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More details to the Rex Ryan rhubarb

Well, the Rex Ryan issue has gone viral and now he's backing down. Sort of.

You know that Ryan attended an MMA event in South Florida Saturday night. Well, according to Dolphins fan David Hildenbrand, the Jets coach was in no mood to deal with the nation of Dolphins fans at the event.

"As he walked by, my friends said, 'Dolphins rule, Jets suck! " Hildenbrand told me in an e-mail. "He turned around and said, 'Go f--k yourself!'  There were others screaming things at him, which is why he flicked everybody off. That's when I snapped the pic."Rex finger

And the picture has caused enough of a stir that Ryan and the Jets are now apologizing -- but not exactly to the people he offended.

"It was stupid and inappropriate,"Ryan said in a statement released by the Jets. "I wouldn’t accept that type of behavior from one of the coaches or players and it’s unacceptable from me. I apologize to the Jets organization, the National Football League and NFL fans everywhere."

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum also released a statement:

"Rex showed extremely poor judgment and his conduct was inappropriate," Tannenbaum said. "He knows he was wrong, has apologized and we have accepted his apology. Any other actions regarding this incident will be addressed internally by the organization.”

The NFL is saying it will look at the situation and make a decision whether to fine Ryan.


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Stop the madness, My God !!! , you're such a simpleton . You're freaking retarded.

Posted by: cardoza | January 31, 2010 at 08:48 PM

you popped up out of the blue and attack me for attacking nj and call me everything you stand for. WOW!! are you always this protective of men!?

Rex Ryan IS fat, and is even a bigger a//hole. It makes beating the Jets that much sweeter.

we get it, if rex ryan eats another cupcake he will explode but what does that have to do with football he is losing his life and nobody cares

That was a fake NJ about the chemtrails numbnuts . You can't be that stupid but then you again , you have showed you are. What a MORON

nick flip, it is very fun when we beat the jets. we hear his sorry excuses and we can see right thru him

he dont act like this on sun sentinel blog b/c ppl there already have him figured out. that the main reson i dont use my regular name!! not to mention PWT we have agree on plenty things brfore(U and me),but nj is never wrong,and has the balls to tell ppl he's having a live blog on MANDO's blog and the next day to thank ppl for showing up!! that the funny shyt


That is not an obscene gesture. He was simply playing toss the donut. It's not fair to use this picture and mislead everyone.

Stop the menace , get a grip son. People are on here pretending they are somebody else all the time. People have impersonated NJ and everybody else. Cuban and aloco are well known for this. You are freaking STUPID !!

cardoza you are stupid, just b/c i cut and paste it doesn't mean it will repost as blue you stupid f*ck> the real nj post in blue stop fighting for your butt boy

y dont u leave NJ alone, just cause u dont no anything about football doesnt mean u hav to torment someone who does. Get a life guys.

menace or madness , whatever or whoever you are. You'reretarded.

steveo, ok

madness or should i say IDIOT , i've seen you posted in blue also . what does that mean. dude , you're a freaking MORON !!!

UtFinFan , oh yea you're his magic friend he met yesterday and talked about owning a business and home in tenn, and he would invite you there so you two can yuck it up. lick something!!!!

utfin fan , are you fat ?? i likey fat boys and fat butt to lick

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I will take some advice from and old friend and act like i didnt just read that nasty perv.(y dont u stop the madness, stop the madness.)

The pro bowl looks like the guys are just goofing off

I saw you posted in blue the other day. you're a liar and a MORON

how do you make a name in blue so we can end this once and for all!!!

It won't matter now if you're in blue , we know you'll lie . IDIOT !!

I don't know who is who or who is what or what is going on in this blog anymore?

Rex is fat, rex loves Buffalo wings and so do I. I`m not fat. Who cares. Rex has given the finger to someone almost with a smile on his face and so have I.
Whats really amazing is that Neil Young has finally won his very first Grammy.

TnFinFan, there is to much goofing around but it is partially amusing(sorta)

I saw you posted in blue the other day. you're a liar and a MORON

Posted by: cardoza | January 31, 2010 at 09:21 PM

if you saw me post in blu then you should know its not me the stop the madness b/c i dont know how to do it. and if you was there then you should also know that someone(nj) made the name in blue and said im the real nj. speaking of nj where is he? he all of a sudden found a life? bring the main you out! we want nj

another score, good for the fans

cordoza since your name pop up a coulpe nites ago, you have not said one thing about football,all you've done is attack me for attacking nj. what is your story?

I like to cuff my partner and ram him hard. Then I like to stuff my mouth with KrispyKreme.

PS I am tough.

Wow to be so sad to snap a picture and send it to the herald and 790. Wow are miami fans that jealous they have to provoke a man into this and then email everyone they know. that's so sad. seriously, i doubt the guy just told Ryan he was a dolphin fan. The fact that a journalist would even post this as fact is equally as sad. Does this help you feel good about the dolphins and help forget that you beat the jets twice and they made it to the AFC Championship. Your paper should be covering the probowl and senior bowl. This is how we lose money in this economy because the herald pays this piece of garbage to be a gossip reporter rather than a sports journalist. Getting him in trouble doesn't change the fact that the Dolphins still suck.

Oh I forgot. Do any of you have any idea how tough I am. No seriously I am one tough dude. Fear me.

I will be Live-Blogging the post-game showers.

Join me here after the Game!

Albert piss ant,

Who cares about who took the picture. The @zz wipe coach has no class and showed it in public. He claims to apologize when we all know he does not mean it. You can see it in fat eyes. We will see what the Jets do this season.

Yeah, and He is fat too.

Real Fat.

typo: in his fat eyes

I found bliss in Rex Ryan's Fat Thighs!

Po that is what Jabba the Hutt would look like flipping a bird. Followed by him saying "You are my kind of scum"

where nj . i miss his butt

i'd like to get bet going on how old this stop the madness imbecile really is , he can't be this stupid as a adult. I'm saying 14.

Ryan should put his finger to good use...like self-therapy.

Kris is soooo gay even Eric Green wont cover him...

Posted by: cuban menace | January 31, 2010 at 07:43 PM

hahaha I loved all the Po jokes, they were great, but this one won out.. lmfao

"Ryan should put his finger to good use... " . yea , like up my butt.

what else do you expect from fat white jets trash????

Rex Ryan is so fat, he took a bath in the ocean and left a ring around it.

Rex Ryan is so fat, every time he turns around it is his birthday

ace you fat ?? i like fat fat boys you know ?

Rex is so fat, at Nathan's national hotdog eating contest he poured chilli over top the Goodyear blimp. Ate it. Then washed it down by popping the top of a nearby fire hydrant.

Glad we never hired him to be our coach, just got to beat them next yr.
Crowder will be saying something soon defending dolfans!!!

damn rexy's got three more chins than he had last week what a pig

i suk

balz that is

Follow Rex Ryan's massive mid-section on Twitter at www.twitter.com/rexryansbelly


You Miami arse holes get off of my sons case.

Tony S. is skinny?? The Tuna is skinny??

2010FINAL Jets13-3 Pat's 10-6 Bill's 8-8 Dolphin's 5-11

Sparano is short and italion. Ryan Is huge... The guy has no break between his chin and shoulders... He a fat piece of $h!t.. Everyone carries some weight... Rex ryan carries everyone weight and then some!!!

The Ryan should do a reality tv show... They would be hilarious to make fun of...

Rex…Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life…is that drool I see running from the corner of your drooping mouth…
Rex Ryan is the best thing that has happened to the DOLPHINS jets rivalry in the last 10 years…thank you Mr. Fat, Drunk and Stupid…the two games with the jets just got a lot bigger.

Believe one thing NJ and all your fraud alais. I will never post anything stuipid, I will not threaten peope who i have never met or have any intenton of meeting. if i met you though it would be like meeting 12 or more people all at once. That would be something.

Your petty words can't get to me because i know who you are, or maybe more importantly I know who they ain't

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