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Mountainous Cody too fat for Dolphins?

Sometimes you can tell what the Dolphins are thinking based on some strong philosophical roots Bill Parcells laid down long ago and isn't likely to give up anytime time soon.

We know Parcells doesn't like diva receivers.

We know Parcells doesn't like giving away draft picks.

We know Parcells insists his team lift dead weights, not that Nautilus stuff, in the offseason.

One other thing I have to share with you that is a Parcells non-negotiable. Parcells doesn't like fat guys. Ironic, for obvious reasons, I know. But that's the way it is.

The Big Tuna wants his players fit and strong. He doesn't want them fat, and he definitely doesn't want them sloppy fat. Fat players get hurt more often, aren't conditioned well enough to stay on the field for extended periods, and as a result, aren't as dependable or valuable.

Parcells is so adamant about this he put weight clauses in the contract of practically every big on the roster. A big is a linemen on either side of the ball and sometimes a linebacker or even a fullback and tight end.

Jason Ferguson? He has a weight clause.

Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling. They have weight clauses.

Even Jake Long, who is the leanest 317-pound left tackle I've ever seen, has a weight clause in his contract.

These clauses can cost or make the players between $100,000-$250,000 per season. That's big money but it speaks to how important Parcells believes weight issues to be.

And that brings me to Terrence "Mount" Cody. His name is popular among Dolphins fans because he's a nose tackle and the Dolphins need a young nose tackle to take the baton from starter Jason Ferguson, who is 35 years old and spent much of last season on injured reserve.

Many of you have suggested the Dolphins use their second round pick on Cody. Well, they might get a chance to use a much later pick on the man ... and still might pass based on the fact Cody is, well, fat.

And not just big fat. We're talking dripping french fry grease from his pores fat.

He weighed in at a whopping 370 pounds at the Senior Bowl Monday. He looked so big he might have to expand his nickname from Mount to a full-fledged Mountain Range. The photo in the Mobile Press-Register speaks for itself.Fat Cody But if that isn't enough, consider what NFL Network's Mike Mayock said.

"It hurts," Mayock said of Cody's weight. "And it wasn't even a clean 370."

Indeed, not only isn't it clean, it seems to be a source of concern because Cody has been well over 400 pounds in the past, suggesting he can balloon, and this report from Jan. 5 on Cody's work ethic to keep his weight down says Cody was 355 pounds at the time.

So he's gained 15 pounds in 20-some days?

At a time he's supposed to be rounding, pun intended, into shape as he prepares for the Senior Bowl and the Indianapolis Combine, which are his job interviews?

It bodes poorly for Dolphins fans who might think of Cody as anything other than a project. It bodes poorly for Cody to be in this sort of shape at a time teams like the Dolphins are looking for players to show they've got good discipline and can boast good conditioning.

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no way they draft this fat pile of goo.

Wow, that is one fat man

What a gross looking body. He needs a lot and I mean A LOT of work in the conditioning and weight lifting department

I had already posted on the previous blog earlier today that he weighed in at 370 . I've also been telling everybody for months that cody is a fat piece of garbage !!! Miami will NOT take him. You got that mark in ottawa ??? He'll eat his way out of the league in 2-3 years.

Here is guy who's about to have the most important week of his life and he still can't get into decent shape. What happens when he gets the money ???

Miami will draft a NT project sometime after the 3d round. Ratliff was drafted in the 6th and fergie in the 7th.

Soes Vernon Carrey have a fat clause?

Vernon Carey ate his contract

whats up nj?
predictions for super bowl; heres mine.
colts win big.

My heart says NO but Brain says INDY.

i hear you,anyways im out.later.

Me too. Good night !!!




Talk about man boobs. Wasn't that guy on the biggest loser as a girl?

wow...looks like dan williams is the guy

LOL hell no plz don't add fat albert

I think the Dolphins stay away from Cody b/c of the weight. I used to think fat guys being more injury prone was a bunch of b.s., but I think I now agree with Parcells. Kris Jenkins is an absolute mountain (and he is much more athletic than Cody), but he has sustained season ending injuries in two of the last 4 years.

Just had a thought that made me smile - if psycho Nick Saban cant get Cody to control his weight, does any other coach have a prayer? I can't even imagine the spit filled expletives that Saban has yelled in Cody's direction the past two years to get him to control his weight. And Cody still looks like the stay-puffed marshmellow man from Ghost Busters? How is any NFL coach going to get through to Cody if Saban could not?

He has Gilbert brown written all over him.

Indys gonna kill the aints . I hate that overratted loser bush and his airhead girl Kim " I love to suk black cok" kardashian . Let's go Peyton

punishthesox: Would you have said that if Bush's old lady was Serena Williams? Why is it some white guys hate it when a white woman dates a black guy? Same person must hate a black woman dating a white man. Why in the f..k do you care who his old lady is? Key word here is "hate". I bet Peyton wouldn't claim your sorry ass as a fan, or person for that matter.

Oh I struck a nerve , lol. Ok sorry bro , what I meant to say is that Kim " I love to suck ANY cok" kardashian . Happy Know loser

1st, I'm not your bro, or even a bro for that matter. Just a normal, non-rascist person who doesn't use a sports blog to promote his ignorant views. My experience has been, 100%, that rascist a-holes like yourself are usually low iq f..ks that have no capital, no woman and very few prospects. What a worthless piece of human garbage you are, just taking up space, not contributing one good f...ing thing to this world. No way are you from S FL.

Wow, I was intrigued by the possibility of the Fins drafting Cody to be an anchor in the middle of the D for years to come. After seeing the pic of him that Mando posted though, I'm changing my tune very quickly. I hope Dan Williams is available for the Fins to pick up in the 2nd round. Williams, unlike Cody, is a strong 320+ pounds who can bench almost 500 pounds. That's freak strength, right there.

Add on Miami's heat and humidity u are looking at a potential NFL heat stroke death...no thk u

Hey stillhardcoredolphinsfan , u need a tissue or something . Lol I can see your gonna have some trouble sleeping . Well not me BRO , good night u fem!

Yo', "still hardcore"... good thing to make sure your spelling is correct and all before challenging anothers intelligence. Just sayin'...
It may be "racist", rather than rascist as you write... whatever a "rascist" is. (?!?)
Don't demean this post because I say you can't spell. YOU are the one challenging others intelligence. Well, intelligently speaking, most folk of average intelligence know how to spell "racist", yo... just sayin'. Just sprayin', yo'...

Sorry for the sic's, guys, I was typing fast. Will slow down so you can get it. Now get this: I read this blog for Dolphins news, not comments by ignorant rednecks (e.g. JoeMomma, punishthesox). It's amazing you 2 idiots probably jump up and down and spill Old Miwaukee all over the stained carpet in your doublewides while cheering for a player whose race you slur the next minute. One good thing is, everyone dies some day and when you 2 do, the "world will be shed of you". All right, then.

That's one big dude there,holy cow.

Nice stillhardcoredolphinsfan and Joe Mamma,we do not need that crap from haaaaaaardon.He has no clue.

I'm kinda pullin for the Saints to win.I'm not a huge Manning fan and I think Brees has done a great job for the Saints and the community.Either way at least it's not the Jets or Patriots.

That dude's stomach might catch Rex Ryan's in a few years if he keeps eating.

Thats one fat arse yuk. No way that guy goes first round.

HEY,he is still a very young man and can change his habits.If you have no faith in people that is the beginning of the end.I'm not sayin he will change at all,but,let's reserve judgment and give him a consideration and not a label.

They're Called........'F R E E W E I G H T S'
not "Dead Weights" ... and they're better because they force your body to use additional muscles to balance them while they're being lifted.

I know the good people of South Beach are mostly into these trendy Hollywood workouts...but Benches, Barbells, and Squat-racks are the foundation of all contact sports.

Athletes can certainly use specialized equipment to zero-in on specific goals...but there's no substitute for forcing your body to control every element of a given movement.

Anyway, that's what we were taught by our coaches. It seemed to work. Most of the guys from my school grew up big and strong.

Did warren sapp look like that?Think so

Still the sideways shots at Parcells because he won't talk to you. Now the fat insults. Before, it was the age discrimination. The stupidest blog entry of the new year was that he is too old to know what's going on in today's game because the Saints and Colts won. Of course the Saints shouldn't have won (got their butts kicked, especially in the second half) and, of course, they were dome games. The playoffs for the Dolphins will most likely go through New England in January. The Steelers could be around too. Look at the last three years, not just this year. Could go on and on. Dumb.


Miami (we) will be lucky to sniff them next year unless we get some Offensive playmakers. (WR)

A young man who's habits can change??? Maybe, but more then likely he will struggle and eat himself out of the league...last thing Miami Dolphins need is to spend a draft pick on someone who comes into this league with such a huge negative...We need a NT to come in and play immediatly, and Cody will not be that guy

And why such a negative on the Playoffs??? We beat the Jets twice, split NE, split Buffalo and our schedule is alot more favorable this year then last, with Henne having a full camp and year under his belt...Playoffs are very realistic expectations for this team

It looks like Cody's stock has dropped. It will be interesting to see how he plays during the game. I say if he's still around after round three take a look at him otherwise forget it.

Is he a player or not? If he can then draft him.

Beefcake! Mark in Ottawa. He also needed the phonics monkey to get through school.

Just say no....to Cody. Let him go to work for Pillsbury.

Parcells will look elsewhere if he's still on the board - I'm thinking ILB, OLB spots.

Yeah let's give him enough money to buy unlimited cheese burgers...

If he can allow the one chance in his life to make millions of dollars pass him by because he can't lose weight and get in shape, then I don't see too many other things that could motivate him.

This is a bust waiting to happen. If I were the Dolphins I would take him completely off my board. Maybe if he fell to the 5th round, but even then, this is a bust.

Jesus.. That guy looks looks twice the size of refrigarator Perry!!!!!

Again, he's a potential heat stroke victim down here in Miami during summer two a days...no thk u

Sumo wrestler is this guys future....

Does Rex Ryan have a Weight clause saying he has to be over 450 Lbs. or he wont get paid?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

After seeing that picture, I sure feel better about my weight....

Fins in 2010!

we will get Vince wilfork ...

Cuban, collect ur money from the lower forms of life???

Looks like ol' NJ was right.

We need an NT (plus or regardless if we re-sign Fergie).....but Cody ain't it.

Sheesh....the dude needs a "Manzeer" (or is it "The Bro").

Perhaps, however, Cody can be the forerunner of a new NT technique.....just fall down at the snap & clog the middle.

I think the Dolphins focus in the first two rounds should be defense (unless Dez Bryant falls to them in the 1st round). Their offense, when healthy is adequate enough to win games. If the draft a NT in the second round to stop the run and force teams to pass, then use their 1st round pick to get a FS, OLB, or ILB then they will have the potential to be one of the top defenses in the league. They should trade away the players that they don't want to get some 4th and 5th round picks to add depth to their team and improve special teams.


Looks like he took some pre-combine eating tips from his old teammate, Andre Smith. Smith flaked out so badly last year that his first round status was in jeopardy. The Bengals drafted him and he promptly broke his foot in training camp, which was likely due to his poor conditioning.

15 pds in 20 days, and we can tell by the pic it ain't muscle...gotta give him credit, that's not easy to do

SOLAI was/is a project. Ferguson will come back for one more year. I think they go after linebackers early. Safety next. Def.tackle will be taken later.

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