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Mike Nolan to interview with Dolphins for DC job

The Denver Broncos made good on using Dolphins talent at safety, cornerback and defensive line to help the defense rise from No. 29 in 2008 to No. 7 in 2009.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the Dolphins could employ Denver's former defensive coordinator to rise from their No. 25 defensive doldrums of 2009?

Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is now former Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. He has "mutually decided," to split with the Broncos, according to Jay Glazer's twitter.

And I'm reporting the Dolphins plan to interview him.

Nolan is the 50-year-old son of former 49'ers coach Dick Nolan. If you're too young to remember that Dick Nolan was a defensive genius once upon a time, you should know the younger Nolan was the defensive coordinator when the Baltimore Ravens continued their run as a fine defense from 2001-2004.

Prior to that, wait for it, wait for it, he was defensive coordinator of the New York Jets in 2000 when Bill Parcells was the general manager of the Jets. Cha-Ching

Obviously, Nolan was also the head coach at San Francisco in 2005-2008.

Throughout his career, Nolan has been a 3-4 guy. He's been an attacking kind of guy. His defenses have been very good.

And so he instantly becomes a possible defensive coordinator replacment for Paul Pasqualoni.


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Bobby don't you have to live in Mass?

Goin better than Gholston sittin deactivated on his coach lmao. How many millions is he makin wow. Some nerve tortured.

I thought u did HD8???

Could be a good fit!

No I live in Virginia but I still hate the Pats! And the Jets too!

Rex Ryan is sooo fat, when he went to Wal Mart to get doughnuts he tripped over Kmart and fell right on Target.

According to ESPN s John Clayton, Miami asked Denver permission to interview Nolan and the Fins are close to an agreement to take the job..they are reporting that the split from Denver was friendly so he could move on... Sounds like this has been in the works for a couple days and Denver and Nolan split so he could take the Miami Job


Oh lord please dnt let this slip through

Mike Nolan would be AWESOME! Two big thumbs up for that plan. His attack style of defense is just what we need.

Don't be upset that Sun Life is a Canadian Company. Our financial companies are some of the healthiest in the world. They will pay the bills and do good and not ask for government dollars from idiots like Bush and Obama to pay bonuses that couldn't be paid out of performances.

And NJ is used to cheering for teams that play in buildings sponsored by Canadian companies since he's a Bruins fan and they play in the TD building of some sort.

Anyways ... hire Nolan - he maximized questionable talent in Denver. He can do the same here.

Nolan, eh? He would be a huge upgrade. Failing that, perhaps one of the cheerleaders would be interested in taking the position. Any one of them would ALSO be a huge upgrade, and I'm certain, a tremendous motivating factor for the players.

Then there's the question of what to do with Dan Henning's body...

Watching the jets do so well in the post season is a good thing for us ladies and gentlemen. It brings the jets Miami rivalry back into relevance. I hope both teams climb to top of afc and battle for years to come, would be fun.

parcells is not going to draft a 5 foot 8 linebacker, he does not like short linebackers, its why all the dolphin linebackers are 6-4 with crowder being the exception, its why he got rid of zach thomas. so stop dreaming that the linebacker from alabama is an option

and mark's admitted passion , even over canada's pastime hockey, is the miami dolphins who play in the U.S. Thanks for stopping by :) . Weeeeeeeee !!

Hire Nolan!


I wouldnt mind Nolan, but he has to wear his suit in the box, while calling plays!

Nolan is an upgrade but behind every good coach is good players. We need hitters, ballhawks, and speed on defense. Only one we have now is Vontae Davis and maybe Starks.

I believe Nolan is a better choice than AL Groh and Butler. Hopefully, Miami can seal the deal with Nolan. We would be lucky to get him and lucky he parted ways with Denver. Something looks fishy!

I wouldnt mind Nolan, but he has to wear his suit in the box, while calling plays!

Posted by: Mcmuffin

Never understood why a coach would wear a suit, it looks out of place.


You do know that the ILB from Alabama, Rolando McClain, is 6-4/256, right? Do some research before you post, bafoon.

Akin Ayodele- 6-2
Joey Porter- 6-3
Reggie Torbor- 6-2

What were you saying about all those 6-4 LBs?...

Why do IDIOTS write before they look?

Narvell . You are an IDIOT and a BUFFOON !!!Thanks for stopping by :)

We makin moves dawg,I can't wait for the draft.I'm not educated onthese school guys but I'm sure the powers that be will make a good pick.

Wow who's narvell?wat he said u guys chewin him up?ha haa...

Nolan coached LB's for years before becoming a Defensive coordinator. LB's happen to be our soft spot on D right now and a huge part of the 3-4 as you all know.
This should be a good hire, unless he has plans to try & bolt for another HC job soon, and for that to happen would mean he's doing very well in Miami, so kinda win win...IMO.

Sorry folks...Chicago and New England want to talk to him also. Tuna don't do bidding wars.

That would be a great hire. Now the next step would be to fire stupid Sparano. What a joke this guy has been all season. Not one decision he made has panned out. He went against the grain with everything.
He was too scared of taking risks when he needed to; and he showed that he had no ability of motivating his players.
Some of his missteps include:
1. Not playing Turner at all to see what he's capable of.
2. Using Ginn on kick returns only, not punts.
3. Putting the shackles on his players, such as playing Pat White for the wildcat only instead of using the spread offense and giving White a chance to Spread the field. Any other player could have handed the ball over to Ricky!
4. Under utilizing Ginn and relying on him as a number 1 receiver. Ginn could easily gain yards on bubble screens, using his speed to break away from defenses. How come Desean Jackson did it in Philly? He and Ginn have the same built and speed. And they both get open.

Finally, I think that if Ginn goes to another team and is utilized properly, he can easily gain 1000 yards and have 80 catches. He is not a bad receiver, he's just not a number 1.

That's my 2 cents!

Defense Wins Championships

It's spelled buffoon not bafoon. But I'm sure you will just say you misspelled it on purpose right?

Might want to take your own advice.

Wait hold on fb , you honestly think ginn would work a bubble screen ? He would ge hit harder then pat white did and I do believe ginn could be good as a number 2 but a number 2 does not catch 80 balls and 1000 yards

Nolan might not be too bad,but we're still gonna need to get some play makers for him.Everyone seems a little crabby today I've noticed.Wait til the Jets win next week.....holy cow it's gonna be ugly in here.

would be a great pick up. living here in SF, always like him even though I'm not a niner's fan. I thought they gave up on him too quickly.

Maybe Nolan could bring Dumervil(OLB w/17 sacks) along too... That would be a nice pick-up. As I understand it he will be a restricted free agent if there is no CBA. I am not sure if he will be a free agent if there is one though... Might be worth checking into Mando.

I guess this is the reason why the Big Tuna didn't hire Butler or any of his old frinds (Groh and Cremel). You see Dolfans, patience is a virtue...

In the Big Tuna we should trust...

Yo Parcells,

Nolan doesn't walk out of the building with out signing a contract. We understand each other Pisan?

Nolan is great for the Phins. I think the Big Tuna had an ace up his sleeve the whole time. He better sign this guy... Where else would he fit in so perfectly, and who else needs a guy like this as bad as we do. Frickin perfect situation.

I vote FB for moron of the year I'm starting the petition as we speak any of you interested in signing it?

Fb is crazy when it
Comes to
Ginn, yes, and pat white. But his other points are right on the money. Worst receiving core in the league guys. Look at ginns numbers. I went to games and know for sure we are not hurting anywhere like we are at wide receiver (safety is a close second). Also, why on earth will we only hire people who have been around parcells before??? That is a huge mistake, and sparano will prove it next year. Can any of us honestly look at him and say he will take us to the superbowl next year? Or any year?

There you go.. Nolan might be the best option. Get him.

Could Mike Nolan turn Cameron Wake into Elvis Dumervil? Gonna needs some new pieces on defense but bringing in Nolan prior to the draft to help in the evaluation of defensive draft talent would be critical. Go Phins!

This would be PERFECT!!!

If not Nolan (who seems to be the number one choice and it looks like a done deal hopefully) I like some of the names that Armando had mentioned:

Vic Fangio
Chuck Pagano (not just because he coached at the U either; but it helps)
Don Sutton
Dennis Thurman

Nolan would be a good hire - hopefully we can pick up another good LB coach to go with Sheridan (Reggie Herring from the Cowboys?)

the following phone interview should have already taken place...

Sparano: "Mike, would you like the job?"

Nolan: "Why, yes I would Tony, thank you!"

Sparano: "We'll talk more after you have moved into your new house on Star Island."

Bottom line sparano gets his players to fight hard. His team is full of overachievers and that's because he motivates them to play hard this is the youngest team in the whole NFL and with.the right additions just think what level he can get talented olayers to play on. Sparano is the real deal nuff said.

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