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Mountainous Cody too fat for Dolphins?

Sometimes you can tell what the Dolphins are thinking based on some strong philosophical roots Bill Parcells laid down long ago and isn't likely to give up anytime time soon.

We know Parcells doesn't like diva receivers.

We know Parcells doesn't like giving away draft picks.

We know Parcells insists his team lift dead weights, not that Nautilus stuff, in the offseason.

One other thing I have to share with you that is a Parcells non-negotiable. Parcells doesn't like fat guys. Ironic, for obvious reasons, I know. But that's the way it is.

The Big Tuna wants his players fit and strong. He doesn't want them fat, and he definitely doesn't want them sloppy fat. Fat players get hurt more often, aren't conditioned well enough to stay on the field for extended periods, and as a result, aren't as dependable or valuable.

Parcells is so adamant about this he put weight clauses in the contract of practically every big on the roster. A big is a linemen on either side of the ball and sometimes a linebacker or even a fullback and tight end.

Jason Ferguson? He has a weight clause.

Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling. They have weight clauses.

Even Jake Long, who is the leanest 317-pound left tackle I've ever seen, has a weight clause in his contract.

These clauses can cost or make the players between $100,000-$250,000 per season. That's big money but it speaks to how important Parcells believes weight issues to be.

And that brings me to Terrence "Mount" Cody. His name is popular among Dolphins fans because he's a nose tackle and the Dolphins need a young nose tackle to take the baton from starter Jason Ferguson, who is 35 years old and spent much of last season on injured reserve.

Many of you have suggested the Dolphins use their second round pick on Cody. Well, they might get a chance to use a much later pick on the man ... and still might pass based on the fact Cody is, well, fat.

And not just big fat. We're talking dripping french fry grease from his pores fat.

He weighed in at a whopping 370 pounds at the Senior Bowl Monday. He looked so big he might have to expand his nickname from Mount to a full-fledged Mountain Range. The photo in the Mobile Press-Register speaks for itself.Fat Cody But if that isn't enough, consider what NFL Network's Mike Mayock said.

"It hurts," Mayock said of Cody's weight. "And it wasn't even a clean 370."

Indeed, not only isn't it clean, it seems to be a source of concern because Cody has been well over 400 pounds in the past, suggesting he can balloon, and this report from Jan. 5 on Cody's work ethic to keep his weight down says Cody was 355 pounds at the time.

So he's gained 15 pounds in 20-some days?

At a time he's supposed to be rounding, pun intended, into shape as he prepares for the Senior Bowl and the Indianapolis Combine, which are his job interviews?

It bodes poorly for Dolphins fans who might think of Cody as anything other than a project. It bodes poorly for Cody to be in this sort of shape at a time teams like the Dolphins are looking for players to show they've got good discipline and can boast good conditioning.

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OK GUY , the south senior bowl practice is about to start in 15 minutes and we'll get a look at the dolphin coaches miked up and in action for the first time. I'll fill you in with analysis.

GUYS !!! . LOL @ ALOCO. It's a dream come true.

Mando made a good point on his twitter about Kerry Rhodes, which I see is drawing some interest among these comments.

Why would we want a guy that got benched by the Jets, who know something about defense.

Am I the only one that doesn't want somebody else's discards anymore? What you typically get is a guy other NFL people who also know their stuff, don't think is really good enough.

What is everybody's problem? Cody is a handsome man, almost Greek God like, ah, wait a minute, I just put my glasses on. Sorry we'll Pass, next!


ALoco - Do fat people adore other fat people? lol

Willi Chirino - Example A is GIBRIL WILLSON!!!

I 'm going to give taylor mays i more chance this week.

good, NJ----sometimes you're a little too quick to pull the trigger, even when you're probably right. Not a criticism here, just an observation.

Remember---good drafters like Polian & co. take long looks at guys who might otherwise get overlooked or discarded. Plus, those types of GMs are able to see if the can "coach up" the prospect beyond what he may have shown in college or at workouts.

thanks NJ i won't let you down dog

So far , it's all about tebow. UGH !!!

Seer , the film hasn't lied about mays.

There's sparano. guess where ?? You guessed it , right down in the trenches with the OL/DL. LOL !!

Seer, wasn't jazz hands from a scene in Friends where he tries out for a part and lied about his ability to dance? The lady has me watching ghey shite sometimes.

I think you used it in reference to my comment about Troupe's "violent hands"

Tebow has been getting rock star like attention during this week.

He wasn't even the best qb in the SEC or the best pro prospect at the position. That most certainly is Jr. Ryan Mallet of Arkansas who smartly stayed in school one more year. Wouldn't be surprised if he was the #1 pick next year.

does Tebow have strep throat?....heard that on radio on way back to ofc from lunch. And if he does, does that mean the Lord wants him to miss SB? (sorry).

Those are some sexy man boobs....

BTW, did I read a Nautilus reference in mando's blog? What year is this? 1987??? I haven't seen nautilus equipment in forever. Hammer Strength makes awesome isolation equipment.

You are correctomundo Mark, on all counts.....it was in response to "violent hands" remark. It may have started on Friends but some comic or radio/tv host picked up on it & I can hear them (Conan???) in my head using it as a tag-line, but can't put a face or a name on it.

Pretty soon Rachel Nichols & Ed Werder will be camping out at Tebow's for daily reports on his mood, etc. It'll keep them occupied until the Favre-watch commences (as if it hasn't already!).

BTW & apropos of nothing, Tebow has same agent as Parcells (& Sparano too[?])--Jimmy Sexton, I think.

NJ PHIN FAN - How are you watching these practices if I may ask??

NJ PHIN FAN - How are you watching these practices if I may ask??


Very carefully & reverently, no doubt!

It's on the NFL NETWORK. I have it on a few TV's at work.

Free Weights Rock!

Dexter Mccluster looks Great. He just burned javier arenas making a diving catch on a bomb.

Dex looked good in some bowl game, did he not?

Can he run W/Cat? (I hate thinking this way, but we gotta).

Taylor Mays is struggling in pass coverage in one on one drill ,which is to be expected.

Hmmmm, I didn't know they were having those practices on NFL Network. COOL!!

Expected why? He is going against other seniors...if he is projected to be so dominant shouldn't he be performing????

Indians , they're on everyday at 12 pm and 3 pm up til thursday .

LOL @ indiana. Expected because that's the big knock on him.

Wow very dissappointing to see him not try harder to keep his weight down..

They will draft Dan Williams for NT IN THE 2ND ROUND.

Cody will be lucky to be drafted looking like that

Gotcha...I need to get my DVR recording I believe!!

sparano is yuking it up with mccluster in the side.

recording from here on out...it's great I was able to set the recording from my computer here at work. DirectTV rocks!!

Let's hope that Cody doesn't show up to the combine with his shirt off like Andre Smith did last year. I was scared that one of his man boobs was going to bounce up and knock him out when he ran the 40 with no shirt on.

OK , It's over and the star of the day by far was DEXTER McCLUSTER the all purpose player from Ole miss. The guy suprised everybody with his good route running ability. We knew about everything else. He's moved up the 2nd round. J.Graham the TE from miami looked pretty good. Taylor mays Struggled. Cody was OK as was williams. They showed strength .

It's too bad that some of the ILBs like Daryl Washington and Daryl Sharpton are undersized - they made some plays all over the field today in the practices and seem to have high football IQs - small LBs like that don't fit in our D though. Jamar Chaney from Mississippi State has got pretty good size and would be a good fit in the later rounds - provided we don't draft Rolando McClain early and maybe even if we do.


Dex can run wildcat, no?
& what team did he scorch this bowl season?

Seer , he can but forget about the wildcat. Dexter can return kicks and punts , go out in pass coverage and plays rb . I love this player. Just what miami needs. sparano like him.

Mando's got a new post up. Sounds pretty juicey!


He gained another 4 pounds today, because he trying to catch up to your weight...

Just every nose tackle looks like that. It's why they call them space eaters...duh!

Good. I'm glad Cody is fat. We draft McLain at #12. Hopefully Cody slips to the 3rd round,then we snag him and Sparano and Co. work him into shape. This is how you become a great team . By taking chances. Taking Cody in the 3rd or even 2nd round is worth the gamble. He might have a chip on his shoulder and want to prove the rest of the league wrong.The Dolphins could get 1st round value in the 3rd round if they take the chance. I would. He could develop into a stud NT. This is a blessing in disguise.

Also, don't forget about the heat in south florida. It's hot and humid. Cody will lose weight training everyday in Miami.

or collapse from the heat and humidity.

I am sure Wilfork don't look good without a shirt also LOL.


We need play makers not projects. Let Miami make it to a Conference Title game or a SB and then we can play around with projects and prospects. Every position and nickle spent should be on players who can and do contribute to this club winning weekly. Even the guys on the practice squad. They are the ones who play the other teams in practice and therefor the better they are the better our players must play. This guy Cody, as already pointed out by NJ Fins fan... cannot even get it together for the most important week of his life... instead he puts on 15 pounds. He is a problem on and off the field waiting to happen. You either have a disciplined mind or you do not. The NFL suffers few who do not at least have the ability to be in control of their body.

looks like nick "satan" saban was feeding this guy straight lard milkshakes...

what a fat mess! no way BP spends a draft pick on this fool.

looks like a young black rex ryan.

forget about him... next...

I couldnt help, but run across a couple guys shouting race cards. Most white men believe in USA, that is, that if a white woman, goes after black men, that she has issues, because majority, of black men in the USA, are extremly imature, and insecure, you hardly see any, who are not affraid to be themselves, without the "ghetto" loser mentality, of im going to get mines, and f.ck whity, and everyone else. That is why white guys look down on it, because majority of the white guys, well thats changing too, because of laziness, but usaly end up successful, and make for a better family man. Think im wrong, go ask 20 black men, then 20 white men, if they had a great father, who instills the basic "how to be a man" qualities in them, and you would be surprised. PS most white girls go after black guys, because its cooler to be with a big scary black man, than a nerdy white guy! Right????

depends...can the phins land Wilfork in FA?

No way I take Cody. With that body he won't last two weeks down here. The best move would be to obtain a proven NT like Worfolk, that would free up a draft choice to help rebuild our LB corp. McLain should be our first pick and maybe even another LB in the second round Bye-bye Joey. By the way, that Kim Kardashian broad is a piece of trash, so is her sister Klhoe. Who has any respect for women like that.

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