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Mountainous Cody too fat for Dolphins?

Sometimes you can tell what the Dolphins are thinking based on some strong philosophical roots Bill Parcells laid down long ago and isn't likely to give up anytime time soon.

We know Parcells doesn't like diva receivers.

We know Parcells doesn't like giving away draft picks.

We know Parcells insists his team lift dead weights, not that Nautilus stuff, in the offseason.

One other thing I have to share with you that is a Parcells non-negotiable. Parcells doesn't like fat guys. Ironic, for obvious reasons, I know. But that's the way it is.

The Big Tuna wants his players fit and strong. He doesn't want them fat, and he definitely doesn't want them sloppy fat. Fat players get hurt more often, aren't conditioned well enough to stay on the field for extended periods, and as a result, aren't as dependable or valuable.

Parcells is so adamant about this he put weight clauses in the contract of practically every big on the roster. A big is a linemen on either side of the ball and sometimes a linebacker or even a fullback and tight end.

Jason Ferguson? He has a weight clause.

Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling. They have weight clauses.

Even Jake Long, who is the leanest 317-pound left tackle I've ever seen, has a weight clause in his contract.

These clauses can cost or make the players between $100,000-$250,000 per season. That's big money but it speaks to how important Parcells believes weight issues to be.

And that brings me to Terrence "Mount" Cody. His name is popular among Dolphins fans because he's a nose tackle and the Dolphins need a young nose tackle to take the baton from starter Jason Ferguson, who is 35 years old and spent much of last season on injured reserve.

Many of you have suggested the Dolphins use their second round pick on Cody. Well, they might get a chance to use a much later pick on the man ... and still might pass based on the fact Cody is, well, fat.

And not just big fat. We're talking dripping french fry grease from his pores fat.

He weighed in at a whopping 370 pounds at the Senior Bowl Monday. He looked so big he might have to expand his nickname from Mount to a full-fledged Mountain Range. The photo in the Mobile Press-Register speaks for itself.Fat Cody But if that isn't enough, consider what NFL Network's Mike Mayock said.

"It hurts," Mayock said of Cody's weight. "And it wasn't even a clean 370."

Indeed, not only isn't it clean, it seems to be a source of concern because Cody has been well over 400 pounds in the past, suggesting he can balloon, and this report from Jan. 5 on Cody's work ethic to keep his weight down says Cody was 355 pounds at the time.

So he's gained 15 pounds in 20-some days?

At a time he's supposed to be rounding, pun intended, into shape as he prepares for the Senior Bowl and the Indianapolis Combine, which are his job interviews?

It bodes poorly for Dolphins fans who might think of Cody as anything other than a project. It bodes poorly for Cody to be in this sort of shape at a time teams like the Dolphins are looking for players to show they've got good discipline and can boast good conditioning.

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That is a fatasaurus for sure. I think it will end up coming down to where he gets drafted as to if the Fins may gamble on such obesity.

One of the earlier posts said if he is available after the 3rd round then take a stab. That sounds about right, with the 3rd round being a possibility if teams think he can play very effectively. Many coaches or teams feel they can coach up players to fit the role the need or want. I would say, judging by the Matt Roth weirdness and the rumors of JP's insubordination (Not leaving the field during games when asked to do so) there is enough evidence to say they do not need a player they have to ride everyday about weight. Asking about his Krispy Kreme iv or his pizza flavored fruit loop loaf for breakfast daily would be lame for any coaching staff.

On the flip side the fact is, there are only so many people on the planet that are that big and move well enough to clog offensive lines like they clog arteries. He may end up going earlier than we all think simply because he has a body of work at a big named school. While at Alabama he had a body of work that has himself highly rated on most mocks / evaluations I see.

Any collegian with his body type and flabby girth scares me as a health risk. As many have suggested Gilbert Brown comes to mind. He could eat his way out of the league with a lot of $$. Think how many dollar menu's he could attack with a 2nd round signing bonus!?!?! >

LOL @ MARK. If he blew by him , how the hell did Ducasse fall on him, LOL !!! Don't argue with me. I saw it . Schofiled ar first got to the outside , ducasse recoverd , blocked him to the ground and landed on top of him. I saw it. thanks for stopping though with article, It doesn't make sense.

Rob, even worse than the Gilbert Brown comparison - working in the south Fla heat in training camp, he may even end up like Korey Stringer. He's 50 pounds too heavy at present.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Sorry its been a while since my last post.
I had a security breach at my home that took extreme action to rectiphy.

Its seems some how my computers operating system had gotten a virus.
I called a local computer shop and they sent a tech right over.

After examining my computer the tech said somehow my computer had become corrupted and allowed the virus to infect the operateing system. He also said it was quite possible that my personal information my have been released to some very devious individuals.

After hearing the tech explain the seriousness of a corrupted computer the first thing I thought was who could do this ? Was it the Chinese or the Russians ? Mybe some local politician ? Jets fan ?

Well after this all sank in I pushed the computer tech out of the way and unplugged the computer and took it out back and shot it right there and then.

I went back into the house to pay the tech but by then he had already left.

Anywhoo I've got my new computer and will be around.

Soiled :)

P.S. Who's the fat ugly chick in the article ?

NJ, why are you arguing with me? I'm just simply quoting the article. I didn't see it - all I know that the important part is that a very promising prospect that could have helped this team is pretty much finished for next season. That's too bad.

Thanks for stopping by though :) LMAO! LOL!

ANd if there was anything I was questioning it was you reporting that his shoulder was the injury. The reported ACL would be the ultra concern - not the shoulder.

I'm watching the pratices now. Keep Cam thomas nt/dt from north carolina i mind later in the draft. He loooks pretty good.

Wow, I missed alot, AL-oco is old AND fat????thks Carlito

i reported what i first saw at that exact moment. He landed on his shoulder pretty bad and was grapping it. i did not have access to his x-rays that were taken later in the day at the hospital . Sorry !! It is a shame .

NJ, I figured out what u do for a living...ur a bookie ain't u??? The hours u "work", ur sports knowledge, ur owning ur own business...took me awhile but I figured it out

One other thing. If a guy tears up his shoulder including a labrum and rotater cuff, why wouldn't it be a concern ???

LOL @ Bobbyd12. You got me. Nah , i'm at work right now.

NJ, heard Cam Thomas' name being bandied about earlier too. It's good to have more NT candidates emerge. My main concern was the lack of quality at that position in the draft.

Bobby, I exposed NJ to be Nikos Koutevides formerly of Purdue and the Seattle Seahawks earlier. The Greek heritage gave it away.

NJ said "labrum"


Mark , yeah you're right. That's why i said i don't think miami selects a NT until after the 3rd round. Cody is fat , williams will be gone by the time we pick in the 2nd round and after that , they're isn't a top nt availible. That's why you keep an eye on guys like Cam thomas , terrel troupe ( whom you know ) etc. later in the draft.

Mark . I told you i was Chris Chelios.:)

I've read about Troupe before, he looks like one of those sleeper candidates that might be an excellent choice

OOP !!clavicle. labrum is hip , which go hand and hand when one falls on the same side as is shoulder.

Instant nickname: Terrell "F" Troupe!

Nah, you're too young to be Chris Chelios - he's almost 50.

I just found out over the weekend that a cousin of my fiancee played football as a fullback at Memphis. Not sure which years or his last name. But since all the Greeks know each other I wouldn't have to provide this info. :) His first name is Jimmy.

And from the reports I read from the east west game, Troupe has very violent hands and good footwork. The collegiate level guards and centres had their hands full. Let's hope he continues to shine.

NJ there is a labrum in the shoulder

LOL @ mark. Your previous post. He could be named Gus .

I have tremendous "jazz hands"

Yeah , i know i was right. hip too.

Seer , what ?

Seer, jazz or jizz hands??? WTF u talking about

I can't wait to go to the Practice Squad I mean Pro Bowl Sunday night to watch Pro Bowler David Gerrard play in place of Peyton Manning...I don't think the NFL thought this one out

Whats more important....what he looks like or how he plays during a game? How many times have we all seen players that look great but play like Jane. I want a football player, not mister universe.

Mark in Toronto,

I hear ya on the potential Kory Stringer sitch. The So FL heat would either melt away the pounds or kill him. I would hate to see the clash that the humidity and heat would set up with a young guy so obese. Something would have to give and FL heat doesn't even back down to the skinny WR's n DB's.

It's a recipe for disaster unless Mt Cody finds the push away from the table button.

This is all you need to know;

No running back rushed for 100 yards against the Tide after Cody transferred from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

So this was all cody and not a great defense at alabama. This defense has multiple NFL draft picks led by Mcclain. Cody was a 2 down lineman who came in every other series because of his lack of stamina and FATNESS !! Nice try.

That's all you need to know.


Most NT's are only two down players. Do you think Wilfork play's three downs.

Terrence Cody will run the 40 yd dash at the combine in 4.3....... minutes!

Where is Mr. Meatball?

Again...if you don't like fatcs...I can't help it...but since he has been with Alabama, NO rusher has acquired 100 yds. Even Texas only acquired 81 yds.

Here's another fact fishypete, Cody is not the only player on Alabama's defense, they also have a pretty good run stopper by the name of McClain...

P.S. Texas is nowhere close to a running team

Here's another thought...if Cody was so slow and out of shape....how and why did Alabama use him as a Fullback....why...because he got the job done.

Hello FISHYPETE. No they don't . Ask jay Ratliff , Haynsworth , etc. You need that push up the middle . And most Good NT's are in every series or plays and DON'T get taken out because of stamina and fatness. thanks for stopping by.

DAN WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Remember another out of shape, over weight player from Alabama (Andre Smith) that was picked in the first round and never stepped on the field before he fractured his left foot in a non-contact drill?

WOW !!!!! FISHYPETE. How fast and " in shape " do you need to be a fullback in short yardage situations ?? Willian perry did it and he was fat as hell. LMFAO !! . You all credibilty with that statement, LOL !!


NJ Phin Plam;

I see you really don't watch football games...Haynesworth has NEVER been a NT..in a 3-4. He's always played a 4-3 defense. Teams rotate their defense especially on third downs...or on obvious passing downs.

I would rather spend a pretty penny on wilfolk

LMFAO @ FISHYBREATH, really ??? do watch the redskins play football ?? The redskins use alot of 3-4 in their defense. What about ratliff ?? Never answered that one . Once again . you've lost all credibility.

WOW Fishypete, so far you've lost on every point u have argued...Haven't seen a beat down like this in awhile

Fishybreath , i do like how you mention that you need to be " in shape " and " not slow " to be a fullback in short yardage situations. It does show your vast knowlegde of football. William perry and terrance cody thank You. LOL !!!

Indiana Dolfan um buddy you might want to check things before you comment Dan williams is a DT from tennesse

Back from lunch----I don't know wtf I meant, either........."jazz hands" is from some sitcom or snl or w/ever.....it's when you express yourself while dancing thru use of hand-gestures.

Speaking of lost credibility---y'all following Mando's Twitter? Some dude wants us to pursue Kerry Rhodes because he had a "breakout" year; Mando corrected that by saying, in effect, "breakout" = benched for no plays.

Seer , thanks , that cleared thins up . I think. :)


Two words: Vince Wilfork!

unless it's third and short most teams put fresh lineman out there anyway to try to get a pass rush so whats it matter if cody is a 2down player? put him in their on 1st and 2nd down to eat up blockers and provide lb's and other de's to make plays then replace him on 3rd. i'm not saying miami should draft him but if everyone around him does their jobs he wouldn't have to be a 3 down player. miami should draft linebackers first then nt. the nt ain't the one covering tight ends and getting burned. get the athletic linebackers early then look later at nt. quite a few sleepers have already been named here by various posters.

The forecast for Mt. Cody being a very early draft pick...

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.

Har, chuckle, har.

Aloco loves cody. that's more stomach he can eat off.

Ooops, I forgot to change my name to reflect the knob that has taken over for Fialwhatever.

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