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Mike Nolan to interview with Dolphins for DC job

The Denver Broncos made good on using Dolphins talent at safety, cornerback and defensive line to help the defense rise from No. 29 in 2008 to No. 7 in 2009.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the Dolphins could employ Denver's former defensive coordinator to rise from their No. 25 defensive doldrums of 2009?

Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is now former Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. He has "mutually decided," to split with the Broncos, according to Jay Glazer's twitter.

And I'm reporting the Dolphins plan to interview him.

Nolan is the 50-year-old son of former 49'ers coach Dick Nolan. If you're too young to remember that Dick Nolan was a defensive genius once upon a time, you should know the younger Nolan was the defensive coordinator when the Baltimore Ravens continued their run as a fine defense from 2001-2004.

Prior to that, wait for it, wait for it, he was defensive coordinator of the New York Jets in 2000 when Bill Parcells was the general manager of the Jets. Cha-Ching

Obviously, Nolan was also the head coach at San Francisco in 2005-2008.

Throughout his career, Nolan has been a 3-4 guy. He's been an attacking kind of guy. His defenses have been very good.

And so he instantly becomes a possible defensive coordinator replacment for Paul Pasqualoni.


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What teams are competing for him?

He's been a good DC and considering what is out there, we better not let him leave south florida without a contract!!

Arizona, Chicago and probaly NE will be competing for him

He'd be better than al groh

Yall know fat boy rex learned from nolan as he was his understudy from 01-04...

Nolan has direct connection to Parcels. In Chicago he inherits a team who runs a tampa 2 and he would have to start from the ground up. In NE he has to but heads with Belichik and I could see the cardinals be a contender but not likely.

Shefter has said Miami asked for permission to interview Nolan before he was released. Also this could be a case where Nolan threaten to quit if they were not gonna allow him to interview. Something went on behind closed doors. Especially with the reports of McDaniels wanting Pees to come in.

All reports say Nolan and Miami are almost a done deal no other teams have been mentioned.

Good info Robert I think he will be hired too.

This would be a great hire. Miami caught a very lucky break.

nj phin is on the WAGON ALREADY .GOD HELP US ALL .

Could have been planed all along, did you ever consider Miami said thanks but no thanks to Groh?

By comparison,

When he was DC for the Jets in 2000,the Jets gave up 321 points

When he was DC for the Ravens between 2001-2004,the Ravens gave up 265,354,281 then 268 points.

Seems like a very smart move if he's hired

Did you guys know Sun Life is a Canadian company?

This is certainly unexpected and would be an upgrade. Hopefully, it gets done and is the start of a lot of good offseason moves.

Thank you Denver! Now send us Brandon Marshall too!!

Grampa AL-loco, good to see your allright...

Vincent Jackson got arrested the day of the playoff game...is there any receivers in the NFL that are not degenerate criminals???

Cant wait for the Super Bowl. It is going to be great using the smelly fish locker room and training facility.

GTF out while real men go to work. We will also be banging your women and hoisting the Lombardi in your trash stadium. Weep biatches weep.


Good news

As for Nolan, no one wants to work with these clowns. It will be yet another quality person telling the trifecta to go pound sand.

did your locker room has windows ?

When Nolan gets hired, you can expect Miami to sign Elvis Dumervil next. He did great under Nolan's system.

The only Bowl ur Jets will be worrying about is the toilet bowl on Feb 7th unless they are in the stands

What DC hasnt been great in Baltimore during the Ray Lewis era????

Come on. Seriously?

Ok ladies have fun talking about who might want to coach one of the worst d units in the league. Jets are busy getting ready for a championship game.


Jet fans are talking trash because they know deep down Its a dam miracle they have made it this far... Like I said they will Lose to Indy and they in the end delayed when they draft in the first round... Manning isn't rivers he is a real qb..Indy will win big...38-14... Watch!!!

The true nature of a Jet is to crash and burn when piloted by a moron.

Too funny. Thank the lord for the comedy provided by the Dolphins and their fans.

Nolan would be a great hire. You can't knock him for failing with the 49ers. They have a horrible owner and the Alex Smith pick sealed his fate of getting fired. You can't win without a QB or can you? The jets are doing it. But anyway Nolan in as a very good D Cordinator. The Broncos D had an amazing turn around. Anyone remember the Bronco's D from 08? I remember and it was pathetic. I hope Miami gets him.

Pay the man! Make it happen.

We still beat the jets twice...not my fault norv turner is a Fuc/ing idiot... Otherwise they beat the jets and ribeye Ryan hands down!!! That's a fact

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Well after all the crap talked about the fins and whats been going on, with romeo and groh and butler, a lot of guys on here had the sky falling. Nolan is a marquee name and a good hire so alls well guys alla well. Nolan is better than butler groh or romeo

How's not winning ANYTHING since 1969 working out for u???

Forget about cfl draft picks , i want some more hairy balzzzzz.

nj,more hairy blsze .

Caleb that's why I said it may have been planned all along to hire Nolan.

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