as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2008, Nolan tried his hand in broadcasting but found himself wanting to return to coaching.

Nolan did much of his work with Dolphins castoffs. He took Andre' Goodman, Renaldo Hill and added Brian Dawkins to form a solid secondary along with anchor Champ Bailey.

Although the details still have to be worked out, Nolan is expected to be with the Dolphins staff in Mobile, Ala. next week when they coach in the Senior Bowl.


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Did Mike Nolan say anything about bringing Elvis Dumerville with him?

Backdoor, Whats your opinion on back door football????

Still waiting for facts what has Nolan done so great, besides get the Head Coach fired..what out Sparano! Nolan's teams have only made 3 playoff appearences in 13 yrs. wow!!

Back Door Football is the WILDCAT


He cant be to bad, Ravens Defense mean anything to ya?

Yeah...Raven defense is very good when Lewis and Ryan were D-Coordinators

But hell, we can always get Paul Pasqualoni back.....

Rich . nobody cares what your waiting for or what you think.

Cant remember the last time they had a bad D other than 2007 when we beat em...

that's right backdoor, what are your feelings on this??? Do's it make the fins look like H0M0's????(not that there's anything wrong with that)

Wait a second.
Just hold on.
Last week it was Al Groh and the details just had to be worked out.
The key detail, that didn't get worked out is that Al Groh was not interested in the job. Neither was Butler interested in the job.
When Mike Nolan is speaking into the mike with a 'Phins elblem on the wall of the media room behind him, then we can all start complaining.
Mike Nolan is not the DC of the Phins.

Just for clarification the comfort level that Sparano is seeking is that the new DC, whomever it turns out to be, is not more qualified to be head coach than Sparano himself is.

For further clarification the comfort level I seek is that the new DC does not make everyone on the team, and all of the team's fans, look like h0m0s everyweek.

You got me CM.
Leticia let me go around back last week and ever since then I cannot get that song from the Doors out of my head.


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Ravens Defense has not been a problem, think their offense has been of issue.


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Fins Up next season boys.
Keep the faith. Stay the course.



Don’t forget about the leaf blower.

What do Sancheeze and Jet have in common?

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Does anyone have any idea as to which part of the D Coach Nolan will focus on? Will it be ILB, OLB,or NT? Weatherspoon, Kindle, and Hughes look like good fits on the outside. As far as ILB, if McClain goes to Denver as many mock drafts indicate, I would think that getting B. Spikes at #12 is a reach. At NT, beside Suh going top 3, McCoy is out of our range, Brian Price is a better fit for a 4-3, Dan Williams (also reach at #12) will probably not last past the 1st rd, and Terence Cody is a two-down player, which means if Miami gets him, expect Soliai to be in the line-up via rotation. Which means teams will work around it. Woolfork would be a great addition, but NE won't let him sign with us... no way! Honestly, this year's F-A class for LB isn't too special. Karlos Dansby is not as good as the money he'll demand this offeason. It just goes to show the lack of talent in this year's market. Daryl Washington from TCU at ILB seems interesting. I'm just anxious to see how the Tri-fecta figure it out this upcoming offseason. Any thoughts?

Rex(Jabba the coach)Ryan could be the leaf blower, and the great thing is he'd be environmentally safe to do it, just think no Fossil fuel used and hardly any pollution except his bad breath....

NJ & Po & co.--

what do y'all make of MB's criticism of Nolan at the other joint?

Mystery, He's gonna be busy with the group he's inheriting, Half these guys shouldn't be on the mighty air breathers in my opinion....And I think we all know who they are...

The difference between Sancheeze and Jet?

Sancheeze will be blowing my lawn off; Jet will be blowing a select clientele at the Truck stop.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Now bring in B. Marshall and LB Elvis Dumervil from Denver. Pick up S. Merriman LB, San Diego, Miles Austin from Dallas and draft LB Leon M. from Ala. Then look for a FS in the draft. Oh yes. Sign Wilfork NT from N.E.

Poor offense.

Poor offense.

Who would name there child Gibril??????

Who would name there child Gibril??????.


They just spoke about the hire on NFL network and said Josh McDaniels let go the most successful part of his team go aka Nolan

Jets 2000 record was 9-7


What do ya know bout Sergio Kindle?

Now bring in B. Marshall and LB Elvis Dumervil from Denver. Pick up S. Merriman LB, San Diego, Miles Austin from Dallas and draft LB Leon M. from Ala. Then look for a FS in the draft. Oh yes. Sign Wilfork NT from N.E.

Posted by: JimE

Let's be realistic...

Jim E, yea let's bring in the whole Colts team and call it a day huh???

bringing in nolan is gonna make it harder to land marshall, who we need way more than this guy, bcse i'm sure marshall knows from up close that this guy cant coach and he was a super jerk when we was with the 49ers

Nolan on board is a very good thing for the fins. GOOOOOO MIAMIIIIIIII!

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Butcher, do you know anything about football??? Nolan bought Denver from the number 25 defense to number 7 last year...he's a very succesful DC... Over the years...Brandon Marshall will probaly be in jail within the next two years..Buy a clue before you speak

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