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Monday afternoon update from Dolphins camp

Just came back from the locker room where nuggets were flying left and right.

The Herald staff plucked a couple out of the air and share them here:

1. Nose tackle Jason Ferguson revealed that his recovering from a torn quadriceps injury will take him another six to eight months. He said he would would like to play in 2010, but won't make his decision whether he will until he's healthy.

2. Quarterback Pat White's health is fine. He drove to work this morning and was in the locker room yucking it up with teammates..

3. Quarterback Chad Henne said he didn't go back in the game Sunday because he was experiencing blurred vision. He said things were still a little blurry today.

4. Will Allen was in the locker room and was asked about his role for 2010. "I'm not worried about my role," he told The Herald's Jeff Darlington. He added he expect to be 100 percent by the start of offseason training activities in the late spring.

5. Patrick Cobbs, who tore up his left knee earlier this season, was in the locker room. He reported his rebab is going well.

6. The Dolphins will select 12th in the first round of the April 22 player draft. Miami picks immediately after either Jacksonville or Denver, depending on a coin toss between those two.

7. Joey Porter refused to speak with the media. Shocking!

8. Defensive end Randy Starks confirmed he is a Pro Bowl alternate. He said third or fourth, but wasn't sure which.

9. RB Ronnie Brown, who suffered a lisfranc fracture of his right foot, is no longer using crutches and is wearing his normal footwear. But he is still walking with a pronounced limp.

Coach Tony Sparano will speak in a few minutes. Come back for the update from him.


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Man, so many bad wagon jumpers on this blog. Next season, you will all change your tune!!!

Why would Miami pick after Denver? They finished 8-8. Jacksonville and Chicago maybe.

Man, back to work and NE and the Jets playing on. Gonna be a tough day...

Denver picks before Miami because they acquired Chicago's pick. Now there's a reason to be upset. So many holes on that team, aging defense, and no 1st round pick. Things in Miami aren't so bad.

Like Mando reported earlier, we are already ahead of schedule for next year. We now have an experienced QB, we know that we need WR, we know we need safeties! Hopefully through free agency and the draft we can fill these positions. Little concerned about the free agency Mando reported on, but the Big Tuna is on it!! Not a great season but it was productive.

I should have remembered that since my wife is a huge Bears fan. No 2nd round pick either I believe. Ouch!

Mando can you ask Sparano why Pennington wasn't used on the sidelines, helping Henne read coverages etc. I think Chad's leadership was one of the biggest reasons for our loss. Penningtons a lot like Manning, he looks at what the D is throwing his way. I like Henne, I'm just amazed that he Pennington isn't being used as a mentor. He's on the freaking payroll. How can that be a detriment to this shitty team.

I told you miami picks 12th , but no one listens . :)

Yes Chris, Chicago is in rough shape.

Also, regarding the Dolphin roster, if you consider a player's peak years are from the ages 26-30, the Dolphins have 24 players on their roster 25 or younger which means we are about to see their better football. That number will increase this offseason.

As far as those over the age of 30, the Dolphins have 5 current starters that will be that age:

Jason Ferguson
Jason Taylor
Joey Porter
Yeremiah Bell
Akin Ayodele.

You would think the Dolphins will replace 3 of starters with younger players. I see Bell and one of Taylor/Porter being back in a significant role. This team will be better.

What did you say NJ? I wasn't paying attention. :)

Good. Bulletpoint reports are the way to go

At home Dolphins will play

On the Road the Dolphins Will Play
Green Bay

LOL @ MARK. Happy new year by the way.

With a few smart FA aquisitions and the good positioning in the draft we have a chance to make some good strides this off season. with an uncapped season we get to unload some dead weight free and clear and not have to worry about the cap.

Can't wait.

Happy New Year, MAN!

That road schedule doesn't look too inviting


This is Canada's record in international hockey when Canada actually sent their very best players to tournaments. (Only since 1998 were Canadian professionals allowed to play in the Olympics because they were not "amateurs")

1972 - Team Canada defeats the Soviet National Team 4-3-1 in the first "Summit Series."

1976 - Canada wins the inaugural Canada Cup, defeating the Czechs in the final round.

1981 - Soviet Union defeats Canada in the final of the Canada Cup.

1984 - Canada defeats Sweden (I think) in the Canada Cup final.

1987 - Canada defeats the Soviet Union in the Canada Cup final.

1991 - Canada defeats the U.S. in the Canada Cup final.

1996 - The U.S. defeats Canada in the World Cup Final.

1998 - Canada loses to Czechoslovakia in the Olympic Semi-Final, and then loses to Finland in the bronze medal game. Consequently, Canada takes home no medal.

2002 - Canada defeats the U.S. in Olympic Gold Medal game.

2004 - Canada defeats (someone) in the World Cup final.

2006 - Canada takes home no medal from the Olympics.

So there you have it. Eleven times Canada has sent its very best hockey players to tournaments. Seven times it has won the championship. No other hockey power comes close to that record of achievement.

So stick it, Rex Ryan!

Mark, that is solid analysis on the roster.

Rome wasn't built in a day guys. You look at teams like the Chargers, Colts, Cowboys and Steelers and it took several solid drafts to build those rosters where they are now. We are basically operating off two productive drafts, with a little help from the 05 draft.

This team is getting to closer to being a draft-based team, rather than having to plug holes through free agency.

Next year will be better and the year after that will be even better.


Easier home schedule. Hope it gets frontloaded with easy games so we can get off to a quick start for a change.

Let's get the Super Bowl over with. I'm ready for free agency.

That schedule looks a softer than the one we played this year.

very happy to hear Pat is up and about. still don't like him at QB but I admire his pluck.


Mark in Toranto
Yup there are so many band wangon jumpers that got off long ago and just come on here and play fake gm.

Picking 12 we should land a nice cant miss blue chipper MLB. And mark your right look at the mess Denver is in after starting 6-2 early on. The Dolphins as most of you know where hit by the injury bug all season long, that didnt help our cause. I'm hoping we get one of the best linebackers available because IMO, we need defensive help. And if they doubled up on drafting linebackers like we did wr's and cb's thats good. I know most of Armando's croonies including Armando are, always are pushing for wr's. But I would bet 9-5 odds we get a defensive front seven player. Preferably a MLB who can cover and run and deliever a knock out hits.

True Eric, we have 11 starters that have not even entered their primes yet. Several important backups that may become starters in addition to those 11. I see at least 2 more starters next year under the age of 23. Like you said, when we invest in young players, you get better by organic growth. When you invest in veterans, they provide diminishing returns.

Sorry typo Mark in Toronto

Up Date

WE play no playoff team at home except for Pats & Jets.
On the Road we play 6 teams the are in the playoffs.
So all of you that thought next year would be easy think again.

Happy New Year Dolphins4life,NJ PHIN FAN,Cuban Menace,and Mark in Toronto.

Happy New Year:

Alex, and all my fellow Dolphin faithful.

NJ, I see I'm not the only one who hates Cody for that 1st pick. The Dolphins need to invest some youth at NT but he's not the guy. He is no Haloti Ngata, that's for sure.

Derrick Morgan
Dez Bryant
CJ Spiller

Anyone else and I will have to be won over by the selection. Not that it can't be done, I wasn't exactly thrilled by the Vontae pick last year but I've warmed up to him.

2010 schedule not as easy I had hoped seeing as how we just had the years toughest. 6 playoff teams plus the steelers again. Oh well, at least we're battled tested now.

Happy New Year to the gang here. Peace, love and prosperity to all.... and an improved Dolphin team!

Happy new year to you alex.

Guys, in defense of Mando, he's not just zeroed in on wideouts, but at times it IS such a glaring weakness, especially watching the Cowboys, Colts, San Diego,Texans etc.

My concern is the lack of production from Lankford and Merling.
Both those guys were project as big time contributors. Not so much, I think, at least to this moment.
This draft had better produce 2-3 starters, or we're gonna see 8-8.

Mark , we're not the only ones who don't like cody in the 1st . Just look at the draft boards and what scout have to say about him " call us when cody makes a play " . LMFAO !!!

NJ, I read that same review but I read many mocks and a lot have us taking Cody - many over McClain and/or Morgan. This guy is so over rated by the football public. I don't see how he's any better than Ron Brace who came out last year.

they should trade down to a later 1st round and build some picks. This team has so many holes to fill. they need at least 6 starters replaced


This organization is like the Boston Bruins
they do just enough to be competitive every year. They never open their wallets and make
deals for key players. Happy just to make the playoffs is not enough ...

The real draft expert mocks have him in the 2nd round , the others are amateur hour fan mocks.

Ahhh, this is more like it. No fighting or name calling. Just good dolphin fans seemingly excited about what is to come. Anybody know how many picks we have this year. Didn't we trade one away already...low round for Thigpen?

1 more year of getting better.

Thanx for a great year.

We're on the rise and I feel good about being a FINS FAN



Cj spiller HAS to get drafted by the fins ? Why ? LMFAO !!!! Have you seen this defense ?

Yup NJ phin fan
Looks like some of those amature draft experts are out in full force...cj spller? lol
We are looking to win championships and what wins championships DEFENSE.
Must sign Brandon Marshall? lol

2. Quarterback Pat White's health is fine. He drove to work this morning and was in the locker room yucking it up with teammates..

I'm glad to see Pat White is yucking it up after the embarrassing season he's just put forth.

Must be nice to go to work and not perform all year and still get paid and have a job.

He must have naked pictures of Parcells or Sparano for them to keep ramming him down our throats.

At the 12th pick McClain might be gone other wise I love him too but there are some other real good MLB this year like you have said before this draft class is loaded.

NJ, yes, defence is the real problem. Offense will get better just through Ronnie's return and Henne's continued maturity along with the line playing another year and the progression of Bess and Hartline. Anything Turner and/or Ginn could provide would be a bonus. They are young at least and can improve.

Not sure I can say that about our linebacking corps. Even the NT position has the everlasting promise of Paul Soliai, haha.

That being said, CJ Spiller is special. I would accept that pick but I would prefer Morgan or McClain.

Jeff F
Badddd visual

All right Dolphins nation I'm out till later.

MANDO- COULD WILL ALLEN PLAY FREE SAFETY? Good ball skills and can cover. I am sure he has seen everything the game has to throw at him. Good tackler too.

Dolphins4life , there are some real good LB'S , both outside and inside , that will be in miami's range at 12. They MIGHT have to move up for a shot at McClain or a derrick Morgan ( GT ).

nice report/update....no bull****, just the facts.....

Ryan Mallett declaring would really help the Dolphins getting one of these 2 linebackers. Would also help if KC goes for Bryant and if Jimmy Claussen's stock increases. There are several teams ahead of Miami that need help on defense but may be swayed if they go for offense. Right now, outside of Okung and Bradford, there really aren't that many offensive players ranked in the top 10.

Armando- what is the status of Tyler Thigpen for next year? I would love to see him back as the number 2 QB. Given the right prep he can throw the ball well and is very nimble, Pat white is nimble and has heart but that's it. Thigpen would be great in the wildcat if we get Brown back healthy.

You think drafting the next Chris Johnson at #12 is funny?I think it's a STEAL given this FO's ability to draft quality players and there will be PLENTY of quality LB's later in the draft BUT the Spillers of the world very rarely come along PERIOD..much less in later rounds and don't EVEN say Terrell Davis..he IS the exception and you know it!

Spiller would be great we need more weapons.

MAYS would be great to he can add 15 pounds and be a LB.


why we have GINN!

Mark , 2 more OT's can crack the top 10 , trent williams - Okla and anthony davis - rutgers

NJ, isn't Derrick Morgan a 3-4 end? I don't think we need him... McClain is the pick. My dream offseason would be....

Antrel Rolle
Vince Wilfork

Rolando McClain
Jerry Hughes.

The defense would be fixed.

Well, we are what I thought we'd be (I predicted 8-8, not far off). I wouldn't say worse than last year, but I wouldn't say closer to being elite either. I think there's a few more years to go before we can compete year to year with the best. I don't see the Trifecta giving up a 1st and 3rd round pick (in this upcoming draft) for Brandon Marshall, so don't know if that's going to happen (though if he's available I think he's the type of receiver we need here). But I agree with others that our defense is in more need of stars than our offense (if we had a halfway decent D this year we would have made the playoffs). I hope Parcells/Ireland NEVER make another mistake like Pat White. That guy was a 4th or 5th round "development" pick without a DOUBT. We need TOUGH speed guys like DeSean Jackson or Percy Harvin (or Davone Bess), not a guy like Pat White (he's a smaller, slower Ted Ginn). We have to get rid of these guys that can't hang. We need "Wes Welker" FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Oh, and lastly, get rid of Akin Adoyele NOW. He's not the answer in ILB.

Rb is a luxury pick right now. You have Brown , williams , hilliard , cobbs , sheets and polite carries the ball . This defense needs alot of help , especially at LB. That's why it's funny. There will be plenty of scatebacks / returners later in the draft. You just don't draft them at 12 ( GINN Anyone ? ) . i can go on for days naming more rb's picked later in the draft beside Terrell Davis . LMFAO !!!!

MarK, you forgot Ricky Williams in the 30+ crowd...Just saying...Thanks for pointing out what I've been saying all year though...Good job ;)

Trent Williams will crack the top 10 - Davis - can't see it.

NJ, did you see the RB/WR from Ole Miss? Dexter McCluster? I would use a 4th or 5th on him... He is small but his speed is Chris Johnson like...

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