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Mike Nolan to interview with Dolphins for DC job

The Denver Broncos made good on using Dolphins talent at safety, cornerback and defensive line to help the defense rise from No. 29 in 2008 to No. 7 in 2009.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the Dolphins could employ Denver's former defensive coordinator to rise from their No. 25 defensive doldrums of 2009?

Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is now former Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. He has "mutually decided," to split with the Broncos, according to Jay Glazer's twitter.

And I'm reporting the Dolphins plan to interview him.

Nolan is the 50-year-old son of former 49'ers coach Dick Nolan. If you're too young to remember that Dick Nolan was a defensive genius once upon a time, you should know the younger Nolan was the defensive coordinator when the Baltimore Ravens continued their run as a fine defense from 2001-2004.

Prior to that, wait for it, wait for it, he was defensive coordinator of the New York Jets in 2000 when Bill Parcells was the general manager of the Jets. Cha-Ching

Obviously, Nolan was also the head coach at San Francisco in 2005-2008.

Throughout his career, Nolan has been a 3-4 guy. He's been an attacking kind of guy. His defenses have been very good.

And so he instantly becomes a possible defensive coordinator replacment for Paul Pasqualoni.


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I wouldn't mind one bit! With the physicality of his defenses, he seems like a must hve for us! Only 50 too haha

or Wade Phillips if he is fired... He is not much as a Head Coach, but an excellent DC... one of the best... not very likely, but stranger things have happened

But but but you wrote the sky is falling when it comes to a DC choice.

"Dolphins' coordinator search taking wrong turns "


Anything is better than what we had!

Make it happen Tony

Yes sir!!! Mike Nolan would be an amazing and i mean amazing hire after looking where the situation has gone... Trifecta better snag him!!!!

Maybe things are looking up.

Please God no Jets in the SB!!!!!

And he's a snappy dressor too!

What happened in Denver to make a number 7 DC suddenly part ways with a team that talented?

Was he the defensive coordinator for the super bowl winning Baltimore Ravens?

What the Dolphins actually gave the Broncos this year was their 07 Cake scehdule. T

Don't give Mando a hard time. Sparano fell backwards into $hit on this one.

That being said, hirer him ASAP. He is a good man too.

2000 DC for the Jets 2001 to 2004 DC For the Ravens

I am not saying he isn't a good fit in fact I would be surprised if he takes the job if offered. Just wondering why he quit or did he get fired?

but, but, but....what if Nolan doesn't want to become DC for the Fins Armando? I understand there are many candidates for Mr. Nolan's services among them Chicago, Buffalo, Arizona in addition to the Fins...now, which of the candidates have the most upside eh?

Mike Nolan is 50 and mcdaniels is like 32 I think I could see the dilemma!!! Also Nolan was a former head coach so that could have been am issue as well... Fact of the matter is he makes good put of chicken $hit.. Pick him up.. He was excellent while with the jets (hate the dam jets) and obviously lights out with the ravens... Sucked at San Fran but who hasn't lately... Not everyone is a head coach... Pick his ass up

This is absolutely stunning news!! Parcells' name is linked to another coach? I'm going to go into shock here.
Is there a reason why Nolan and the Broncos decided to part ways? Did Nolan do to good of a job?
And here, out of the sky comes another name just when all was looking so hopeless. Armando.......... should they rush to sign this guy?

Nolan would be a good fit. He's very meticulous like Sparano. His players play hard for him. Over his head as an HC for Niners, I like his defensive schemes.

please there is a god afterall and he is giving the dolphins the ultimate gift in mike nolan make it happen trifecta!

I can see Nolan being hired. He has some great opportunities here in Miami. You worry about him being here 1 year if an HC job opens up.

Ravens had some Good D in that Period.

2009 Mike Nolan ran a 3-4 defense, the Denver Broncos gave up the fewest points in the NFL (66) during the first six games of the season.

Was anyone in the room when Butler and Groh were interviewed??? I'm tired of reading how we were turned down...Butler turned down his good friend in Arizona twice, so that was no suprise...Groh, NO ONE has a clue, maybe that's a question for the trifecta, even though I doubt we will get a real answer...stop worrying about rumors and bloggers, we will get a DC and probaly a real good one at that

He is a go getter he only coached college for four years before turning pro.

Yes. the recent bad news about Butler and Groh may turn out to be a blessing. Nolan has a great track record being a DC.

And Nolan would be a damn good one

Nolan would be great,started to get nervous when i was hearing that they were considering todd bowles, our secondery was brutal this year, so promoting him to dc is a bad idea

get nolan as soon as we can! he is the best!!!!! could be our head coach which may scare sparano.

Schefter from Espn said Phins to interview Nolan. Pees to fill DC in Denver.

I don't think Sparano would be afraid of Nolan unless, Sparano has another bad year.


Give us the Scoop soon as you know.

Sparano getting Nolan means LB in Round 1. Nolan brought over Willis.

Drafted Willis.

Dying for Good news Mando.

Nolan also got Justin Smith and ex buffalo star cb.

Nolan is better than Groh or Butler - I would love to see him hear. I'm still waiting for Hennings replacement.

I would love to see Nolan in Miami, I think he is a perfect fit here in Miami, we need someone with experience, I hope we get him.

Phins should Get rid of Wilson. Go after new safeties and LBs.

Henning is better than what is available unless we suddenly get Mike Leach.

What kind of offense is being run in Miami? I don't understand it.

Excellent work as usual Mando.

fins better not drag their feet on this one because if we dont sign nolan new england will.

Nolan is in Miami according to PFT. Interviewing as we speak.

Great scoop, Mando. I believe he will be hired.

Also everybody, the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000.

What I'm Reading, he was The Jets Defensive Coordinator in 2000.

2002-2004 Ravens Defensive Coordinator.

Any Ravens Defensive Coordinator has to be good though...

Make this hire Dolphins, NOW. That's a gift dropped right into your lap.

As a league source said, "My money is on him ending up in Miami."

It will come down to money and length of contract a coach like him probably was offended by Denvers offer so he walked. He certainly wasn't fired you can bet on that. He won't come cheaply.

Pay the FU*KEN Money!

I thought Butler would've been a nice addition but it's obvious why he didnt sign with us (he's taking over the steelers defense once Dick LeBeau (72) retires.
Nolan is young, has experience with the 3-4, and like someone else said before, players play hard for him...He seems like a good guy, but that's just me.
I just hope the trifecta dont let this one go.

hire nolan asap..........

If he is hired you can better believe he will bring in the best defensive talent available, he will shape a very agressiveness defense. I feel like a kid getting a new mini bike, you know it can happen but the anticipation kills you!


Be careful what you wish for....

I'm wishing I'm wishing. I don't think he will get along too well with JP though. He will probably have to go.

That might be a good fit, he plays a 3-4 and is very good at getting the most out of his players. It will be interesting to see if he wants the job or not. I think he will jump at the chance to be the phins DC.

I don't care what anyone says!!! He is an outstanding pickup... Couldn't ask for a better dc... Porter can put up or shut up because Nolan is no nonsense and knows defense and will add the "pressure" we want in our defense

That's if we can lure him in!!! Wish and prey!!!!

I believe this would be a great addition to Miami's coaching staff. However, just like many though the world was coming to an end after the first few guys did not pan out, this may not be the last guy who comes down the pike as a DC for Miami this year. I think Nolan has great schemes and I think our Defense would improve immediately. But, I would not mind seeing a new guy, smart guy, young guy with a bunch of new and aggressive looks. Teams keep files on coaches... no matter where they go, someone will know what they do in certain situations and know how to attack it. That is the beauty of new talent... no one knows what to expect. Keep a ear to the ground Miami... If Nolan is the guy... it will pan out... but keep ALL the options open as long as you can.

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