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Nolan is on board as the defensive coordinator

Mike Nolan, 50, is the Miami Dolphins new defensive coordinator, a source tells The Miami Herald.

We are searching for a second source, but I'm obviously confident enough in this to post it here.

Nolan takes over a defense that yielded 390 points in 2009, tied for the seventh-highest mark in the NFL. He succeeds Paul Pasqualoni, who was fired one week after the season ended.

The one and, really, the only question whether Nolan would land in Miami or not was his meeting with head coach Tony Sparano and how the two would get along. I'm told by a source that Nolan wanted to feel a comfort level with his new boss.

He apparently didn't feel that in Denver with Josh McDaniels. Although both wanted to run a 3-4 defense and both were agreed initially how to do that, as the season wore on, the two young men sort of grated on each other, I'm told by a source close to Nolan.

Thus Nolan and McDaniels agreed to part ways when other opportunities presented themselves for each.

Obviously, since Sparano offered the job and Nolan accepted, the two men believe they are on the same page.

Nolan helped the Broncos trim 7.8 points a game off a defense that surrendered 28 points a game in 2008. After getting fired as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2008, Nolan tried his hand in broadcasting but found himself wanting to return to coaching.

Nolan did much of his work with Dolphins castoffs. He took Andre' Goodman, Renaldo Hill and added Brian Dawkins to form a solid secondary along with anchor Champ Bailey.

Although the details still have to be worked out, Nolan is expected to be with the Dolphins staff in Mobile, Ala. next week when they coach in the Senior Bowl.


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Hi guys!

Here's a long shot, but what the hell? Nolan coached Baltimore and Ed Reed is thinking about retiring...if they had a good relationship and I think Reed is from FL or at least went to the U...do you think he could convince him to play for the fins??

I don't know the contract implications, just throwing an idea out there.

Tar, I don't believe Parcells will bring in someone who is ready to retire...Youth movement at all positions.

I like having Nolan and I like talking football... Can't you arguing ladies go to a facebook or a playgirl chat site to bicker? All this non-football crapola is making my penis soft

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bobbyd12 - agreed, but he could play one year and buy us another draft to get a replacement.

Think now we can get Dumervil??? That would be a great pick up for us

I don't think Nolan will get along with Sporano or very many other head coaches. He is an uptight ramrod dumbss who will be thinking every minute that he should be the head coach, not the DC. Thank god he went up in smoke and was replaced by Singletary.

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I would love to get s top defensive guy, but with ronnie brown finishing another season on I.R and this I'd Ricky lsdt season I would take Spiller in a second if he is there.

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Belchos a Bronco fan...pls talk to McDaniels who will run ur team into last place within two years TOPS

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PFT is reporting that when the Dolphins submitted a written request to the Broncos to interview Nolan, McDaniels asked Nolan if he preferred the Broncos or the Dolphins, he said the Dolphins and McDaniels let him walk...


My thoughts are good choice!

Hey NJ were you being a douche to me last night or was it tortured posing as you?

Good hire. Now you guys have a DC with approx. twice the intelligence as your HC. Bravo.

I'm not a Bronco fan, stupid. Don't you know who Singletary is? Grow up, NJ.

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I really hope Peyton Manning gets another Super Bowl win, he deserves it. I think he is the closest thing to a modern day Marino and hope he can get a couple rings.

Great choice for DC, after the game at Buffalo I knew the defense was in trouble the defense was not prepared for the rest of the season like they should have been. Mike nolan will improve this defense.

damn this was a great pick up, his a defensive genius. Can't wait for next year, I bet we will have a top 10 defense, just get the right LB's in there, and we will have an amazing year..

where's guapo ???

Some coaches are meant to be coordinator and Nolan is one of them. We obviously will be looking to upgrade our talent on that side ifthe ball and Nolan will get them to play at a higher level. He knows the 3-4 unlike Pasqu....whatever. Fins def will be in top 10 next year!

It never ceases to amaze me how Dolphins fans can find the worst in everything. We get a proven coach who has experience and a track record of defenses that perform well and it get a poo poo from some...

Here is some really crappy news for those who think there is some "Wonder coach" out there who Miami is just not smart enough to hire or, for whatever imagined reason, just does not want to come and coach here...... Your Wrong... He does not exist. The guy from Pittsburgh has eyes on the DC chair once Mr. Defense himself steps down. He has now written that fact in stone for all the little helpers around him to read and hate on. I feel the other guy was mute once the water was ripe with Nolan. I'll never "get it" with some of the fans of Miami. I know and am friends with so many who are so unlike those I read here and there I just wonder the rock they live under... Or.. if in private they are all wearing there Wets Gear to bed and dreaming of 68 and the Guarantee... Who knows?

We got very lucky with getting this guy. We could of ended up with some 6th year D-line coach with all the experience of coaching that his dad gave him in high school. Instead we have a guy who knows what it is like to sit in the big chair and is now more apt to treat the game, players and his coaching staff contemporaries with far more understanding and respect then some wanna be hot-shot. Not to mention Nolan is just dying to grab a SB win to propel his butt right back into some teams Big Chair again. We are fortunate today. Romeo Crenell....Really???? Jeeze............

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I hope Marino can get a couple rings also.

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