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Mountainous Cody too fat for Dolphins?

Sometimes you can tell what the Dolphins are thinking based on some strong philosophical roots Bill Parcells laid down long ago and isn't likely to give up anytime time soon.

We know Parcells doesn't like diva receivers.

We know Parcells doesn't like giving away draft picks.

We know Parcells insists his team lift dead weights, not that Nautilus stuff, in the offseason.

One other thing I have to share with you that is a Parcells non-negotiable. Parcells doesn't like fat guys. Ironic, for obvious reasons, I know. But that's the way it is.

The Big Tuna wants his players fit and strong. He doesn't want them fat, and he definitely doesn't want them sloppy fat. Fat players get hurt more often, aren't conditioned well enough to stay on the field for extended periods, and as a result, aren't as dependable or valuable.

Parcells is so adamant about this he put weight clauses in the contract of practically every big on the roster. A big is a linemen on either side of the ball and sometimes a linebacker or even a fullback and tight end.

Jason Ferguson? He has a weight clause.

Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling. They have weight clauses.

Even Jake Long, who is the leanest 317-pound left tackle I've ever seen, has a weight clause in his contract.

These clauses can cost or make the players between $100,000-$250,000 per season. That's big money but it speaks to how important Parcells believes weight issues to be.

And that brings me to Terrence "Mount" Cody. His name is popular among Dolphins fans because he's a nose tackle and the Dolphins need a young nose tackle to take the baton from starter Jason Ferguson, who is 35 years old and spent much of last season on injured reserve.

Many of you have suggested the Dolphins use their second round pick on Cody. Well, they might get a chance to use a much later pick on the man ... and still might pass based on the fact Cody is, well, fat.

And not just big fat. We're talking dripping french fry grease from his pores fat.

He weighed in at a whopping 370 pounds at the Senior Bowl Monday. He looked so big he might have to expand his nickname from Mount to a full-fledged Mountain Range. The photo in the Mobile Press-Register speaks for itself.Fat Cody But if that isn't enough, consider what NFL Network's Mike Mayock said.

"It hurts," Mayock said of Cody's weight. "And it wasn't even a clean 370."

Indeed, not only isn't it clean, it seems to be a source of concern because Cody has been well over 400 pounds in the past, suggesting he can balloon, and this report from Jan. 5 on Cody's work ethic to keep his weight down says Cody was 355 pounds at the time.

So he's gained 15 pounds in 20-some days?

At a time he's supposed to be rounding, pun intended, into shape as he prepares for the Senior Bowl and the Indianapolis Combine, which are his job interviews?

It bodes poorly for Dolphins fans who might think of Cody as anything other than a project. It bodes poorly for Cody to be in this sort of shape at a time teams like the Dolphins are looking for players to show they've got good discipline and can boast good conditioning.

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soliai crapped out this year....inconsistent AT BEST...he might be worth keeping around, but our D went way downhill when he came in.

We MUST re-sign Fergie & somewhere/somehow get another true-NT!

I have been trying to tell people for months that there was no way Miami would be picking Cody, and that he was a second round draft pick at the very best.

This guy could really eat up blockers, literally eat them.

I want Dan Williams !

Wilfork anyone? I think it is funny how recently some or most at times were calling for us to take this guy in the first and/or no later than the 2nd. Armando puts up one thing about his wieght issues and everyone does not want him on our team anymore? Be a little consistent with everything guys...

Just another reason why NTs are hard to find. Almost all NTs are converted DTs from a 4-3. And that usually means project. NE got lucky with Wilfork (Miami 4-3 tackle) and he had Keith Traylor to help him. Maybe Furg could do the same thing.

buckeyedolphin fan - is Dan Williams a free agent? If not your comment is irrelevant!!!

If you look closely at the photo you can see Tiger Wood hiding between the rolls...

Sorry, I meant Tiger Woods...

I like McClain in the first round. If he's not available, then Bryant. If neither is available, then try to trade down and get more picks.

There is no chance the Big Tuna will draft Cody. He has poor work ethic and has consistently battled his weight. A perfect example is Andre Smith that got drafted by the Bengals last season. A big guy that had conditioning issues and weight problems. After he finally signed with the team in his first practice he got injured. Mainly it was due to his poor conditioning. Cody could be a great NT one day but it is too much of a risk with a defense that needs a lot of help. There will be other guys on the board that will be just as good of choice at their respective position.

Paul Bryant is a diva and the Big Tuna won't take him. Especially now that Eugene Parker is his agent. If the dolphins take a offensive player in the first round it should be spiller if not then they should focus on defense and get a reciever in FA.

Haha, took all of four comments dor NJ to chime in with his "I told you so"!

In all seriousness, NJ and Fake GM's thoughts were exactly as mine last night when I heard he weighed in this much before I saw this blog.

1. He's leading up to the most important professional point in his career and instead of working on trying to address the biggest doubt the decision makers have about him - he regresses. And indeed it would most likely get worse once he gets a pro contract.

2. He had Nick Saban cnstantly harassing him for 2 years to lose the weight and he never did. He most certainly won't once he achievees financial independence.

It appears in the offseason that he has already been bypassed by Terrell Troupe who has impressed in his work during the East West game last week.

I've had numerous doctors harassing me to lose weight for years, and I haven't.

But then again, I'm only a second-day, late-round project.

NT prospects to watch at the Senior Bowl - besides Fat Man Scoop - Dan Williams from Tennessee on the South Squad; Cam Thomas from North Carolina on the North Squad have the ideal build and strength. These are the 2 main guys to watch that could be very good NTs in the NFL.

Lamarr Houston from Texas and Jeff Owens from Georgia on the South and D'Anthony Smith from Louisiana Tech on the North are slightly undersized but it will be interesting to see how they hold up at the POA as well. Fins coaches will have Owens and Houston all week so if they can play NT they will know.

What do you guys think about Rolando McClain at 12 unless hes gone...then trade down a few spots and go Dan Williams? I'm drooling over McClain right now though.

I don't think there's a chance the Dolphins take this guy but don't count out other teams. Don't forget that huge guy who ran without a shirt on in a bizarro world representation of ALL The Baywatch babes running in unison. Anyway, he was picked 6-7 wasn't he? Somebody will think they can do it and if we're lucky he goes somewhere 1-11. That just leaves another quality player for the Fins to have a choice of!

Rex Ryan's FUPA - It is Dez Bryant not Paul Bryant


Looks like Cody has eaten his way into the second round (we'll see where he ends up when he pushes back from the table).
Hasn't the prevailing wisdom in any event been that Parcells prefers noseguards that are more small and nimble (but just relatively...we are talking 300-315 or so)? Ferg fits that mold.

If that is what they are looking for, it would leave us with a lot more options than all those 3-4 teams scrambling for the few freaks of nature available.

jets suck- SOJ, haha

FFR, Andre Smith... Drafted 6th by the Bengals. Broke his foot in training camp and then was moved to RT. He most likely looks like a bust.

If the jets drafted Cody it would be a match made in heaven.. 900 pounds between rexy and Cody they could form a tandom that would be a force to reckon with..... At every buffet stop coming to your city soon!!!!!'

Guy needs a bre@st reduction... Somebody has been milking him!!!!

i think cody is still a good pick as a late 2nd round pick or early 3rd round pick. his senior bowl tape with help decide that and his combine will too. i read somewhere that all though he doesnt play every snap, he draws more double coverage than albert haynesworth. i think the dolphins will definitely have a hard look at him and during the combine people forget there's a very important interview session where the teams, coaches, GMs, and even sometimes players from interested teams get to sit down and have full on, anything goes conversations with the draftees. if he can commit and convince our staff that he's worth it, we will take him. his stock can rise or drop depending on a lot of variables. we'll see. i personally like the idea of him being a fin as long as he is committed to staying in shape. atleast better shape.

Dude, how can you compare Cody to Albert Haynesworth? Haynesworth measured at 6-foot-6, 317 pounds, ran a 4.82 40-yard dash, had a 39-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot, 7-inch broad jump when he came out of Ten. Haynesworth was a man amoung boys, Cody is a whale amoung men..

That is one gross picture...

Just heard that O'Brien Schofield tore his ACL in practices this week. he's off the draft board completely now. WOuld be wise to bring him in as a free agent and let him sit on the practice squad for a year.

Tough break for the promising kid from Wisconsin.

Let's get this fat bast@rd there's no double team or single player how will move him this guy will plug up the middle and allow us to get a more moble ILB that can cover Elite TEs and RBs

That will move him

Its ok, he probably wont be a Dolphins, but it looks like he have a future as Jets coach.

No offensive lineman could move him..... He can barely move himself lol. Stay away Dolphins!!!

someone probably already said it, but see Andre Smith from last year

KillerDolphin - He won't plug the middle when he is on the IR from getting injured for being out of shape and not conditioned!!!

Indiana Dolfan
I know his name is Dez Bryant I put Paul there because I was responding to the post he put 2 before mine. I just forgot to but a space

Parcells will not hire someone with bigger man cans than him. Tunas juggs have to be center of attention and the headliner of the show.

Rex Ryan's FUPA - Sorry, you had me a little confused for a second.


Aloco, how fat are you?


I agree with the fat talk but just wanted to add that Coach Spoelstra sucks and the Heat needs Riley to coach again.

"The Big Tuna wants his players fit and strong".
Who doesn't want his players to be fit and strong?
That stated policy makes the Pat White pick even more stupid.

Draft Cody in the second. Solai is not better than Cody.

David, the only good teams in the East are the top 4. Everyone else is garbage including my Raptors. Although they did beat the Lakers on Sunday.

Brandon Graham is coming on strong as an OLB candidate. If Michigan was better, he would have got a lot more attention.

Aloco, I am neither short nor fat. Take it easy, I am not trying to insult you, just asking a question. (your reaction to my question and to the article about fat Cody, prove you fat)

Now tell us Mr. Meatball, how much you weigh?

Carlito, if your 1st message wasn't intended to offend, your 2nd hit the mark. Poor ALoco....


I thought fat was the topic today...

Who is Canada's favorite fat son?

ALoco - We live in America and we have the great thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, so if we want to call a person fat, ugly, skinny, ect. WE WILL!! Get over it! We are just stating the obvious, so what is wrong with that?

ALoco - YOU ARE FAT!!!


Miami was named Americas fattest city last year, and this country have big problem with unhealthy people from bad diet and no exercise.

From what Aloco tell us he eats about 5-10 meatball subs everyday. If fat, that is ok, but if you want to be more healthy you should change your diet and maybe get NJ to train you.



One way to motivate this guy into shape is to parade his ass on a speedo and sports bra through south beach in mid summer! Forget this guy and go after McClain!!!

Has anybody looked at Daryl Washington from TCU? I think he could do a world of good in Miami.. What yall think???

Mark , i reproted schofield getting hurt yesterday . I watched him get hurt. I got pancaked blocked by Vladimer Ducasse the big 6-5 330 OT coming of the edge , twisted is knee and landed on his shoulder with ducasse on top of him. OUCH !!!

Daryl Washington looked good yesterday but weighed in at 226 pounds , way to light and he bulked up for the senior bowl. He might be better off in a 4-3 defense.

Why doesn't it apply here? We can say what we want...for the record I have not said anything negative towards Cody. I think it is comical to debate with others!!

BTW, ALoco, you are still FAT!!

Dont draft his fat ass!!

He may be overwieght, but what type of athleticism does he have? What is his 40-yard dash, vertical, ect, ect... There are a lot of players overweight in the NFL, but can still be great athletes. I am not saying draft this guy or anything, but just saying don't be so quick to give up and judge the guy when most of you don't know him or know his skillsets...

Carlito, Canada's favourite fat son was John Candy. he's dead now probably from being fat.

NJ, I read your post and I thought you said he hurt his shoulder but from what I read today on CBS, he tore his ACL - that's much worse than a shoulder injury. His draft status is finished - poor guy. I didn't see the play but from what I read, it wasn't a pancake, he was by Ducasse and he landed on Schofield.

Brandon Graham is coming on strong and I have heard from a source I trust that he is the real deal. Would be a steal in round 2 from what I hear.

PFT reporting that Kerry Rhodes (FS; 6-3, 210) and the Jets are likely to part ways. Let's see Kerry Rhodes or Gibril Wilson? Hmmmm.

Get Vince Wilfork as well as Rhodes and there's two major defensive issues solved.

Mark , i just told you what happened, I saw it with my own 2 eyes. Schofiled was comimg off the edge , got blocked by ducasse to the ground and ducasse landed on top of him. That's called a pancake. :)

Don't argue with me, this is what Chad Reuter wrote here:


"Fast-rising UMass offensive tackle Vladimir Ducasse has the build of a guard, but the 6-5, 326-pound native of Haiti excelled on the outside, getting off the ball in a hurry and yielding no ground to any defensive end lined up across from him. In one-on-one pass rush drills, Wisconsin defensive end/outside linebacker O'Brien Schofield blew by Ducasse when he was late off the snap, but the former Badger reportedly tore his ACL soon after when Ducasse fell on his left leg. "

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