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More details to the Rex Ryan rhubarb

Well, the Rex Ryan issue has gone viral and now he's backing down. Sort of.

You know that Ryan attended an MMA event in South Florida Saturday night. Well, according to Dolphins fan David Hildenbrand, the Jets coach was in no mood to deal with the nation of Dolphins fans at the event.

"As he walked by, my friends said, 'Dolphins rule, Jets suck! " Hildenbrand told me in an e-mail. "He turned around and said, 'Go f--k yourself!'  There were others screaming things at him, which is why he flicked everybody off. That's when I snapped the pic."Rex finger

And the picture has caused enough of a stir that Ryan and the Jets are now apologizing -- but not exactly to the people he offended.

"It was stupid and inappropriate,"Ryan said in a statement released by the Jets. "I wouldn’t accept that type of behavior from one of the coaches or players and it’s unacceptable from me. I apologize to the Jets organization, the National Football League and NFL fans everywhere."

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum also released a statement:

"Rex showed extremely poor judgment and his conduct was inappropriate," Tannenbaum said. "He knows he was wrong, has apologized and we have accepted his apology. Any other actions regarding this incident will be addressed internally by the organization.”

The NFL is saying it will look at the situation and make a decision whether to fine Ryan.


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Here is the link from the NY Post if you want to check it out. Sounds like Rex got things going by taunting Dolphin Fans over the PA.

Typical classless and clueless behavior from the Jets organization.

Rex is bringing sexy back, lmao. Lard

Rex ryan sucks!!!!!

What a classy guy the Jests have as their coach, a coach truly is a reflection of the organization. How sad is it that Jest fans are proud of this type of behavior. With Ryan as coach the Jets will always be a second class team. They love the big mouth now, lets see how it plays when he loses a few games, remember they loved Mangini (Mangenius) for a few years also until his luck ran out.

Classless moron. Can't wait for the next crying after the Fins sweep his pathetic butt again!! jets suck!

Don't see what all the fuss is about. If this had happened at an NFL event, maybe. But to punish the guy for expressing his feelings (and judging from the pic, in a lighthearted fashion) and stoking the rivalry a bit??? I'm all for that. We handled them twice this season. And were going to have two great games against them in 2010. Let him flip us off, we showed them the deal on the field. Seems like it's all in good fun.

Maybe I don't offend easy or whatever, but I don't mind a little smack chat now and then.

Stay classy Rex...

What a fat f*ck. C'mon fatso, come and get us!! We'll be ready with brooms in hand... AGAIN!!!!!

not to excuse the fan because some fans have a tendency to be jerks and Ryan was probably provoked but he should also know that there will be some type of reaction when engaging in smacktalk in a rival's home stadium. He may think it's all in fun but unfortunately some don't view it that way and it escalates. Again, not to excuse that fan but Rex needs to learn that at times, it's best to remain silent. Save it for your team's fanbase.

As a jet rex ryan has never beat us so how can he talk crap

Wow. The jets gm accepted the apology. Who the eff cares??? Of course ud accept it. It helps the situation none. P.s. I want an apology from ginn right now for being so expensive just to be great at sucking! Channing crowder fibrillation Wilson too. I'd like to see whether Ireland accepts THOSE apologies.

Rex is in Miami for the SB...He was seen on South Beach today....Drew a really large crowd. Not because of who he was...everyone wanted to sit in the shade.


So the fin fan is lying according to Jay Glazier kinda makes it look bad for the fins and the fans. So the full story is finally leaking out. The guy is lucky they did not kill him. And bad on the arena staff for not escorting the idiot out.

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